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Daina Grupė Reitingas
Say Just Words Paradise Lost 10.0
Broken Hands Lamb of God 10.0
Secret Alibi Helloween 10.0
Naodincі Bumboks 10.0
Pathetic Lamb of God 10.0
American Psycho Misfits 10.0
Desert Plains Judas Priest 10.0
Taking Back My Soul Arch Enemy 10.0
The Monster is Loose Meat Loaf 10.0
Beating on Death's Door Lamb of God 10.0
I Am Legend / Out for Blood Arch Enemy 10.0
Bat out of Hell Meat Loaf 10.0
Machine Man Judas Priest 10.0
Leather Rebel Judas Priest 10.0
Thumb Kyuss 10.0
Take This Life In Flames 10.0
Eraser Hypocrisy 10.0
Catch Me Clawfinger 10.0
World Painted Blood Slayer 10.0
Love You to Death Judas Priest 10.0
Beautiful Morning Machine Head 10.0
Private Property Judas Priest 10.0
A Farewell To Arms Machine Head 10.0
Golgotha WASP 10.0
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll Judas Priest 10.0
Conviction Deicide 10.0
Sun 4 the World Helloween 10.0
Let The Beat Control Your Body (Extended Remix) 2 Unlimited 10.0
Walk with Me in Hell Lamb of God 10.0
Inquisition Symphony Sepultura 10.0
The Hellion Judas Priest 10.0
Fire on Babylon Sinead O'Connor 10.0
Again We Rise Lamb of God 10.0
Never Be a Star Helloween 10.0
True Belief Paradise Lost 10.0
Foot to the Throat Lamb of God 10.0
No Control U96 10.0
Forgotten (Lost Angels) Lamb of God 10.0
Unexplained Misfits 10.0
Metal Ripper Sabaton 10.0
Nemesis Arch Enemy 10.0
Yeha-Noha (Wishes Of Happiness & Prosperity) Sacred Spirit 10.0
Das Boot (Klassik Version) U96 10.0
Blind As A Bat Meat Loaf 10.0
Laid to Rest Lamb of God 10.0
Comin' On The Shamen 10.0
This Love Pantera 10.0
Last Train To Trancentral (LP Mix) The KLF 10.0
Lay All Your Love on Me Erasure 10.0
Promises, Promises (gyvai) Incubus 10.0
To Myself I Turned Lacuna Coil 10.0
Fight for Your Life Judas Priest 10.0
Lover Be Thy Name Haddaway 10.0
One Shot at Glory Judas Priest 10.0
Writhe Kyuss 10.0
…For Victory Bolt Thrower 10.0
Life Haddaway 10.0
Last Regret Paradise Lost 10.0
Let The Beat Go On Dr. Alban 10.0
Clash with Reality Pantera 10.0
Come Clarity In Flames 10.0
Reckless Judas Priest 10.0
Postcards from a Young Man Manic Street Preachers 10.0
I, Dementia Whitechapel 10.0
Halo Machine Head 10.0
Kali Yuga, Pt. 1 Therion 10.0
Perfect Gentleman Helloween 10.0
Gods of War Arise Amon Amarth 10.0
Good Day to Die Exodus 10.0
Tuulen Koti, Aaltojen Koti Moonsorrow 10.0
Heavy Duty Judas Priest 10.0
Clayman In Flames 10.0
Fake Messiah Lamb of God 10.0
Metalwrath Amon Amarth 10.0
Masters of War Amon Amarth 10.0
Riding on the Wind Judas Priest 10.0
Redneck Lamb of God 10.0
Uprising Sabaton 10.0
Not Enough Time INXS 10.0
Screaming for Vengeance Judas Priest 10.0
Descending Lamb of God 10.0
Did I Say That? Meat Loaf 10.0
Requiem Lamb of God 10.0
My Apocalypse Arch Enemy 10.0
Stand by Him Ghost 10.0
More Human Than Human White Zombie 10.0
The Chosen Pessimist In Flames 10.0
Night Crawler Judas Priest 10.0
Look Who's Talking Dr. Alban 10.0
Reflect the Storm In Flames 10.0
Clenching the Fists of Dissent Machine Head 10.0
Souls On Fire Ruination 10.0
Out in the Cold Judas Priest 10.0
The Hero Amon Amarth 10.0
I Don't Believe in Love Queensryche 10.0
Insurrection Lamb of God 10.0
Parental Guidance Judas Priest 10.0
Gift INXS 10.0
Eat Me Alive Judas Priest 10.0
Indian Summer Manic Street Preachers 10.0
Only for the Weak In Flames 10.0
Inside Out Culture Beat 10.0
An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm Amon Amarth 10.0
Democide Exodus 10.0
Stolen Season The 69 Eyes 10.0
Hellrider Judas Priest 9.9
Black Sunshine White Zombie 9.9
(Can't Get My) Head Around You The Offspring 9.9
Omen Reprise The Prodigy 9.9
Revolution Judas Priest 9.9
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) Aerosmith 9.9
By My Side INXS 9.9
Original Sin INXS 9.9
Progulki po vode Nautilus Pompilius 9.9
Colours The Prodigy 9.9
Mouth Paradise Lost 9.9
You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart Sinead O'Connor 9.8
Got To Get It Culture Beat 9.8
Con Clavi Con Dio Ghost 9.8
Faraway, Vol. 2 Apocalyptica 9.8
Territory Sepultura 9.8
All Guns Blazing Judas Priest 9.8
Serenity Ruination 9.8
Tutanhamon Nautilus Pompilius 9.8
Don't Take My Name In Vain Ruination 9.8
Contractor Lamb of God 9.8
Stand Up The Prodigy 9.8
Time Ozzy Osbourne 9.8
18 and Life Skid Row 9.8
Smash The Offspring 9.8
Deal with the Devil Judas Priest 9.8
One on One Judas Priest 9.8
Let U Go (Airplay Mix) ATB 9.8
Half-Truism The Offspring 9.8
Nutshell Alice In Chains 9.8
Aesthetics Of Hate Machine Head 9.8
Dirt Alice In Chains 9.8
Thunder The Prodigy 9.8
I Will Live Again Arch Enemy 9.8
Meilė (Jūratė ir Kastytis) Diktatūra 9.8
See You On The Other Side Ozzy Osbourne 9.8
Can I Play With Madness Iron Maiden 9.8
Holy Diver Dio 9.8
Hell Is Home Judas Priest 9.8
Hollow Pantera 9.8
Blood Red Skies Judas Priest 9.8
Angry Chair Alice In Chains 9.8
Altered State Sepultura 9.8
My Friends Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.8
Christian Woman Type O Negative 9.8
Bloodshed Amon Amarth 9.7
Worth Fighting for Judas Priest 9.7
Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden 9.7
A Design For Life Manic Street Preachers 9.7
Never Tear Us Apart INXS 9.7
Speedway [Theme From 'Fastlane'] The Prodigy 9.7
Lightning Crashes Live 9.7
A Lot Like Me The Offspring 9.7
Creeping Death Apocalyptica 9.7
The Ripper Judas Priest 9.7
Embrace of the Endless Ocean Amon Amarth 9.7
I Want Out Helloween 9.7
Music Reach [1-2-3-4] The Prodigy 9.7
Rainmaker Iron Maiden 9.7
Blood on Your Hands Arch Enemy 9.7
With Or Without You U2 9.7
Children of the Damned Iron Maiden 9.7
The Ritual Testament 9.7
Heaven Tonight HIM 9.7
Love Religion U96 9.7
Turbo Lover Judas Priest 9.7
Desperate Cry Sepultura 9.7
Rocka Rolla Judas Priest 9.7
Grey Paradise Lost 9.7
The Narcotic Suite: Claustrophobic Sting The Prodigy 9.7
Cinnamon Girl Type O Negative 9.7
