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Daina Grupė Reitingas
Dirty Boots Sonic Youth 10.0
Endless Dream: Silent Spring Yes 10.0
The Uninvited Thirteenth Alesana 10.0
Hellfire Cavalera Conspiracy 10.0
Blood on the Trail Vulture Industries 10.0
Ambrosial Ghost Bath 10.0
Nutter Alert Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Crystal Wrists Peter Murphy 10.0
Blood on the Rooftops Genesis 10.0
Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right (But They Make Me Feel a Whole Lot Better) Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Malstroem Witchcraft 10.0
Say Just Words Paradise Lost 10.0
Main Man T.Rex 10.0
Angel of Music Emmy Rossum 10.0
Scarlet Thing In You Peter Murphy 10.0
Veil The Underground Youth 10.0
Ethereal Skies Obscura 10.0
Horizontalios maldos palaima Pergalė 10.0
Quiet These Paintings Are Shape of Despair 10.0
Before Him All Shall Scatter Alesana 10.0
Legs Larry at Television Centre John Cale 10.0
John's Song #2 Mahavishnu Orchestra 10.0
Thrones Ghost Bath 10.0
A Cry For Everyone Gentle Giant 10.0
Forsaken Gardens Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Sons of Satan Venom 10.0
Into Black The Beauty of Gemina 10.0
The Eleventh Meridian Voyager 10.0
Real Love Yes 10.0
Buried Alive By Love (Deliverance Version) HIM 10.0
The Last Lament Marty Friedman 10.0
Tommy the Cat Primus 10.0
The Pain of Separation As I Lay Dying 10.0
The Sweetest Drop Peter Murphy 10.0
Zombie Ritual Death 10.0
First Light Camel 10.0
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Last Days Boy Harsher 10.0
Chasing Shadows Again Shadowdances 10.0
The Moon Touches Your Shoulder Porcupine Tree 10.0
The Antipop Primus 10.0
There's No Way Out of Here David Gilmour 10.0
The Suicide Circus the GazettE 10.0
All I Ask of You Emmy Rossum 10.0
The Seventh Aeon Obscura 10.0
And Now for the Final Illusion Alesana 10.0
She Never Cries Atika 10.0
On an Island David Gilmour 10.0
3 Orchestral Pieces: Faust/The Balance/Captain Morgan's Lament John Cale 10.0
Nothin' Dee Dee Ramone 10.0
Leprosy Death 10.0
The Pain The Soft Moon 10.0
Visi Šventi Crucial Features 10.0
A Farewell to Kings Rush 10.0
Some Other Time The Alan Parsons Project 10.0
End of Days (Part 2) Ministry 10.0
Whatever would Robert have said? Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
The ConstruKction of Light (part 1) King Crimson 10.0
Scavenger Consuming Death Cannibal Corpse 10.0
Tapestry of the Starless Abstract Ne Obliviscaris 10.0
The Shooting Star Gojira 10.0
The Philosopher Death 10.0
The Daughter Brings the Water Swans 10.0
Sorry?! Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
It Seemed the Better Way Leonard Cohen 10.0
Too Happy To Be Alive HIM 10.0
All Night Dance Parties in the Underground Palace Alesana 10.0
Lullaby of the Crucified Alesana 10.0
Yours Is No Disgrace Yes 10.0
Against the Grain In Vain 10.0
Life Song The Black Angels 10.0
Like a Drug (Sha La La La) Swans 10.0
Everyone Jonathan Davis 10.0
Choke The Soft Moon 10.0
Paris 1919 John Cale 10.0
Going Under Andromeda 10.0
Shallow Lifelover 10.0
Death and the Maiden Ghost Bath 10.0
The Old Man & the Sea Anekdoten 10.0
Original Lifelover 10.0
Control Paradise Lost 10.0
World Painted Blood Slayer 10.0
Ich verlasse heut' Dein Herz Lacrimosa 10.0
Part 2 (They Awoke to the Scent of Spring) Lustre 10.0
A Lunatic’s Lament Alesana 10.0
Harangok Omega 10.0
Amerika The Underground Youth 10.0
Gyöngyhajú lány Omega 10.0
French Fries With Pepper Morphine 10.0
IV (Interment) Fen 10.0
Cognitive Contortions Animals as Leaders 10.0
I Crawl Shadowdances 10.0
Soluk She Past Away 10.0
Men of Good Fortune Lou Reed 10.0
A Piece of the Sky (su Jarboe, Ben Frost) Swans 10.0
This Heart of Mine (I Pledge) Pain of Salvation 10.0
Annabel Alesana 10.0
Welcome To The Vanity Faire Alesana 10.0
From the Beginning Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) 10.0
Gifts for the Earth Deafheaven 10.0
Blind of Love Swans 10.0
Summer Heat John Cale 10.0
Hand of Doom (Live in Turku) HIM 10.0
Trampled Down Below Black Label Society 10.0
Peking O Can 10.0
Time/Confusion The Crazy World of Arthur Brown 10.0
Soup Can 10.0
Crystal Mountain Death 10.0
Bringing the Gospel Therion 10.0
Vagis DDL PLK 10.0
After The Flood (BBC Top Gear 27/01/70) Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Paradox On Earth LostAlone 10.0
Always Saliva 10.0
Pudding Time Primus 10.0
One Arabs in Aspic II 10.0
Perhaps Someday Shadowdances 10.0
From Silence to Somewhere Wobbler 10.0
Mad Man Moon Genesis 10.0
Too Old to Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young to Die Jethro Tull 10.0
Eternal Paradise Lost 10.0
Oh, Jim Lou Reed 10.0
Drive On The Young Side Of Life Jethro Tull 10.0
Lovely Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
A Glass Coffin Burial Abhorrent Decimation 10.0
Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming Alesana 10.0
Part of the Machine Jethro Tull 10.0
Fanatic Abii 10.0
Deadlock Can 10.0
Pretending (Cosmic Pope Jam Version) HIM 10.0
Tourner la page Madame Monsieur 10.0
Mitt Annexia Lifelover 10.0
The Four Horsemen (gyvai Meksikoje) Metallica 10.0
Behold Antichrist Therion 10.0
Lawman Motorhead 10.0
Sidabro Pilys Wejdas 10.0
Red King Crimson 10.0
A. Zapruder Truckfighters 10.0
Winning a War Pain of Salvation 10.0
Wheels Of Confussion Black Sabbath 10.0
Buried Alive By Love (616 Version) HIM 10.0
Hiindsiight Enslaved 10.0
Put Pain To Paper LostAlone 10.0
Rockaway Beach Ramones 10.0
Deceiver Radio Moscow 10.0
Įkąsk man! (Remix by Mano Juodoj iSesuo) Xess 10.0
Brickwork Part VIII (Second Love) Pain of Salvation 10.0
Bravest Face Peter Hammill 10.0
Etude Op. 10 No. 12 in C Minor "Revolutionary" Frederic Chopin 10.0
Atomic Truckfighters 10.0
Clair Obscur Wobbler 10.0
Love Like Blood Killing Joke 10.0
Bad Horsie Steve Vai 10.0
Plastic Girl Eloy 10.0
Medusa Paradise Lost 10.0
Preacher Man Fields of the Nephilim 10.0
Pyramid God Septicflesh 10.0
Isabel - A Report to an Academy Major Parkinson 10.0
On a Tuesday Pain of Salvation 10.0
Snake Eyes The Alan Parsons Project 10.0
Congratulations, I Hate You Alesana 10.0
Little Queenie REO Speedwagon 10.0
To Blossom Blue Lake of Tears 10.0
Silence LostAlone 10.0
Compendium Elder 10.0
True Belief Paradise Lost 10.0
The Longest Winter Paradise Lost 10.0
Our Saviour Paradise Lost 10.0
Once in a Lifetime Wolfsheim 10.0
I Wanna Be Your Dog (gyvai) Iggy Pop 10.0
Half of What And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead 10.0
The Downside Of Heaven Is The Upside Of Hell LostAlone 10.0
Teenage Lobotomy Ramones 10.0
Islands King Crimson 10.0
Carnies Rush 10.0
Scherzo No. 2 in B-Flat Minor, Op. 31 Frederic Chopin 10.0
Chameleon Truckfighters 10.0
Wasteland Sky Architect 10.0
Building the Church Steve Vai 10.0
Seraphic Ghost Bath 10.0
Endings Without Stories Alesana 10.0
OROBORUS Ufomammut 10.0
Aspirations Gentle Giant 10.0
Dark Reverie Queensryche 10.0
Legend Elder 10.0
Death, Come Near Me Draconian 10.0
The End Is Beautiful echolyn 10.0
Internal Torment II Paradise Lost 10.0
Her Black Wings Danzig 10.0
Lost In The Cold Sun Earthless 10.0
Target Earth Voivod 10.0
Sacred Horse Enslaved 10.0
You Don't Walk Away From Dismemberment Architects 10.0
Surfin' Bird Ramones 10.0
No Hope In Sight Paradise Lost 10.0
People Say Portugal. The Man 10.0
Traffic Truckfighters 10.0
Nomad Sky Architect 10.0
Sell Your Body (to the Night) Turbonegro 10.0
Power Fields of the Nephilim 10.0
All We Ever Wanted Was Everything Peter Murphy 10.0
Fullhouse Kate Bush 10.0
Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (Running) Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Shingle Song Peter Hammill 10.0
Definitive Gaze Magazine 10.0
Love in Chains Tiamat 10.0
Elysium LostAlone 10.0
Vi møtes sikkert igjen Arabs in Aspic II 10.0
In the Lobby Iggy Pop 10.0
Warpainting The Myrrors 10.0
Walk with Me in Hell Lamb of God 10.0
The Kill The Dresden Dolls 10.0
The Face Gentle Giant 10.0
The Show Must Go On Leo Sayer 10.0
Georgia Pine echolyn 10.0
(In The) Black Room/The Tower (Rimini - Live 09/08/75) Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Burning the Palace Therion 10.0
Opal of the Stream Beneath the Hills Mournful Congregation 10.0
Perfect History Death of Lovers 10.0
Portrait Of A Headless Man Septicflesh 10.0
Jazz Odyssey Liquid Tension Experiment 10.0
Crack-Up Fleet Foxes 10.0
At The Gallows End Candlemass 10.0
Moving Supergrass 10.0
Commando Ramones 10.0
Boat of Millions of Years Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Society Is a Hole Sonic Youth 10.0
The Sequel Fields of the Nephilim 10.0
Crystal Ball Candlemass 10.0
Two Or Three Spectres Peter Hammill 10.0
Summer Lightning Camel 10.0
My Global Mind Queensryche 10.0
In All Honesty Paradise Lost 10.0
War Is the Answer Five Finger Death Punch 10.0
Cold Is Being Renaissance 10.0
Self Pollution Marty Friedman 10.0
Too Afraid to Love You The Black Keys 10.0
Fire Pete Townshend 10.0
World War Now Kreator 10.0
Honi Soit (La première Leçon De Français) John Cale 10.0
Honor Thy Father Dream Theater 10.0
On the Backs of Angels Dream Theater 10.0
Trial of Tears Dream Theater 10.0
Baby Boomerang T.Rex 10.0
Tokyo Blue The Underground Youth 10.0
Faceless Queen Septicflesh 10.0
The Ferryman maudlin of the Well 10.0
The Great Curve Talking Heads 10.0
The Murderer Alesana 10.0
Halo Effect Rush 10.0
Majestic Truckfighters 10.0
Only Fragments of Light Imperium Dekadenz 10.0
Stuck Magazine 10.0
Giant Gentle Giant 10.0
I'm Reaching Out on All Sides If 10.0
W Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Emotion No. 13 Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Ascension Voyager 10.0
A Sorcerer's Pledge Candlemass 10.0
The Thrill Of It All Black Sabbath 10.0
Buying New Soul Porcupine Tree 10.0
Breaking All Illusions Dream Theater 10.0
Seduction Alesana 10.0
Into a Game Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Gleam In Ranks maudlin of the Well 10.0
In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 1 Dream Theater 10.0
Winter Solstice mewithoutYou 10.0
Sunlight/Moonlight Septicflesh 10.0
Spectral War Cavalera Conspiracy 10.0
Friend of the Night Mogwai 10.0
Strung Like Lights at Thee Printemps Erable Godspeed You! Black Emperor 10.0
Aidu Eluveitie 10.0
Sometime Ago - La Fiesta Return To Forever 10.0
Dying for Your Love Steve Vai 10.0
Rock It for Me Caravan Palace 10.0
Diluvium Obscura 10.0
Three Words Amorphis 10.0
Viešnamio harmonija Pergalė 10.0
Lucidity Soen 10.0
For You (Unplugged Radio Live) HIM 10.0
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) Pink Floyd 10.0
The Philosopher John Cale 10.0
Dream Mahavishnu Orchestra 10.0
The Comet, The Course, The Tail Peter Hammill 10.0
Rave Siddharta 10.0
The Rains of Castamere [extended cut] (OST Game of Thrones Season 2) The National 10.0
One Word Mahavishnu Orchestra 10.0
CyanidE Tyrant of Death 10.0
Autumn Leaves Keith Jarrett 10.0
976–EVIL Deftones 10.0
As the City Takes the Night Voyager 10.0
Ancestral Steven Wilson 10.0
Sorrow and Madness (feat. Jinxx) Marty Friedman 10.0
Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken Alesana 10.0
Declaring New Law (Secret Hell) Morbid Angel 10.0
Symphony No. 1 in D Major Qunihico Hashimoto 10.0
Angel Blake Danzig 10.0
Inoculated City The Clash 10.0
End of life Death Spells 10.0
Lost in the Supermarket The Clash 10.0
Judas Pariah Cavalera Conspiracy 10.0
Finlandia Jean Sibelius 10.0
Nackskott Lifelover 10.0
Another Killing Spree Act of Defiance 10.0
Foreigner Pallbearer 10.0
Neurotica King Crimson 10.0
Hearing Voices Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Pain Boy Harsher 10.0
El Dorado (II) The Gold Marillion 10.0
Land: Horses / Land of a Thousand Dances / La Mer (De) Patti Smith 10.0
World Made Of Nothing Shadowdances 10.0
Comfort Zone Beardfish 10.0
Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung Inquisitor 10.0
Black Wings and Withering Gloom Satyricon 10.0
My Gift to You Korn 10.0
Here Again Rush 10.0
TheLiquidator Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
One Gregorian 10.0
Forever Young Gregorian 10.0
No Glory Ministry 10.0
Bridge of Leaves Wolves in the Throne Room 10.0
Gone With the Sin (O.D. Version) HIM 10.0
What a Wonderful Day Voyager 10.0
Piles of Little Arms Morbid Angel 10.0
Beside You Iggy Pop 10.0
Entombed Deftones 10.0
Last Salmon Man Primus 10.0
Terror Tactics Cavalera Conspiracy 10.0
Birthday Preparations Yann Tiersen 10.0
UruR Wardruna 10.0
Thousand Hands Elder 10.0
Awaking Inside Shadowdances 10.0
Child In Time (gyvai is Japonijos, Osakoje 1972) Deep Purple 10.0
Summertide's Approach A Forest Of Stars 10.0
Evil Dead Death 10.0
Once Solemn Paradise Lost 10.0
Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres Rush 10.0
Last Regret Paradise Lost 10.0
The Seer Returns (su Jarboe) Swans 10.0
Tell Me Camel 10.0
Back On The Road Again REO Speedwagon 10.0
The Conjuration Obscura 10.0
Half Believing The Black Angels 10.0
1969 The Vines 10.0
Valkyrie Asia 10.0
Baltas paukštis Vytautas Kernagis 10.0
Mourning Sun Fields of the Nephilim 10.0
CAFO Animals as Leaders 10.0
Born Dead Death 10.0
Happyhouse Ghost Bath 10.0
Silence and I The Alan Parsons Project 10.0
A Gothic Romance (Red Roses for the Devil's Whore) (Narrated) Cradle of Filth 10.0
Sesuo Mano Juodoji Sesuo 10.0
The Sparrows and the Nightingales (Long version) Wolfsheim 10.0
Bad Religion Motorhead 10.0
Rosemary Deftones 10.0
Retrovertigo Mr. Bungle 10.0
The Larger Bowl (A Pantoum) Rush 10.0
The Woods Tale Shadowdances 10.0
Intro Paradise Lost 10.0
The Magic Of Love Luciano Pavarotti 10.0
One Too Many Times Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
The Eclipse Anomaly 10.0
Ambrosia Alesana 10.0
Cut-Out Shapes Magazine 10.0
Labyrinth Alesana 10.0
Vitriol Hapax 10.0
Astral Traveller Yes 10.0
Baby Blue Deafheaven 10.0
It Kills The Soft Moon 10.0
Thela Hun Ginjeet King Crimson 10.0
Bitter Reflektion Lifelover 10.0
Hail Caesar! Therion 10.0
Victim of the Past Paradise Lost 10.0
Childlike Faith in Childhood's End Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
The Outsider The Underground Youth 10.0
John the Fisherman Primus 10.0
