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Mėgstami albumai

Albumas Grupė Reitingas
Mind Over Depth Cosmograf 10.0
Natural Causes Alarum 10.0
Madmen and Sinners (James Labrie and Tim Donahue) James LaBrie 10.0
Omega - Kiabalj, Enekelj! 1967-2006 singles and rarities Omega 10.0
Sand and Mercury- The Complete Century Media Years / CD- 8 Sleepy Buildings- A Semi Acoustic Evening The Gathering 10.0
Deus Ex Machina Liv Kristine 10.0
Śmierć w Miękkim Futerku Niechęć 10.0
One Size Fits All Frank Zappa 10.0
Lunatic Soul Lunatic Soul 10.0
Hollow Bones Rival Sons 10.0
Primal Energies Acid Death 10.0
Metamorpheus Steve Hackett 10.0
Aphotic Veil Exgenesis 10.0
Condemned to Hope Black Moth 10.0
Bronius Kutavičius ‎– Oratorijos Bronius Vaidutis Kutavičius 10.0
Dusk...and Her Embrace: The Original Sin Cradle of Filth 10.0
Transiberiana Banco del Mutuo Soccorso 10.0
Kolossus Keep of Kalessin 10.0
Amplifier Amplifier 10.0
Next Journey 10.0
The Odyssey Symphony X 10.0
Festival Santana 10.0
Lazarus Porcupine Tree 10.0
Ze slowem biegne do ciebie SBB 10.0
Sand and Mercury- The Complete Century Media Years / CD 9- Accessories: Rarities and B sides The Gathering 10.0
Tres Dei Matris Symphoniae Onutė Narbutaitė 10.0
In a Glass House Gentle Giant 10.0
Doomsday Afternoon Phideaux 10.0
Fiction Dark Tranquillity 10.0
Like Children Jan Hammer 10.0
The Chemical Wedding Bruce Dickinson 10.0
Ravel - Orchestral Works Maurice Ravel 10.0
Abraxas Santana 10.0
Elements Atheist 10.0
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe Yes 10.0
The Newz: Strictly Limited 40th Anniversary Edition, 2CD Nazareth 10.0
The Lifehouse CD-5 ir 6 Pete Townshend 10.0
Symphony No. 41, K. 551 - "Jupiter" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 10.0
Stormwatch Jethro Tull 10.0
Melpomene Frailty 10.0
Office of Strategic Influence (Limited Edition) OSI 10.0
Sound Of The Apocalypse Black Bonzo 10.0
Necropolis Vader 10.0
Sympathy Marillion 10.0
The Gallery Dark Tranquillity 10.0
Metallica: Through the Never Metallica 10.0
Pathway Secrets of the Sky 10.0
Season In Silence Sadist 10.0
Hot Rats Frank Zappa 10.0
The Lost Trident Sessions Mahavishnu Orchestra 10.0
Resistance IQ 10.0
Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake Small Faces 10.0
Incarnate Killswitch Engage 10.0
Mozart: Orchestral Overtures; Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra & Yuri Simonov Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 10.0
Grave New World Strawbs 10.0
International Blackjazz Society Shining 10.0
Living as Ghosts with Buildings as Teeth Rishloo 10.0
Omega 7: Időrabló Omega 10.0
Carmen Georges Bizet 10.0
Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs) | The Dark Side Dream Theater 10.0
Hall of the Mountain Grill Hawkwind 10.0
Damage Done Dark Tranquillity 10.0
Tribe Sadist 10.0
Jeff Beck Group The Jeff Beck Group 10.0
Glossolalia Steve Walsh 10.0
The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast Roger Glover 10.0
Kodama Alcest 10.0
Claude Debussy: Night in Granada; Nocturnes; Clair de Lune Claude Debussy 10.0
Tea for the Tillerman Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) 10.0
Joe's Garage Frank Zappa 10.0
And Then There Where None Church of Misery 10.0
The Key Operation: Mindcrime 10.0
Peer Gynt Edvard Grieg 10.0
Busrting At The Seams Strawbs 10.0
Hundred Year Flood Magellan 10.0
An Evening with John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess John Petrucci 10.0
A Feast Of Consequences Fish 10.0
Clockwork Orange Wendy Carlos 10.0
Remedy Lane Pain of Salvation 10.0
Jean Fournet - The Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Netherlands Arthur Honegger 10.0
Time of Awakening Weend'ô 10.0
Egi jel. Omega Omega 10.0
Jazz Samba Stan Getz 10.0
Free Hand Gentle Giant 10.0
In Cauda Venenum Opeth 10.0
Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger Frank Zappa 10.0
King Fleshgod Apocalypse 10.0
Shamal Gong 10.0
Twin Peaks Angelo Badalamenti 10.0
Gershwin's World Herbie Hancock 10.0
The Astronaut Dismantles HAL Amplifier 10.0
The Black Wild Yonder Words of Farewell 10.0
Hero And Heroine Strawbs 10.0
Blackwater Park Opeth 10.0
Brotherhood of the Snake Testament 10.0
Aqualung Jethro Tull 10.0
Clockwork Angelus Apatrida 10.0
Sketches In Jazz Jan Hammer 10.0
A Eulogy For The Damned Orange Goblin 10.0
Blackjazz Shining 10.0
10000 lépés Omega 10.0
Getz/Gilberto Stan Getz 10.0
Strapping Young Lad Strapping Young Lad 10.0
Subsurface Threshold 10.0
Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep Spock's Beard 10.0
Raw to the Bone Wishbone Ash 10.0
The Music That Died Alone The Tangent 10.0
Babylon Omega 10.0
Those Who Are About To Die Salute You Colosseum 10.0
Sorcerer 2014: Cinematographic Score Tangerine Dream 10.0
PFM In Classic: Da Mozart A Celebration (CD1) Premiata Forneria Marconi 10.0
All That You Fear is Gone Headspace 10.0
Illuminate Suns of the Tundra 10.0
Restoration Haken 10.0
Fractal Amplifier 10.0
Mystoria Amplifier 10.0
Coroner Coroner 10.0
Speak No Evil Wayne Shorter 10.0
Fool's Mate Peter Hammill 10.0
Elegy Leaves' Eyes 10.0
Until All The Ghosts Are Gone Anekdoten 10.0
Flying Colors Flying Colors 10.0
Hypothetical Threshold 10.0
Alien Strapping Young Lad 10.0
Evangelia Heretika Behemoth 10.0
Songs from the Wood Jethro Tull 10.0
Broadway the Hard Way Frank Zappa 10.0