Natural Blues Moby 9.7
The Look Roxette 9.7
Dreamer Ozzy Osbourne 9.7
Crying for Eternity Paradise Lost 9.7
Breed Nirvana 9.7
Planet Caravan Pantera 9.7
Painkiller Judas Priest 9.7
Im Nin' Alu 2000 Ofra Haza 9.7
Dreamfield Ruination 9.7
Little Jeannie Blue System 9.7
Tainted Love Soft Cell 9.7
Future World Helloween 9.7
Run With The Wolves The Prodigy 9.7
It's Me Alice Cooper 9.6
(Take These) Chains Judas Priest 9.6
Send Me An Angel Scorpions 9.6
Blacken the Cursed Sun Lamb of God 9.6
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Guns N' Roses 9.6
The Evil That Men Do Iron Maiden 9.6
November Rain Guns N' Roses 9.6
In Venere Veritas HIM 9.6
Are You Dead Yet? Children of Bodom 9.6
512 Lamb of God 9.6
Would? Alice In Chains 9.6
The Narcotic Suite: Skylined The Prodigy 9.6
Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode 9.6
We Die Young Alice In Chains 9.6
Acoustic Funeral (For Love in Limbo) HIM 9.6
Behind The Wheel Depeche Mode 9.6
Hey Ya! Outkast 9.6
Come Out and Play The Offspring 9.6
Hey Stoopid Alice Cooper 9.6
Už tėvynę Thundertale 9.6
Salt In Our Wounds HIM 9.6
Angel Judas Priest 9.6
Serial Thrilla The Prodigy 9.6
I Just Want You Ozzy Osbourne 9.6
Faces 2 Unlimited 9.6
Laužo šviesa Foje 9.6
Only When I Lose Myself Depeche Mode 9.6
Intro The Prodigy 9.6
Path Apocalyptica 9.6
Dyhanie Nautilus Pompilius 9.6
Seek & Destroy Metallica 9.6
Porcelain Moby 9.6
Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve 9.6
Wind It Up The Prodigy 9.6
Bloody Kisses (A Death in the Family) Type O Negative 9.6
Nothing Compares 2 U Sinead O'Connor 9.6
No Limit (RM Radio Edit) 2 Unlimited 9.6
Wish You Were Here Rednex 9.6
Poison Alice Cooper 9.6
Heartache Every Moment HIM 9.6
Climbatize The Prodigy 9.6
Burning Angel Arch Enemy 9.6
Break & Enter The Prodigy 9.6
Swamped Lacuna Coil 9.6
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid The Offspring 9.6
Better By You, Better Than Me Judas Priest 9.6
Otherside Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.6
As Horizons End Paradise Lost 9.6
Inner Self Sepultura 9.6
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? Moby 9.6
Your Love [Remix] The Prodigy 9.6
World's On Fire The Prodigy 9.5
Pennyroyal Tea Nirvana 9.5
No More Lies Iron Maiden 9.5
Faithfully Journey 9.5
Living on My Own Freddie Mercury 9.5
Lithium Nirvana 9.5
Ecstasy ATB 9.5
Lost and Found Judas Priest 9.5
Ritual Ghost 9.5
Snake Charmer Rage Against the Machine 9.5
Snow (Hey Oh) Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
Drain You Nirvana 9.5
The Trooper Iron Maiden 9.5
The Legacy Testament 9.5
Their Law [su Pop Will Eat Itself] The Prodigy 9.5
Violently Archive 9.5
Beyond the Realms of Death Judas Priest 9.5
Resurrection HIM 9.5
Omen The Prodigy 9.5
Afterglow INXS 9.5
Erased Paradise Lost 9.5
Fader Paradise Lost 9.5
Hyperspeed [G-Force Part 2] The Prodigy 9.5
I Can See Clearly Now Jimmy Cliff 9.5
Piranha The Prodigy 9.5
No Woman, No Cry Bob Marley 9.5
Strength Beyond Strength Pantera 9.5
Das Boot U96 9.5
Beautiful Girl INXS 9.5
I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) Meat Loaf 9.5
Come As You Are Nirvana 9.5
Rise of the Tyrant Arch Enemy 9.5
Dead Emotion Paradise Lost 9.5
Breaking the Law Judas Priest 9.5
One Metallica 9.5
One Caress Depeche Mode 9.5
Can't Stop Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
Somebody Put Something In My Drink Children of Bodom 9.5
Something In The Way Nirvana 9.5
Hallowed Be Thy Name Iron Maiden 9.5
Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode 9.5
For Whom The Bell Tolls Metallica 9.5
Run of the Mill Judas Priest 9.5
Wherever I May Roam Metallica 9.5
Be Angeled Jam & Spoon 9.5
Testify Rage Against the Machine 9.5
Suicide Note Pt. II Pantera 9.5
You're My Heart, You're My Soul Modern Talking 9.5
Nothing Else Matters Metallica 9.5
Dream On Aerosmith 9.5
T.N.T. AC/DC 9.5
Dig Up Her Bones Misfits 9.5
I Feel You Depeche Mode 9.5
Wonderful Life Hurts 9.5
Master Of Puppets Metallica 9.5
Amazing Aerosmith 9.5
No more tears Ozzy Osbourne 9.5
If Not Now, When (gyvai) Incubus 9.5
Don't Stop! ATB 9.5
Inquisition Symphony Apocalyptica 9.5
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode 9.5
Catch a Fire Haddaway 9.5
Phantom Of The Opera Iron Maiden 9.5
The Real Thing Faith No More 9.5
Dying Song HIM 9.5
Never Satisfied Judas Priest 9.5
Don't Tread On Me Metallica 9.5
Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana 9.5
Summer Breeze Type O Negative 9.5
My Friend Of Misery Metallica 9.4
More Than A Feeling Boston 9.4
Blasphemous Rumours Depeche Mode 9.4
I Don't Care Apocalyptica 9.4
Mouth for War Pantera 9.4
Livin' On The Edge Aerosmith 9.4
Mein Herz Brennt Rammstein 9.4
Falling Again Lacuna Coil 9.4
Attero Dominatus Sabaton 9.4
Until It Sleeps Metallica 9.4
Heaven Beside You Alice In Chains 9.4
Scar Tissue Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.4
Creeping Death Metallica 9.4
Rag Doll Aerosmith 9.4
You Know You're Right Nirvana 9.4
Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us Paradise Lost 9.4
Warped Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.4
In the Arms of Rain HIM 9.4
Anyone Roxette 9.4
Drag the Waters Pantera 9.4
Listen to Your Heart Roxette 9.4
Everybody In The Place [155 And Rising] The Prodigy 9.4
The Pursuit of Vikings Amon Amarth 9.4
Don't Stop Believin' Journey 9.4
You've Got Another Thing Comin' Judas Priest 9.4
Of Wolf And Man Metallica 9.4
Sweet Emotion Aerosmith 9.4
Spark in the Dark Alice Cooper 9.4
Ohne Dich Rammstein 9.4
The Unforgiven II Metallica 9.4
The Heat [The Energy] The Prodigy 9.4
One Apocalyptica 9.4
One Love [Edit] The Prodigy 9.4
Love, the Hardest Way HIM 9.4
First Cool Hive Moby 9.4
Thunder take me away Thundertale 9.4
Losing My Religion REM 9.4
It's No Good Depeche Mode 9.4
Get Right With Me Depeche Mode 9.4
Join Me In Death HIM 9.4
Territorial Pissings Nirvana 9.4