Black Beauty Focus 10.0
The Girl Shadowdances 10.0
I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up) Joey Ramone 10.0
Shattered Paradise Lost 10.0
The House, The Street, The Room Gentle Giant 10.0
The Apostate Swans 10.0
Lost Again Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
The Crystal Ocean The Mission 10.0
Harmony Lucifer 10.0
Apology Alesana 10.0
A New Day Yesterday Jethro Tull 10.0
157 Riverside Avenue REO Speedwagon 10.0
Cold Souls Drab Majesty 10.0
Androider Lifelover 10.0
Maybe I'm a Beggar Supertramp 10.0
In My Garden Swans 10.0
Victim Of Society Dee Dee Ramone 10.0
Empty Words Death 10.0
One More Night Can 10.0
Animal People Arthur Brown 10.0
I'm So Green Can 10.0
Cancertid Lifelover 10.0
Laudate Dominum Therion 10.0
I Am Stretched on Your Grave (gyvai'94) Dead Can Dance 10.0
Sound Of Dentage Fecal Matter 10.0
People You Were Going To Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Brains Atheist 10.0
People Passing By Pain of Salvation 10.0
Hajnali ocean Omega 10.0
Illusions on a Double Dimple Triumvirat 10.0
Never Let Go Camel 10.0
Can't Seem To Make You Mine Ramones 10.0
Evil Things The Black Angels 10.0
While Your Lips Are Still Red Nightwish 10.0
Thurisaz Dreaming Enslaved 10.0
Close To Me Peter Hammill 10.0
Freewheelin' Truckfighters 10.0
Foxlight Wobbler 10.0
Here Comes the Flood Peter Gabriel 10.0
Stuck In The August Rain Jethro Tull 10.0
Pioneers Over c. Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Deaf Team Ghost 10.0
Fires Roar in the Palace of the Moon Wolves in the Throne Room 10.0
When She Comes Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Fat Man Jethro Tull 10.0
Dead at Last REO Speedwagon 10.0
Because You're Frightened Magazine 10.0
Kiri Monoral 10.0
Ashes To Ashes Northern Kings 10.0
Peff Soft Machine 10.0
Our Bodies Will Never Be Found LostAlone 10.0
Your Time Starts Now Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Beauty Through Order Slayer 10.0
Frozen Illusion Paradise Lost 10.0
Sanity Assassin Bauhaus 10.0
Remembrance Shadowdances 10.0
Daina apie Tarą Siela 10.0
Jargon King Peter Hammill 10.0
Thessalia Stoned Jesus 10.0
Last to Know Radio Moscow 10.0
Supernaut (originalas - Black Sabbath) Turisas 10.0
Kill the Guy with the Ball / The God Eaters Steve Vai 10.0
From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser Jethro Tull 10.0
The Painless Paradise Lost 10.0
Orthenthian St., Pts. 1 & 2 Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Volcane (Mr. Jealousy Has Returned) Fields of the Nephilim 10.0
Deep Chasm Sky Architect 10.0
Lose The Right The Dead Weather 10.0
Dislocated Day Porcupine Tree 10.0
Meurglys III (The Songwriter's Guild) Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
1st Band On The Moon Motley Crue 10.0
Do the Meaning Magazine 10.0
Silent Waters Amorphis 10.0
Cross-Eyed Mary Jethro Tull 10.0
SULPHURDEW Ufomammut 10.0
Proclamation Gentle Giant 10.0
Stop Dead (Studio Demo) The Cure 10.0
Spirit At Aphelion Elder 10.0
Revelations Judas Priest 10.0
Young Men Dead The Black Angels 10.0
Beside the One You Love Peter Hammill 10.0
Rotting Misery Paradise Lost 10.0
Tau Sakė Mano Juodoji Sesuo 10.0
Gifted by the Wind Earthless 10.0
The Nearing Grave (feat. Jonas Renkse) Long Distance Calling 10.0
The Sparrows and the Nightingales Wolfsheim 10.0
Contract Gang of Four 10.0
Apathy Stoned Jesus 10.0
Met-Amor-Phosis (feat. Ville Valo) The Mission 10.0
Beyond the Realms of Death (gyvai 2011-2012) Judas Priest 10.0
Sin and Sinners LostAlone 10.0
Tears of the Dragon Bruce Dickinson 10.0
Dysthymia Truckfighters 10.0
Farmakon Process Skepticism 10.0
The One You Left To Die The Pineapple Thief 10.0
Crown of Thorns Black Veil Brides 10.0
Four Seasons - Spring Antonio Vivaldi 10.0
Playing the Game Gentle Giant 10.0
Lore Elder 10.0
Plain Truth Gentle Giant 10.0
Midnight Serpent Satyricon 10.0
Harem Scarem Focus 10.0
A Little Each Day Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
One Time King Crimson 10.0
Forgive Me Therion 10.0
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Ramones 10.0
Here She Comes Now Nirvana 10.0
Soul Sacrifice Santana 10.0
Sold as Freedom Anti-Flag 10.0
Obsession Is Such an Ugly Word Alesana 10.0
Sailor's Tale King Crimson 10.0
Beggar's Farm Jethro Tull 10.0
Slides Truckfighters 10.0
Urn (Part I) – And Within the Void We Are Breathless Ne Obliviscaris 10.0
Velvet Green Jethro Tull 10.0
Animate Rush 10.0
The Tower Fields of the Nephilim 10.0
Come Undone My Darkest Days 10.0
The Sphinx in the Face Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
In Her Tomb By the Sounding Sea Alesana 10.0
When The Sky Comes Down Trouble 10.0
Global Warming Gojira 10.0
The Liquidator Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Jei Būčiau Gražus Liūdni Slibinai 10.0
Thunder In My Heart Leo Sayer 10.0
Ship of Fools (gyvai 1978 m.) Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Flower Travelin' Man Earthless 10.0
Soap Shop Rock Amon Düül II 10.0
Ready for Love Again Salvador Sobral 10.0
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 3) Pink Floyd 10.0
Tarzan Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Forty One Mosquitoes Flying in Formation Tame Impala 10.0
Demon of the Deep Candlemass 10.0
Cold Wind Human Tetris 10.0
I Dreamed I Dream Sonic Youth 10.0
Down the Dolce Vita Peter Gabriel 10.0
A Reunion Gentle Giant 10.0
Theme One Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Get Whacked Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Black Stone Wielder Candlemass 10.0
Deform to Form a Star Steven Wilson 10.0
Bridges in the Sky Dream Theater 10.0
Cyberwaste Fear Factory 10.0
Darkness (11/11) Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Insane Cavalera Conspiracy 10.0
Superficial Roadblocks Kingdom Come 10.0
Join the Army Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Stormy Monday Stoned Jesus 10.0
You Made It Baby The Underground Youth 10.0
Small Town Boy Paradise Lost 10.0
Peruvian Skies Dream Theater 10.0
Focus On Sanity Don Cherry 10.0
The Path That Divides Dream Theater 10.0
Clandestine Stars Obscura 10.0
The Thespian Alesana 10.0
Kept Woman Fleet Foxes 10.0
I Don't Care Ramones 10.0
Sectarian Soen 10.0
Now We Die Machine Head 10.0
Monte Gargano Truckfighters 10.0
Below the Sky If These Trees Could Talk 10.0
Funny Ways Gentle Giant 10.0
Tarmac T. Pirate and the Lonesome Nymphomaniac If 10.0
Way of Life Gentle Giant 10.0
Disco's Out, Murder's In Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Misery Is Only Company Voyager 10.0
3 Years Older Steven Wilson 10.0
Close to the Flame (The Rappula Tapes) HIM 10.0
Red and Dying Evening Alesana 10.0
Why Is Love So Disastrous? Death Spells 10.0
Dogma Septicflesh 10.0
Crom Cavalera Conspiracy 10.0
Birth Of The Starchild Mors Principium Est 10.0
The Endless Knot Eluveitie 10.0
Therianthropy Septicflesh 10.0
Falling Back to Earth Haken 10.0
Ballrooms of Mars T.Rex 10.0
Live to Win Motorhead 10.0
Runaway The Underground Youth 10.0
Mortification Of The Vulgar Sun Obscura 10.0
Striped White Jets Wreck And Reference 10.0
The Path (P.S. Version) HIM 10.0
Butterfly migloko 10.0
Brahms John Cale 10.0
Saturate Me Riverside 10.0
Sister Andrea Mahavishnu Orchestra 10.0
Ring Siddharta 10.0
Luminescence Ghost Bath 10.0
Birds of Fire Mahavishnu Orchestra 10.0
The Advent Of Panurge Gentle Giant 10.0
The Invasion Tyrant of Death 10.0
The Raven Gregorian 10.0
The KKK Took My Baby Away Ramones 10.0
Song to the Siren Tim Buckley 10.0
Agali Black Tusk 10.0
Cosmic Armageddon Pt. I Voyager 10.0
The Swan Of Tuonela Jean Sibelius 10.0
Adagio in G Minor Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni 10.0
Broken Dialect Act of Defiance 10.0
Mother of the World Swans 10.0
Pledge Your Allegiance Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Pain (The Soft Moon remix) Boy Harsher 10.0
Just Like Before Shadowdances 10.0
Hold On Beardfish 10.0
Lacquer Head Primus 10.0
Freak Show Excess Steve Vai 10.0
I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It Emmy Rossum 10.0
Hollow Hills Bauhaus 10.0
Ekpyrosis Obscura 10.0
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Marionettes Alesana 10.0
Nihil Morari Pain of Salvation 10.0
Days of Steam John Cale 10.0
Master Plan Dee Dee Ramone 10.0
To Be By Your Side Nick Cave 10.0
Something Wrong Clan of Xymox 10.0
Celestite Mirror Wolves in the Throne Room 10.0
Hideous Ichor Cannibal Corpse 10.0
Gauze Deftones 10.0
MannaR: Liv Wardruna 10.0
Loch Ness Judas Priest 10.0
Snowdance (Warm inside) Shadowdances 10.0
These Days Radio Moscow 10.0
Left to Die Death 10.0
Circumstances Rush 10.0
Suicyco Mania Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Pissing in a River Patti Smith 10.0
Alchemy Sounded Good At The Time Alesana 10.0
The Chosen Few Electric Wizard 10.0
Vestige Alesana 10.0
Music People IAMX 10.0
An Epilogue To Infinity Obscura 10.0
She Fields of the Nephilim 10.0
Primary (Studio Out-Take) The Cure 10.0
Child of Vision Supertramp 10.0
Mary, Mary So Contrary Can 10.0
Mental Central Dialog Lifelover 10.0
The Silver Flower (Part II) Ghost Bath 10.0
Karelia Anekdoten 10.0
Young The Soft Moon 10.0
Something Real Paradise Lost 10.0
Tread Lightly Mastodon 10.0
Unquestionable Presence Atheist 10.0
Kissing the Wall Wolfsheim 10.0
Love Will Eat You Alive LostAlone 10.0
Alice The Underground Youth 10.0
The Endless Enigma Part One Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) 10.0
If Only Tonight We Could Sleep Deftones 10.0
Cold Crossfade 10.0
III (Fear) Fen 10.0
Runaljod Wardruna 10.0
Trapped in a Corner Death 10.0
Comedy of Errors Alesana 10.0
Lady Day Lou Reed 10.0
Avatar Swans 10.0
You Can't Bring Me Down Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
And They Call This Tragedy Alesana 10.0
Feed the Enemy Magazine 10.0
The Fiend Alesana 10.0
Snow Royce 10.0
Pikų Dama Pekla 10.0
Sun Blindness Music John Cale 10.0
One More Fucking Time Motorhead 10.0
Tseluya zhizn Arkona 10.0
The Mind Maelstrom Sirenia 10.0
Get Off Of The Scene Dee Dee Ramone 10.0
Stängt p.g.a. Semester Lifelover 10.0
The Day That the World Breaks Down Ayreon 10.0
Crew Nights Jethro Tull 10.0
Narcotic Devotion Lifelover 10.0
Shaman Amorphis 10.0
The Arrival of Apollonius Therion 10.0
In the Lap of the Gods The Alan Parsons Project 10.0
Gog Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
An Incarnations Dream Atheist 10.0
Judas Omega 10.0
Groundhog's Day Primus 10.0
That Wasn't What I Said Peter Hammill 10.0
Cold Eyes And Lies Shadowdances 10.0
Don't Worry About Me Joey Ramone 10.0
Fairy Tale Soviet Soviet 10.0
Set Me Free Velvet Revolver 10.0
Old And Wise The Alan Parsons Project 10.0
Paint It Black Rage 10.0
Alone Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Only for the Weak In Flames 10.0
Hymn (For America) The Mission 10.0
Kill Chain Lucifer 10.0
The Heiress Drab Majesty 10.0
Look into the Sun Jethro Tull 10.0
Anti-Establishment Man REO Speedwagon 10.0
Xerces Deftones 10.0
The Habanero Reel Ian Anderson 10.0
A Louse Is Not a Home Peter Hammill 10.0
Hello There John Cale 10.0
Sailin' On (Live in Turku) HIM 10.0
Too Many of My Yesterdays Peter Hammill 10.0
Spoon Can 10.0
Painkiller Death 10.0
No Celebration Paradise Lost 10.0
Vacuity Gojira 10.0
Small Talk Stinks Bauhaus 10.0
Firebrand Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
! (Foreword) Pain of Salvation 10.0
Mister Ten Percent Triumvirat 10.0
Feathers Of Eolh Enslaved 10.0
Still Life (gyvai 1978 m.) Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
New Beginning Radio Moscow 10.0
Your Protector Fleet Foxes 10.0
White Hammer Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Manhattan Project Truckfighters 10.0
Careful With That Axe, Eugene (29/06/1972 The Dome, Brigthton, UK) Pink Floyd 10.0
Angel Tears Paradise Lost 10.0
Squid 1 / Squid 2 / Octopus Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Symbolic Virtue Paradise Lost 10.0
She Heard My Body Dying My Dying Bride 10.0
Queen of the Borrowed Light Wolves in the Throne Room 10.0
Mute (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) Porcupine Tree 10.0
The Turn of a Friendly Card (Part One) The Alan Parsons Project 10.0
We Used to Know Jethro Tull 10.0
Let Me Ride REO Speedwagon 10.0
Duvet Boa 10.0
Where Solitude Remains Anekdoten 10.0
Broken Wings Northern Kings 10.0
Pleasant Street Tim Buckley 10.0
Sielos sala, ft. Alina Orlova Siela 10.0
Deadly Inner Sense Paradise Lost 10.0
Oh! You Pretty Things David Bowie 10.0
Emperor Bespoke Gazpacho 10.0
Sailing to Byzantium Aesthesys 10.0
Sign Motorama 10.0
Even in His Youth [Previously Unreleased] Nirvana 10.0
Fogwalking Peter Hammill 10.0
Garbage Man The Cramps 10.0
Anthem Rush 10.0
Distant Light Stoned Jesus 10.0
Stress Pain of Salvation 10.0
Pure Radio Cosplay And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead 10.0
Mary-Lou Sonata Arctica 10.0
Maggot Brain Funkadelic 10.0
We're a Happy Family Ramones 10.0
Hot Thoughts Spoon 10.0
Heroin, She Said Wolfsheim 10.0
Boy Cried Wolf Patti Smith 10.0
Tender Surrender Steve Vai 10.0
Medinių kiaulių armija Vilkduja 10.0
Death's Door Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats 10.0
Excavations Of The Mind Sky Architect 10.0
Twenty Four Hours Joy Division 10.0
Wondering Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
DEITYRANT Ufomammut 10.0
She Brings the Rain Can 10.0
The Raven The Alan Parsons Project 10.0
So Sincere Gentle Giant 10.0
Wall John Cale 10.0
Deadweight Elder 10.0
Naktis (akustinė, šv. Kotrynos bažnyčioje) Siela 10.0
Silver Peter Hammill 10.0
Breeding Fear Paradise Lost 10.0
Imagine/Woman The Shadows 10.0
Bastard Motley Crue 10.0
Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam Nirvana 10.0
Black Heaven Earthless 10.0
Rendezvous with Anus Turbonegro 10.0
Pig Powder God Is an Astronaut 10.0
To The Death Architects 10.0
Ramona Ramones 10.0
N.S.O Aksesuarai Edas Austworkas 10.0
I’m Free (Live at Hull 1970) The Who 10.0
Pity the Sadness Paradise Lost 10.0
The Raven and the Backward Funeral Skepticism 10.0
Feel Happiness (gyvai 1997, finalinis turas) Swans 10.0
Get Lifted Truckfighters 10.0
Iceberg Dances Sepultura 10.0