Unblackened Black Label Society 10.0
Gula Matari Quincy Jones 10.0
Birth and the Burial Act of Defiance 10.0
Ulisse Premiata Forneria Marconi 10.0
Hater Korn 10.0
Tyranny and Mutation Blue Öyster Cult 10.0
PFM In Classic: Da Mozart A Celebration (CD2) Premiata Forneria Marconi 10.0
Under the Fragmented Sky Lunatic Soul 10.0
Journey Journey 10.0
Street Survivors Lynyrd Skynyrd 10.0
Arctic Thunder Darkthrone 10.0
Oeuvre pour piano - Jean-Francois Antonioli Arthur Honegger 10.0
Sol29 Nosound 10.0
HONEGGER "Judith - Cantique de Paques" Arthur Honegger 10.0
Gravity Anekdoten 10.0
The 1st Chapter Circus Maximus 10.0
100 Best 20th Century Classics (CD 2) Klasikinė muzika 10.0
Ansermet Decca Recordings 1953-1967 Original Masters (CD - 5) Arthur Honegger 10.0
Lost In Shadows Grey Morgul 10.0
Wonder What's Next Chevelle 10.0
The Apostasy Behemoth 10.0
Roots to Branches Jethro Tull 10.0
From Beale Street to Oblivion Clutch 10.0
Lotus Soen 10.0
Ocean Eloy 10.0
Lifecycle Sieges Even 10.0
Subkraut: U-Boats Willkommen Hier Vespero 10.0
Live at Budokan (CD 3) Dream Theater 10.0
Photos of Ghosts Premiata Forneria Marconi 10.0
Tabula Rasa Arvo Pärt 10.0
Return to Forever Return To Forever 10.0
Ridin' the Storm Out REO Speedwagon 10.0
Illuminations Wishbone Ash 10.0
Mournin' Night Sun 10.0
Rapid Eye Movement Riverside 10.0
Olias of Sunhillow Jon Anderson 10.0
Verklärte Nacht,op. 4 /Suite, Op. 29 Arnold Schoenberg 10.0
The Order of Things Suma 10.0
Geriausi remiksai Balto sarkofago turinys 10.0
Snowflakes Are Dancing ( Claude Debussy album) Isao Tomita 10.0
Sinfonie Nr. 4 - Blumine Gustav Mahler 10.0
Dream, After Dream Journey 10.0
Strange New Flesh Colosseum II 10.0
John Barleycorn Must Die Traffic 10.0
Bitches Brew Miles Davis 10.0
David Gilmour David Gilmour 10.0
Tchaikovsky & Beethoven Violin Concertos Vanessa Mae 10.0
Playgrounds Sieges Even 10.0
Ugnies medžioklės su varovais//Fire Hunt and Beaters Giedrius Kuprevičius 10.0
Live at Budokan (CD 2) Dream Theater 10.0
Sketches of Satie Steve Hackett 10.0
Cultösaurus Erectus Blue Öyster Cult 10.0
Das Lied Von Der Erde Gustav Mahler 10.0
Moroccan Roll Brand X 10.0
If These Trees Could Talk If These Trees Could Talk 10.0
Béla Bartók - Concerto For Orchestra Bela Bartok 10.0
Symphony of Enchanted Lands II - The Dark Secret Rhapsody of Fire 10.0
Concerto For Orchestra • The Miraculous Mandarin Bela Bartok 10.0
Carved in Stone Shadow Gallery 10.0
Far Out In Aradabia Arabs in Aspic II 10.0
BBC Sessions (CD 1) Led Zeppelin 10.0
Impending Ascension Magellan 10.0
End Of Chapter Au-Dessus 10.0
Hollow Crown Architects 10.0
...For Victory Bolt Thrower 10.0
The Ghost of Orion My Dying Bride 10.0
Der blaue Planet Karat 10.0
Ghostlights Avantasia 10.0
Live at Budokan (CD 1) Dream Theater 10.0
Per Un Amico Premiata Forneria Marconi 10.0
Bones of Brave Ships Suns of the Tundra 10.0
Symphony for a Misanthrope Magellan 10.0
BE Pain of Salvation 10.0
Altered State TesseracT 10.0
Bacewicz: Polish Capriccio; Works for Violin and Piano Grażyna Bacewicz 10.0
Second Life Syndrome Riverside 10.0
Heavy Weather Weather Report 10.0
Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends... Ladies and Gentlemen, Emerson, Lake & Palmer 3LP Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) 10.0
Age Of Impact Explorers Club 10.0
Brain Salad Surgery Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) 10.0
Стравинский - Петрушка, Весна Священная Igor Stravinsky 10.0
Skyline Barock Project 10.0
Zooma John Paul Jones 10.0
Paradiso Tangerine Dream 10.0
Sadist Sadist 10.0
Destroy Erase Improve Meshuggah 10.0
02 Panic Room Riverside 10.0
Obsidian Paradise Lost 10.0
Delirium Lacuna Coil 10.0
The Gnostic Preludes John Zorn 10.0
Empath Devin Townsend 10.0
The Boats of The Glen Carrig Ahab 10.0
Solar Fire Manfred Mann's Earth Band 10.0
Svolk 'em All Svolk 10.0
Peter And The Wolf In Hollywood Alice Cooper 10.0
Greatest Hits Queensryche 10.0
Time for Annihilation Papa Roach 10.0
The Essential Red Collection Sammy Hagar 10.0
Liquid Tension Experiment 2 Liquid Tension Experiment 10.0
Live From Sydney EP Wolfmother 10.0
Jeanne d'Arc au Bûcher Arthur Honegger 10.0
Honegger - Rugby, Pacific 231, etc (Orchestre du Capitole de Toulous, Plasson) Arthur Honegger 10.0
P.U.L.S.E Pink Floyd 10.0
Back to the Front Entombed A.D. 10.0
Sadist - Den Siste Kamp Sadist 10.0
The Steve Howe Album Steve Howe 10.0
All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us Architects 10.0
Who Dares Wins Bolt Thrower 10.0
Crimson II Edge of Sanity 10.0
Light of Day, Day of Darkness Green Carnation 10.0
Under The Red Cloud Amorphis 10.0
Omega 5 Omega 10.0
Messin' Manfred Mann's Earth Band 10.0
Reason & Abstract talanas 10.0
Melodies Jan Hammer 10.0
Värähtelijä Oranssi Pazuzu 10.0
The Call Angelus Apatrida 10.0
Heavy Horses Jethro Tull 10.0
Moonflower Santana 10.0
Set The Phantom Afire Battalion 10.0
Crimson Edge of Sanity 10.0
HONEGGER - La musique de chambre CD3 Arthur Honegger 10.0
Quadra Sepultura 10.0
Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon (A Tribute To Pink Floyd) Pink Floyd 10.0
Dystopia Megadeth 10.0
Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2, Opp. 19 & 63 Sergei Prokofiev 10.0
Vissza a városba Mini (Török Ádám & Mini) 10.0
Psychedelicatessen Threshold 10.0
Escape From The Shadow Garden Magnum 10.0