Fade To Black Metallica 9.4
Dam That River Alice In Chains 9.4
Sinner Judas Priest 9.4
Love You to Death Type O Negative 9.4
Love Sees No Colour U96 9.4
Man in the Box Alice In Chains 9.4
Shatter Me With Hope HIM 9.4
The Kids Aren't Alright The Offspring 9.4
Elegantly Wasted INXS 9.4
Milžinai Thundertale 9.4
Freelove Depeche Mode 9.4
Gone Away The Offspring 9.4
Let Me Hear You Scream Ozzy Osbourne 9.3
Not Strong Enough Apocalyptica 9.3
Spirit of the Hawk Rednex 9.3
Electric Eye Judas Priest 9.3
Floods Pantera 9.3
Smack My Bitch Up The Prodigy 9.3
Embers Fire Paradise Lost 9.3
War Ensemble Slayer 9.3
...And Justice For All Metallica 9.3
In Bloom Nirvana 9.3
Renegade ATB 9.3
Stripped Depeche Mode 9.3
Walking In My Shoes Depeche Mode 9.3
It Must Have Been Love Roxette 9.3
Wizards Of The Sonic WestBam 9.3
Fuel My Fire The Prodigy 9.3
Blooddrunk Children of Bodom 9.3
Lift Me Up Moby 9.3
Run to the Hills Iron Maiden 9.3
Be Sparnų Soul Stealer 9.3
Down in a Hole Alice In Chains 9.3
No Good [Start The Dance] The Prodigy 9.3
Life is Killing Me Type O Negative 9.3
Whiplash Metallica 9.3
Nerealiai Omega (LT) 9.3
Leaves The Gathering 9.3
The Unforgiven Metallica 9.3
Du hast Rammstein 9.3
La Passion Gigi D'Agostino 9.3
Take Me To The Hospital The Prodigy 9.3
Through The Never Metallica 9.3
Death in Fire Amon Amarth 9.3
A Question Of Lust Depeche Mode 9.3
All Apologies Nirvana 9.3
Breathe The Prodigy 9.3
I'm Not Jesus Apocalyptica 9.3
Ruff In The Jungle Bizness The Prodigy 9.3
Anything Culture Beat 9.3
Čia Lietuva Diktatūra 9.3
Last Hope Apocalyptica 9.3
Gothic Kabbalah Therion 9.3
Firestarter The Prodigy 9.3
Bittersweet Apocalyptica 9.3
2 Minutes to Midnight Iron Maiden 9.3
Leper Messiah Metallica 9.3
Full Throttle The Prodigy 9.3
Need You Tonight INXS 9.3
A Night To Remember U96 9.3
Sweetest Perfection Depeche Mode 9.3
Cemetery Gates Pantera 9.3
King Nothing Metallica 9.3
Liūdesio Miestas Soul Stealer 9.3
The Great Shipwreck Of Life IAMX 9.3
Rooster Alice In Chains 9.3
Waiting for the night Depeche Mode 9.3
Ode to Solitude HIM 9.3
All Over the World Pet Shop Boys 9.3
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) The Offspring 9.3
The Begining Of The End HIM 9.3
Strange Machines The Gathering 9.3
Warrior's Dance The Prodigy 9.3
The God That Failed Metallica 9.3
Pink Aerosmith 9.3
Mr. Vain Culture Beat 9.3
Wings of a Butterfly HIM 9.3
Dumb Nirvana 9.3
Dance of Death Iron Maiden 9.3
Weather Experience The Prodigy 9.3
Liberation In Flames 9.3
S.O.S. (Anything But Love) (su Cristina Scabbia) Apocalyptica 9.3
Thriller Michael Jackson 9.3
The Summer ATB 9.3
Dani California Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.3
Crazy train Ozzy Osbourne 9.3
No More Mr. Nice Guy Alice Cooper 9.3
Know Your Enemy Rage Against the Machine 9.3
Harmageddon Apocalyptica 9.3
Janie's Got A Gun Aerosmith 9.3
Stay Away Nirvana 9.3
The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden 9.3
Grind Alice In Chains 9.3
Lake Bodom Children of Bodom 9.3
Too Heavy Soul Stealer 9.3
Policy Of Truth Depeche Mode 9.3
Sigillum Diaboli HIM 9.3
Odinokaja ptica Nautilus Pompilius 9.3
Katherine Wheel HIM 9.3
Little 15 Depeche Mode 9.3
Spiel mit mir Rammstein 9.3
Su vėju Thundertale 9.2
Seemann Rammstein 9.2
Killing Loneliness HIM 9.2
Reise, Reise Rammstein 9.2
Vienybės dvasia Thundertale 9.2
Fire [Sunrise Version] The Prodigy 9.2
Como estais amigos Iron Maiden 9.2
5 Minutes Alone Pantera 9.2
Only Women Bleed Alice Cooper 9.2
You're Not Alone ATB 9.2
Disposable Heroes Metallica 9.2
School's Out Alice Cooper 9.2
Crazy Aerosmith 9.2
The Heretic Anthem Slipknot 9.2
(Sic) Slipknot 9.2
The Memory Remains Metallica 9.2
Ich Will Rammstein 9.2
Mama I'm coming home Ozzy Osbourne 9.2
Nothing Else Matters Apocalyptica 9.2
On A Plain Nirvana 9.2
Cowboys from Hell Pantera 9.2
Fade To Black Apocalyptica 9.2
Mama Said Metallica 9.2
Extreme Ways Moby 9.2
Hit That The Offspring 9.2
Engel Rammstein 9.2
Vieniša viltis Andrius Pojavis 9.2
Rock My Heart Haddaway 9.2
Dream On Depeche Mode 9.2
Under The Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.2
Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All) Type O Negative 9.2
The Kiss of Dawn HIM 9.2
Cotton-Eye Joe Rednex 9.2
Sušlamėjo girios medžiai Thundertale 9.2
Hole In My Soul Aerosmith 9.2
Skeletons of Society Slayer 9.2
Study War Moby 9.2
Son of the Staves of Time Therion 9.2
By The Way Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.2
I'm Eighteen Alice Cooper 9.2
Gone With The Sin HIM 9.2
Ride The Lightning Metallica 9.2
Happy Nation Ace Of Base 9.2
In This World Moby 9.2
Nebel Rammstein 9.2
For You HIM 9.2
I Miss You (Radio Edit) Haddaway 9.2
Tier Rammstein 9.2
Hello Afrika Dr. Alban 9.2
Freewheel Burning Judas Priest 9.2
Bück dich Rammstein 9.2
Spitfire The Prodigy 9.2
Helden (su Till Lindemann) Apocalyptica 9.2
Marrakech ATB 9.2
Mindfields The Prodigy 9.2
Love You Like I Do HIM 9.2
Blue Savannah Erasure 9.2
Living After Midnight Judas Priest 9.2
Primo Victoria Sabaton 9.2
Duality Slipknot 9.2
Slipping Away Moby 9.2
Joyride Roxette 9.2
About A Girl Nirvana 9.2
Poison [su Maxim] The Prodigy 9.2
The Unforgiven Apocalyptica 9.2
Invaders Must Die The Prodigy 9.2
Aš nupirksiu tau namą Requiem 9.2
What Is Love Haddaway 9.2
Barrel Of A Gun Depeche Mode 9.1
Revolution Begins Arch Enemy 9.1
Harvester Of Sorrow Metallica 9.1
Jaded Aerosmith 9.1
Dirty Magic The Offspring 9.1
Angel of Death Slayer 9.1
9PM (Till I Come) ATB 9.1
Wake Up Rage Against the Machine 9.1
Brolis už Brolį Soul Stealer 9.1
Before the Dawn Judas Priest 9.1
World In My Eyes Depeche Mode 9.1
Spieluhr Rammstein 9.1
Sing Halleluijah! Dr. Alban 9.1
Dying to Meet You Judas Priest 9.1
My Girlfriend's Girlfriend Type O Negative 9.1
Rape Me Nirvana 9.1
Mein Teil Rammstein 9.1
Angel and the gambler Iron Maiden 9.1
People Are People Depeche Mode 9.1
Dancing Queen ABBA 9.1