Visata šviečia garsiai Justas Juškevičius 10.0
The End of Dormancy Voivod 10.0
Blood Is Sharp LostAlone 10.0
Die Walkure: Ride of the Valkyries Richard Wagner 10.0
Myspys Lifelover 10.0
Let U.S pray Arabs in Aspic II 10.0
Too Many Puppies Primus 10.0
I Can't Resist The Underground Youth 10.0
No Fun The Stooges 10.0
Blood Cracks Open the Ground Satyricon 10.0
Accept My Sacrifice Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
The Wasteland of My Heart Therion 10.0
Water Atheist 10.0
Kodėl Tu Toks Aš ba. 10.0
Elemental Mournful Congregation 10.0
They'll Be Hanging Us Tonight Architects 10.0
I Hope You Die Molly Nilsson 10.0
The Main Slide Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Curse of Me Wednesday 13 10.0
Losing the Ground Entwine 10.0
The Game Truckfighters 10.0
Evil Friends Portugal. The Man 10.0
Double Agent Rush 10.0
Brave Men Run (In My Family) Sonic Youth 10.0
Dawnrazor Fields of the Nephilim 10.0
Demons Gate Candlemass 10.0
Black Flame Renaissance 10.0
Beyond the Pale Society Junius 10.0
Kamakura The Maccabees 10.0
Queen of the Deep UFO 10.0
The Talisman Act of Defiance 10.0
Judas Rising Judas Priest 10.0
The Habit of the Broken Heart (Live Hull University 1977) Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Triangles Kingdom Come 10.0
I Saw Your Mommy Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Stare into the Night Voyager 10.0
The Blue Dress Wild Nothing 10.0
Tobacco Road Jefferson Airplane 10.0
Divine Song Death of Lovers 10.0
Not Saved Ulver 10.0
'Cross the Breeze Sonic Youth 10.0
Excuse Me Salvador Sobral 10.0
The Artist Alesana 10.0
Phoenix TesseracT 10.0
Darkness (11/11) (BBC Top Gear 27/01/70) Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
4′33″ John Cage 10.0
Last Curfew Truckfighters 10.0
In a Glass House Gentle Giant 10.0
Angle of Incidents Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Send Me Your Money Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
Under the Oak Candlemass 10.0
The Funeral of Hearts (Acoustic Version) HIM 10.0
Outcry Dream Theater 10.0
Discard Your Fear Riverside 10.0
[Dormouse Sighs] mewithoutYou 10.0
Low Light Buddy of Mine Iron & Wine 10.0
Persepolis Septicflesh 10.0
Refugees Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Impalement Execution Cavalera Conspiracy 10.0
Knot Of Place And Time Jan Garbarek 10.0
Sonntag Elder 10.0
One to Kill Annihilator 10.0
Outdoor Miner Wire 10.0
One for the Vine Genesis 10.0
We Drift Like Worried Fire Godspeed You! Black Emperor 10.0
Walk and Talk It Lou Reed 10.0
War Inside My Head Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
The Invisible Don Cherry 10.0
Rabbit Fighter T.Rex 10.0
Wake Up Soft Kill 10.0
Gallowdance Lebanon Hanover 10.0
Emergent Evolution Obscura 10.0
Killing Goodness Amorphis 10.0
Where Is My Mind? Placebo 10.0
The Lover Alesana 10.0
Orison Soen 10.0
Celestial Ghost Bath 10.0
Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell The Stooges 10.0
Sunday Sad If 10.0
Experience Gentle Giant 10.0
Bubblegum Sonic Youth 10.0
Mean Mistreater Grand Funk Railroad 10.0
Voyage Voyage Gregorian 10.0
Go'n Breakdown Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
The Fragile Serene Voyager 10.0
Rainroom Katatonia 9.9
Hellrider Judas Priest 9.9
Hellraiser Motorhead 9.9
Ameno ERA 9.9
Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be AC/DC 9.9
Alias In Flames 9.9
Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) (Acoustic version on BBC Radio 2) a-ha 9.9
Afterwards Van der Graaf Generator 9.9
Paukščio sapnas Vytautas Kernagis 9.9
Four Seasons - Winter Antonio Vivaldi 9.9
Air Atheist 9.9
Fly me to the moon Frank Sinatra 9.9
Doctor Doctor Iron Maiden 9.9
Endless Dream: Talk Yes 9.9
Good Mourning/Black Friday Megadeth 9.9
My Body, a Funeral My Dying Bride 9.9
Nakties pacientai Siela 9.9
Aš mylėjau tave tau nežinant Aktorių trio 9.9
Slow Dancer Robert Plant 9.9
If You Want Blood (You've Got It) AC/DC 9.9
Love Lives Steven Tyler 9.9
Alpha & Omega Stratovarius 9.9
Have a Drink On Me AC/DC 9.9
Letter to Dana Sonata Arctica 9.9
Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.) Iron Maiden 9.9
When A Blind Man Cries Deep Purple 9.9
Straight to Hell The Clash 9.9
Time Captives Kingdom Come 9.9
Hot Line Black Sabbath 9.9
Vanilla Twilight Owl City 9.9
I Know Tom Odell 9.9
Revolution Judas Priest 9.9
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX) Pink Floyd 9.9
Lemmings (Including Cog) Van der Graaf Generator 9.9
Mouth Paradise Lost 9.9
Moonlight in Samosa Robert Plant 9.9
Brave Katatonia 9.9
Anastasia Slash 9.9
Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) Tenacious D 9.9
I'm a Believer The Monkees 9.9
God Was Never on Your Side Motorhead 9.9
Du viename Atika 9.9
Lady in Black Uriah Heep 9.9
River Flows In You Yiruma 9.9
Them Bones Alice In Chains 9.9
For the Love of God Steve Vai 9.9
A Tout le Monde Megadeth 9.9
Balls to the Wall Accept 9.9
Through the Fire and Flames DragonForce 9.9
Rebel Yell Dope 9.9
Hate to Feel Alice In Chains 9.8
Sweet Sixteen Billy Idol 9.8
Sartori in Tangier King Crimson 9.8
Smells Like Teen Spirit The Melvins 9.8
How Does the Grass Grow? David Bowie 9.8
Henry Lee Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.8
Jinn Soen 9.8
Rebel Yell Northern Kings 9.8
Angels Gregorian 9.8
Angry Chair Alice In Chains 9.8
Bargain The Who 9.8
Funtime Iggy Pop 9.8
A Most Profound Quiet Alesana 9.8
A Mother's Son Europe 9.8
Make Me Wanna Die The Pretty Reckless 9.8
Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Joan Jett 9.8
All Guns Blazing Judas Priest 9.8
Time To Say Goodbye Andrea Bocelli 9.8
Killing Yourself To Live Black Sabbath 9.8
Shine It All Around Robert Plant 9.8
I Almost Told You That I Loved You Papa Roach 9.8
Akimirka prieš Mirtį Luctus 9.8
California Dreamin' The Mamas and the Papas 9.8
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 9.8
Magma Gojira 9.8
Sorrow Pink Floyd 9.8
The Formative Years Atheist 9.8
People Are Strange The Doors 9.8
Titanium Pavane The Piano Guys 9.8
Rest In Peace Gary Moore 9.8
Empty Anathema 9.8
The Seductiveness of Decay Cradle of Filth 9.8
I'm Dying VAST 9.8
Run Run Run The Velvet Underground 9.8
Folklore Opeth 9.8
Heaven & Hell Black Sabbath 9.8
Taxi Grab Jethro Tull 9.8
Around And Around The Rolling Stones 9.8
Reasons for Waiting Jethro Tull 9.8
We're All Gonna Die Slash 9.8
Aqualung Jethro Tull 9.8
Hatesong Porcupine Tree 9.8
Time The Alan Parsons Project 9.8
Helter Skelter Motley Crue 9.8
A Song for Jeffrey Jethro Tull 9.8
Hymn for the Shameless Alesana 9.8
Dr. Feelgood Motley Crue 9.8
This Confession Means Nothing Architects 9.8
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed Yes 9.8
My Immortal Gregorian 9.8
Sickman Alice In Chains 9.8
Deal with the Devil Judas Priest 9.8
Shy Shadowdances 9.8
This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II) Escape the Fate 9.8
Spirit Of Joy Kingdom Come 9.8
Enjoy The Silence Gregorian 9.8
Hand in Hand with the Damned Alesana 9.8
Goodbye Sober Day Mr. Bungle 9.8
Lick It Up Kiss 9.8
Dirt Alice In Chains 9.8
Every Bloody Emperor Van der Graaf Generator 9.8
She Loves You The Beatles 9.8
One Thousand Days in Sodom Venom 9.8
Scotland Yard John Cale 9.8
The Light at the End of the World My Dying Bride 9.8
Ocean Cloud Marillion 9.8
A Louse Is Not a Home Van der Graaf Generator 9.8
The Final Countdown Europe 9.8
Don't You Want Me The Human League 9.8
La Villa Strangiato Rush 9.8
A Fair Judgement Opeth 9.8
The Night Morphine 9.8
The Cage of Me Andromeda 9.8
Buena Morphine 9.8
For No One Barclay James Harvest 9.8
Path to Vanir Enslaved 9.8
Crucify Me Bring Me the Horizon 9.8
A Social Marginal Magellan 9.8
Back In The Saddle Aerosmith 9.8
Nepenthe Opeth 9.8
Working Man Rush 9.8
Transmissions God Is an Astronaut 9.8
Careful with That Axe, Eugene (gyvai) Pink Floyd 9.8
Crazed Institution Jethro Tull 9.8
The Gathering Delain 9.8
Beyond the Sacred Glass Alesana 9.8
Fifty Miles From The North Pole Steve Hackett 9.8
She Talks To Rainbows Ramones 9.8
Strangers in the Night Frank Sinatra 9.8
Pradžia ir pabaiga. Dovanos ir demonai. Vilkduja 9.8
Take the Time Dream Theater 9.8
With You There To Help Me Jethro Tull 9.8
Alethea Sepultura 9.8
White Room Cream 9.8
Sky Burial Gazpacho 9.8
Lady In Black (new version) Uriah Heep 9.8
Your Surrender Neon Trees 9.8
Ieškosiu tavęs Hiperbolė 9.8
Go Your Own Way Fleetwood Mac 9.8
Cinder and Smoke Iron & Wine 9.8
Soul Sucker Ozzy Osbourne 9.8
Totally Natural And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead 9.8
Meilė (Jūratė ir Kastytis) Diktatūra 9.8
Have a Lucky Day Morphine 9.8
My Heart Will Go on Gregorian 9.8
Between The Times Eloy 9.8
Unreachable Paradise Lost 9.8
Danger Motley Crue 9.8
It's Complicated A Day to Remember 9.8
Curse of the Virgin Canvas Alesana 9.8
Bela Lugosi's Dead Bauhaus 9.8
Clockwork Angels Rush 9.8
The Wreckage of My Flesh My Dying Bride 9.8
Trains Porcupine Tree 9.8
Air Born Camel 9.8
Octopus Van der Graaf Generator 9.8
Nutshell Alice In Chains 9.8
Atrocity Exhibition Joy Division 9.8
Holy Diver Dio 9.8
Crawl Through Knives In Flames 9.8
White Wedding Billy Idol 9.8
I Know You Are But What Am I? Mogwai 9.8
Come Alive Kingdom Come 9.8
Sugrįžk Hiperbolė 9.8
Kalėdinė Eglutė Kardiofonas 9.8
Territory Sepultura 9.8
The Garden Rush 9.8
I'm Not a Vampire Falling In Reverse 9.8
Music must change The Who 9.8
A Gilded Masquerade Alesana 9.8
Wasteland 10 Years 9.8
Bėk, Lola, Bėk Atika 9.8
The Boys In The Band Gentle Giant 9.8
Roots, Rock, Reggae Bob Marley 9.8
Sistinas Danzig 9.8
Jykevää on rakkaus Ville Valo 9.8
Prisoner of Your Eyes Judas Priest 9.8
Akt 2 - Weltenbrand Lacrimosa 9.8
Iškrova (2010 m. kovas) Justas Juškevičius 9.8
Crucify Paradise Lost 9.8
Let's Get It Up AC/DC 9.8
Heavy Horses Jethro Tull 9.8
Isolate Paradise Lost 9.8
Don't Leave Me Now Pink Floyd 9.8
For My Lover Tracy Chapman 9.8
The Iron Maiden Barclay James Harvest 9.8
The Longest Year Katatonia 9.8
Green River Creedence Clearwater Revival 9.8
Famine Opeth 9.8
And The Psychic Saw Atheist 9.8
Beside Myself Jethro Tull 9.8
Mary Supergrass 9.8
You Won't Change Me Black Sabbath 9.8
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Iron Maiden 9.8
Super Mario Vidas Bareikis 9.8
Under The Sun Black Sabbath 9.8
Moonlight The Piano Guys 9.8
Faraway, Vol. 2 Apocalyptica 9.8
Male A Forest Of Stars 9.8
Christian Woman Type O Negative 9.8
60 Feet Tall The Dead Weather 9.8
This Boy Brendan Perry 9.8
The Holy Hour The Cure 9.8
Limo Wreck Soundgarden 9.8
Moon Above, Sun Below Opeth 9.8
Moment of Betrayal Dream Theater 9.8
Walking Away Layne Staley 9.8
Flesh for Fantasy Billy Idol 9.8
Aura Shadowdances 9.8
The Walking Shadow Dream Theater 9.8
Can I Play With Madness Iron Maiden 9.8
In Joy and Sorrow (String Version) HIM 9.7
Death Triumphant My Dying Bride 9.7
Worth Fighting for Judas Priest 9.7
Resurrection Apocalyptica 9.7
Bring Her Home Therion 9.7
Three Little Birds Bob Marley 9.7
I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love With You Tom Waits 9.7
Up To Me Jethro Tull 9.7
Stalingrad Accept 9.7
Sadeness Pt.1 Gregorian 9.7
Blind Elder 9.7
The Last Time Paradise Lost 9.7
Lotus Feet Steve Vai 9.7
Hair of the Dog Bauhaus 9.7
In The Jungle The Vines 9.7
Rock 'N' Roll Damnation AC/DC 9.7
Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Clash 9.7
The Sleepwalkers Van der Graaf Generator 9.7
Swerve City Deftones 9.7
Together We Will Live Forever Clint Mansell 9.7
Temple of New Jerusalem Therion 9.7
Never Tear Us Apart INXS 9.7
When the Wild Wind Blows Iron Maiden 9.7
Mushroom Can 9.7
Dear Prudence Siouxsie & the Banshees 9.7
The Ripper Judas Priest 9.7
Faithless Rush 9.7
Turn of the Century Yes 9.7
Smooth Dancer Deep Purple 9.7
To the Darkness Paradise Lost 9.7
Fast Fuse Kasabian 9.7
Bourée Jethro Tull 9.7
The Profits of Doom Type O Negative 9.7
The Cursed Exit Ten 9.7
Forsaker Katatonia 9.7
So Much is Lost Paradise Lost 9.7
Perfect Day Lou Reed 9.7
Rajaz Camel 9.7
Paschendale Iron Maiden 9.7
Schooldays Gentle Giant 9.7
The Fuel Ignites Deathstars 9.7
The Dragon Hunters Song The Cure 9.7
All the Pretty Faces The Killers 9.7
Alison Hell Annihilator 9.7
The Red Chevelle 9.7
Rusty Angels Black Sabbath 9.7
The Portals Kongh 9.7
Amsterdam John Cale 9.7
Ísjaki Sigur Ros 9.7
Under the Weeping Moon Opeth 9.7
Accept The Pain Paradise Lost 9.7
Asleep In The Deep Mastodon 9.7
Dystopian Overture Dream Theater 9.7
Embraced Paradise Lost 9.7
Until The Hellhounds Sleep Again Tiamat 9.7
Rocka Rolla Judas Priest 9.7
Dreamer Ozzy Osbourne 9.7
Losing My Religion Gregorian 9.7
No Forgiveness Paradise Lost 9.7
I Wouldn't Want to Be Like You The Alan Parsons Project 9.7
Detonation Steven Wilson 9.7
Give It Revolution Suicidal Tendencies 9.7
I Could Never Be A Soldier Gnidrolog 9.7
Dar mes susitiksim Gintarėliai 9.7
Thank God for the bomb Ozzy Osbourne 9.7
Night Of The Pigs Kingdom Come 9.7
Sonnenbarke Einstürzende Neubauten 9.7
Daktarai Hiperbolė 9.7
Deathlicious Sexydeath 9.7
Waiting Man King Crimson 9.7
Eleventh Earl of Mar Genesis 9.7
It's All Tears (Unplugged Radio Live) HIM 9.7
Paranova Antimatter 9.7
Flash of the Blade Iron Maiden 9.7
Indian Curse OSI 9.7
I can see for miles The Who 9.7
Make It Wit Chu Queens of the Stone Age 9.7
Vėjas per Tavo kelius Domantas Razauskas 9.7
Breakfast in America Supertramp 9.7
Actions & Motives 10 Years 9.7
Periscope Andromeda 9.7
Prenup Butter The Melvins 9.7
Now We Are Free Lisa Gerrard 9.7
Damage Control John Petrucci 9.7
Sleep When I'm Dead The Cure 9.7
High Hopes Pink Floyd 9.7
In My Time of Need Opeth 9.7
Išėjo medžiai August band 9.7
Dreamer Deceiver Judas Priest 9.7
Limehouse Ink Brontide 9.7
The Narrow Way Part 1 Pink Floyd 9.7
London Calling The Clash 9.7
Falling Slowly The Frames 9.7
Ball and Chain Janis Joplin 9.7
Who Killed Mr. Moonlight? Bauhaus 9.7
Theories from Another World Paradise Lost 9.7
Óveður Sigur Ros 9.7
Don't Need a Gun Billy Idol 9.7
Have You Ever Seen the Rain? Creedence Clearwater Revival 9.7
Breed Nirvana 9.7
Epitaph King Crimson 9.7
Epitaph Judas Priest 9.7
Falling Forever Paradise Lost 9.7
Games People Play The Alan Parsons Project 9.7
The Never-Ending Why Placebo 9.7