Gorespattered Suicide Avulsed 10.0
Beware The Sword You Cannot See A Forest Of Stars 10.0
Paris Supertramp 10.0
Golden Earring Golden Earring 10.0
Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing Strapping Young Lad 10.0
Generation 13 Saga 10.0
BCCIV Black Country Communion 10.0
Fire of Unknown Origin Blue Öyster Cult 10.0
No Sadness or Farewell Crippled Black Phoenix 10.0
Still Alive and Well Johnny Winter 10.0
Kaleidoscope Transatlantic 10.0
Welcome SBB 10.0
Symphony No. 2 / Liberatio / Metabolē Onutė Narbutaitė 10.0
Random's Manifest Acid Death 10.0
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Performs the Best Known Works of Rick Wakeman Rick Wakeman 10.0
Meadows Of Nostalgia Imperium Dekadenz 10.0
Death Walks Behind You Atomic Rooster 10.0
The Great Mass Septicflesh 10.0
You Gong 10.0
Private Investigations Dire Straits 10.0
Lunatic Soul II Lunatic Soul 10.0
Tarántula II Tarántula 10.0
The Sham Mirrors Arcturus 10.0
Masque Manfred Mann's Earth Band 10.0
Bitter Suites to Succubi Cradle of Filth 10.0
Thick as a Brick Jethro Tull 10.0
Second Winter Johnny Winter 10.0
IX Equilibrium Emperor 10.0
Dark Town Steve Hackett 10.0
The Divinity of Oceans Ahab 10.0
Gluck: Opera arias - Janet Baker, English Chamber Orchestra, Raymond Leppard Christoph Willibald von Gluck 10.0
Between Angels And Insects (AUS CDS) Papa Roach 10.0
Works Volume 2 Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) 10.0
Feathergun Rishloo 10.0
Kingdom Come Kingdom Come 10.0
Three Friends Gentle Giant 10.0
Santana 3 Santana 10.0
Taival STAM1NA 10.0
Birds of Fire Mahavishnu Orchestra 10.0
Ride The Tiger Greg Lake 10.0
Sound Awake Karnivool 10.0
Tunguska Suns of the Tundra 10.0
Mystic Places Of Dawn Septicflesh 10.0
Voyage of the Acolyte Steve Hackett 10.0
Deadline For A Frozen Snail Minor Modesty 10.0
Rick Wakeman at Lincoln Cathedral Rick Wakeman 10.0
Symmetry In Black Crowbar 10.0
Fear Inoculum Tool 10.0
Prokofiev: Ballets CD - 9 Sergei Prokofiev 10.0
The Octopus CD1 Amplifier 10.0
The Encore Collection Yes 10.0
Where Greater Men Have Fallen Primordial 10.0
World Record Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Last Resort (Limited Edition UK Single) Papa Roach 10.0
1984 Rick Wakeman 10.0
They Only Come Out at Night Edgar Winter 10.0
Ritual Zombi Avulsed 10.0
Sixty Six to Timbuktu (CD 1) Robert Plant 10.0
By The Waters Of Tomorrow Vespero 10.0
The Silent Corner and The Empty Stage Peter Hammill 10.0
Call of the Mastodon Mastodon 10.0
Live Shit: Binge & Purge Metallica 10.0
The First Seven Days Jan Hammer 10.0
The Book of Souls Iron Maiden 10.0
When Pus Comes to Shove Platypus 10.0
The Quintessence Quincy Jones 10.0
With Friends From The Orchestra Marillion 10.0
Leonardo. The Absolute Man Magellan 10.0
Live In New York Jan Hammer 10.0
Between Nothingness and Eternity Mahavishnu Orchestra 10.0
Fate of a Dreamer Ambeon 10.0
The Mirror Spooky Tooth 10.0
Operation Manual - The Guillotine Model Drama Black Bonzo 10.0
Imaginos Blue Öyster Cult 9.9
Pawn Hearts Van der Graaf Generator 9.9
Larks' Tongues in Aspic King Crimson 9.9
Quadrophenia The Who 9.8
Draconian Times Paradise Lost 9.8
A Passion Play Jethro Tull 9.8
Age of Winters The Sword 9.8
Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust David Bowie 9.8
Grin Coroner 9.8
Tales From The Thousand Lakes Amorphis 9.8
A Shadowplay For Yesterdays A Forest Of Stars 9.8
Cosmic Egg Wolfmother 9.8
Duke Genesis 9.8
Demons and Wizards Uriah Heep 9.8
Hair of the Dog Nazareth 9.8
Argus Wishbone Ash 9.8
Still Life Van der Graaf Generator 9.8
Nordland I Bathory 9.8
(A) Senile Animal The Melvins 9.8
The Perfect Element, Part I Pain of Salvation 9.8
The Corpse of Rebirth A Forest Of Stars 9.8
Give Us a Wink Sweet 9.8
Unleashed Memories Lacuna Coil 9.8
ReliXIV Overkill 9.8
Minstrel in the Gallery Jethro Tull 9.8
Piece Of Time Atheist 9.8
Magic Mountain Black Stone Cherry 9.8
Rising Rainbow 9.8
Showtime, Storytime Nightwish 9.8
Individual Thought Patterns Death 9.8
Sonic Attack Hawkwind 9.8
Curse of the Hidden Mirror Blue Öyster Cult 9.8
Over-Nite Sensation Frank Zappa 9.8
Ki Devin Townsend 9.8
Black Market Weather Report 9.8
The Best of Suzi Quatro Suzi Quatro 9.8
Accident of Birth Bruce Dickinson 9.7
Unquestionable Presence Atheist 9.7
Vagabonds of the Western World Thin Lizzy 9.7
Anthology IV: The Tragedy of Nerak Akphaezya 9.7
Reflections of a Floating World Elder 9.7
Bath maudlin of the Well 9.7
Dirt Alice In Chains 9.7
Mental Vortex Coroner 9.7
Rumours Fleetwood Mac 9.7
New Crown Wolfmother 9.7
A Farewell to Kings Rush 9.7
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 9.7
J-Tull Dot Com Jethro Tull 9.7
War Eternal Arch Enemy 9.7
Metų laikai Justas Juškevičius 9.7
In Absentia Porcupine Tree 9.7
Real Illusions: Reflections Steve Vai 9.7
Classic Rock Classics CD1 London Symphony Orchestra 9.7
Secret Treaties Blue Öyster Cult 9.7
Sleep of the Angels Rotting Christ 9.7
Outsider Uriah Heep 9.7
Suspended Animation John Petrucci 9.7
Hatebreeder Children of Bodom 9.7
Benefit Jethro Tull 9.7
Monotheist Celtic Frost 9.7
…Twice Shy Great White 9.7
Judgement Anathema 9.7
Nightlife Thin Lizzy 9.7
Ziltoid the Omniscient Devin Townsend 9.7
Evangelion Behemoth 9.7
Skynyrd's First and... Last Lynyrd Skynyrd 9.7
Demigod Behemoth 9.6
Mighty ReArranger Robert Plant 9.6