Condemnation Depeche Mode 9.1
Pretending HIM 9.1
Raining Blood Slayer 9.1
The Thing That Should Not Be Metallica 9.1
Cryin' Aerosmith 9.1
Polly Nirvana 9.1
Ratamahatta (su Ross Robinson, David Silveria) Sepultura 9.1
Check My Brain Alice In Chains 9.1
Refuse/Resist Apocalyptica 9.1
A Touch of Evil Judas Priest 9.1
Būsiu stiprus Requiem 9.1
Sonic Empire WestBam 9.1
Traukiniai Andrius Pojavis 9.1
Precious Depeche Mode 9.1
Cry of the Black Birds Amon Amarth 9.1
Rosenrot Rammstein 9.1
Love's a Loaded Gun Alice Cooper 9.1
Brave New World Iron Maiden 9.1
Diesel Power The Prodigy 9.1
Seasons in the Abyss Slayer 9.1
Death Of The Prodigy Dancers [Live] The Prodigy 9.1
Don't look to the eyes of a stranger Iron Maiden 9.1
Everything Counts Depeche Mode 9.1
Why Are You Askin' Thundertale 9.1
Be My Baby Cappella 9.1
I Am Hated Slipknot 9.1
Fuel Metallica 9.1
Sonne Rammstein 9.1
Because of You Skunk Anansie 9.1
Ain't My Bitch Metallica 9.1
Mutter Rammstein 9.1
Voodoo People The Prodigy 9.1
I Feel Immortal Tarja Turunen 9.1
Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart HIM 9.1
Hero Of The Day Metallica 9.1
Fading like a flower (every time you leave) Roxette 9.1
It's My Life Dr. Alban 9.1
Jericho The Prodigy 9.1
Love in Cold Blood HIM 9.1
Gotta Get Away The Offspring 9.0
A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon Cradle of Filth 9.0
Amor E Morte Cradle of Filth 9.0
Useless Depeche Mode 9.0
Walk This Way Aerosmith 9.0
I Like It Marc Van Linden 9.0
House of Fire Alice Cooper 9.0
How do you do? Roxette 9.0
Smile Pretty for the Devil Children of Bodom 9.0
Kol Matai Thundertale 9.0
My little empire Manic Street Preachers 9.0
Judas Depeche Mode 9.0
Lately INXS 9.0
Attitude Sepultura 9.0
Right Here In My Arms HIM 9.0
El Phantasmo and the Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama White Zombie 9.0
Kak na vojne Agata Kristi 9.0
Diving Down Skunk Anansie 9.0
Damage, Inc. Metallica 9.0
What It Takes Aerosmith 9.0
Panzerkampf Sabaton 9.0
Bam Bam Bam WestBam 9.0
New Sensation INXS 9.0
Halo Depeche Mode 9.0
Just a Man Faith No More 9.0
Away From Home Dr. Alban 9.0
Mater' Bogov Nautilus Pompilius 9.0
Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness) HIM 9.0
The 9th Circle (OLT) HIM 9.0
The Enemy Paradise Lost 9.0
Hot for Love Judas Priest 9.0
Trigger In Flames 9.0
Now I Lay Thee Down Machine Head 9.0
Here for You (Slovėnija, Eurovizija 2015) Maraaya 9.0
Want You Bad The Offspring 9.0
Kali Yuga, Pt. 2 Therion 9.0
Sympathy For The Devil The Rolling Stones 9.0
Mann gegen Mann Rammstein 9.0
All I Want The Offspring 9.0
Du riechst so gut Rammstein 9.0
Vahteram Bumboks 9.0
It'll Be a Long Time The Offspring 9.0
Amerika Rammstein 9.0
South of Heaven Slayer 9.0
Bring your daughter to the slaughter Iron Maiden 9.0
Tie My Rope Children of Bodom 9.0
You're tender and you're tired Manic Street Preachers 9.0
Cold Embrace Testament 9.0
Links 2 3 4 Rammstein 9.0
All That She Wants Ace Of Base 9.0
Heaven Can Wait Meat Loaf 9.0
Jugulator Judas Priest 9.0
Clone Gojira 9.0
Slave New World Sepultura 9.0
Unsung Heroes Ensiferum 9.0
Mama Kin Aerosmith 9.0
Midlife Crisis Faith No More 9.0
Spit It Out Slipknot 9.0
Road Trippin' Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.0
Break You Lamb of God 9.0
Gilded Cunt Cradle of Filth 9.0
Pay No Mind Culture Beat 9.0
Beneath the Remains Sepultura 9.0
Night In Motion U96 9.0
Assault and Battery (Part 1) Hawkwind 9.0
Strangelove Depeche Mode 9.0
Absinthe with Faust Cradle of Filth 9.0
Venus Doom HIM 9.0
The Time of the Oath Helloween 9.0
Morbid Visions Sepultura 9.0
People of the Sun Rage Against the Machine 9.0
Blood, Milk and Sky White Zombie 9.0
Forever Failure Paradise Lost 9.0
Serenity in Murder Slayer 9.0
In The Heat Of The Night Smokie 9.0
A Question Of Time Depeche Mode 9.0
Dusk and Her Embrace Cradle of Filth 9.0
Cirice Ghost 9.0
Toys In The Attic Aerosmith 9.0
Outlaws Green Day 9.0
Mercy In You Depeche Mode 9.0
Seemann Apocalyptica 9.0
Done with Everything, Die for Nothing Children of Bodom 9.0
Victim Skunk Anansie 9.0
Aces High Iron Maiden 9.0
Native Blood Testament 9.0
Roadkill Morning Children of Bodom 9.0
Higher Love Depeche Mode 9.0
Orion Metallica 9.0
50 Million Year Trip (Downside Up) Kyuss 9.0
Devil Inside INXS 9.0
Biotech Is Godzilla Sepultura 9.0
Enjoy the Silence Lacuna Coil 9.0
Vo vremja dozhdja Nautilus Pompilius 9.0
Goodbye to Yesterday (Estija, Eurovizija 2015) Elina Born 9.0
Bleeding Me Metallica 9.0
Clean Depeche Mode 9.0
Move On Baby Cappella 9.0
Watercolours in the rain Roxette 9.0
Revolution Is My Name Pantera 9.0
(Don't Fear) The Reaper HIM 9.0
Suck My Kiss Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.0
Ain't That A Bitch Aerosmith 8.9
Out Of Space The Prodigy 8.9
Black Rain Ozzy Osbourne 8.9
Viskas, kas turi Pradžią... Soul Stealer 8.9
The Zephyr Song Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.9
Spending My Time Roxette 8.9
Parallel Universe Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.9
Sugrįšiu Requiem 8.9
Wicked Game HIM 8.9
Wrong Depeche Mode 8.9
L'amour Toujours Gigi D'Agostino 8.9
Ich tu dir Weh Rammstein 8.9
The Heartless HIM 8.9
Dangerous Roxette 8.9
I'm Broken Pantera 8.9
Somebody Depeche Mode 8.9
Snuff Slipknot 8.9
We Will Rise Arch Enemy 8.9
Killing in the Name Rage Against the Machine 8.9
Deutschland Rammstein 8.9
Padėk Išnykti... Soul Stealer 8.9
Lounge Act Nirvana 8.9
Paranoid Ozzy Osbourne 8.9
Vampire Woman Soul Stealer 8.9
Motorcycle Emptiness Manic Street Preachers 8.9
Zwitter Rammstein 8.9
Mystify INXS 8.9
Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? The Offspring 8.9
One Last Time HIM 8.9
Crying Out Your Name Loreen 8.9
Hold Me for a While Rednex 8.9
Asche zu Asche Rammstein 8.9
Charly [Trip Into Drum And Bass Version] The Prodigy 8.9
Self-Esteem The Offspring 8.9
Rammstein Rammstein 8.9
Oops! I Did It Again Children of Bodom 8.9