Time Pink Floyd 9.7
Come Out Swing The Offspring 9.7
All Tomorrow's Parties The Velvet Underground 9.7
Gravity of love Enigma 9.7
Come Ti Va Premiata Forneria Marconi 9.7
Forgotten Hopes Anathema 9.7
Scorched Earth Van der Graaf Generator 9.7
Colossus Van der Graaf Generator 9.7
Ghost Story John Cale 9.7
The Gift of Music Dream Theater 9.7
Don't Talk to Strangers Dio 9.7
Free Bird Lynyrd Skynyrd 9.7
Forest System of a Down 9.7
4th of July Soundgarden 9.7
Football Iggy Pop 9.7
Vital Signs Rush 9.7
Your Hand in Mine Paradise Lost 9.7
Rumours The Beauty of Gemina 9.7
Dream Of Stone Gazpacho 9.7
Soil's Song Katatonia 9.7
Night Prowler AC/DC 9.7
Analogue (All I Want) a-ha 9.7
Geography maudlin of the Well 9.7
A Portrait For The Deceased Architects 9.7
Beauty Einstürzende Neubauten 9.7
Rain When I Die Alice In Chains 9.7
Social Embarrassment Gnidrolog 9.7
Cinnamon Girl Type O Negative 9.7
Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac 9.7
Slave Called Shiver Porcupine Tree 9.7
Rebel Yell Billy Idol 9.7
Diminutions Van der Graaf Generator 9.7
The Writ Black Sabbath 9.7
I Eat Heavy Metal Pete Townshend 9.7
Beautiful Marillion 9.7
Ar tu žinai? Gyvai 9.7
Glorious Steve Vai 9.7
Imagine John Lennon 9.7
Ziggy Stardust Bauhaus 9.7
Devil On My Shoulder Billy Talent 9.7
Heaven Tonight HIM 9.7
Prison Skin Persefone 9.7
Abandon Ship! Van der Graaf Generator 9.7
Another Day Paradise Lost 9.7
Sigillum Diaboli (Studio Live Evil) HIM 9.7
BU2B2 Rush 9.7
The Undercover Man Van der Graaf Generator 9.7
Battle Hymn Manowar 9.7
Forsaken Gardens Peter Hammill 9.7
Wonderful Life Black 9.7
Requiem For A Dream - Remix 2 Clint Mansell 9.7
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) (gyvai - The Wall) Pink Floyd 9.7
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Specimen 9.7
Open Your Heart Europe 9.7
Sylvia Focus 9.7
I Saw the End Pallbearer 9.7
House With No Door Van der Graaf Generator 9.7
The Last Man Clint Mansell 9.7
Tavęs man niekas nepakeis August band 9.7
Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden 9.7
Shape Of My Heart Sting 9.7
A Day Before Tomorrow Brainstorm 9.7
On The Turning Away Pink Floyd 9.7
Master of Insanity Black Sabbath 9.7
Think Of Me With Kindness Gentle Giant 9.7
I Know What I Am Band of Skulls 9.7
Les Iris Alcest 9.7
Hate It When You Leave Keith Richards 9.7
A Place to Survive Van der Graaf Generator 9.7
Live with Me Massive Attack 9.7
Death Whispered a Lullaby Opeth 9.7
What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong 9.7
Amie Damien Rice 9.7
Rapture of the Deep Deep Purple 9.7
Crying for Eternity Paradise Lost 9.7
Children of the Damned Iron Maiden 9.7
Farewell Apocalyptica 9.7
Painkiller Judas Priest 9.7
Tonight Reamonn 9.7
Need You Now Lady Antebellum 9.7
No Place Like Home Primal Rock Rebellion 9.7
Cigarette Daydreams Cage the Elephant 9.7
Sakai Atstok Liūdni Slibinai 9.7
Frame by Frame King Crimson 9.7
Too Young to Fall in Love Motley Crue 9.7
Ravenskill Dream Theater 9.7
1941 Diktatūra 9.7
Learning To Fly Pink Floyd 9.7
I Am I Queensryche 9.7
Lady Lake Gnidrolog 9.7
Bodies Drowning Pool 9.7
Lord Of The Thighs Aerosmith 9.7
Joys of the Emptiness Paradise Lost 9.7
Scream! Misfits 9.7
Still Life Van der Graaf Generator 9.7
Black No. 1 Ville Valo 9.7
Lost, Not Forgotten Dream Theater 9.7
Strange Day The Cure 9.7
Belladonna UFO 9.7
Žingsniai Hiperbolė 9.7
Close My Eyes Forever Lita Ford 9.7
Beneath Broken Earth Paradise Lost 9.7
Išgalvotas gyvenimas Hiperbolė 9.7
Nobody Home Pink Floyd 9.7
Hands of Reason Paradise Lost 9.7
Roses in the Snow Nico 9.7
See You On The Other Side Ozzy Osbourne 9.6
Raised By Wolves Falling In Reverse 9.6
Welcome to the Family Avenged Sevenfold 9.6
This Time Imperfect AFI 9.6
Wicked Game Chris Isaak 9.6
I Just Died in Your Arms Cutting Crew 9.6
Country house Blur 9.6
Į Mane ba. 9.6
Thunderstruck AC/DC 9.6
Liepsnojantys sparnai Rokas Baškys 9.6
One Of My Turns Pink Floyd 9.6
The Enemy Inside Dream Theater 9.6
Hurt Johnny Cash 9.6
To Bid You Farewell Opeth 9.6
Behind The Wheel Depeche Mode 9.6
Show Me a Leader Alter Bridge 9.6
I Was Made for Lovin' You Kiss 9.6
Autre Temps Alcest 9.6
Grinding halt The Cure 9.6
Ne apie mus (koks pašėlęs tempas) Lemon Joy 9.6
Riverside Agnes Obel 9.6
Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) Moonspell 9.6
Tavo garbė Česlovas Gabalis 9.6
Heartache Every Moment HIM 9.6
I Remain Paradise Lost 9.6
Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode 9.6
Love Me Two Times The Doors 9.6
City Life Camel 9.6
Hysteria Muse 9.6
Smash The Rasmus 9.6
Welcome To The Machine Pink Floyd 9.6
Mes Akmenys Diktatūra 9.6
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) Pink Floyd 9.6
The Bad Touch Bloodhound Gang 9.6
3 Libras A Perfect Circle 9.6
Before Time Began Deep Purple 9.6
Heart of Gold Neil Young 9.6
Seek & Destroy Metallica 9.6
Closer (My Love) Entwine 9.6
Medžių giesmė Hiperbolė 9.6
Will O The Wisp Opeth 9.6
Metal Heart Accept 9.6
Civil War Guns N' Roses 9.6
Shesmovedon Porcupine Tree 9.6
Heroes of Our Time DragonForce 9.6
Tu Esi (Ir Šito Gana) Atika 9.6
I Just Want You Ozzy Osbourne 9.6
Friday I'm in Love The Cure 9.6
Laužai Hiperbolė 9.6
39 The Cure 9.6
A Forbidden Dance Alesana 9.6
Get Free The Vines 9.6
Poor Leno Royksopp 9.6
Sea of Sorrow Alice In Chains 9.6
I Love Rock 'n Roll Joan Jett 9.6
My Room (Waiting for Wonderland) Van der Graaf Generator 9.6
Buried Alive Avenged Sevenfold 9.6
Would? Alice In Chains 9.6
Bullet The Rasmus 9.6
Burnin' for You Blue Öyster Cult 9.6
Akt 1 - Nach Dem Sturm Lacrimosa 9.6
Ežiukas rūkė (2010 m. lapkritis) Justas Juškevičius 9.6
Lost Control Anathema 9.6
The Ministry of Lost Souls Dream Theater 9.6
Somebody That I Used to Know Walk Off The Earth 9.6
Honesty in Death Paradise Lost 9.6
Englishman In New York Sting 9.6
Another One Bites the Dust Queen 9.6
Spirit Crusher Death 9.6
In my time of dying Led Zeppelin 9.6
Boss of Me David Bowie 9.6
Marquee Moon Television 9.6
The Last Dance Within Temptation 9.6
Hey Ya! Outkast 9.6
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker Ramones 9.6
Heaven's on Fire Kiss 9.6
The Motherload Mastodon 9.6
Through the Eyes of a Child Reamonn 9.6
Mėnuli baltas Pievos 9.6
So Fell Autumn Rain Lake of Tears 9.6
Jūratės Ir Kastyčio Meilės Duetas Česlovas Gabalis 9.6
Aš pabudau žiemoj Linoja 9.6
This Charming Man The Smiths 9.6
Wake Up Awolnation 9.6
Acoustic Funeral (For Love in Limbo) HIM 9.6
Take On Me a-ha 9.6
Pinball wizard The Who 9.6
On Every Street Dire Straits 9.6
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 9.6
Angel Judas Priest 9.6
If I Ever Feel Better Phoenix 9.6
I Can't See Your Face in My Mind The Doors 9.6
Anubis Septicflesh 9.6
Arbata Saulius Mykolaitis 9.6
Where Is My Mind? Pixies 9.6
Is There Anybody Out There? Pink Floyd 9.6
The Dead Heart Midnight Oil 9.6
Necromancer Van der Graaf Generator 9.6
Viskis Pergalė 9.6
Šaltą Rytą Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.6
The Great Escape Marillion 9.6
Plainsong The Cure 9.6
Only When I Lose Myself Depeche Mode 9.6
Laužai Foje 9.6
Bloodflowers The Cure 9.6
Touch Me The Doors 9.6
The Face of God HIM 9.6
The Cloak Leprous 9.6
The Pretender Foo Fighters 9.6
Julia dream Pink Floyd 9.6
Born to Lose Motorhead 9.6
Soothsayer Buckethead 9.6
Smoke on the Water Deep Purple 9.6
Į tavo rankas Andrius Mamontovas 9.6
Under Pressure Queen 9.6
Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve 9.6
Vitamin C Can 9.6
Bláþráður Sigur Ros 9.6
My Michelle Guns N' Roses 9.6
Anyone's Ghost The National 9.6
I Am the Resurrection The Stone Roses 9.6
Against Widows Amorphis 9.6
Doctor Doctor UFO 9.6
My Way Frank Sinatra 9.6
Riders On The Storm The Doors 9.6
I'll Be Your Mirror The Velvet Underground 9.6
If I Were Me Dave Grohl 9.6
Beat It John 5 9.6
Gana (Japių ir Hipių) Atika 9.6
Gandrai Andrius Kaniava 9.6
Poison Alice Cooper 9.6
Any Colour You Like Pink Floyd 9.6
As Horizons End Paradise Lost 9.6
The Evil That Men Do Iron Maiden 9.6
Sail Awolnation 9.6
Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan Nightwish 9.6
Heavy Hangs the Albatross Alesana 9.6
Don't Bring Me Down Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) 9.6
All the World Is Green Tom Waits 9.6
House of the Rising Sun The Animals 9.6
Seventeen Seconds The Cure 9.6
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1) Pink Floyd 9.6
Ticket To The Moon Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) 9.6
Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd 9.6
The End of the World The Cure 9.6
Grand Stand Moonspell 9.6
Dirthouse Static-X 9.6
Another Day in Paradise Phil Collins 9.6
Maybe Someday The Cure 9.6
Laužo šviesa Foje 9.6
Rainbow in the Dark Dio 9.6
Call It What You Want Foster the People 9.6
Blue Blood Foals 9.5
Morbid Antichrist Bloodbath 9.5
Lead Sails (And a Paper Anchor) Atreyu 9.5
Shadowkings Paradise Lost 9.5
The Guillotine Escape the Fate 9.5
Fast Food Pete Townshend 9.5
Lithuania Jaga Jazzist 9.5
Killed by Death Motorhead 9.5
There Is No If... The Cure 9.5
The Chain Fleetwood Mac 9.5
Somebody to Love Jefferson Airplane 9.5
Two Winters Only My Dying Bride 9.5
K'm-Pee-Du-Wee Steve Vai 9.5
Midnight Creature Lebanon Hanover 9.5
Iron Man Black Sabbath 9.5
Outtathaway! The Vines 9.5
Always Believe In Your Self Ektomorf 9.5
Pasaulio Kraštas Siela 9.5
Moon in Your Mouth Goldfrapp 9.5
In The Springtime Of His Voodoo Tori Amos 9.5
Dark Avenger Manowar 9.5
No More Lies Iron Maiden 9.5
Morning Glory Oasis 9.5
King Beardfish 9.5
The Sufferer Paradise Lost 9.5
River Gentle Giant 9.5
Narcissistic Cannibal (su Kill The Noise) Korn 9.5
The Beginning of the End (Sad Damn Version) HIM 9.5
Fear of the Dark (gyvai) Iron Maiden 9.5
Heaven The Psychedelic Furs 9.5
The Turn of a Friendly Card (Part Two) The Alan Parsons Project 9.5
Fader Paradise Lost 9.5
Born into This The Soft Moon 9.5
Pojan Kiiski Tenhi 9.5
Forever Young Alphaville 9.5
Geltoni krantai Foje 9.5
Jaded Paradise Lost 9.5
Supersonic Oasis 9.5
Ocean Repeating (Big-eyed Girl) Wild Nothing 9.5
SOS Fates Warning 9.5
If I Could Change Your Mind The Alan Parsons Project 9.5
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Aerosmith 9.5
Beautiful (Hollovlad Tapes) HIM 9.5
This is the Last Time Keane 9.5
Shots Fired Slash 9.5
Morning Has Broken Therion 9.5
Sulfur Katatonia 9.5
Come As You Are Nirvana 9.5
Fat Lip Robert Plant 9.5
Busted The Black Keys 9.5
Dark Now My Sky Barclay James Harvest 9.5
Hocus Pocus Focus 9.5
Dead Emotion Paradise Lost 9.5
My God Jethro Tull 9.5
Holy Dread! Clint Mansell 9.5
Advent Opeth 9.5
Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix 9.5
Reform Bend The Sky 9.5
Erased Paradise Lost 9.5
Aitrus tikrumas August band 9.5
I Feel the Dark Opeth 9.5
2112 Rush 9.5
Genocide Judas Priest 9.5
One Metallica 9.5
All the Time in the World Deep Purple 9.5
Utopia TesseracT 9.5
Silver Bonobo 9.5
Maybe Brainstorm 9.5
Neurotika Focus 9.5
Remember Now Soviet Soviet 9.5
Here Come The Robots Stoned Jesus 9.5
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) Motley Crue 9.5
The Man With the X-Ray Eyes Bauhaus 9.5
Wishmaster Nightwish 9.5
When a Blind Man Cries Ian Gillan 9.5
A White Demon Love Song The Killers 9.5
Happy Jack (Live at Hull 1970) The Who 9.5
The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One) Porcupine Tree 9.5
God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II Kiss 9.5
Chocolate Kings Premiata Forneria Marconi 9.5
The Flow Anekdoten 9.5
Minerva Deftones 9.5
Circle Of Fear HIM 9.5
Always Killswitch Engage 9.5
Voice of the Soul Death 9.5
Shout at the Devil Motley Crue 9.5
Dare You Leprous 9.5
Clearly Quite Absurd Deep Purple 9.5
Angel of Death Apocalyptica 9.5
Isle of Sun Eloy 9.5
Seasons Past The Pineapple Thief 9.5
At Last, Forever Jethro Tull 9.5
Lunar Teardrops Anapilis 9.5
Unintended Muse 9.5
A Pain That I'm Used To Depeche Mode 9.5
Summer Breeze Type O Negative 9.5
Purple Yellow Red and Blue Portugal. The Man 9.5
July Morning Uriah Heep 9.5
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Bob Dylan 9.5
Hallowed Be Thy Name Iron Maiden 9.5
Apgaubia Vakaras Iš Lėto Gėlių vaikai 9.5
Something In The Way Nirvana 9.5
Suicide's an Alternative/You'll Be Sorry Suicidal Tendencies 9.5
Me, My Yoke + I Damien Rice 9.5
The Man Who Sold the World (gyvai - MTV Unplugged) Nirvana 9.5
Bed of Nails Children of Bodom 9.5
Weight of the Dead Swallow the Sun 9.5
Master Of Puppets Metallica 9.5
The Saltwater Room Owl City 9.5
Behind Blue Eyes The Who 9.5
Filthy Love Sexydeath 9.5
After the Flood Van der Graaf Generator 9.5
Pygmy Lullaby Jan Garbarek 9.5
And Love Said No HIM 9.5
Gypsy Kingdom Come 9.5
I Want More Suicidal Tendencies 9.5
Feel The Misery My Dying Bride 9.5
Golden Promises Peter Hammill 9.5
For the Swarm Avatar 9.5
Breaking the Law Judas Priest 9.5
Ahti Ensiferum 9.5
Seasons Of Wither Aerosmith 9.5
Death Valley '69 Sonic Youth 9.5
Descending Angel Misfits 9.5
Heaven and Hell Stryper 9.5
Amžinas judesys Foje 9.5
Join Me in Death (Strongroom Mix) HIM 9.5
A Simple Mistake Anathema 9.5
Shot by Both Sides Magazine 9.5
Berlin Lou Reed 9.5
Sanctus Lacrimosa 9.5
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones 9.5
In Slow Time Peter Hammill 9.5
When Opeth 9.5
I Want To Break Free Queen 9.5
Wish Them Well Rush 9.5
In the sands of a desert Deeper Upper 9.5
Isn't It Quiet And Cold? Gentle Giant 9.5
Sirens Pearl Jam 9.5
Shades of God Paradise Lost 9.5
Shell Shock Manowar 9.5
Get Off, Get Out Anathema 9.5
Tu grok Hiperbolė 9.5
Red Water (Christmas Mourning) Type O Negative 9.5
Nocturne No. 2 in E-Flat, Op. 9, No. 2 Frederic Chopin 9.5
T.N.T. AC/DC 9.5
About Today The National 9.5
Fire Water Burn Bloodhound Gang 9.5
Eyes Without a Face Billy Idol 9.5
Give Something The Soft Moon 9.5
Knots Gentle Giant 9.5
People Who Eat Darkness Steven Wilson 9.5
Enter Tragedy In Flames 9.5
After You Leave Me Styx 9.5
Life Is Good Ministry 9.5
Acid Rain Riverside 9.5
Wonderful Life Hurts 9.5
Rubicon Deftones 9.5
Resurrection HIM 9.5
Far Cry Rush 9.5
Make Up Lou Reed 9.5
The Miracle Suicidal Tendencies 9.5
Jaučiu / Pavėsių Aidų ba. 9.5
A Siren's Soliloquy Alesana 9.5
Immaculate Misconception Motionless in White 9.5