The Ladder Yes 9.6
Icon Paradise Lost 9.6
Blizzard Of Ozz Ozzy Osbourne 9.6
Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good! Megadeth 9.6
Close to the Edge Yes 9.6
Defenders of the Faith Judas Priest 9.6
Countdown to Extinction Megadeth 9.6
Theatre of Tragedy Theatre Of Tragedy 9.6
Kimono My House Sparks 9.6
Revelations Audioslave 9.5
A Rose for the Apocalypse Draconian 9.5
The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Rick Wakeman 9.5
We're an American Band Grand Funk Railroad 9.5
Opus Magnum Hollenthon 9.5
EOS Talbot 9.5
Wildhoney Tiamat 9.5
Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones Black Veil Brides 9.5
Legacy Shadow Gallery 9.5
Mutilator Defeated At Last Thee Oh Sees 9.5
Will To Power Arch Enemy 9.5
Scarsick Pain of Salvation 9.5
Slade Alive! Slade 9.5
Once More 'Round the Sun Mastodon 9.5
Unstable Adema 9.5
Monster Steppenwolf 9.5
The Elusive Light and Sound, Vol. 1 Steve Vai 9.5
Superunknown Soundgarden 9.5
Elements of Persuasion James LaBrie 9.5
Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo Status Quo 9.5
Works Volume 1 (CD 2) Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) 9.5
Giants of All Sizes Elbow 9.5
Shelter Alcest 9.5
Moving Pictures Rush 9.5
The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden 9.5
Testimonium Lacrimosa 9.5
The Yes Album Yes 9.5
Music Inspired by The Snow Goose Camel 9.5
In the Spotlight Suzi Quatro 9.5
Pilgrimage Wishbone Ash 9.5
Medusa Paradise Lost 9.5
Magnification Yes 9.5
Wormwood Marduk 9.5
Journey to the Centre of the Earth Rick Wakeman 9.5
Communion Septicflesh 9.5
Machine Head Deep Purple 9.5
Watch Manfred Mann's Earth Band 9.5
Weather Systems Anathema 9.5
Impossible Figures Magellan 9.5
Angel Station Manfred Mann's Earth Band 9.5
Air Conditioning Curved Air 9.5
Delicate Sound Of Thunder Pink Floyd 9.5
Camel Camel 9.5
Escape Journey 9.5
Wiseblood Corrosion of Conformity 9.5
Tibi et Igni Vader 9.5
Damnation Opeth 9.5
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence (CD 1) Dream Theater 9.5
Point of Know Return Kansas 9.5
Leftoverture Kansas 9.5
Hour of Restoration Magellan 9.5
L'Isola Di Niente Premiata Forneria Marconi 9.5
Critical Mass Threshold 9.5
New Dark Age Crippled Black Phoenix 9.5
Procella Vadens Imperium Dekadenz 9.5
Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow Magnum 9.5
Digital Ghosts Shadow Gallery 9.5
Versus pg.lost 9.5
Unity Alastis 9.5
Since We've Been Wrong The Mars Volta 9.5
Coal Leprous 9.5
Works Volume 1 (CD 1) Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) 9.5
Shades of God Paradise Lost 9.5
A Trick of the Tail Genesis 9.5
Pieces Of Mankind Acid Death 9.5
Ziltoid: Live At The Royal Albert Hall (3cd) Devin Townsend 9.5
Piano Works Erik Satie 9.5
A Midsummer Night's Dream Steve Hackett 9.5
Leaves of Yesteryear Green Carnation 9.5
Stand Up Jethro Tull 9.5
+4626 - Comfortzone (2CD) Beardfish 9.5
In The Passing Light Of Day Pain of Salvation 9.5
White Light Generator Crippled Black Phoenix 9.5
Choose Your Masques Hawkwind 9.5
Vænir Monolord 9.5
Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles: Live! Santana 9.5
In a Mirror Darkly Mekong Delta 9.5
One Man Army Ensiferum 9.5
MCMXC A.D. Enigma 9.5
Ritual de lo Habitual Jane's Addiction 9.5
Distance Over Time Dream Theater 9.5
Vulnicura Bjork 9.5
A Nod and a Wink Camel 9.5
2112 Rush 9.5
The Karelian Isthmus Amorphis 9.5
Head On Bachman-Turner Overdrive 9.5
Warrior on the Edge of Time Hawkwind 9.5
The Human Equation (CD 1) Ayreon 9.4
Voodoo Lounge The Rolling Stones 9.4
if_then_else The Gathering 9.4
King Animal Soundgarden 9.4
Them Crooked Vultures Them Crooked Vultures 9.4
Lateralus Tool 9.4
Led Zeppelin II Led Zeppelin 9.4
Holy Hell Architects 9.4
Altars of Madness Morbid Angel 9.4
Diary Of A Madman Ozzy Osbourne 9.4
The Best of Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 9.4
The Serenity of Suffering Korn 9.4
Slave to the Grind Skid Row 9.4
Human Death 9.4
Wonderworld Uriah Heep 9.4
Deep Purple Deep Purple 9.4
Les Voyages de l'Âme Alcest 9.4
Led Zeppelin III Led Zeppelin 9.4
The Fall of Hearts Katatonia 9.4
13 Black Sabbath 9.4
Jupiter Atheist 9.4
Nighttime Birds The Gathering 9.4
Abra Kadavar Kadavar 9.4
Forever Autumn Lake of Tears 9.4
Sehnsucht Rammstein 9.4
Caress of Steel Rush 9.3
Anno Domini High Definition Riverside 9.3
The Wall Pink Floyd 9.3
Hounds of Love Kate Bush 9.3
Scream Ozzy Osbourne 9.3
Going for the One Yes 9.3
Division Bell Pink Floyd 9.3
Presto Rush 9.3
Velvet Darkness They Fear Theatre Of Tragedy 9.3
Razamanaz Nazareth 9.3
Wheels of Steel Saxon 9.3
For Lies I Sire My Dying Bride 9.3
Sitra Ahra Therion 9.3
Agents of Fortune Blue Öyster Cult 9.3
Killers Iron Maiden 9.3
90125 Yes 9.3
Deliverance Opeth 9.3
The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking Roger Waters 9.3
H to He, Who Am the Only One Van der Graaf Generator 9.3
Animals Pink Floyd 9.3
Broken Crown Halo Lacuna Coil 9.3
Wolftracks Steppenwolf 9.3
Never, Neverland Annihilator 9.3
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 9.3
Moonmadness Camel 9.3
The Astonishing Dream Theater 9.3
Theli Therion 9.3
Magnetic Fields Jean-Michel Jarre 9.3
To The Bone Steven Wilson 9.3
Remasters Led Zeppelin 9.3
Youthanasia Megadeth 9.3
Always... The Gathering 9.3
The Human Equation (CD 2) Ayreon 9.3