The Day You Died Arch Enemy 8.9
Suicide Blonde INXS 8.9
Walk Pantera 8.9
Hold You ATB 8.9
Just Can't Get Enough Depeche Mode 8.9
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Metallica 8.9
Eyeless Slipknot 8.9
Domination Pantera 8.9
Twilight of the Thunder God (su Roope Latvala) Amon Amarth 8.9
Sehnsucht Rammstein 8.9
Your Sweet Six Six Six HIM 8.9
Move It Up Cappella 8.9
Like A Prayer Madonna 8.9
Nymphetamine (Overdose) Cradle of Filth 8.9
Benzin Rammstein 8.9
Wo Bist Du Rammstein 8.8
The Sacrament HIM 8.8
Crash! Boom! Bang! Roxette 8.8
Los Rammstein 8.8
Running Out of Time Ozzy Osbourne 8.8
See You Depeche Mode 8.8
Disappear INXS 8.8
Beautiful Life Ace Of Base 8.8
What Time Is Love? The KLF 8.8
Rush Depeche Mode 8.8
Trust In You The Offspring 8.8
Boys Don't Cry The Cure 8.8
Sorrow IAMX 8.8
Adios Rammstein 8.8
Should've Known Better (Danija, Eurovizija '2012) Soluna Samay 8.8
Runes to My Memory Amon Amarth 8.8
Why Don't You Get A Job? The Offspring 8.8
Black Sun Therion 8.8
The Sweetest Condition Depeche Mode 8.8
Give It Away Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.8
Inside Your Dreams U96 8.8
Here I Go 2 Unlimited 8.8
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next Manic Street Preachers 8.8
Tehran The Offspring 8.8
In Your Room Depeche Mode 8.8
Love In An Elevator Aerosmith 8.8
Feuer Frei! Rammstein 8.8
Mysterious 2 Unlimited 8.8
After Hours WestBam 8.8
Casa Dag Gigi D'Agostino 8.8
Aeroplane Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.8
Break The Chain 2 Unlimited 8.8
Deep Down Below RMB 8.8
Jackie Collins Existential Question Time Manic Street Preachers 8.8
End of Me Apocalyptica 8.8
People = Shit Slipknot 8.8
A Different Room Travis 8.8
Master And Servant Depeche Mode 8.8
Moskau Rammstein 8.8
Mes Turim Jėgų Thundertale 8.8
Metal Gods Judas Priest 8.8
Miracle Hurts 8.8
City Lights (Belgija, Eurovizija 2017) Blanche 8.8
3 a.m. Eternal The KLF 8.8
Universally Speaking Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.8
Take a Chance on Me Erasure 8.8
Rise Pantera 8.8
Angel Aerosmith 8.8
The Four Horsemen Metallica 8.8
Aš ir tu Requiem 8.8
Rammlied Rammstein 8.8
Original Prankster The Offspring 8.8
It's All Tears (Drown In This Love) HIM 8.8
Suffer Well Depeche Mode 8.8
Haifisch Rammstein 8.8
The Centre of the Heart Roxette 8.8
Black Celebration Depeche Mode 8.8
Sabotage Beastie Boys 8.7
So Alone The Offspring 8.7
She Is Beautiful Children of Bodom 8.7
I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy) HIM 8.7
Martyr Depeche Mode 8.7
Goodbye to romance Ozzy Osbourne 8.7
Disco Lies Moby 8.7
Always Erasure 8.7
Club Bizarre U96 8.7
U Got 2 Let The Music Cappella 8.7
Guardians of Asgaard (su Lars Göran Petrov) Amon Amarth 8.7
Temptation (su Dirty Harry) Cradle of Filth 8.7
When Love and Death Embrace HIM 8.7
Home Depeche Mode 8.7
Come Together Aerosmith 8.7
Things will never be the same Roxette 8.7
Na beregu bezymjannoj reki Nautilus Pompilius 8.7
Waidmanns Heil Rammstein 8.7
The Funeral Of Hearts HIM 8.7
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) Journey 8.7
Killboy Powerhead The Offspring 8.7
Ocean Spray Manic Street Preachers 8.7
Blackened Metallica 8.7
I Love to Move in Here Moby 8.7
Around The World Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.7
U Got 2 Know Cappella 8.7
Set to Fail Lamb of God 8.7
Line of Fire Junip 8.7
Grace (su Tomoyasu Hotei) Apocalyptica 8.6
Old L.A. Tonight Ozzy Osbourne 8.6
Fucking Hostile Pantera 8.6
James Bond Theme Moby 8.6
Ženklai Thundertale 8.6
Sister Of Night Depeche Mode 8.6
Insane Korn 8.6
A New Level Pantera 8.6
Paukštė Thundertale 8.6
Something (Lietuva, Eurovizija '2013) Andrius Pojavis 8.6
Spit It Out IAMX 8.6
Get Ready for This 2 Unlimited 8.6
Užsimerksiu Karma 8.6
Vermillion Part 2 Slipknot 8.6
Stars Roxette 8.6
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 8.6
Nothing Like the Rain 2 Unlimited 8.6
Dead Memories Slipknot 8.6
Wheels of Fire Judas Priest 8.6
Underwater Electronic I 8.6
No Limit 2 Unlimited 8.6
Laura Palmer Bastille 8.6
Workaholic 2 Unlimited 8.6
Ir viskas bus gerai Andrius Pojavis 8.6
Honey Moby 8.6
Right in the Night (Fall in Love With Music) Jam & Spoon 8.6
Troops of Doom Sepultura 8.6
Pompeii Bastille 8.5
Heal (The Separation) The Shamen 8.5
Tribal Dance 2 Unlimited 8.5
All Hope Is Gone Slipknot 8.5
All of This and Nothing Dave Gahan 8.5
The Fields Of Love (su York) ATB 8.5
Return to Serenity Testament 8.5
One Day You Will Cry Children of Bodom 8.5
Death to the Lovers Skunk Anansie 8.5
Death Is In Love With Us HIM 8.5
Shelter For A Rainy Day 2 Unlimited 8.5
Something Andrius Pojavis 8.5
Silver Machine Hawkwind 8.5
Inner Sanctum Pet Shop Boys 8.5
Bloodline Slayer 8.5
You Took My Heart Cappella 8.5
Alter Mann Rammstein 8.5
Pale Horses Moby 8.5
Bark at the moon Ozzy Osbourne 8.5
Without You Skunk Anansie 8.5
Things We Lost In The Fire Bastille 8.5
Dead Again Type O Negative 8.5
Vermillion Slipknot 8.5
Sad But True Metallica 8.5
Breaking the Girl Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.5
I Feel Loved Depeche Mode 8.5
Worlds Collide Apocalyptica 8.5
Her Ghost in the Fog Cradle of Filth 8.5
Not the One The Offspring 8.5
Lobodomy Children of Bodom 8.5
Bloodsuckers Judas Priest 8.5
Tsunami Manic Street Preachers 8.5
Build A Fire The KLF 8.5
Getting Even White Lies 8.5
Scared to Death HIM 8.5
Rein Raus Rammstein 8.5
Twilight Zone 2 Unlimited 8.5
Holier Than Thou Metallica 8.5
Bestrafe mich Rammstein 8.5
In Joy And Sorrow HIM 8.4
Life Burns! Apocalyptica 8.4
You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise Judas Priest 8.4
Requiem London Boys 8.4
We Are All Made Of Stars Moby 8.4
There Goes Our Love Again White Lies 8.4
The Sign Ace Of Base 8.4
Thorn Within Metallica 8.4
Set Me Free Jam & Spoon 8.4
Our Diabolical Rapture HIM 8.4
Lietuva Andrius Pojavis 8.4
When The Body Speaks Depeche Mode 8.4