The Chase Is Better Than the Catch Motorhead 9.5
I Love You (Prelude to Tragedy) (White House Version) HIM 9.5
Powerslave Iron Maiden 9.5
Illumination Paradise Lost 9.5
Big in Japan Alphaville 9.5
Mother Man Atheist 9.5
Pennyroyal Tea Nirvana 9.5
Welcome to Hell Venom 9.5
The Trooper Iron Maiden 9.5
Wunjo Wardruna 9.5
Mary John Cale 9.5
Judgement Of Heaven Iron Maiden 9.5
Together as One Death 9.5
Bumblebeee Kasabian 9.5
Seven Stars Fates Warning 9.5
Dark Star Grateful Dead 9.5
Pusė Penkių. Šiaurės Naktis Andrius Mamontovas 9.5
Death Is the Road to Awe Clint Mansell 9.5
Mon amour, mon ami Therion 9.5
Endless Dark (616 Version) HIM 9.5
Brand Lifelover 9.5
Soldier of Fortune Deep Purple 9.5
As I Die Paradise Lost 9.5
Xanadu Rush 9.5
Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana 9.5
Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow Frank Zappa 9.5
Survival TesseracT 9.5
Autumn Shade The Vines 9.5
Goodbye Stratovarius 9.5
Beautiful Girl INXS 9.5
Wings of Heaven Tiamat 9.5
Heartbreaker Led Zeppelin 9.5
Right Here in My Arms (Live in Turku) HIM 9.5
The One I Love REM 9.5
The Dogs Of War Pink Floyd 9.5
Caravan! The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble 9.5
Juodmedis (Anglių Sluoksnis) Wejdas 9.5
9 Crimes Damien Rice 9.5
European Rap(sody) Focus 9.5
Passenger Iggy Pop 9.5
Working All Day Gentle Giant 9.5
Amphetamine Logic The Sisters of Mercy 9.5
Sextape Deftones 9.5
Heartbreaker Grand Funk Railroad 9.5
Akt 3 - Herz Und Verstand Lacrimosa 9.5
Bullet With Butterfly Wings The Smashing Pumpkins 9.5
Always on My Mind Elvis Presley 9.5
Spider and the Fly London After Midnight 9.5
Unfinished Sympathy Massive Attack 9.5
A Cruel Taste of Winter My Dying Bride 9.5
Night Shift Siouxsie & the Banshees 9.5
Hall of Mirrors Siouxsie & the Banshees 9.5
The Lake Bathory 9.5
Beneath Black Skies Paradise Lost 9.5
Pet Sematary Ramones 9.5
Take It as It Comes Ramones 9.5
Love You to Death Kamelot 9.5
So What The Cure 9.5
The Art of Dying Gojira 9.5
Dying Song HIM 9.5
Daylight Torn Paradise Lost 9.5
Lady in a Blue Dress Senses Fail 9.5
Last Purple Sky Lake of Tears 9.5
SUBLIME Ufomammut 9.5
Upward Explosion Persefone 9.5
Ooh La La In L.A. Slade 9.5
Last of the Wilds Nightwish 9.5
Elements Atheist 9.5
Day Fifteen: Betrayal Ayreon 9.5
Crazy Gnarls Barkley 9.5
Feels Like Heaven Atrocity 9.5
Brighter Than a Thousand Suns Iron Maiden 9.5
Airport Peter Hammill 9.5
2 Minutes to Midnight (gyvai 2011 m.) Iron Maiden 9.5
Clean the Beast Junius 9.5
If I'm Dreaming My Life David Bowie 9.5
Amsterdam Imagine Dragons 9.5
Bringing Me Down Jefferson Airplane 9.5
If Pink Floyd 9.5
Nothing Else Matters Metallica 9.5
Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode 9.5
I Know It's Over The Smiths 9.5
Beautiful Ones Suede 9.5
Remembrance Paradise Lost 9.5
Dig Up Her Bones Misfits 9.5
Burden Opeth 9.5
Build Me Up, Break Me Down Dream Theater 9.5
The Sacrament (Disrhythm Remix) HIM 9.5
Riseth He, The Numberless 2 maudlin of the Well 9.5
Loneliness (Winter) Wintersun 9.5
Tropic Of Conversation Van der Graaf Generator 9.5
Won't Get Fooled Again The Who 9.5
Their Helicopter's Sing Godspeed You! Black Emperor 9.5
Mermaid Amorphis 9.5
Am Ende der Stille Lacrimosa 9.5
Let's Get Together Jefferson Airplane 9.5
Paper Cuts Nirvana 9.5
Please Don't Let it Go (Acoustic Version) HIM 9.5
One Caress Depeche Mode 9.5
Untouchable, Part 2 Anathema 9.5
Žemėj Lietuvos Thundertale 9.5
Internal Messenger Kingdom Come 9.5
Musentango Einstürzende Neubauten 9.5
For Whom The Bell Tolls Metallica 9.5
Words Low 9.5
Souvenirs Furyon 9.5
Levitator Bloodbath 9.5
Boleas Panic Van der Graaf Generator 9.5
I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) Meat Loaf 9.5
Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin 9.5
Comin' Back to Me Jefferson Airplane 9.5
No Woman, No Cry Bob Marley 9.5
Remember Tomorrow Iron Maiden 9.5
Dear Cocaine Crossfade 9.5
Why Not? Gentle Giant 9.5
To The Bone Steven Wilson 9.5
The Dick Song Ministry 9.5
Endless Dream: Endless Dream Yes 9.5
When Love and Death Embrace (AOR Radio Mix) HIM 9.5
Staving off Truth Elder 9.5
Looking for Someone Genesis 9.5
Set the World Afire Megadeth 9.5
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (gyvai) Pink Floyd 9.5
Jailbait Motorhead 9.5
Paragon Soen 9.5
Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) Iron Maiden 9.5
Song of Unborn Steven Wilson 9.5
I'll Meet You At Midnight Smokie 9.5
My Generation Gorky Park 9.5
ProzaKc Blues King Crimson 9.5
River Down Below Riverside 9.5
It's Only Goodbye Gentle Giant 9.5
Elusive Cure Paradise Lost 9.5
Even Less Porcupine Tree 9.5
L.I.A.R REO Speedwagon 9.5
Matrica Saulius Mykolaitis 9.5
As the World Burns Vulture Industries 9.5
Living on My Own Freddie Mercury 9.5
Again (Hollovlad Tapes) HIM 9.5
Wicked Game (Live in Turku) HIM 9.5
In the End Andromeda 9.5
Stairway To Heaven (su Lietuvos valstybiniu simfoniniu orkestru) Jeronimas Milius 9.5
What Goes Up... The Alan Parsons Project 9.5
Pink Cigarette Mr. Bungle 9.5
Ballad of Hollywood Jack and the Rage Kage Tenacious D 9.5
Grave Yard The Melvins 9.5
Ar Sau Tiesą Sakai ba. 9.5
Fat Bottomed Girls Queen 9.5
Echoes in the Dark Uriah Heep 9.5
No Quarter Led Zeppelin 9.5
Bonfires Blue Foundation 9.5
I See Your Face Paradise Lost 9.5
Cygnus X-1 Rush 9.5
Deceiver Judas Priest 9.5
Russian Roulette Focus 9.5
Rolling In The Deep Linkin Park 9.5
Prologue Gentle Giant 9.5
Lonely Nights Gary Moore 9.5
Cassandra Theatre Of Tragedy 9.5
Too Much To Lose The Pineapple Thief 9.5
Vinegar Abii 9.5
Apocalypso Mew 9.5
Ball and Biscuit The White Stripes 9.5
Dead Men Tell No Tales Motorhead 9.5
Supertwister Camel 9.5
Peel the Paint Gentle Giant 9.5
The Bed Lou Reed 9.5
Circle VII: Sins of the Lion Alesana 9.5
Remember No Real Pioneers 9.5
Don't Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone Can 9.5
Red Stars The Birthday Massacre 9.5
It's True That We Love One Another The White Stripes 9.5
Broken Hearts Are for Assholes Frank Zappa 9.5
Phantom Pain Leprous 9.5
The Light From Deep Darkness Eloy 9.5
Vet for the Insane Fields of the Nephilim 9.5
Sultans Of Swing Dire Straits 9.5
Escape Amorphis 9.5
Unleash The Sands Of All Time LostAlone 9.5
Heart of Fire Black Veil Brides 9.5
Repeat After Me Van der Graaf Generator 9.5
The Twilight Is My Robe Opeth 9.5
Can't Get You (Outta My Mind) Ramones 9.5
I'm Stuck Lost In Kiev 9.5
Threatening War The Pineapple Thief 9.5
Song 2 Blur 9.5
Fire in cairo The Cure 9.5
The River's Mouth Enslaved 9.5
Eminence front The Who 9.5
Taksi Andrius Kaniava 9.5
I Feel You Depeche Mode 9.5
Inside Eloy 9.5
Last Frame Van der Graaf Generator 9.5
Ruin & Misery Moonspell 9.5
Changes Black Sabbath 9.5
Four Seasons - Summer Antonio Vivaldi 9.5
Your Glorious Light Will Shine - Helsinki VUUR 9.5
Lopšinė Pelenai 9.5
Margarita Rondo 9.5
Shirley (Sound Of The Underground) Kovacs 9.5
Silence is sexy Einstürzende Neubauten 9.5
Can't Forget You My Darkest Days 9.5
The Closer I Get to You Asia 9.5
Nepažįstamai draugei Hiperbolė 9.5
Chocolate Drops Iggy Pop 9.5
You Are The One HIM 9.5
Where the Birds Always Sing The Cure 9.5
Our Church, Below The Sea Septicflesh 9.5
NO! (pt 2) Crippled Black Phoenix 9.5
Wonderwall Gregorian 9.5
Get It On Turbonegro 9.5
Professor Nutbutter's House of Treats Primus 9.5
Sink Or Swim Trouble 9.5
Running Back Van der Graaf Generator 9.5
It's Too Late Paradise Lost 9.5
Bloody Spells Sexydeath 9.5
Over the Top Pete Townshend 9.5
North Sea Oil Jethro Tull 9.5
Conception Kingdom Come 9.5
Dich zu töten fiel mir schwer Lacrimosa 9.5
Nieko nepasakyta Saulius Mykolaitis 9.5
Ship Gnidrolog 9.5
Love Me Like a Reptile Motorhead 9.5
All I Want The Cure 9.5
Join Me Gregorian 9.5
Bliss Muse 9.5
I'm Running Yes 9.5
One Last Time (Rockfield Madness Version) HIM 9.5
Alucard Gentle Giant 9.5
I am the colours Deeper Upper 9.4
Kai perplauksi upe Foje 9.4
All the Same Sick Puppies 9.4
Milžinai Thundertale 9.4
Rytas Andrius Kaniava 9.4
Falling Again Lacuna Coil 9.4
Enae Volare (Mezzo) ERA 9.4
Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr. 9.4
Hand Of God The 69 Eyes 9.4
Babylon Stratovarius 9.4
Geležinė širdis Andrius Mamontovas 9.4
Child in Time Deep Purple 9.4
Rock and Roll Music The Beatles 9.4
Love Hurts Nazareth 9.4
Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us Paradise Lost 9.4
Disintegration The Cure 9.4
Meilės nebus per daug Foje 9.4
Creeping Death Metallica 9.4
Wheels Foo Fighters 9.4
Lost Van der Graaf Generator 9.4
My Generation The Who 9.4
Let There Be Rock AC/DC 9.4
Veteran of the Psychic Wars Blue Öyster Cult 9.4
Truth Doesn't Make a Noise The White Stripes 9.4
Dum Dum Boys Iggy Pop 9.4
Masks Van der Graaf Generator 9.4
Fade To Black Metallica 9.4
Money Pink Floyd 9.4
The Fletcher Memorial Home Pink Floyd 9.4
Beneath My Skin / Mirror Image TesseracT 9.4
Aš Gimiau Respublikoj Atika 9.4
Brothers In Arms Dire Straits 9.4
Kamuolys Liūdni Slibinai 9.4
Brain Damage Pink Floyd 9.4
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out The Smiths 9.4
Burn Deep Purple 9.4
Solitary Man Chris Isaak 9.4
Shatter Me With Hope HIM 9.4
Monika Andrius Kaniava 9.4
Feed Us Serj Tankian 9.4
Kneel Till Doomsday My Dying Bride 9.4
Porno Arcade Fire 9.4
Beautiful Apocalyptica 9.4
Gėlių vaikai Gėlių vaikai 9.4
Nemo Nightwish 9.4
Transylvania Iron Maiden 9.4
Dam That River Alice In Chains 9.4
Highway Star Deep Purple 9.4
The Phantom Of The Opera Emmy Rossum 9.4
Blue Hotel Chris Isaak 9.4
Yellow Submarine The Beatles 9.4
Blasphemous Rumours Depeche Mode 9.4
Blackbird Alter Bridge 9.4
Waiting (Phase One) Porcupine Tree 9.4
La valse des monstres Yann Tiersen 9.4
The Hound Vulture Industries 9.4
Aš dar dainuosiu Hiperbolė 9.4
More Than A Feeling Boston 9.4
Aš numirsiu vis tiek Foje 9.4
Fallen Leaves Billy Talent 9.4
Closer Kings of Leon 9.4
October & April The Rasmus 9.4
Knife Prty Deftones 9.4
Waiting For The Worms Pink Floyd 9.4
Nerve Katatonia 9.4
Stop Crying Your Heart Out Oasis 9.4
Love of My Life Queen 9.4
My Secret Friend (su Imogen Heap) IAMX 9.4
Love Is Blindness Jack White 9.4
Angie The Rolling Stones 9.4
Alive Pearl Jam 9.4
The Call Of Ktulu Metallica 9.4
Aš suskaičiavau namus Saulės Laikrodis 9.4
Speak To Me Pink Floyd 9.4
Violet Hole 9.4
Hard as a Rock AC/DC 9.4
The Unforgiven II Metallica 9.4
Endless Dark HIM 9.4
Blackest Eyes Porcupine Tree 9.4
Phantom Of The Opera Nightwish 9.4
Losing My Religion REM 9.4
Wonderwall Oasis 9.4
It's No Good Depeche Mode 9.4
Earth And Matter A Forest Of Stars 9.4
Money For Nothing Dire Straits 9.4
Blackberry Way Gotthard 9.4
Daina, raginanti tautą Liūdni Slibinai 9.4
Pasiimk mane Foje 9.4
Red Hot Motley Crue 9.4
Aero Zeppelin Nirvana 9.4
Clint Eastwood Gorillaz 9.4
War Pigs Black Sabbath 9.4
Heaven Beside You Alice In Chains 9.4
The Court of the Crimson King King Crimson 9.4
Swap Meet Nirvana 9.4
Rebel Yell Children of Bodom 9.4
Planets Avenged Sevenfold 9.4
Gone Away The Offspring 9.4
Kaip gera turėti namus Hiperbolė 9.4
Flightless Bird, American Mouth Iron & Wine 9.4
You Know You're Right Nirvana 9.4
All We Ever Wanted Was Everything Bauhaus 9.4
E.X.P.J 7 (Skaidrumas) Justas Juškevičius 9.4
Pamiršk mane Hiperbolė 9.4
No Quarter (live) Tool 9.4
You've Got Another Thing Comin' Judas Priest 9.4
Po visko Atika 9.4
Hey Jude The Beatles 9.4
Moment Of Peace Gregorian 9.4
Jėga Katedra 9.4
Seize the Day Avenged Sevenfold 9.4
Territorial Pissings Nirvana 9.4
Back to School (Mini Maggit) Deftones 9.4
Paranoid Black Sabbath 9.4
Žvaigždės kartais krenta Foje 9.4
Thunder take me away Thundertale 9.4
A Hard Day's Night Ektomorf 9.4
Something Escape the Fate 9.4
Tarkus Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) 9.4
Run Like Hell Pink Floyd 9.4
White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane 9.4
Shoot to Thrill AC/DC 9.4
Venus in Furs The Velvet Underground 9.4
Three Friends Gentle Giant 9.4
Map of the Problematique Muse 9.4
Kitas gyvenimas Andrius Kaniava 9.4
Human behaviour Bjork 9.4
Welcome To The Jungle Guns N' Roses 9.4
Back in Black AC/DC 9.4
Pilgrims Van der Graaf Generator 9.4
Beyond the Invisible Enigma 9.4
Man in the Box Alice In Chains 9.4
Evil Walks AC/DC 9.4
Hit the Road Jack Ray Charles 9.4
While My Guitar Gently Weeps The Beatles 9.4
How Deep Is Your Love Bee Gees 9.4
E.X.P.J. 4 (Gelmių pabaisos) Justas Juškevičius 9.4
Tom Sawyer Rush 9.4
Ilsėkis Ramybėje Atika 9.4
Nobody's Daughter Hole 9.4
I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself The White Stripes 9.4
Tėvynės veidas Rokas Baškys 9.4
Over The Hills And Far Away Nightwish 9.4
Hit The Lights Metallica 9.4
The Blower's Daughter Damien Rice 9.4
The Outsider A Perfect Circle 9.4
Life on Mars? David Bowie 9.4
Low Lands Gojira 9.4
Devil is a Loser Lordi 9.4
Angels Walk Among Us Anathema 9.4
On The Run Pink Floyd 9.4
Sorceress Opeth 9.4
Angels Fall First Nightwish 9.4
Black Pearl Jam 9.4
Song Within a Song Camel 9.4
Forever Not Yours a-ha 9.4
Home Colours Of Bubbles 9.4
Baila Morena Zucchero 9.4
Pumped Up Kicks Foster the People 9.4
Telegraph Road Dire Straits 9.4
My Oh My Slade 9.4
7 Days to the Wolves Nightwish 9.4
The Rain Song Led Zeppelin 9.4
Candy Iggy Pop 9.4
Lemon Tree Fools Garden 9.4
Love You to Death Type O Negative 9.4
Mr. Moustache Nirvana 9.4
Hey You Pink Floyd 9.4
Lady in Black Ensiferum 9.4
Harvest Opeth 9.4
Umbrella Beach Owl City 9.4
Join Me In Death HIM 9.4
The Kids Aren't Alright The Offspring 9.4
I Can't Dance Genesis 9.4
Samantha Hole 9.4
Pankuša Siela 9.3
Would You Fight For My Love Jack White 9.3
Needled 24/7 Children of Bodom 9.3
Goodbye Graceful Falling In Reverse 9.3
Medley: Internal Messenger / Creep / Gypsy Escape (live 1971) Kingdom Come 9.3
Vandens ženklai Hiperbolė 9.3
Atlas Stone Haken 9.3
First day of my life The Rasmus 9.3
Because the Night Patti Smith 9.3
The Passion of Lovers Bauhaus 9.3
Cyanide Sun HIM 9.3
Die Young Black Sabbath 9.3
Darker Times In Flames 9.3
Surrender Billy Talent 9.3
Juoda juoda juoda juoda naktis SOLO ansamblis 9.3
No surprises Radiohead 9.3
The Valley Leprous 9.3
Leathers Deftones 9.3
Kai tu atversi man duris Andrius Mamontovas 9.3
In Babelsberg Van der Graaf Generator 9.3