Atlantic Crossing Rod Stewart 9.3
Rendez-Vous Jean-Michel Jarre 9.2
Deadwing Porcupine Tree 9.2
Time Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) 9.2
October Rust Type O Negative 9.2
Ghost Reveries Opeth 9.2
Order of the Black Black Label Society 9.2
Blood Mountain Mastodon 9.2
Led Zeppelin IV (ZoSo) Led Zeppelin 9.2
Chaos A.D. Sepultura 9.2
...Like Clockwork Queens of the Stone Age 9.2
Angel Dust Faith No More 9.2
Endgame Megadeth 9.2
Rapture of the Deep Deep Purple 9.2
Peace Sells… but Who's Buying? Megadeth 9.2
The Day Is My Enemy The Prodigy 9.2
Accelerated Evolution Devin Townsend 9.2
The Dream Of The Blue Turtles Sting 9.2
Best Of Scorpions Scorpions 9.2
Tamsiausi visų laikų kūriniai | narių pasirinkimas Teminiai grojaraščiai 9.2
Vs. Pearl Jam 9.2
Ozzmosis Ozzy Osbourne 9.2
The Final Frontier Iron Maiden 9.2
The Gathering Testament 9.1
Blackstar David Bowie 9.1
Are You Dead Yet? Children of Bodom 9.1
Sea of Light Uriah Heep 9.1
Worship Music Anthrax 9.1
Animal Magnetism Scorpions 9.1
Wolfmother Wolfmother 9.1
Thunder and Lightning Thin Lizzy 9.1
Heaven & Hell Black Sabbath 9.1
Return to Fantasy Uriah Heep 9.1
Dr. Feelgood Motley Crue 9.1
Akli kariai Bix 9.1
Early Recordings from Kansas 1971–1973 Proto-Kaw 9.0
Die Healing Saint Vitus 9.0
Gentlemen The Afghan Whigs 9.0
In Search of the Lost Chord The Moody Blues 9.0
Maslova Nosound 9.0
A Memory Construct Dark Tranquillity 9.0
A Black Box Peter Hammill 9.0
Rudens Riturnelė Onutė Narbutaitė 9.0
Oh Yeah? Jan Hammer 9.0
Grazyna Bacewicz Muzyka naszych czasow Grażyna Bacewicz 9.0
Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves Autopsy 9.0
Quark, Strangeness and Charm Hawkwind 9.0
Sunsets On Empire CD1 Fish 9.0
The Plague Within Paradise Lost 9.0
Mr. Gone Weather Report 9.0
The Ophidian Wheel Septicflesh 9.0
Proxy The Tangent 9.0
Present Van der Graaf Generator 9.0
Forged in Fury Krisiun 9.0
Spiritual Instinct Alcest 9.0
Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory Dream Theater 9.0
Il Nome Del Vento Delirium 9.0
Weather Report (1982 album) Weather Report 9.0
Second Nature Flying Colors 9.0
Grace for Drowning Steven Wilson 9.0
Bronze Crippled Black Phoenix 9.0
In Hoc Signo Ingranaggi Della Valle 9.0
Reaching Places High Above Persona Grata 9.0
Threnody Chaostar 9.0
Gotthard Gotthard 9.0
Brave Marillion 9.0
Automatic Writing Ataxia 9.0
Who's Next The Who 9.0
Sovran Draconian 9.0
Albedo 0.39 Vangelis 9.0
Breathless Camel 9.0
Blue Record Baroness 9.0
Lightbulb Sun Porcupine Tree 9.0
In the Beginning Nile 9.0
The Sound of Perseverance Death 9.0
Lazaretto Jack White 9.0
Bang! Gotthard 9.0
Jeff Beck Group Jeff Beck 9.0
Under Great White Northern Lights The White Stripes 9.0
Hell Is Empty, and All The Devils Are Here Anaal Nathrakh 9.0
Opus Nocturne Marduk 9.0
Nicolas II Potemkine 9.0
Titans of Creation Testament 9.0
Physical Graffiti Led Zeppelin 9.0
Inspiration Yngwie Malmsteen 9.0
Impressions Lunatic Soul 9.0
Shadowman Steve Walsh 9.0
The Nature of the Beast April Wine 9.0
Pictures At An Exhibition Mekong Delta 9.0
AW II Ataxia 9.0
Great Zeppelin: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin Great White 9.0
No Yesterday, No Tomorrow Onutė Narbutaitė 9.0
Grease Garso takeliai 9.0
Other World Peter Hammill 9.0
Back in Black AC/DC 9.0
Just Good Old Rock and Roll The Electric Prunes 9.0
Dream Theater Dream Theater 9.0
Black Out the Sun Sevendust 9.0
Top 50 Hard Rock Songs of the 21st Century Užsienio muzika 9.0
Live At The Opera Satyricon 9.0
Dis Manibvs Imperium Dekadenz 9.0
Chocolate Kings Premiata Forneria Marconi 9.0
The Raven That Refused to Sing (and other stories) Steven Wilson 9.0
When Age Has Done Its Duty Cosmograf 9.0
Thing-Fish Frank Zappa 9.0
Jeff Beck With The Jan Hammer Group Live Jan Hammer 9.0
Dead Reckoning Threshold 9.0
Le Sacre Du Travail The Tangent 9.0
Hammer of the Witches Cradle of Filth 9.0
Passage Samael 9.0
Shin-Ken Persefone 9.0
Room V Shadow Gallery 9.0
Jethro Tull – The String Quartets Ian Anderson 9.0
Deep Purple in Rock Deep Purple 9.0
Presence Led Zeppelin 9.0
Big Generator Yes 9.0
Never for Ever Kate Bush 9.0
Nordland II Bathory 9.0
Houses Of The Unholy Church of Misery 9.0
Apathy Murders Hope Acid Death 9.0
Uber Sieben Brucken Karat 9.0
Time to Burn Giant 9.0
Live & Outta Sight II DeWolff 9.0
Thin Lizzy Thin Lizzy 9.0
Nothing To Lose Stiffer 9.0
Winged Waltz October Tide 9.0
Memento z banalnym tryptykiem SBB 9.0
Phaedra Tangerine Dream 9.0
Storming Evil Nocturnal 9.0
Schwanenkönig Karat 9.0
Unbreakable New Years Day 9.0
The Hits April Wine 9.0
Storia Di Un Minuto Premiata Forneria Marconi 9.0
Alice in Hell Annihilator 9.0
Blue Velvet Revisited (collaboration with Cult With No Name) Tuxedomoon 9.0
Lurking Fear Mekong Delta 9.0
Whitesnake Whitesnake 9.0
Time and a Word Yes 9.0
Do Not Disturb Van der Graaf Generator 9.0
Meditations Kataklysm 9.0
Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets Rufus Wainwright 9.0
Keys to Ascension Yes 9.0
California Crossing Fu Manchu 9.0
Winter Thrice Borknagar 9.0
Sven Grunberg - Mess Sven Grünberg 9.0
La Bomba Bix 9.0
De-Loused in the Comatorium The Mars Volta 9.0
The Night Siren Steve Hackett 9.0
Isildurs Bane & Peter Hammill: In Amazonia Isildurs Bane 9.0
The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste Ministry 9.0
Santana IV Santana 9.0