Brutal Planet Alice Cooper 8.4
Keine Lust Rammstein 8.4
Roots Bloody Roots Sepultura 8.4
In My Heart Moby 8.4
Kaleidoscope Skies Jam & Spoon 8.4
Hollow Alice In Chains 8.4
Feasting on the Flowers Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.3
Blood Red Slayer 8.3
The Everlasting Manic Street Preachers 8.3
Choke OneRepublic 8.3
Stein um Stein Rammstein 8.3
The Opium of the People Slipknot 8.3
Boot II U96 8.3
Gabrielle Cradle of Filth 8.3
South Side Moby 8.3
Te quiero puta! Rammstein 8.3
Better To Reign In Hell Cradle of Filth 8.3
The Cage HIM 8.3
No-One 2 Unlimited 8.3
Sometimes Erasure 8.3
Killer 2000 ATB 8.3
Heartkiller HIM 8.3
We Who Are Not as Others Sepultura 8.3
Make it Mine The Shamen 8.3
First Light Paradise Lost 8.3
No Fear for the Setting Sun Amon Amarth 8.3
Everything Dies Type O Negative 8.3
Feuer und Wasser Rammstein 8.3
My Everything (su Tiff Lacey) ATB 8.3
Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through Meat Loaf 8.3
Amour Rammstein 8.3
Razorblade Kiss HIM 8.3
Justified & Ancient The KLF 8.3
I Love Saturday Erasure 8.3
Hammerhead The Offspring 8.3
Forever After Paradise Lost 8.3
Under the Northern Star Amon Amarth 8.3
Help Me To Believe Moby 8.3
Bulls on Parade Rage Against the Machine 8.2
Gothic Paradise Lost 8.2
Only Teardrops (Danija, Eurovizija '2013) Emmelie de Forest 8.2
The Blister Exists Slipknot 8.2
Cult Slayer 8.2
Redeemer of Souls Judas Priest 8.2
The Struggle Within Metallica 8.2
Elected Alice Cooper 8.2
Poison Girl HIM 8.2
Amazed By You Alive Way 8.2
Wait And Bleed Slipknot 8.2
One Second Paradise Lost 8.2
Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness) Cradle of Filth 8.2
End of Disclosure Hypocrisy 8.2
The Negative Sex IAMX 8.2
Evidence Faith No More 8.2
Wheel Of Fortune Ace Of Base 8.2
The Riddle Gigi D'Agostino 8.2
Pick Up the Bones Alice Cooper 8.2
War Nerve Pantera 8.2
Pins And Needles Factory Chase 8.1
Old Pop In An Oak Rednex 8.1
Mistake Moby 8.1
Plaštakė Soul Stealer 8.1
Blue Dress Depeche Mode 8.1
Enter Sandman Metallica 8.1
Iliuzija Karma 8.1
Higher Thundertale 8.1
War Sum 41 8.1
Feel You Like A River ATB 8.1
Ashes to Ashes Faith No More 8.1
I'm Not Worried At All Moby 8.1
One Love Dr. Alban 8.1
Pimpf Depeche Mode 8.1
Bad Habit The Offspring 8.1
Knights of the burning hill Thundertale 8.1
You (Švedija, Eurovizija '2013) Robin Stjernberg 8.1
Beautiful Moby 8.1
Dar Nevėlu Soul Stealer 8.1
Before I forget Slipknot 8.1
The Love of Richard Nixon Manic Street Preachers 8.0
Universe Of Love RMB 8.0
Mayhem Sepultura 8.0
Something to Believe In The Offspring 8.0
Sulfur Slipknot 8.0
All for Me In Flames 8.0
Taste It INXS 8.0
Vendetta Slipknot 8.0
I Wanna Be A Kennedy U96 8.0
Oh L'Amour Erasure 8.0
Love to Hate You Erasure 8.0
Heaven U96 8.0
Back In Your Life Cappella 8.0
Message in Blood Pantera 8.0
Hard Times WestBam 8.0
Delight 2 Unlimited 8.0
Under Siege (Regnum Irae) Sepultura 8.0
Anthem Moby 8.0
Reality RMB 8.0
Mass Hypnosis Sepultura 8.0
Liebe ist für alle da Rammstein 8.0
Experience (Follow Me) RMB 8.0
No More Drama Saulius Prūsaitis 8.0
My Plague Slipknot 8.0
Warning Sign Travis 8.0
Not Going Away Ozzy Osbourne 8.0
Cthulhu Dawn Cradle of Filth 8.0
Hellhounds On My Trail Children of Bodom 8.0
I Don't Wanna Stop ATB 8.0
Elizabeth Ghost 8.0
Celebration Generation WestBam 8.0
I Alone Live 8.0
Look at Me Now Breed 77 8.0
This Time I'm Free Dr. Alban 8.0
Sixpounder Children of Bodom 8.0
Prelude 3.0 Slipknot 8.0
Don't Be Proud Cappella 8.0
Long Way Ruination 8.0
God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters Moby 8.0
Symbol of Life Paradise Lost 8.0
Stronger Than Hate Sepultura 8.0
Meaning of Life The Offspring 8.0
Helyom Halib Cappella 8.0
Killing Fields Slayer 8.0
Send Away the Tigers Manic Street Preachers 8.0
Blood & Fire Type O Negative 8.0
Pleasure Drive The Jezabels 8.0
Mandatory Suicide Slayer 8.0
Black Gold Soul Asylum 8.0
Phorever People The Shamen 8.0
Don't Turn Around Ace Of Base 8.0
Invite Me To Trance 2 Unlimited 8.0
Refuse/Resist Sepultura 8.0
You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) Meat Loaf 8.0
Come Back (Love Has Got A Hold On Me) Haddaway 8.0
September Sun Type O Negative 8.0
U & Me Cappella 8.0
Requiem Paradise Lost 8.0
The Narcotic Suite: 3 Kilos The Prodigy 8.0
Pulse of the Maggots Slipknot 8.0
Nemesis Cradle of Filth 8.0
Disasterpiece Slipknot 7.9
Is it worth Thundertale 7.9
Narayan The Prodigy 7.9
Love in Rewind (Bosnija ir Hercegovina, Eurovizija '2011) Dino Merlin 7.9
2010 Apocalyptica 7.9
My Jekyll Doesn't Hide Ozzy Osbourne 7.9
Trys Kanados Vidas Bareikis 7.9
Dance in the wind Thundertale 7.9
Vulnerable Roxette 7.9
Everything Ends Slipknot 7.9
Shot in the Back of the Head Moby 7.9
Euphoria (Švedija, Eurovizija '2012) Loreen 7.9
Happiness IAMX 7.9
Right On Time Red Hot Chili Peppers 7.9
Feeling So Real Moby 7.8
Feed My Frankenstein Alice Cooper 7.8
Battery Metallica 7.8
Why Beissoul 7.8
Where Are You Now 2 Unlimited 7.8
Lilith Immaculate Cradle of Filth 7.8
The Magic Friend 2 Unlimited 7.8
Dead Embryonic Cells Sepultura 7.8
Rougher Than the Average 2 Unlimited 7.8
Crying In The Rain Culture Beat 7.8
The Real Thing 2 Unlimited 7.8
Deliver Us In Flames 7.8
What About Us ATB 7.8
Left Behind Slipknot 7.8
Raining Again Moby 7.8
Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) Cradle of Filth 7.8
Jei nori skrist Requiem 7.8
Gematria (The Killing Name) Slipknot 7.8
The Reaper Soul Stealer 7.8
Sins of Omission Testament 7.8
Let The Beat Control Your Body 2 Unlimited 7.8
Hole to Feed Depeche Mode 7.8
Walk The Same Line Culture Beat 7.8
Spring RMB 7.8
Salvation Roxette 7.7
Išėjai tu tada Ekspresas 7.7
R.U.O.K. 2 Unlimited 7.7
Surfacing Slipknot 7.7
Love Is Blind (Lietuva, Eurovizija '2012) Donny Montell 7.7
Big L Roxette 7.7
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough Manic Street Preachers 7.7