Other People LP 9.3
If You Go Norther 9.3
How Do You Feel Jefferson Airplane 9.3
The Logical Song Supertramp 9.3
Prisimink Mane, Prašau Atika 9.3
Juodo opiumo žemė II Siela 9.3
Leaders Katatonia 9.3
Sweetest Perfection Depeche Mode 9.3
Contaminate Me Leprous 9.3
Dumb Nirvana 9.3
That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore The Smiths 9.3
Can't Get It Out of My Head Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) 9.3
Sigillum Diaboli HIM 9.3
Songs for No One Caligulas Horse 9.3
The Trees Rush 9.3
The Autumn Effect 10 Years 9.3
My Mistakes Were Made for You The Last Shadow Puppets 9.3
Fear of Impending Hell Paradise Lost 9.3
Are We Ready? (Wreck) Two Door Cinema Club 9.3
Dėl Žalio Žolyno Pievos 9.3
Paskutinis herojus Siela 9.3
Too Heavy Soul Stealer 9.3
Milk It Nirvana 9.3
That Black Bat Licorice Jack White 9.3
Soul Adventurer In Vain 9.3
All Apologies Nirvana 9.3
My Last Farewell Dream Theater 9.3
Self Abuse Spheric Universe Experience 9.3
In Loving Memory Alter Bridge 9.3
Like a Mirror Morphine 9.3
Hello The Baseballs 9.3
Nothing Is Easy Jethro Tull 9.3
Breathe Pink Floyd 9.3
Little Acorns The White Stripes 9.3
Downer Fecal Matter 9.3
In the Army Now Status Quo 9.3
MK Ultra Muse 9.3
Blood Band of Skulls 9.3
The Begining Of The End HIM 9.3
Bennie And The Jets Elton John 9.3
Death and the Maiden Cradle of Filth 9.3
Highly Strung Van der Graaf Generator 9.3
More The Sisters of Mercy 9.3
Steady, As She Goes The Raconteurs 9.3
Soyuz Out Gazpacho 9.3
Break on Through (To the Other Side) The Doors 9.3
The Cello Song The Piano Guys 9.3
The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden 9.3
Tyliai Linoja 9.3
Little Lies Fleetwood Mac 9.3
Run Awolnation 9.3
Sappy (Verse Chorus Verse) Nirvana 9.3
All My Friends Are Dead Turbonegro 9.3
Ghost Love Score Nightwish 9.3
Don't Listen to the Radio The Vines 9.3
Gravity A Perfect Circle 9.3
Boris the spider The Who 9.3
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz 9.3
Walk Of Life Dire Straits 9.3
Bond The Pineapple Thief 9.3
Halt mich Lacrimosa 9.3
The Final Cut Pink Floyd 9.3
The Majestic of Gaia Persefone 9.3
Last Song Before the Fade Katatonia 9.3
America Imagine Dragons 9.3
Floyd The Barber Nirvana 9.3
Clair de Lune And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead 9.3
Decks Dark Radiohead 9.3
Tušti delnai Foje 9.3
Push the Sky Away Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.3
Heretic Avenged Sevenfold 9.3
Dreaming Fools Garden 9.3
Melody Lane Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats 9.3
Zeitgeist Black Sabbath 9.3
Saigon Roulette Van der Graaf Generator 9.3
She's in Parties Bauhaus 9.3
Away and Anywhere John Frusciante 9.3
Green Man Type O Negative 9.3
This Corrosion The Sisters of Mercy 9.3
Love Buzz Nirvana 9.3
This Isn't the Place Nine Inch Nails 9.3
Altar Boy Saprophytes 9.3
Beast Royce 9.3
Devil's Dance Metallica 9.3
Nightmare Avenged Sevenfold 9.3
Solitary Man Johnny Cash 9.3
Valo yössä Ville Valo 9.3
The Falling Veil Elder 9.3
Taikatalvi Nightwish 9.3
Don't Mess With Ouija Boards Falling In Reverse 9.3
Lunacy Swans 9.3
Glow Alien Ant Farm 9.3
Too much love will kill you Queen 9.3
The Wanderer Alesana 9.3
Starlight Muse 9.3
Amerika Andrius Kaniava 9.3
You're a Lie Slash 9.3
Where the Wild Roses Grow Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.3
Chronic Leprous 9.3
In Bloom Nirvana 9.3
Eulogy Judas Priest 9.3
Living Waves (feat. Paul Masvidal) Persefone 9.3
Force Ten Rush 9.3
Sweet Child o' Mine Guns N' Roses 9.3
Guns For Hire AC/DC 9.3
In Venere Veritas (Huoratron Remix) HIM 9.3
Rusted Katatonia 9.3
Hangin' 'Round Lou Reed 9.3
Looking For Today Black Sabbath 9.3
Oh Yeah Can 9.3
Tik mėnulio šviesa SBS (Spicy Bits of Scandal) 9.3
Aš miręs Marijonas Mikutavičius 9.3
Babylon Omega 9.3
Karma Police Radiohead 9.3
Tragic Idol Paradise Lost 9.3
Stupid Girl Garbage 9.3
The Night and the Silent Water Opeth 9.3
Metal Guru T.Rex 9.3
Terminal Frost Pink Floyd 9.3
Ong Ong Blur 9.3
Star of Sirrah Ayreon 9.3
The Gift The Velvet Underground 9.3
Crazy train Ozzy Osbourne 9.3
Your Betrayal Bullet For My Valentine 9.3
Somebody Help Me Sunrise Avenue 9.3
The Unforgiven Metallica 9.3
The End The Doors 9.3
Let Me Hear You Scream Ozzy Osbourne 9.3
Mission Amorphis 9.3
Blood Red Sandman Lordi 9.3
Leaves The Gathering 9.3
Back In Blood Debauchery 9.3
Story to Tell Death 9.3
The Host of Seraphim Dead Can Dance 9.3
Spirit of the Water Camel 9.3
Enjoy The Silence HIM 9.3
Tiny Girls Iggy Pop 9.3
Big White Cloud John Cale 9.3
Mother Danzig 9.3
Gothic Kabbalah Therion 9.3
To Forgive Is to Suffer Death 9.3
Saving Us Serj Tankian 9.3
Run to the Hills Iron Maiden 9.3
S.O.S. (Anything But Love) (su Cristina Scabbia) Apocalyptica 9.3
Dronus Van der Graaf Generator 9.3
Steambreather Mastodon 9.3
On My Own Travis Barker 9.3
God save the Queen Sex Pistols 9.3
Better Than Love Hurts 9.3
The Caudal Lure Karnivool 9.3
Minesweeper Architects 9.3
A Great Day For Freedom Pink Floyd 9.3
Walking In My Shoes Depeche Mode 9.3
Touch The Sky Manowar 9.3
Horizon Vic Anselmo 9.3
Bullets Tunng 9.3
Vicious Traditions The Veils 9.3
The Wreckers Rush 9.3
Chill The Rasmus 9.3
A Forest The Cure 9.3
Peace Sells Megadeth 9.3
Strawberries Mean Love Strawberry Alarm Clock 9.3
The Noose A Perfect Circle 9.3
Inbetween Days The Cure 9.3
Big Cheese Nirvana 9.3
Losing Faith in Words Peter Hammill 9.3
Telegram Sam T.Rex 9.3
Butterflies and Hurricanes Muse 9.3
Seven Cities of Gold Rush 9.3
Gloves of Metal Manowar 9.3
Atšilusi musė Andrius Kaniava 9.3
Rooster Alice In Chains 9.3
Just Like Heaven The Cure 9.3
Aneurysm Nirvana 9.3
Am Ende stehen wir zwei Lacrimosa 9.3
Vėjas Foje 9.3
The Dark Wood of Error Alesana 9.3
Stressed Out Twenty One Pilots 9.3
The Temptress Alesana 9.3
Stripped Depeche Mode 9.3
Rebel Yell Drowning Pool 9.3
Silver Wings Iron Maiden 9.3
Fear is the Weakness In Flames 9.3
Some Might Say Oasis 9.3
Nobody's forest Foje 9.3
Freedom Peace & Me Freaks On Floor 9.3
Love, Hate, Love Alice In Chains 9.3
Schizo Venom 9.3
Salt in Our Wounds (Thulsa Doom Version) HIM 9.3
Serve The Servants Nirvana 9.3
Gimme Danger The Stooges 9.3
Cast It Out 10 Years 9.3
Dance of Death Iron Maiden 9.3
Far and Away Slash 9.3
43553E99.01 Bass Communion 9.3
A Victory of Love Alphaville 9.3
Going Backwards Depeche Mode 9.3
Fight Fire With Fire Metallica 9.3
I Won't Complain Benjamin Clementine 9.3
The Big Come Down Nine Inch Nails 9.3
Summer 78 Yann Tiersen 9.3
The Jack AC/DC 9.3
Awaken the Giant Stratovarius 9.3
Svetimi Afiša 9.3
The Sleep of No Dreaming Porcupine Tree 9.3
Killer Van der Graaf Generator 9.3
Du hast Rammstein 9.3
Spiral Architect Black Sabbath 9.3
Be Sparnų Soul Stealer 9.3
I Just Died in Your Arms Northern Kings 9.3
Heaven Send Devin Townsend 9.3
Sunday Morning The Velvet Underground 9.3
The Seer Swans 9.3
Candy Morphine 9.3
All Is Violent, All Is Bright God Is an Astronaut 9.3
Tourette's Nirvana 9.3
Words As Weapons Seether 9.3
Place in Line Deep Purple 9.3
The Emperor In His War Room Van der Graaf Generator 9.3
Girls & Boys Blur 9.3
Fadeaway Porcupine Tree 9.3
Open your eyes Guano Apes 9.3
Fire and the Thud Arctic Monkeys 9.3
In a Sentimental Mood John Coltrane 9.3
Synagoga Satanae Celtic Frost 9.3
Run! Apocalypse! Run! Ayreon 9.3
Liberation In Flames 9.3
Prison Song System of a Down 9.3
Some Kind of Stranger The Sisters of Mercy 9.3
Pelenai Pelenai 9.3
(Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Öyster Cult 9.3
VI Au-Dessus 9.3
Royal Beggars Architects 9.3
Nosebleed Deftones 9.3
Sky Is Over Serj Tankian 9.3
Opium Moonspell 9.3
Burn It Down Daughter 9.3
Last Chance to Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is Recycled Porcupine Tree 9.3
I'm Not Jesus Apocalyptica 9.3
Ode to Solitude HIM 9.3
I Am A Camera The Buggles 9.3
City of Satan Turbonegro 9.3
Tell Me The Rolling Stones 9.3
Symptom of Terminal Illness The Dillinger Escape Plan 9.3
Strange Days The Doors 9.3
...And Justice For All Metallica 9.3
Hope, Vol. 2 Apocalyptica 9.3
Africa Toto 9.3
Bittersweet Apocalyptica 9.3
Where Did You Sleep Last Night Nirvana 9.3
Young Folks (su Victoria Bergsman) Peter Bjorn And John 9.3
Deeply Ordered Chaos The Cult 9.3
Embers Fire Paradise Lost 9.3
New Moon Swallow the Sun 9.3
Drugelis tipo uodas Andrius Kaniava 9.3
Say It Ain't So Weezer 9.3
Nuclear Mike Oldfield 9.3
Liūdesio Miestas Soul Stealer 9.3
Endless Sacrifice Dream Theater 9.3
Lovesong The Cure 9.3
Thnks fr th Mmrs Fall Out Boy 9.3
Apocalypse Please Muse 9.3
Acid Rain Avenged Sevenfold 9.3
Down in a Hole Alice In Chains 9.3
Not Strong Enough Apocalyptica 9.3
A Kiss to Remember My Dying Bride 9.3
Creep Radiohead 9.3
Cemetery Gates Pantera 9.3
Aš tave subadysiu Pergalė 9.3
A Question Of Lust Depeche Mode 9.3
2 Minutes to Midnight Iron Maiden 9.3
Lost For Words Pink Floyd 9.3
Cowboys from Hell Pantera 9.2
Junkhead Alice In Chains 9.2
The Byronic Man Cradle of Filth 9.2
Dancing in the Street Mick Jagger 9.2
Back chat Queen 9.2
Uno Muse 9.2
Sutraiškytos medūzos Kardiofonas 9.2
Rotting in Vain Korn 9.2
Teenagers My Chemical Romance 9.2
Get Out Alive Three Days Grace 9.2
Su vėju Thundertale 9.2
Unholy Confessions Avenged Sevenfold 9.2
Than the Serpents in my Arms Moonspell 9.2
True Faith New Order 9.2
The Last Day of Summer The Cure 9.2
By the Pain I See in Others Opeth 9.2
Corporal Clegg Pink Floyd 9.2
After Every Party I Die IAMX 9.2
Balsas atminčiai Hiperbolė 9.2
Fell on Black Days Soundgarden 9.2
Ride The Lightning Metallica 9.2
The Hills Have Eyes Stratovarius 9.2
Children Of The Revolution T.Rex 9.2
Augen Auf! Oomph! 9.2
Black Sun Dead Can Dance 9.2
Chop Suey! System of a Down 9.2
Sweet and Tender Hooligan The Smiths 9.2
In the Cold, Cold Night The White Stripes 9.2
The Hardest Button to Button The White Stripes 9.2
Aš nupirksiu tau namą Requiem 9.2
Dead Boy's Poem Nightwish 9.2
European Son The Velvet Underground 9.2
My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms Bon Jovi 9.2
The Lady in Red Chris de Burgh 9.2
Another Night Camel 9.2
The Rumble And The Weight Greenleaf 9.2
How to Save a Life The Fray 9.2
Duality Slipknot 9.2
Rudenio Dievas (MMX) Siela 9.2
Sesuo mirtie Pievos 9.2
God Is Dead? Black Sabbath 9.2
All Nightmare Long Metallica 9.2
School's Out Alice Cooper 9.2
Sorry Buckcherry 9.2
Monstrance Clock Ghost 9.2
Three imaginary boys The Cure 9.2
Poles Apart Pink Floyd 9.2
And My Father Left Forever My Dying Bride 9.2
My Lover's Gone Amberlife 9.2
Scoff Nirvana 9.2
Lust for Life Iggy Pop 9.2
Nothing Else Matters Apocalyptica 9.2
You Have Killed Me Morrissey 9.2
Drug Me to Hell Murderdolls 9.2
Vicarious Tool 9.2
I Don't Care Fall Out Boy 9.2
Blackout Muse 9.2
The Kiss of Dawn HIM 9.2
Can't Pretend Tom Odell 9.2
In the Air Tonight Phil Collins 9.2
Wish You Were Here Blackmore's Night 9.2
Mama I'm coming home Ozzy Osbourne 9.2
Let It Happen Tame Impala 9.2
Vėjas Andrius Kaniava 9.2
Carrie Europe 9.2
Undead Hollywood Undead 9.2
Salvadoro Dali Siela 9.2
Tolyn nuo tavęs Foje 9.2
Killing Loneliness HIM 9.2
Moscow Calling Gorky Park 9.2
I Hate Everything About You Three Days Grace 9.2
Silver and Cold AFI 9.2
Shackler's Revenge Guns N' Roses 9.2
Como estais amigos Iron Maiden 9.2
Let there be more light Pink Floyd 9.2
Rebel Yell HIM 9.2
Everybody's Changing Keane 9.2
Bedshaped Keane 9.2
Terminal Paradise Lost 9.2
Back to Madness Stratovarius 9.2
Ain't No Sunshine Bill Withers 9.2
Haunted Deep Purple 9.2
Won't You Stay Soul Stealer 9.2
Too Much Heaven Bee Gees 9.2
I'm Not the One The Black Keys 9.2
Black Hole Sun Soundgarden 9.2
Last Resort Papa Roach 9.2
Aenima Tool 9.2
Save Me from Myself Sirenia 9.2
I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's The White Stripes 9.2
Without You I'm Nothing Placebo 9.2
The Day That Never Comes Metallica 9.2
War Machine AC/DC 9.2
Pornography The Cure 9.2
Christmas Lights Coldplay 9.2
In My Place Coldplay 9.2
Dogs Pink Floyd 9.2
Under The Boardwalk The Rolling Stones 9.2
The Garden Guns N' Roses 9.2
Deer Dance System of a Down 9.2
Skeletons of Society Slayer 9.2
Yellow Coldplay 9.2
Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All) Type O Negative 9.2
The Same Asylum As Before Steven Wilson 9.2
Dare Gorillaz 9.2
The Unforgiven III Metallica 9.2
All Around Me Flyleaf 9.2
By and Down the River A Perfect Circle 9.2
Toxicity System of a Down 9.2
All Alone Saturnus 9.2
Life 705 The Rasmus 9.2
Love You Like I Do HIM 9.2
About A Girl Nirvana 9.2
Symphony About A Good Man Freaks On Floor 9.2
Nightclubbing Iggy Pop 9.2
Cry With A Smile After Forever 9.2
Can’t Stop Loving You Phil Collins 9.2
Wicked Game Adam Gontier 9.2
Sumaišyk mane su cukrum Sh 9.2
Gone With The Sin HIM 9.2
Living After Midnight Judas Priest 9.2
You Look So Fine Garbage 9.2
Nightcall Kavinsky 9.2
Here comes the rain again Eurythmics 9.2
No More Heroes Slash 9.2
Dear God (su Shanna Crooks) Avenged Sevenfold 9.2
Aerials System of a Down 9.2
Midway Creatures Steve Vai 9.2
Silenced by the Night Keane 9.2
Jeremy Pearl Jam 9.2
One Last Goodbye Anathema 9.2
For You HIM 9.2
I Hate the Way You Love The Kills 9.2
Over the Hills and Far Away Gary Moore 9.2
Space Oddity David Bowie 9.2
A Night Like This The Cure 9.2
Wasting Love Iron Maiden 9.2
You're Going Down Sick Puppies 9.2
The Razors Edge AC/DC 9.2
I Think I'm Paranoid Garbage 9.2
Naktis Siela 9.2
Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Travis 9.2
Anywhere Out of the World Dead Can Dance 9.2
Deep Anathema 9.2
Yoo Doo Right Can 9.2
The Great Gig In The Sky Pink Floyd 9.2
Accuracy The Cure 9.2
Moment of Clarity Death 9.2
Symptom Of The Universe Black Sabbath 9.2
Lonely Day System of a Down 9.2
Space Dementia Muse 9.2
Atomic Man Portugal. The Man 9.2
Who Are You Black Sabbath 9.2
Close To The Flame HIM 9.2
Decode Paramore 9.2
Blew Nirvana 9.2
Mr. Crowley Ozzy Osbourne 9.2
My Obsession Cinema Bizarre 9.2
Higher Than Hope Nightwish 9.2
Higgs Boson Blues Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.2
We Might As Well Be Strangers Keane 9.2
Talk Coldplay 9.2
Something To Do Depeche Mode 9.2
The Pass Rush 9.2
Coolverine Mogwai 9.2
Planet Caravan Black Sabbath 9.2
When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way' Sparks 9.2