Hold It In The Melvins 9.0
Semiramis - Unpublished Orchestral Pieces Arthur Honegger 9.0
Ten 13 Sammy Hagar 9.0
At Your Birthday Party Steppenwolf 9.0
Lightbringer RAM 9.0
Awaken the Guardian Fates Warning 9.0
It Is the Business of the Future to Be Dangerous Hawkwind 9.0
Polaris TesseracT 9.0
Marathon Santana 9.0
Vertebrae Enslaved 9.0
Magical Dirt Radio Moscow 9.0
Ocean Machine: Biomech Devin Townsend 9.0
By The Way Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.0
In Hearing of Atomic Rooster Atomic Rooster 9.0
Red Sammy Hagar 9.0
Wounded Land Threshold 9.0
Magnified Kingdom Come 9.0
Close Enough for Rock 'n' Roll Nazareth 9.0
The Harvest Stoned Jesus 9.0
Days of Future Passed The Moody Blues 9.0
Livestock Brand X 9.0
Gutter Ballet Savatage 9.0
Soyuz Gazpacho 9.0
The Blessed Hellride Black Label Society 9.0
Frozen Sentenced 9.0
Novembrine Waltz Novembre 9.0
The Verdict Queensryche 9.0
Live From Loreley Marillion 9.0
Kill 'Em All Metallica 9.0
Toundra I Toundra 9.0
The Edgar Winter Group with Rick Derringer Edgar Winter 9.0
Sliding Gliding Worlds Ozric Tentacles 9.0
Eat the Elephant A Perfect Circle 9.0
OXYGÉNE Jean-Michel Jarre 9.0
Brothers Santana 9.0
Beauty on a Back Street Hall & Oates 9.0
The Nothing Korn 9.0
The Great Symphonic Mass Septicflesh 9.0
Allow Yourself Nosound 9.0
Holy Land Angra 9.0
The Heretics Rotting Christ 9.0
Varg Utan Flock Shining 9.0
In the Spirit of Things Kansas 9.0
In Your Face Kingdom Come 9.0
Fugazi Marillion 9.0
Face to Face Barclay James Harvest 9.0
F E A R (F*** Everyone And Run) Marillion 9.0
Divine Intervention Slayer 9.0
Test of Wills Magellan 9.0
E Enslaved 9.0
Spectral Mornings Steve Hackett 9.0
I V Tesa 9.0
Rejoice! I'm Dead! Gong 9.0
Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floyd 9.0
We Are Not Your Kind Slipknot 9.0
Mullmuzzler 2 (Mullmuzzler) James LaBrie 9.0
No Cross No Crown Corrosion of Conformity 9.0
Great Western Valkyrie Rival Sons 9.0
Machine Messiah Sepultura 9.0
Jazzin' the Blues Edgar Winter 9.0
Pieces of Eight Styx 9.0
Contrapasso Seven Impale 9.0
Tarántula I Tarántula 9.0
Paradise Lost Symphony X 9.0
Fireball Deep Purple 9.0
The Ravages Of Time / The Best Of Threshold 2cd Threshold 9.0
Keep It To Yourself (MullMuzzler) James LaBrie 9.0
Ótta Solstafir 9.0
Shrine of New Generation Slaves Riverside 9.0
Savages Theory of a Deadman 9.0
Archangel Soulfly 9.0
Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay Cradle of Filth 9.0
Return To The Centre Of The Earth Rick Wakeman 9.0
To Mega Therion Celtic Frost 8.9
Wake the Sleeper Uriah Heep 8.9
Kryžkelės Džordana Butkutė 8.9
Magica Dio 8.9
Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.9
Tragic Idol Paradise Lost 8.9
Fire Make Thunder OSI 8.9
So Far, So Good… So What! Megadeth 8.9
Frances the Mute The Mars Volta 8.9
Seasons End Marillion 8.9
10,000 Days Tool 8.9
Cause of Death Obituary 8.9
Houses Of The Holy Led Zeppelin 8.9
More (Original Soundtrack Album) Pink Floyd 8.9
Kosminiai Eskizai Justas Juškevičius 8.9
...And Then There Were Three... Genesis 8.9
If You Knew Suzi Suzi Quatro 8.9
Obsession UFO 8.8
Cryptic Writings Megadeth 8.8
Live Killers Queen 8.8
Arise Sepultura 8.8
Counterparts Rush 8.8
The Endless River Pink Floyd 8.8
The Last in Line Dio 8.8
Host Paradise Lost 8.8
Inferno Tangerine Dream 8.8
Dream Evil Dio 8.8
Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού Rotting Christ 8.8
The Mountain Haken 8.8
Plague Angel Marduk 8.8
Dopes to Infinity Monster Magnet 8.8
Symphonies of the Night Leaves' Eyes 8.8
Lock Up the Wolves Dio 8.8
Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon Status Quo 8.8
The Dreadful Hours My Dying Bride 8.8
Symbolic Death 8.8
Renegade Thin Lizzy 8.8
Sorceress Opeth 8.8
The Story of Light Steve Vai 8.8
Mandylion The Gathering 8.8
The Great Escape Artist Jane's Addiction 8.8
Into the Electric Castle Ayreon 8.8
Thirteen Megadeth 8.8
Below the Lights Enslaved 8.8
The Getaway Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.8
S&M Metallica 8.7
On the Threshold of a Dream The Moody Blues 8.7
Road Salt Two Pain of Salvation 8.7
Going to Hell The Pretty Reckless 8.7
Rocka Rolla Judas Priest 8.7
Rust in Peace Megadeth 8.7
II=I (Two Is One) Andromeda 8.7
Agent Orange Sodom 8.7
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin 8.7
Beneath the Remains Sepultura 8.7
La Gargola Chevelle 8.7
American Soldier Queensryche 8.7
Jugulator Judas Priest 8.7
Nightfall Candlemass 8.7
Rumpelstiltskin Tangerine Dream 8.7
Audioslave Audioslave 8.7
Villains Queens of the Stone Age 8.7
Misplaced Childhood Marillion 8.7
Manic Nirvana Robert Plant 8.7
Red Album Baroness 8.7
Guitar Heaven: Santana Performs the Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time Carlos Santana 8.7
Classical Spirit Sacred Spirit 8.7
Alternative 4 Anathema 8.7
The Prelude Implicit Kansas 8.7
Korn III – Remember Who You Are Korn 8.6
The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart Sepultura 8.6
Death Magnetic Metallica 8.6
Night At The Opera Queen 8.6
I Find You Very Attractive Touch and Go 8.6
The Next Day David Bowie 8.6
Snakes & Arrows Rush 8.6
Songs for the Deaf Queens of the Stone Age 8.6
Falling into Infinity Dream Theater 8.6
Sheer Heart Attack Queen 8.6
Redeemer of Souls Judas Priest 8.6
The Connection Papa Roach 8.6
Liebe ist für alle da Rammstein 8.6