Mercy Paradise Lost 7.7
World In Your Hands Culture Beat 7.7
Psychosocial Slipknot 7.7
New Life Depeche Mode 7.7
Hymn Moby 7.7
Love Is An Ocean RMB 7.7
Cruel Summer Ace Of Base 7.7
Vermilion Pt. 2 (Bloodstone mix) Slipknot 7.7
I Need Your Love Cappella 7.7
Everytime You Touch Me Moby 7.7
Bodyrock Moby 7.7
Funky Shit The Prodigy 7.6
Find My Baby Moby 7.6
Won't You Stay? Soul Stealer 7.6
Love Someone Else Skunk Anansie 7.6
Banned from Heaven Children of Bodom 7.6
The Rage Judas Priest 7.6
Take it Back Vytautas Matuzas 7.6
Circle Slipknot 7.6
Pussy Rammstein 7.6
Too Late: Frozen Type O Negative 7.5
Baby Don't Cry INXS 7.5
1Diena Nojus 7.5
The White Room The KLF 7.5
Brother Morten Harket 7.5
Divine Intervention Slayer 7.5
Life Is A Flower Ace Of Base 7.5
United Judas Priest 7.5
Kiss Me Bliss Me 2 Unlimited 7.5
War In Heaven Cappella 7.5
The Dreams of Swedenborg Therion 7.5
Do you get excited Roxette 7.5
Stir It Up Haddaway 7.5
Marija myli tik Chuaną Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu 7.5
Steeler Judas Priest 7.5
Arise Sepultura 7.5
Fire It Up Joe Cocker 7.5
Dirge Inferno Cradle of Filth 7.5
U & Mi Dr. Alban 7.5
No Coke Dr. Alban 7.4
I Don't Wanna Stop Ozzy Osbourne 7.4
Beautiful Morning Ace Of Base 7.4
Maximum Overdrive 2 Unlimited 7.4
The Scarred People Tiamat 7.3
Everybody Cappella 7.3
Nymphetamine Fix Cradle of Filth 7.3
Set Me on Fire Type O Negative 7.3
Neverending Love Roxette 7.3
Where You End Moby 7.3
Don't Close Your Eyes (Slovakija, Eurovizija '2012) Max Jason Mai 7.3
Elisir Gigi D'Agostino 7.3
Break The Silence RMB 7.3
Lost in America Alice Cooper 7.3
Silver blue Roxette 7.3
Hate Worldwide Slayer 7.3
Field of Kings Agama 7.3
Into The Blue Moby 7.3
In the Minds of Evil Deicide 7.3
Letter By Letter Bekešo Vilkai 7.2
Three Nil Slipknot 7.2
Another Way Gigi D'Agostino 7.2
Prisiaga Skylė 7.1
Gatvėje šoka žmogus D.A.B.A.R. 7.1
My Beautiful Blue Sky Moby 7.1
Butcher's Hook Slipknot 7.1
Moving Travis 7.1
Eternally Yours 2 Unlimited 7.1
Stay With Me Cappella 7.0
Objects In The Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are Meat Loaf 7.0
He Is Ghost 7.0
The Other Side Of Me Culture Beat 7.0
Til We Die Slipknot 7.0
Strictly Bam WestBam 7.0
Born in Africa Dr. Alban 7.0
Shat Out of Hell Cradle of Filth 7.0
Redemption 2.0 RMB 7.0
Get It Right Culture Beat 7.0
Find Me (Odyssey to Anyoona) [Radio Mix] Jam & Spoon 7.0
Take It Like a Woman Alice Cooper 7.0
That's When I Reach For My Revolver Moby 7.0
Empty Souls Manic Street Preachers 7.0
All For You Ace Of Base 7.0
Little by Little Alice Cooper 7.0
Transamazonia The Shamen 7.0
Run to You Roxette 7.0
Boss Drum The Shamen 7.0
Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry Ace Of Base 7.0
Cinnamon Street Roxette 7.0
Close Up the Streams Therion 7.0
Tell Me The Way Cappella 7.0
Good & Bad Times INXS 7.0
Grande amore (Italija, Eurovizija 2015) Il Volo 7.0
Real Sugar Roxette 7.0
You've Got to Belong to It Pantera 7.0
Go (Woodtick Mix) Moby 7.0
A Song for Departure Manic Street Preachers 7.0
The Chance Helloween 7.0
Somewhere Over The Rainbow Marusha 7.0
Gehenna Slipknot 7.0
You Want It, You Got It Alice Cooper 7.0
Cry Over Me Meat Loaf 7.0
Everything Must Go Manic Street Preachers 7.0
The Spawn of Love and War Cradle of Filth 7.0
I'm a Ruin Marina & The Diamonds 7.0
Always Have, Always Will Ace Of Base 6.9
Escape In Music 2 Unlimited 6.8
The Voice Inside Awakening Sun 6.8
Contrast 2 Unlimited 6.8
Redemption RMB 6.8
Hyperreal The Shamen 6.8
All That She Wants (Banghra Version) Ace Of Base 6.8
When It's Cold I'd Like To Die Moby 6.8
Perfect day Roxette 6.8
Tu mano mergytė Omega (LT) 6.8
Speed Of Light Iron Maiden 6.7
Grinder Judas Priest 6.7
Historyja Majho Zyccia (Baltarusija, Eurovizija 2017) Naviband 6.7
Fly Away Haddaway 6.7
Welcome Slipknot 6.7
Wild And Free Rednex 6.7
Kevin Carter Manic Street Preachers 6.7
Race with the Devil Judas Priest 6.7
Desire 2 Unlimited 6.7
Do What I Like 2 Unlimited 6.7
Hypnotised 2 Unlimited 6.6
Danger, Keep Away Slipknot 6.6
Get Ready For This (Sunclub Radio Mix) 2 Unlimited 6.5
Fingertips Roxette 6.5
The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) Ylvis 6.5
Take Me Away Culture Beat 6.5
Becoming Pantera 6.5
Art of U96 U96 6.5
When The Feeling's Gone Haddaway 6.5
Unreality RMB 6.5
Ghost (Vokietija, Eurovizija 2016) Jamie-Lee Kriewitz 6.5
Dittohead Slayer 6.4
Jihad Slayer 6.4
Let Go for Tonight Foxes 6.3
Beautiful Song (Latvija, Eurovizija '2012) Anmary 6.1
Rocket To The Moon Culture Beat 6.0
Serenity (Epilog) Culture Beat 6.0
Church Of The KLF The KLF 6.0
Bring Back My Happiness Moby 6.0
Shake Your Body Cappella 6.0
I Call Your Name Roxette 6.0
Raveland Marusha 6.0
Ambient Underworld U96 6.0
No More Tears The KLF 6.0
Take Me, Baby Scooter 6.0
The Big Beat Cappella 6.0
Gal ir gali Omega (LT) 6.0
Vision Thing Ruination 6.0
Mine Is Yours Cold War Kids 6.0
You stole the sun from my heart Manic Street Preachers 6.0
Go Ahead Marusha 6.0
Free Love Marusha 6.0
Rise And Fall The Offspring 6.0
Throw The Groove Down 2 Unlimited 6.0
To Mega Therion Therion 6.0
Love Me Back (Turkija, Eurovizija '2012) Can Bonomo 5.9
Ebeneezer Goode (Band Mix) The Shamen 5.8
Make it Mine (Mix by 'Evil' Ed Richards) The Shamen 5.8
Feel Alive (su Jan Löchel) ATB 5.8
Child of Burning Time Slipknot 5.8
Execute Slipknot 5.8
L.S.I. - Love Sex Intelligence The Shamen 5.8
Conquistador The Shamen 5.7
Baby The Independent 5.7
Deep Marusha 5.6
The Nameless Slipknot 5.5
Uprising RMB 5.5
Symphony of the Dead Therion 5.5
Stay With Me Erasure 5.5
Eject 11 Ruination 5.5
So Called Techno Track Jam & Spoon 5.5
The IVth Crusade Bolt Thrower 5.5
Wherein Lies Continue Slipknot 5.4
Church of your heart Roxette 5.3
Brainkiller U96 5.0
Der Kommandant U96 5.0
Voices Roxette 5.0
Of Mist and Midnight Skies Cradle of Filth 5.0
It Takes Me Away Marusha 5.0
She Bathed Herself in a Bath of Bleach Manic Street Preachers 5.0