Isterija Siela 9.2
Ameno (Remix) ERA 9.1
Roads Portishead 9.1
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) The Proclaimers 9.1
Man-Erg Van der Graaf Generator 9.1
Jie man sakė Sweetsalt 9.1
Laiškai Ainis Storpirštis 9.1
Keep On Loving You REO Speedwagon 9.1
Blue Monday New Order 9.1
Electric Funeral Black Sabbath 9.1
Live To Rise Soundgarden 9.1
This. Here and Now. With You The Cure 9.1
Scentless Apprentice Nirvana 9.1
Raining Blood Slayer 9.1
Anybody Seen My Baby? The Rolling Stones 9.1
Imitation Of Life REM 9.1
Long Nights Eddie Vedder 9.1
I'm Waiting for the Man The Velvet Underground 9.1
Išsilavinus Kalė Atika 9.1
Whiskey In The Jar Metallica 9.1
Push the limits Enigma 9.1
Demon of the Fall Opeth 9.1
Šauk! Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.1
Sahara Nightwish 9.1
The Beginning and the End Isis 9.1
The Importance of Being Idle Oasis 9.1
Fools Deep Purple 9.1
Today The Smashing Pumpkins 9.1
Precious Depeche Mode 9.1
Don't Panic Coldplay 9.1
Speed of Sound Coldplay 9.1
Simple Man Lynyrd Skynyrd 9.1
I Wanna Be Sedated Ramones 9.1
Stay Hurts 9.1
No Leaf Clover (gyvai 1999 m. Kalifornijoje) Metallica 9.1
Cup Of Coffee Garbage 9.1
The Pot Tool 9.1
Ashes in Your Mouth Megadeth 9.1
Children Of The Grave Black Sabbath 9.1
Deliberation Katatonia 9.1
Sifting Nirvana 9.1
Schism Tool 9.1
Song or Suicide HIM 9.1
Vera Pink Floyd 9.1
Mus Palieka Angelai Siela 9.1
Everything Counts Depeche Mode 9.1
Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart HIM 9.1
(We Are) The Road Crew Motorhead 9.1
Sleeping Sun Nightwish 9.1
Our House Madness 9.1
Leisk Andrius Mamontovas 9.1
A Touch of Evil Judas Priest 9.1
Sæglópur Sigur Ros 9.1
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle Nirvana 9.1
Coffee & TV Blur 9.1
Fly On The Windscreen-Final Depeche Mode 9.1
Don't Look Back in Anger Oasis 9.1
Absolute Beginners David Bowie 9.1
Vienuolė Ir Vibratorius (Varnų Vėjas cover) Xess 9.1
Kill the Light Lacuna Coil 9.1
Edge of Seventeen Stevie Nicks 9.1
Red Right Hand Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.1
Changes David Bowie 9.1
Parabola Tool 9.1
Intoxicated Lacuna Coil 9.1
Still...You Turn Me On Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP) 9.1
Almost Lover A Fine Frenzy 9.1
Beprotybės Ironija Katedra 9.1
Us and Them Pink Floyd 9.1
Southampton Dock Pink Floyd 9.1
I Hate Myself And Want To Die Nirvana 9.1
Young & Beautiful Lana Del Rey 9.1
Bausmė Andrius Kaniava 9.1
Cherry Bomb The Runaways 9.1
Pretending HIM 9.1
The Siren Nightwish 9.1
Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) Deftones 9.1
Addicted To Pain Alter Bridge 9.1
Wings Of Tomorrow Asmik Grigorian 9.1
Dark Paradise Lana Del Rey 9.1
Street Spirit (Fade Out) Radiohead 9.1
Love in Cold Blood HIM 9.1
Wicked Game Gregorian 9.1
I Am You Depeche Mode 9.1
Supremacy Muse 9.1
Lucretia My Reflection The Sisters of Mercy 9.1
The House That Jack Built Metallica 9.1
Dreams Fleetwood Mac 9.1
Bleed Well HIM 9.1
Everywhere I Go Hollywood Undead 9.1
Filth in the Beauty the GazettE 9.1
Sorry Guns N' Roses 9.1
Polly Nirvana 9.1
Renegade Styx 9.1
Remember a day Pink Floyd 9.1
Akmeninis laivas August band 9.1
Undisclosed Desires Muse 9.1
Daddy Korn 9.1
Juodas liūdesys Siela 9.1
Angel of Death Slayer 9.1
Wasting The Dawn The 69 Eyes 9.1
Harvester Of Sorrow Metallica 9.1
Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now The Smiths 9.1
Nothing to Give White Lies 9.1
The Carnival Is Over Dead Can Dance 9.1
Rape Me Nirvana 9.1
Broken Seether 9.1
Run Snow Patrol 9.1
Brolis už Brolį Soul Stealer 9.1
Vardan tavęs Andrius Mamontovas 9.1
Yet Another Movie/Round And Around Pink Floyd 9.1
Man Who Sold the World David Bowie 9.1
Money Talks Deep Purple 9.1
'74-'75 The Connells 9.1
Metas Rūkyti Atika 9.1
Heartbeat City The Cars 9.1
Eva Nightwish 9.1
Vėjas. Žvaigždė Siela 9.1
Caravan Rush 9.1
Detroit Rock City Kiss 9.1
Baby Can I Hold You Tracy Chapman 9.1
Pigs (Three Different Ones) Pink Floyd 9.1
For the Heart I Once Had Nightwish 9.1
Escape To The Stars Cinema Bizarre 9.1
Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division 9.1
Heavy in Your Arms Florence And The Machine 9.1
Mėlyni plaukai Foje 9.1
In the End Linkin Park 9.1
The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness HIM 9.1
Sweet Leaf Black Sabbath 9.1
Cry of the Black Birds Amon Amarth 9.1
Last Walz The Rasmus 9.1
Ego Brain System of a Down 9.1
Sentimental Porcupine Tree 9.1
Leiski sapnuot Hiperbolė 9.1
Magic Coldplay 9.1
Daina be pavadinimo Andrius Kaniava 9.1
A Little Piece of Heaven (su Juliette Commagere) Avenged Sevenfold 9.0
This Gentle Earth (1981) Voyager 9.0
Hand Cannot Erase Steven Wilson 9.0
Big Mouth Snoop Dogg 9.0
Systemagic Goldfrapp 9.0
I Am Nothing Paradise Lost 9.0
Kiss the Skull Danzig 9.0
Choke on one another Death Spells 9.0
Death or Glory The Clash 9.0
Roll With It Oasis 9.0
Conspiracy of the Gods Act of Defiance 9.0
Sucker Train Blues Velvet Revolver 9.0
Wild Child Lou Reed 9.0
The Book King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard 9.0
The Morning Never Came Swallow the Sun 9.0
Fast and Loose Motorhead 9.0
Game of Pricks Wreck And Reference 9.0
Aš negalvojau išprotėt Foje 9.0
Puzzle Box Haken 9.0
Lose You Tonight (Thulsa Doom Extended Dub) HIM 9.0
Here Is The House Depeche Mode 9.0
Childish Memo migloko 9.0
Forging Sympathy Paradise Lost 9.0
I Saw a Skull Instead of My Face Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
Punishment Through Time Paradise Lost 9.0
Big World Away Winger 9.0
Night Reborn Therion 9.0
The Duellists Iron Maiden 9.0
Memoir Comedia del Arte 9.0
Razorblade Smile Machine Head 9.0
Right Away Styx 9.0
Watch Yourself Ministry 9.0
Red Light Fever Venom 9.0
The Last Sucker Ministry 9.0
The Light Pours Out Of Me Peter Murphy 9.0
Paradigms Warped Morbid Angel 9.0
Hypnotic Spells Death Spells 9.0
Psychosis Cavalera Conspiracy 9.0
Preparations for the last TV fake Yann Tiersen 9.0
Your God Jonathan Davis 9.0
No Faced Mindless Persefone 9.0
Paratiisi Ville Valo 9.0
The Wolf Swans 9.0
The Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel 9.0
Pipeline The Alan Parsons Project 9.0
Blk Stallion Crosses (†††) 9.0
Dance Motorhead 9.0
Liūdesio Angelas Andrius Mamontovas 9.0
I'd Kill for Her The Black Angels 9.0
Situations Changes A Place to Bury Strangers 9.0
One More Day 10 Years 9.0
Strangers Vulture Industries 9.0
Fake Korn 9.0
Sex, God, Sex Swans 9.0
God's Acre Soen 9.0
I Know It migloko 9.0
hunting for pearls iamamiwhoami 9.0
Gehenna Truckfighters 9.0
Trippy Love Garbanotas 9.0
Jesus Christ Pose Soundgarden 9.0
Tap Out The Strokes 9.0
Milk & Black Spiders Foals 9.0
Sinners & Saints Gregorian 9.0
Orgasmatron Motorhead 9.0
The Struggle For Survival Riverside 9.0
Gardenia Iggy Pop 9.0
I Want to Hold Your Hand The Melvins 9.0
Workin' Them Angels Rush 9.0
Like Never before Shadowdances 9.0
Sandman (Flying Dutchman) John Cale 9.0
Illegal i Song Velvet Revolver 9.0
Cardinal Zero Paradise Lost 9.0
My little empire Manic Street Preachers 9.0
The Illusion Of Dignity KEN mode 9.0
The Final Voyage of the Liquid Sky Primus 9.0
Paprasta gėlė August band 9.0
I'm Your Secrets Steve Vai 9.0
Nothing At All Ben Harper 9.0
Purpose Soen 9.0
Venus Rising (revealed) The Garden of Delight 9.0
Fix Yourself Up Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
Bad Rain Slash 9.0
I Want Candy Bow Wow Wow 9.0
The Eagle Will Rise Again The Alan Parsons Project 9.0
Saulė jauti 9.0
Your Life's Retribution Atheist 9.0
Strange Frame Of Mind Arabs in Aspic II 9.0
Transverberation Ulver 9.0
Worship Him Samael 9.0
Headspace Velvet Revolver 9.0
Labas Rytas Biplan 9.0
Autumn Months Double Echo 9.0
Bleeding Me Metallica 9.0
Night Screamer Stratovarius 9.0
Synesthesia Porcupine Tree 9.0
Dirty Fingers Gary Moore 9.0
Moon Heart Sun Head Cynic 9.0
The Thin Air Magazine 9.0
Ugnis ligi dangaus Andrius Mamontovas 9.0
Miasma Novembers Doom 9.0
Riptide Sick Puppies 9.0
(Won't Somebody) Take Me Out Tonight Molly Nilsson 9.0
See Ya Madame Monsieur 9.0
Weep Themselves to Sleep Jack White 9.0
It's So Bizarre Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
There's Nothing Wrong with the World There's Something Wrong with Me Moby 9.0
Why Is Everybody Always Against Germany Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
Sea of Machines Ayreon 9.0
Konvulsion Lifelover 9.0
Shadow of a Lonely Man The Alan Parsons Project 9.0
Return To the Sun Paradise Lost 9.0
Why Can't I Be You? The Cure 9.0
Paradise Coldplay 9.0
Diamonds in Cups Wire 9.0
Juodoji sistema X. Neįveikiamas pasienis Balto sarkofago turinys 9.0
Echoes God Is an Astronaut 9.0
New Pen-pal Peter Hammill 9.0
You Got No Right Velvet Revolver 9.0
Scarborough Fair Gregorian 9.0
Intro (The Harmonica Man) Fields of the Nephilim 9.0
Antifa Ministry 9.0
Down For The Outing Pete Doherty 9.0
Unknown To The I Drab Majesty 9.0
Prison Women REO Speedwagon 9.0
Shades Of Gray Amorphis 9.0
Big In Japan Guano Apes 9.0
Rock N' Blues Royce 9.0
Fireside Arctic Monkeys 9.0
Martian Sea Steve Hackett 9.0
Not Just A Name Drab Majesty 9.0
Hazard Profile Part Five Soft Machine 9.0
Music And Warm Bodies LostAlone 9.0
Lives Scars on Broadway 9.0
I'll Swallow You Swans 9.0
Rattlesnake King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard 9.0
Heart Full of Soul The Yardbirds 9.0
Adelaide John Cale 9.0
Signs Of Life Pink Floyd 9.0
Ça vaut la peine Madame Monsieur 9.0
Paranoid Eyes Pink Floyd 9.0
Aquatic Race Ayreon 9.0
Miasma Ghost 9.0
Terror Couple Kill Colonel Bauhaus 9.0
Xavier Paradise Lost 9.0
Shrines Paradise Lost 9.0
Goodbye to Yesterday (Estija, Eurovizija 2015) Elina Born 9.0
In Denial The Mission 9.0
Oslo in the Summertime Of Montreal 9.0
Hazey Glass Animals 9.0
Minus Blindfold Deftones 9.0
Nimrodel/The Procession/The White Rider Camel 9.0
Sun It Rises Fleet Foxes 9.0
Silent Paradise Lost 9.0
Spectre Judas Priest 9.0
Black Church Stoned Jesus 9.0
I Want to Burn Again Magazine 9.0
I know Placebo 9.0
Too Soon To Tell Drab Majesty 9.0
LUXON Ufomammut 9.0
Divided Paradise Lost 9.0
Soul Desert Can 9.0
Kora Sings Sampha 9.0
Strange Attraction The Cure 9.0
Ant kelių, ft. Diktatūra Siela 9.0
Cinnamon Girl Neil Young 9.0
Beauty in Falling Leaves Yob 9.0
Astral Sophia Therion 9.0
I Love You in Your Tragic Beauty The Legendary Pink Dots 9.0
Let The Morning Sleep Reamonn 9.0
Flight Peter Hammill 9.0
Somersault Nothing 9.0
I Found That Essence Rare Gang of Four 9.0
Water Me Stoned Jesus 9.0
To the End Pain of Salvation 9.0
Akt 2 - Lass Die Nacht Nicht Über Mich Fallen Lacrimosa 9.0
Forsaken Dream Theater 9.0
Saulėta Gyvenimo Pusė Andrius Kaniava 9.0
Shoulda Coulda Woulda Flying Colors 9.0
Sparks (Live at Hull 1970) The Who 9.0
Manowarriors Manowar 9.0
Fall in Love With Me Iggy Pop 9.0
Shred of Light, Pinch of Endless Skepticism 9.0
Secrets Fields of the Nephilim 9.0
I am the Sun Swans 9.0
I'm A King Bee The Rolling Stones 9.0
The Factory Gates Kaiser Chiefs 9.0
Lie Lie Lie Serj Tankian 9.0
Storyline Truckfighters 9.0
Lizard Play Van der Graaf Generator 9.0
Hello Mister Curtis (With Apologies) Magazine 9.0
Nick the Stripper The Birthday Party 9.0
The Sound of A Alice Cooper 9.0
Kathy's Kisses The Birthday Party 9.0
Mackerel Ate Them Van der Graaf Generator 9.0
Dreams of William Daughter 9.0
Cause We've Ended as Lovers Jeff Beck 9.0
Other Old Clichés Peter Hammill 9.0
La Cathedrale de Strasbourg Focus 9.0
Kosmos (Grooves of Triumph) Amplifier 9.0
Run Like a Villain Iggy Pop 9.0
Have A Cigar Pink Floyd 9.0
Death Room Gazpacho 9.0
Exit Everything Rowland S. Howard 9.0
Prepare To Die, But Sow The Rye Lowercase Noises 9.0
Here Lies Death of Lovers 9.0
In Cold Blood Alt-J 9.0
Mistakes & Regrets And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead 9.0
50 Shades Of Black Kovacs 9.0
The Taming of a Beast Pain of Salvation 9.0
Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) a-ha 9.0
Vermillion Sands The Buggles 9.0
The Unveiling Dimmu Borgir 9.0
A Man in a Purple Dress The Who 9.0
Eyrie Ne Obliviscaris 9.0
Daybreak Eloy 9.0
Black List Manowar 9.0
The Law Kyuss 9.0
You Can Make It If You Try The Rolling Stones 9.0
Soul On Fire Danzig 9.0
(The System Of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether The Alan Parsons Project 9.0
South of Heaven Slayer 9.0
Mondfeuer Lacrimosa 9.0
Enter Sandman Apocalyptica 9.0
Beautiful HIM 9.0
Rock Bottom UFO 9.0
Bilietas Į Tamsą Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.0
So Long Verticals 9.0
The Apostle in Triumph Opeth 9.0
Hit It And Quit It Funkadelic 9.0
To Your Brethren in the Dark Satyricon 9.0
Hamburger Concerto Focus 9.0
People Help The People Birdy 9.0
Orpheus Voyager 9.0
Blood on the Road The Mission 9.0
Shoulda Known Better Dope 9.0
Noise Pollution (feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) Portugal. The Man 9.0
Venus Doom HIM 9.0
Streets of Gold Emery 9.0
Hello, I Love You The Doors 9.0
Spooks Van der Graaf Generator 9.0
Tripping a Blind Man Type O Negative 9.0
Strange World HIM 9.0
Race To The Sun Sky Architect 9.0
The Good and the Bad Sonic Youth 9.0
Slowburn Peter Gabriel 9.0
Rivers Between Us Draconian 9.0
Cold Fire Rush 9.0
Auf ein Wort Wolfsheim 9.0
Gliding Into Light and Knowledge Eloy 9.0
Change of Luck Ministry 9.0
Like A Perpetual Funeral My Dying Bride 9.0
Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands Bob Dylan 9.0
The Witching Hour Danzig 9.0
This Is the Life Dream Theater 9.0
Useless Depeche Mode 9.0
Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath 9.0
Paraguay Iggy Pop 9.0
I Can't Stop Lovin' You (Though I Try) Leo Sayer 9.0
Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I Earth 9.0
Forever Lasting Night Verticals 9.0
Jasmine And Rose Clan of Xymox 9.0
Lullaby of Vengeance Act of Defiance 9.0
Daggers of Black Haze At the Gates 9.0
Silfur-Refur Solstafir 9.0
Awaken the Sleeping Beardfish 9.0
Nemiga Saulius Mykolaitis 9.0
Come Up The Years Jefferson Airplane 9.0
Heaven's Cove Dream Theater 9.0
Talking Head Motorhead 9.0
Salvation Crematory 9.0
Save a prayer Duran Duran 9.0
I Should See Memphis Fleet Foxes 9.0
Catharsis Machine Head 9.0
Graves Caligulas Horse 9.0