The Great Cold Distance Katatonia 8.6
Long Distance Voyager The Moody Blues 8.6
Apostrophe (') Frank Zappa 8.6
Riitiir Enslaved 8.6
A-Lex Sepultura 8.5
Paradise in distress Golden Earring 8.5
The Secret Language of Birds Ian Anderson 8.5
Magma Gojira 8.5
Insignificance Porcupine Tree 8.5
Hear The Rivers Greenleaf 8.5
Nightflight To Venus Boney M 8.5
Who Do You Trust? Papa Roach 8.5
Passion and Warfare Steve Vai 8.5
Great Escape Crippled Black Phoenix 8.5
Theogonia Rotting Christ 8.5
The Distortion Field Trouble 8.5
I Heard You Listening echolyn 8.5
Love, Fear And The Time Machine Riverside 8.5
The Bedlam in Goliath The Mars Volta 8.5
Emperor of Sand Mastodon 8.5
Awake Dream Theater 8.5
Lionheart Saxon 8.5
Welcome to My Nightmare Alice Cooper 8.5
Visions of the Emerald Beyond Mahavishnu Orchestra 8.5
Eldorado, A Symphony Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) 8.5
Lauke ir viduj Saulės Laikrodis 8.5
Wasteland Riverside 8.5
Rain Dances Camel 8.5
Technicians of the Sacred (2CD) Ozric Tentacles 8.5
ÉQUINOXE Jean-Michel Jarre 8.5
Spiritual Migration Persefone 8.5
Force Majeure Doro 8.5
No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne 8.5
Tarp dviejų vandenų Hiperbolė 8.5
Stone Temple Pilots Stone Temple Pilots 8.5
People, Hell And Angels Jimi Hendrix 8.4
Innocent Victim Uriah Heep 8.4
Memorial beach a-ha 8.4
The Headless Children WASP 8.4
Mors Ultima Ratio Katedra 8.4
Mirage Camel 8.4
Sounds That Can't Be Made Marillion 8.4
Disclosure The Gathering 8.4
The World Needs a Hero Megadeth 8.4
Blunderbuss Jack White 8.4
The Hunter Mastodon 8.4
Shape Shifter Santana 8.3
Tres Cabrones The Melvins 8.3
Esoteric Warfare Mayhem 8.3
Selling England by the Pound Genesis 8.3
Is This the Life We Really Want? Roger Waters 8.3
Images and Words Dream Theater 8.3
Turn Loose the Swans My Dying Bride 8.3
Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die! Jethro Tull 8.3
Epitome Of Torture Sodom 8.3
Watershed Opeth 8.3
Master Of Puppets Metallica 8.3
One One One Shining 8.3
Move Me Nazareth 8.3
Radio Activity Kraftwerk 8.3
Gaudi The Alan Parsons Project 8.3
Empire Queensryche 8.3
The Sky Moves Sideways Porcupine Tree 8.3
Sonder TesseracT 8.3
Clockwork Angels Rush 8.3
Far Beyond Driven Pantera 8.3
Metal Health Quiet Riot 8.3
Once Nightwish 8.3
Their Satanic Majesties Request The Rolling Stones 8.3
Rage for Order Queensryche 8.3
Love Me in Black Doro 8.3
Feast Annihilator 8.3
Stam1na STAM1NA 8.3
The Works Queen 8.2
Pale Communion Opeth 8.2
Fluid Motion Alarum 8.2
Kid A Radiohead 8.2
Seasons in the Abyss Slayer 8.2
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Candlemass 8.2
Icky Thump The White Stripes 8.2
Marbles Marillion 8.2
Metallica (The Black Album) Metallica 8.2
With Teeth Nine Inch Nails 8.1
And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer Haggard 8.1
Systematic Chaos Dream Theater 8.1
Heroes David Bowie 8.1
Midian Cradle of Filth 8.1
Last Fair Deal Gone Down Katatonia 8.1
The Swing of Delight Santana 8.0
I Am Anonymous Headspace 8.0
Aathma Persefone 8.0
Re-Machined – A Tribute To Deep Purple's Machine Head Užsienio muzika 8.0
Beyond Sanctorum Therion 8.0
The Optimist Anathema 8.0
1000hp Godsmack 8.0
Octahedron The Mars Volta 8.0
Hall of Mirrors Acid Death 8.0
Fear of a Blank Planet Porcupine Tree 8.0
Victim of Your Father's Agony Arabs in Aspic II 8.0
Epicloud Devin Townsend 8.0
Eidolon Acid Death 8.0
Accidentally on Purpose (su Roger Glover) Ian Gillan 8.0
Chameleon – The Best Of Camel Camel 8.0
Trippin' with Dr. Faustus Amplifier 8.0
Spellbound Sadist 8.0
The Eternal Idol Black Sabbath 8.0
South of Heaven Slayer 8.0
In Times Enslaved 8.0
Mariner Cult of Luna 8.0
Train of Thought Dream Theater 8.0
The Mission Styx 8.0
Toundra (II) Toundra 8.0
A Day at the Races Queen 8.0
Pitfalls Leprous 8.0
The Monsanto Years Neil Young 8.0
Przygody Króla Artura (Opera) Grażyna Bacewicz 8.0
100 Best 20th Century Classics (CD 4) Klasikinė muzika 8.0
Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas Therion 8.0
Craveman Ted Nugent 8.0
The Giant Ahab 8.0
Inner Secrets Santana 8.0
Loud Hailer Jeff Beck 8.0
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us Paradise Lost 8.0 Marillion 8.0
Aégis Theatre Of Tragedy 7.9
News Of The World Queen 7.9
Satellite POD 7.9
Vovin Therion 7.9
Bananas Deep Purple 7.9
Thick As a Brick 2 Ian Anderson 7.8
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Genesis 7.8
Rock or Bust AC/DC 7.8
Bongo Fury Frank Zappa 7.8
The System Has Failed Megadeth 7.8
Vapor Trails Rush 7.8
Vulgar Display of Power Pantera 7.8
Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live in Budapest ’86 Queen 7.8
Wolfheart Moonspell 7.8
Follow The Leader Korn 7.8
Nightcap: The Unreleased Masters 1972-1991 - Your Round: Unreleased and Rare Tracks Jethro Tull 7.8
Darkness in a Different Light Fates Warning 7.8
Fun On Earth Roger Taylor 7.8
Not To Disappear Daughter 7.7
Noctourniquet The Mars Volta 7.7
III Toundra 7.7
Stormblåst MMV Dimmu Borgir 7.7
Roots Sepultura 7.7
China Girl: The Classical Album 2 Vanessa Mae 7.7
Fanatic Heart 7.7
Queen II Queen 7.6
Disconnected Fates Warning 7.6
Waiting for Cousteau Jean-Michel Jarre 7.6
Resolution Lamb of God 7.6
School's Out Alice Cooper 7.6
Monkey Me Mylene Farmer 7.6
Indiscreet Sparks 7.6
Damnation and a Day Cradle of Filth 7.6
Rubycon Tangerine Dream 7.5