The Hurt Culture Beat 5.0
Space Time The Shamen 5.0
Physical fascination Roxette 5.0
Come 2 Gether U96 5.0
Surrender Roxette 5.0
Key To Your Heart Culture Beat 5.0
Sporty Animal - Loving Extrovert U96 5.0
Joy Of A Toy Roxette 5.0
Mother Earth Culture Beat 5.0
Rain Roxette 5.0
Nocturnal Evolution Dark Presence 4.9
The Cold Black Slipknot 4.8
Underwater World ATB 4.8
El Baile Jam & Spoon 4.7
Adelante! Culture Beat 4.7
Destination Eschaton The Shamen 4.5
Angel Eyes Ace Of Base 4.5
Serenity (Prolog) Culture Beat 4.5
Dressed For Success Roxette 4.5
Light Up My Life U96 4.5
Living In Danger Ace Of Base 4.3
Hear Me Calling Ace Of Base 4.3
Sonar Sequences U96 4.0
Re-Evolution (su Terence McKenna) The Shamen 4.0
Devil Went Down to Georgia Rednex 4.0
Upside Down Marusha 4.0
I remember you Roxette 4.0
Saboteurs Sabaton 4.0
Lucky Love Ace Of Base 3.5
Young And Proud Ace Of Base 3.0
Voulez-Vous Danser Ace Of Base 3.0
Waiting For Magic (Total Remix 7") Ace Of Base 3.0
Dancer In A Daydream Ace Of Base 3.0
Small talk Roxette 3.0
Happy Nation (Remix) Ace Of Base 3.0
Life Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back Meat Loaf 3.0
Scientas The Shamen 3.0
Fashion Party Ace Of Base 3.0
My Mind (Mindless Mix) Ace Of Base 3.0
Fatman The Shamen 3.0
Shadow of a Doubt Roxette 2.5
Euforija Katažina 2.2
The Virus of Life Slipknot 2.1
Pearls of Passion Roxette 2.0
Soul Deep Roxette 2.0
Fireworks Roxette 2.0
Hotblooded Roxette 2.0
In Remembrance Therion -
...As the Future Repeats Today In Flames -
Track WestBam -
Cults of the Shadow Therion -
Let Robeson Sing Manic Street Preachers -
Screaming Eagles Sabaton -
Ocean Of Love RMB -
Blacklight Misfits -
Der Mitternachtlöwe Therion -
Midway Sabaton -
Living to Die Hypocrisy -
Monsters in the Ballroom In Flames -
Hot Coals Cold War Kids -
Sleepwalking Misfits -
Wisdom and the Cage Therion -
The Art of War Sabaton -
Deathrow (No Regrets) Hypocrisy -
Good Love Bad Love U96 -
Trul Therion -
U Turn Me On Cappella -
Shamateur Hypocrisy -
Electric Head, Pt. 1 (The Agony) White Zombie -
Australia Manic Street Preachers -
Librae Solidi Denari The Shamen -
Three Treasures Therion -
Black Forest Hypocrisy -
No Good (Attack the Radical) Pantera -
Sad Sams Toro Y Moi -
I'm in Pain Obituary -
The Hunt Sepultura -
Love's Sweet Exile Manic Street Preachers -
Chain of Minerva Therion -
Dead End (su Lisa Miskovsky) In Flames -
Silent Demise Bolt Thrower -
What You Need INXS -
Trust Again Ruination -
Osculum Obscenum Hypocrisy -
Lakini's Juice Live -
Lemuria Therion -
Knockin' on every door Roxette -
Waiting For a Better World Haddaway -
Come-On Eyes Pantera -
I can't stop WestBam -
The Strangest Party (These Are The Times) INXS -
Forever Descending Ruination -
Run Away Live -
Young Girls U96 -
Son of the Sun Therion -
Building Bridges INXS -
U Got 2 Let The Music (Remix) Cappella -
Bullet Ride In Flames -
Hellbound Pantera -
Brutality RMB -
You Make Me Wonder U96 -
Full Moon, Dirty Hearts INXS -
In the Name of God Slayer -
Square Nothing In Flames -
Calm Like A Bomb Rage Against the Machine -
Feel Like A Dum Dum U96 -
Satellites and Astronauts In Flames -
Coat of Arms Sabaton -
Found That Soul Manic Street Preachers -
Speak of the Devil Misfits -
Aces in Exile Sabaton -
Strange Desire INXS -
Absolution Ghost -
The Abyss Hypocrisy -
Rusted Nail In Flames -
Where the Wolves Come to Die Sylosis -
The Stairs INXS -
Make It Rain The KLF -
Somebody to Shove Soul Asylum -
Metalizer Sabaton -
Fractured Millennium Hypocrisy -
Unique Marusha -
Bitter Tears INXS -
Follow The Sun U96 -
Hellrider Sabaton -
The Arrival of the Demons (part 2) Hypocrisy -
Super-Charger Heaven White Zombie -
Live in a Hole Pantera -
Club Canossa WestBam -
Path to Arcady Therion -
The Way of All Flesh Gojira -
Leeches In Flames -
Roswell 47 Hypocrisy -
Turn My Head Live -
The Falling Stone Therion -
Human Strain Slayer -
Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder Cradle of Filth -
World In Stain Ruination -
Resurrected Hypocrisy -
The Dolphin's Cry Live -
War Of The World U96 -
What I Gotta Do Cappella -
Eyes of the Insane Slayer -
Cloud Connected In Flames -
The Return Hypocrisy -
Radiant Sea Live -
Perfect Strangers INXS -
Searching INXS -
Crowning of Atlantis Therion -
Cappella Gigamix Cappella -
Bitter Peace Slayer -
Pinball Map In Flames -
Battery (Metallica cover) Machine Head -
Dragonchase RMB -
Theme From "Replugged" Part 1 & 2 U96 -
Next Is The E (Club Mix) Moby -
The Rise of Sodom & Gomorrah Therion -
The One Russian U96 -
Heaven Sent INXS -
In the Desert of Set Therion -
Without You U96 -
What's She Like? Roxette -
White Death Sabaton -
Dark Shadows Misfits -
Majesty Ghost -
The Perennial Sophia Therion -
Wehrmacht Sabaton -
Hatred Hypocrisy -
Acid Sausage From Salzburgo WestBam -
To Build a Tomb Sylosis -
Tuna 1613 Therion -
Elastic Inverted Visions Hypocrisy -
Raving Society WestBam -
Hear That Sound INXS -
Fall Into All U96 -
The Wand of Abaris Therion -
Slippin' Away Hypocrisy -
Escapist WestBam -
Selling the Drama Live -
Slash 'N' Burn Manic Street Preachers -
Venus In Chains U96 -
TOF – The Trinity Therion -
Celebration WestBam -
Listen Like Thieves INXS -
The Fourth Dimension Hypocrisy -
Freaks Live -
Movin' U96 -
Adulruna Rediviva Therion -
Down Below Pantera -
Reroute to Remain In Flames -
Slanderous Machine Head -
Xura (The Land Of Pleasures Unattained) Ruination -
Run to the Water Live -
The Blood of Kingu Therion -
The Khlysti Evangelist Therion -
(It's Not War) Just the End of Love Manic Street Preachers -
Dawn of a New Day In Flames -
Wolves Machine Head -
Overcome Live -
The Rainbow Factor U96 -
Turn It Up And Down Cappella -
Love to Hate Slayer -
My Souls Enchantment Ruination -
Guerrilla Radio Rage Against the Machine -
Je Suis Selected U96 -

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