Dying Freedom Paradise Lost 9.0
Only Human Cold Showers 9.0
Ghost Mile Voyager 9.0
Mercy In You Depeche Mode 9.0
Forever Failure Paradise Lost 9.0
WW1 Portraits The Maccabees 9.0
Feministas McLoud 9.0
Right Here In My Arms HIM 9.0
Was There Life Pete Townshend 9.0
Human Guinea Pig Suicidal Tendencies 9.0
Baby Strange T.Rex 9.0
Wild Is the Wind David Bowie 9.0
Shoot You in the Back Motorhead 9.0
Juliette The Underground Youth 9.0
Made the Same Paradise Lost 9.0
A Question Of Time Depeche Mode 9.0
38th & 8th Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
Kol Matai Thundertale 9.0
Angelic Ghost Bath 9.0
Colors Crossfade 9.0
An Inmate's Lullaby Gentle Giant 9.0
Hymn Gregorian 9.0
Drag Low 9.0
Closed Eye Black Tusk 9.0
Endless Time To See The Beauty of Gemina 9.0
Moment I Feared (feat. Rick Rock) Snoop Dogg 9.0
Biggest Part of Me Pantera 9.0
Tigerman Goldfrapp 9.0
Love Like Winter AFI 9.0
Daydream Youth Lagoon 9.0
905 The Who 9.0
Demonizer Judas Priest 9.0
...In That Quiet Earth' Genesis 9.0
Do It For The Kids Velvet Revolver 9.0
Ocean Lou Reed 9.0
Electric Uncle Sam Primus 9.0
Firewall Steve Vai 9.0
Silent Land The Beauty of Gemina 9.0
Convergence Obscura 9.0
Breathe Life Jack Garratt 9.0
In Twilight Hours Kamelot 9.0
In Between Love Tom Waits 9.0
Stray Soen 9.0
Rendezvous with Anus (Dein Arsch Ist Meiner, El Presidente Version) HIM 9.0
Sand And Hair migloko 9.0
The Academy in Peril / Intro John Cale 9.0
I'm Horrible Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
Calm Before The Storm Truckfighters 9.0
Hell in Myself Sadist 9.0
Hound Dog Garbanotas 9.0
Elysian Ghost Bath 9.0
Forever Comedia del Arte 9.0
Up And Down Eloy 9.0
Šaltas Ginklas Crucial Features 9.0
Electric Bloom Foals 9.0
Burning Down One Side Robert Plant 9.0
River Bishop Briggs 9.0
Caught A Lite Sneeze Tori Amos 9.0
Exo-Politics Muse 9.0
Permian: The Great Dying The Ocean 9.0
I don't know much, but i know i loathe you Death Spells 9.0
Pushed Again Die Toten Hosen 9.0
Blood, Tears & Gold Hurts 9.0
Good Morphine 9.0
Ain't It Strange Patti Smith 9.0
When She Closed Her Eyes The World Disappeared Shadowdances 9.0
Arriving Somewhere But Not Here Porcupine Tree 9.0
Change (In The House Of Flies) Deftones 9.0
If We Must Be Apart (A Love Story Continued) Beardfish 9.0
Eclectic Electric Primus 9.0
This Cold Life Paradise Lost 9.0
Winding Me Up The Alan Parsons Project 9.0
Yai Yai Steve Vai 9.0
Dead Buckcherry 9.0
Bad Habits Ben Harper 9.0
Tales of Woe Vulture Industries 9.0
Lies Korn 9.0
Barcelona Freddie Mercury 9.0
Last Light Soen 9.0
Mortal Coil God Is an Astronaut 9.0
Bring your daughter to the slaughter Iron Maiden 9.0
Now I Wanna Be Sedated Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
Above Us Garbanotas 9.0
Estonian Lesbians Pergalė 9.0
I Wanna Be Your Dog The Stooges 9.0
ILL The Soft Moon 9.0
Garden Pearl Jam 9.0
Breakdown The Alan Parsons Project 9.0
Panasonic Youth The Dillinger Escape Plan 9.0
Soothsayer Abhorrent Decimation 9.0
Blossom Milky Chance 9.0
We Got Used To Us Riverside 9.0
Utopia Bjork 9.0
Half Poison / Half God The Underground Youth 9.0
No Remorse Metallica 9.0
I (Pathway) Fen 9.0
The 9th Circle (OLT) HIM 9.0
Fill My Heart Caligulas Horse 9.0
Spectacle Velvet Revolver 9.0
Klaidos ba. 9.0
Steer Your Way Leonard Cohen 9.0
These Trees Asylum Pyre 9.0
Stars Die Porcupine Tree 9.0
Get It Up AC/DC Tribute.Lt 9.0
Partners In Motion Wild Nothing 9.0
See saw Pink Floyd 9.0
Under it All Steve Vai 9.0
Image of Time In Vain 9.0
Hunt Me Down The Black Angels 9.0
Paukštelis Siela 9.0
Hope For Happiness Soft Machine 9.0
Eden TesseracT 9.0
You're Not Real, Girl Swans 9.0
Your Sex Is A Dream Trevor Something 9.0
I Ain't No Nice Guy Motorhead 9.0
What It Is Jonathan Davis 9.0
I Am Seeing UFOs Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
Need To Korn 9.0
Dūno upė Pievos 9.0
Can't Take It with You The Alan Parsons Project 9.0
Israel Siouxsie & the Banshees 9.0
(Mirusių Augalų) Nuogulos Wejdas 9.0
The Pardoner Abhorrent Decimation 9.0
Enthralled In Essence Atheist 9.0
Evil Has No Boundaries Slayer 9.0
Major League Chemicals Unknown Mortal Orchestra 9.0
Angel Spheric Universe Experience 9.0
Kurshi Skyforger 9.0
The Doomed A Perfect Circle 9.0
Juodoji sistema V. Vilties spindulys Balto sarkofago turinys 9.0
II (Penance) Fen 9.0
Atwa System of a Down 9.0
God Requires Insanity Arabs in Aspic II 9.0
Bravest Face Rush 9.0
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter Nirvana 9.0
Lie of Survival Pallbearer 9.0
No Rest New Model Army 9.0
Superhuman Velvet Revolver 9.0
(This Side Of) The Looking Glass Peter Hammill 9.0
Kryptonite 3 Doors Down 9.0
Rat Bat Blue Deep Purple 9.0
Caroline Says I Lou Reed 9.0
Wargasm Ministry 9.0
Take Aim Kasabian 9.0
Krigssat Fjorsvartnir 9.0
Holy Fallout Cynic 9.0
The Foyer Drab Majesty 9.0
Back to Nature Magazine 9.0
Love Is a Laserquest Arctic Monkeys 9.0
Aces High Iron Maiden 9.0
I Fall Apart Post Malone 9.0
Luna Deafheaven 9.0
Comme une reine Madame Monsieur 9.0
A Softer War Moby 9.0
Wish I Had An Angel Nightwish 9.0
Undertaker Tarja Turunen 9.0
From The Gallows Paradise Lost 9.0
Christmas Eve Montage Danny Elfman 9.0
Million Eyes Loic Nottet 9.0
Creatures LostAlone 9.0
Do It Again The Beach Boys 9.0
Suck Xess (Success) Xess 9.0
Juodoji sistema VII. Barbarosos planas Balto sarkofago turinys 9.0
Omnos (Early Metal Version) Eluveitie 9.0
Dirty Little Thing Velvet Revolver 9.0
Slow Kill Fields of the Nephilim 9.0
Ji Pabučiuos Atika 9.0
Wound Stoned Jesus 9.0
39 By Design Drab Majesty 9.0
Incisura jugalaris 70 cm³ of Your Chest 9.0
Poor Little Baroness Elvenking 9.0
Tango Whiskyman Can 9.0
Beyond Redemption HIM 9.0
Guardian Angel Riverside 9.0
La voyageuse Madame Monsieur 9.0
Tear the World Down We Are the Fallen 9.0
The Hero's Return Pink Floyd 9.0
Bless The Child Nightwish 9.0
Helvetesfonter Ghost 9.0
Immortals Oathbreaker 9.0
Resurrection Therion 9.0
Hail To The King Avenged Sevenfold 9.0
Sweet Revenge Motorhead 9.0
Lady Fantasy Camel 9.0
Oblivion Ocean Pain of Salvation 9.0
Supernaut Black Sabbath 9.0
Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash 9.0
One Weak Deftones 9.0
(Don't Fear) The Reaper HIM 9.0
Cello Wars The Piano Guys 9.0
Realize things Freaks On Floor 9.0
The Old Ones Are With Us Wolves in the Throne Room 9.0
A Quick One, While He’s Away (Live at Hull 1970) The Who 9.0
Floating Eloy 9.0
The Passing Light of Day Pain of Salvation 9.0
Hawkshaw Truckfighters 9.0
Nothing Left to Lose The Alan Parsons Project 9.0
The Raven That Refused to Sing Steven Wilson 9.0
Longing Anekdoten 9.0
Alone At Sea The Pineapple Thief 9.0
Zoo Music Girl The Birthday Party 9.0
Standing On The Ruin Of A Beautiful Empire LostAlone 9.0
Mother Sky Can 9.0
Uh Uh Thundercat 9.0
(Come Away) Melinda UFO 9.0
Gėlės užsimerkia, ft. Thundertale Siela 9.0
Forest of October Opeth 9.0
Fool The Rasmus 9.0
Thy Will Be Done! Therion 9.0
Disturbance The Legendary Pink Dots 9.0
I See Through You Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats 9.0
Prince With a Thousand Enemies And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead 9.0
Akt 4 - Testimonium Lacrimosa 9.0
Painted Bird Siouxsie & the Banshees 9.0
My Love Kovacs 9.0
The Secret Language Of Birds Ian Anderson 9.0
Crystal Ship The Doors 9.0
Endless Roads Sky Architect 9.0
Tommy Can You Hear Me (Live at Hull 1970) The Who 9.0
Some Weird Sin Iggy Pop 9.0
Dust Fields of the Nephilim 9.0
The Chairman Truckfighters 9.0
I Don't Wanna Go Home The Alan Parsons Project 9.0
Goodbye, Goodnight, for Good Alesana 9.0
Nobody's Business Peter Hammill 9.0
Happening in English Magazine 9.0
King Ink The Birthday Party 9.0
She's Hit The Birthday Party 9.0
The Killer Queensryche 9.0
Eat Yourself Out (Love) The Melvins 9.0
Dirty Hole VAST 9.0
To Be Over Yes 9.0
A Hole In the Earth Daughter 9.0
Crystal Light UFO 9.0
The Villagers Iggy Pop 9.0
Summer in Crimea Human Tetris 9.0
Shoom Trust 9.0
Ursula in B Major Death of Lovers 9.0
Ka$cade Animals as Leaders 9.0
The Science Within Us Headspace 9.0
Soul Experience Iron Butterfly 9.0
M The Cure 9.0
Night Of The Nights Kovacs 9.0
Safe Emery 9.0
Dune Sky Architect 9.0
Painted on My Heart The Cult 9.0
Walking The Dog The Rolling Stones 9.0
Murder Nights Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats 9.0
The Poorest Waltz My Dying Bride 9.0
Unhappy Girl The Doors 9.0
The Light Pours Out of Me Magazine 9.0
Silent Scream Slayer 9.0
Kaleidoskop Lacrimosa 9.0
Pale Blue Eyes Kadavar 9.0
Sunday Iggy Pop 9.0
Seemann Apocalyptica 9.0
Fotografas Crucial Features 9.0
Borders Comfort Soft Kill 9.0
Time on My Hands UFO 9.0
Collapse of Reality Verticals 9.0
Molten Core Act of Defiance 9.0
Not Now John Pink Floyd 9.0
Serpent's Kiss The Mission 9.0
Deep Calleth Upon Deep Satyricon 9.0
So Ready echolyn 9.0
Where I Live Oathbreaker 9.0
Come On The Rolling Stones 9.0
Subliminal Suicidal Tendencies 9.0
Day of Wrath Therion 9.0
Look Good In Blue Blondie 9.0
The Flowers of Evil Marilyn Manson 9.0
Momentary Relapse of Pain Voyager 9.0
Mystic Lady T.Rex 9.0
Quai d'Orsay Death of Lovers 9.0
The Road to Revolution Dream Theater 9.0
Cries For The Lonely Southern Empire 9.0
Jade The Mission 9.0
Drug Music Dope 9.0
Flood of Red And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead 9.0
I Have Forgiven Jesus Morrissey 9.0
Dark Art Septicflesh 9.0
On Another Ocean (January / June) Fleet Foxes 9.0
Name Your God Emery 9.0
Cuddle Up The Beach Boys 9.0
Gravity's Union Coheed and Cambria 9.0
Into Singularity Sky Architect 9.0
Are You Ready (For Some Darkness) Turbonegro 9.0
Stick It Out Rush 9.0
Ghost Bitch Sonic Youth 9.0
Join Me (Schill Out Version) Gregorian 9.0
The Trooper Stryper 9.0
Gemini Feed Banks 9.0
Joe DiMaggio's Glove Asia 9.0
Iron Dream (In Memoriam: Peter Steele) Voyager 9.0
Snowblind Black Sabbath 9.0
Black Laden Crown Danzig 9.0
Halo Depeche Mode 9.0
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 9.0
Controlling Crowds Archive 9.0
Harbour Paradise Lost 9.0
Eat the Elephant A Perfect Circle 9.0
Confide In Me Kylie Minogue 9.0
Sue Me Bjork 9.0
Bitter Hollow Sexydeath 9.0
Scene From Afar Jan Garbarek 9.0
Is There Anybody Out There? Roger Daltrey 9.0
Too Much of Nothing UFO 9.0
Final Verticals 9.0
A Friend is a Friend Pete Townshend 9.0
Cupid Carries a Gun Marilyn Manson 9.0
River Opeth 9.0
Debbie Architecture in Helsinki 9.0
Northern Chaos Gods Immortal 9.0
Stuck Leprous 9.0
Naros Solstafir 9.0
Rodion The Underground Youth 9.0
Nothing Else Matters Gregorian 9.0
Divina Timid Kooky 9.0
Together The XX 9.0
Eden Prison Swans 9.0
Hail and Farewell to Britain Type O Negative 9.0
Ethereal Ghost Bath 9.0
A Song from Under the Floorboards Magazine 9.0
She Hangs On Cold Showers 9.0
Disconnected Voyager 9.0
Higher Love Depeche Mode 9.0
Moonloop Porcupine Tree 9.0
Bizarre Flowers/A Violent Mist maudlin of the Well 9.0
Somebody That I Used To Know (gyvai) Fun 9.0
Reborn Act of Defiance 9.0
Dropout Pallbearer 9.0
Deep Ocean Vast Sea Peter Murphy 9.0
All in a Mouse's Night Genesis 9.0
Lisa Says Lou Reed 9.0
Cranes, Planes, Migraines King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard 9.0
Possessed to Skate Suicidal Tendencies 9.0
White Foxes Susanne Sundfor 9.0
Inertiatic ESP The Mars Volta 9.0
Bring The Boys Back Home Pink Floyd 9.0
New Person, Same Old Mistakes Tame Impala 9.0
Hurtin' Kind Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
Movement for the Common Man Styx 9.0
Let's Go Ministry 9.0
Cut Low 9.0
Lady Styx 9.0
Pretend the World Has Ended She Wants Revenge 9.0
Shy Peter Murphy 9.0
Mus Palieka Angelai (radijo versija) Siela 9.0
Digital Blackout Anti-Flag 9.0
Something to Fight (feat. Jørgen Munkeby) Marty Friedman 9.0
The Righteous Voice Morbid Angel 9.0
Thunder Underground Ozzy Osbourne 9.0
Beast That Never Was Goldfrapp 9.0
The Coldest Sun Danzig 9.0
Silurian: Age of Sea Scorpions The Ocean 9.0
Hell all-american Death Spells 9.0
Close to Heaven Breaking Benjamin 9.0
Excruciating Cavalera Conspiracy 9.0
Enjoy the Silence Lacuna Coil 9.0
Devoid of Redemption Pallbearer 9.0
Low Room Peter Murphy 9.0
Coma Leprous 9.0
Big Machine Velvet Revolver 9.0
Currency The Black Angels 9.0
The Proud and the Broken Kamelot 9.0
Cow Song migloko 9.0
Autumn Leaves Garbanotas 9.0
Song to Say Goodbye Placebo 9.0
Principalities Ghost Bath 9.0
A New Dawn In Flames 9.0
Step By Step The Alan Parsons Project 9.0
Heavy Water Foals 9.0
Let Down Gregorian 9.0
Death and Destruction Ministry 9.0
You're tender and you're tired Manic Street Preachers 9.0
16. The Heroic Gate (In The Old Capital Of Kiev) (Group) Mekong Delta 9.0
Wild America Iggy Pop 9.0
Diluted Death Spells 9.0
Rosetta Stoned Tool 9.0
Girl in Amber Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.0
Wagon Wheel Lou Reed 9.0
93 Ave. B Blues Swans 9.0
You Want It Darker Leonard Cohen 9.0
Against the Sand Asylum Pyre 9.0
Be Still The Dead Weather 9.0
Nicotine Stain Siouxsie & the Banshees 9.0
Doesn't Feel Pain Like He Should KEN mode 9.0
Greet the Sacred Cow Primus 9.0
Jie Saugo Tave Andrius Mamontovas 9.0
Medicine The Black Angels 9.0
What Else Is There? Royksopp 9.0
The Bottle Wins Again Ben Harper 9.0
Blood and Honey Swans 9.0
Oscillation Soen 9.0
What About Me Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
A Boy's Night Out Pergalė 9.0
Reverend Kings of Leon 9.0
Wheel Anekdoten 9.0
Cinderella Man Rush 9.0
Heretic Sacrifice Abhorrent Decimation 9.0
Oh, Pretty Woman Chris Isaak 9.0
Worse Than Detroit Robert Plant 9.0
One More for the Rodeo UFO 9.0
Heart Beat, Pig Meat Pink Floyd 9.0
Ethereal LostAlone 9.0
Spoonman Soundgarden 9.0
Golem II: The Bionic Vapour Boy Mr. Bungle 9.0
The Main Monkey Business Rush 9.0
Frustration Shadowdances 9.0
Hemmingway John Cale 9.0
Sapnai Foje 9.0
Black Night Stratovarius 9.0
Milkweed Iron & Wine 9.0
Disforic Agony Anomaly 9.0
Kindly Bent To Free Us Cynic 9.0
En forgangen tid (Times of Yore Pt. II) In Vain 9.0
Come Back Deafheaven 9.0
Beautiful Child Swans 9.0
Forever Or Never Cinema Bizarre 9.0
Morts ou vifs Madame Monsieur 9.0
Überlin REM 9.0
Cure for Pain Morphine 9.0
Sleeping Dogs Zakk Wylde 9.0
Crazy Life Slash 9.0
Cry Out Paradise Lost