Dusk & Her Embrace Cradle of Filth 7.5
Witching Hour The Vision Bleak 7.5
Perlenfischer Puhdys 7.5
Extinct Moonspell 7.5
Genesis Revisited II Steve Hackett 7.5
I Loved You at Your Darkest Behemoth 7.5
Underwater Sunlight Tangerine Dream 7.5
The Angel From The West Window Tangerine Dream 7.5
Romantic Warrior Chick Corea 7.5
In Outer Space Sparks 7.5
Sammy Hagar & Friends Sammy Hagar 7.5
Ricochet Tangerine Dream 7.4
Dirty Dancing Garso takeliai 7.3
One Wing The Chariot 7.3
Infest Papa Roach 7.3
BIX-RAY Bix 7.3
Last of A Dying Breed Lynyrd Skynyrd 7.3
Revocation Revocation 7.3
Serpent Sermon Marduk 7.3
Secret of the Runes Therion 7.2
Cruelty and the Beast Cradle of Filth 7.2
Untouchables Korn 7.1
Purgatorio Tangerine Dream 7.1
Melana Chasmata Triptykon 7.0
Selected Works Erik Satie 7.0
Fascination! The Human League 7.0
Valentyne Suite Colosseum 7.0
Singles Antemasque 7.0
Heaven Forbid Blue Öyster Cult 7.0
City Burials Katatonia 7.0
Inception Of Salvation The Ascent 7.0
Sin City Garso takeliai 6.8
The Paramour Sessions Papa Roach 6.8
Lovehatetragedy Papa Roach 6.6
The Killing Jar Black Moth 6.4
L'enfant Sauvage Gojira 6.0
Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots The Flaming Lips 6.0
No Rest For The Wicked Truth and Janey 6.0
Siren Charms In Flames 6.0
Affinity Haken 5.5
The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life Frank Zappa 5.5
Au-Dessus Au-Dessus 5.5
To Sail Black Waters Secrets of the Sky 5.5
March Of Progress Threshold 5.0
Without a Net Wayne Shorter 5.0
Emerald Forest and the Blackbird Swallow the Sun 4.7
Arrival The Vintage Caravan -
Spooky Two Spooky Tooth -
Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Rick Wakeman -
Electric Rendezvous Al Di Meola -
Victorious Wolfmother -
Reptilian Keep of Kalessin -
The Congregation Leprous -
Ufonaut Entropia -
Pure Pendragon -
Dark Matter IQ -
The Sporting Life Diamanda Galas -
Exhausting Fire Kylesa -
Gone to Earth Barclay James Harvest -
The Link Gojira -
Grazyna Bacewicz - Piano Works Grażyna Bacewicz -
Truth The Jeff Beck Group -
Starship Trooper Rick Wakeman -
Symphony For The Lost (2cd) Paradise Lost -
Subterranea IQ -
Chapters Anekdoten -
Éjszakai országút Omega -
The Grand Experiment Neal Morse -
Kaulo Senis ant Geležinio Kalno Bronius Vaidutis Kutavičius -
Rites of Summer Spyro Gyra -
Iš Jotvingių Akmens/Pasaulio Medis Bronius Vaidutis Kutavičius -
Space Lord Monster Magnet -
Bronius Kutavicius: Last Pagan Rites / Epitahphium temporum Bronius Vaidutis Kutavičius -
Mackenna's Gold Quincy Jones -
The Octopus CD2 Amplifier -
Leaving Your Body Map maudlin of the Well -
Colours of the Desert The Skys -
Static Tensions Kylesa -
The Fall Of The House Of The Usher In The Nursery -
Earth Rocker Clutch -
Coffee In Neukölln Barock Project -
Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs) | The Light Side Dream Theater -
There is Nothing Ozric Tentacles -
Unstable (U.K. Single) Adema -
Out There Rick Wakeman -
Audio-Visions Kansas -
Jurassic Shift Ozric Tentacles -
Between the Stars Flyleaf -
Titan Septicflesh -
Scheherazade and Other Stories Renaissance -
Enki Melechesh -
High Country The Sword -
Düülirium Amon Düül II -
Complete Beethoven Edition, Vol. 13: Late String Quartets CD-3 Ludwig van Beethoven -
Truancy: The Very Best of Pete Townshend Pete Townshend -
Lope and Antilope Get the Blessing -
100 Best 20th Century Classics (CD 5) Klasikinė muzika -
Livedelica Threshold -
The Wait of Glory Proto-Kaw -
And All That Could Have Been (CD 2) Nine Inch Nails -
La Danse Des Morts / Nocturne / Pastorale D'Ete Arthur Honegger -
The Seer (EP) Tarja Turunen -
Sole Creation Kongh -
Almost Live in Europe Rick Wakeman -
Come Ti Va in Riva alla Città Premiata Forneria Marconi -
And All That Could Have Been (CD 1) Nine Inch Nails -
My Apocalypse Metallica -

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Sahja įvertino St. Germain dainą Family Tree - 4 balais
Sahja įvertino St. Germain dainą Voilà - 4 balais
Sahja įvertino St. Germain dainą Hanky-Panky - 5 balais
Sahja įvertino St. Germain dainą Sittin' Here - 6 balais
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Sahja įvertino Yannis Philippakis - 5 balais
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03:13 - Silentist
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03:00 - Silentist
Prisiregistravo šiąnakt kažinkas vardu Lohad, užlaikino daina Aš lohas, ir išėjo savo lochnesso keliais
00:59 - Silentist
00:51 - Silentist
Bet gal ir gerai...
22:11 - Silentist
Mirė Pinciukas iš Baltaragio Malūno '(
16:47 - 4Blackberry
Na galų gale, tikslo siekimo esmė yra ne galutinis taškas, bet pati kelionė.
16:09 - Silentist
Aš taip ir nesupratau, ką Sahja vertina šiandien labiau: Bat for lashes ar Tangerine Dream
13:32 - einaras13
a) Toks tikslas pasmerktas žlugti
b) O jei įspūdis pasikeičia antroje dainos pusėje. Tas pernelyg dažnai man nutinka.
10:23 - 4Blackberry
albumus. Antraip, jis nesėdėtų kiekvieną dieną metai iš metų šitaip
10:23 - 4Blackberry
Tai kad nebūtina klausytis dainos nuo pirmos sekundės iki paskutinės, kad susidarytum savo įspūdį apie ją. Aišku kyla natūralus klausimas kam balsuoti išvis jeigu ta muzika net nepatinka apskritai, na bet Sahja gal turi tikslą perklausyti visus pasaulio


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