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Daina Grupė Reitingas
I Ain't Got No Heart Frank Zappa 10.0
The Torture Never Stops Frank Zappa 10.0
No Good Trying Syd Barrett 10.0
Shotgun Blues Guns N' Roses 10.0
Spiritual Healing Death 10.0
Feelings Uriah Heep 10.0
Abattoir Blues Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 10.0
Village of the Sun Frank Zappa 10.0
I'm Not Satisfied Frank Zappa 10.0
Invocation Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Public Service Announcement Eminem 10.0
Terrapin Syd Barrett 10.0
The Dogs Of War (gyvai - 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder') Pink Floyd 10.0
Through the Roof 'n' Underground Gogol Bordello 10.0
Living Monstrosity Death 10.0
Before You Accuse Me Bo Diddley 10.0
4:41 AM (Sexual Revolution) Roger Waters 10.0
Careful With That Axe, Eugene Pink Floyd 10.0
Saint Judy Marc Almond 10.0
"Godfather Part II" Theme Frank Zappa 10.0
Gigolo Aunt Syd Barrett 10.0
Border Reiver Mark Knopfler 10.0
Until the End of Time 2Pac 9.9
Dirty Love Frank Zappa 9.9
God Was Never on Your Side Motorhead 9.9
Redemption Song Bob Marley 9.9
Tėvynei Diktatūra 9.9
Tremor Christ Pearl Jam 9.9
Little Drop of Poison Tom Waits 9.8
Funny the Way It Is Dave Matthews Band 9.8
Kashmir Led Zeppelin 9.8
Nutshell Alice In Chains 9.8
Who Wants to Live Forever Queen 9.8
Coming Back To Life Pink Floyd 9.8
Let's Twist Again Chuck Berry 9.8
Toccata a fuga d moll BWV 565 Johann Sebastian Bach 9.8
Wind Of Change Scorpions 9.7
Man In The Mirror Michael Jackson 9.7
Young Lust Pink Floyd 9.7
Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden 9.7
A Little Green Rosetta Frank Zappa 9.7
High Hopes Pink Floyd 9.7
What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong 9.7
Time Pink Floyd 9.7
Catch Hell Blues The White Stripes 9.6
Broken Boy Soldier The Raconteurs 9.6
Highway to Hell AC/DC 9.6
Seven Nation Army The White Stripes 9.6
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 9.6
Smoke on the Water Deep Purple 9.6
Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd 9.6
Learning To Fly Pink Floyd 9.6
Beyond the Realms of Death Judas Priest 9.6
Three Little Birds Bob Marley 9.6
Born to Be Wild Steppenwolf 9.6
The Show Must Go On Queen 9.6
Riders On The Storm The Doors 9.6
Zvezda po imeni Solnce Kino 9.6
Where Is My Mind? Pixies 9.6
Wonderlust King Gogol Bordello 9.6
Hurt Johnny Cash 9.6
Thunderstruck AC/DC 9.6
Long Gone Syd Barrett 9.5
One Metallica 9.5
Iron Man Black Sabbath 9.5
It's a Miracle Roger Waters 9.5
Snow (Hey Oh) Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
Private Hell Alice In Chains 9.5
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (gyvai) Pink Floyd 9.5
Little Lover AC/DC 9.5
Don't Worry, Be Happy Bobby McFerrin 9.5
One Of These Days (gyvai - 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder') Pink Floyd 9.5
Lopšinė Pelenai 9.5
Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix 9.5
Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
I saved the world today Eurythmics 9.5
Behind Blue Eyes The Who 9.5
Communication Breakdown Led Zeppelin 9.5
Anywhere I Lay My Head Tom Waits 9.5
In the Beginning Genesis 9.5
Kitoks pasaulis Foje 9.5
T.N.T. AC/DC 9.5
Amžinas judesys Foje 9.5
Morning Glory Oasis 9.5
Streets of Philadelphia Bruce Springsteen 9.5
Stan Eminem 9.5
Gimme All Your Lovin' ZZ Top 9.5
Foxy Lady Jimi Hendrix 9.5
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1) Pink Floyd 9.5
A Nightingale sang in Berkley Square Vera Lynn 9.5
For Whom The Bell Tolls Metallica 9.5
What Do You Want From Me Pink Floyd 9.5
The Bad Touch Bloodhound Gang 9.5
Geltoni krantai Foje 9.5
Hey You Pink Floyd 9.4
Aš numirsiu vis tiek Foje 9.4
Saulės miestas Andrius Mamontovas 9.4
Little Wing Jimi Hendrix 9.4
Fade To Black Metallica 9.4
Buffalo Soldier Bob Marley 9.4
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC/DC 9.4
Bobby Brown Goes Down Frank Zappa 9.4
Brothers In Arms Dire Straits 9.4
Half the World Away Oasis 9.4
Stop Crying Your Heart Out Oasis 9.4
Žvaigždės kartais krenta Foje 9.4
Hit the Road Jack Ray Charles 9.4
Motorbreath Metallica 9.4
Creeping Death Metallica 9.4
Amused to Death Roger Waters 9.4
Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley 9.4
Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd 9.4
Fire Water Burn Bloodhound Gang 9.4
Talkin' 2 Myself Eminem 9.4
Live Wire AC/DC 9.4
Black Napkins Frank Zappa 9.4
The Fletcher Memorial Home Pink Floyd 9.4
Heaven Beside You Alice In Chains 9.4
Back in Black AC/DC 9.4
Dear Mama 2Pac 9.4
Feeling Good Michael Buble 9.4
Paranoid Black Sabbath 9.4
Immigrant Song Led Zeppelin 9.4
Money Pink Floyd 9.4
29 Palms Robert Plant 9.4
Live Forever Oasis 9.3
Green Is The Colour Pink Floyd 9.3
Whiplash Metallica 9.3
In the Army Now Status Quo 9.3
Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan 9.3
Beautiful Eminem 9.3
A Great Day For Freedom Pink Floyd 9.3
The Unforgiven Metallica 9.3
The End The Doors 9.3
Pechal' Kino 9.3
Light My Fire The Doors 9.3
High Voltage AC/DC 9.3
The Final Cut Pink Floyd 9.3
...And Justice For All Metallica 9.3
Dazed and Confused Led Zeppelin 9.3
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) AC/DC 9.3
Many Shades Of Black The Raconteurs 9.3
As Ugly as I Seem The White Stripes 9.3
Tušti delnai Foje 9.3
D'yer Mak'er Led Zeppelin 9.3
The Real Slim Shady Eminem 9.3
Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin 9.3
I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself The White Stripes 9.3
It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) AC/DC 9.3
Run to the Hills Iron Maiden 9.3
The Jack AC/DC 9.3
Liūdesys Foje 9.2
'39 Queen 9.2
Scandal Queen 9.2
My Name Is Eminem 9.2
Babe I'm gonna leave you Led Zeppelin 9.2
The Fixer Pearl Jam 9.2
Cluster One Pink Floyd 9.2
Wearing The Inside Out Pink Floyd 9.2
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien Edith Piaf 9.2
Going To California Led Zeppelin 9.2
Pachka sigaret Kino 9.2
The Hardest Button to Button The White Stripes 9.2
Best of You Foo Fighters 9.2
Ride The Lightning Metallica 9.2
Poles Apart Pink Floyd 9.2
Mama I'm coming home Ozzy Osbourne 9.2
The Bravery of Being Out of Range Roger Waters 9.2
Black Gives Way to Blue Alice In Chains 9.2
Walk Of Life Dire Straits 9.2
My Father's Eyes Eric Clapton 9.1
Signs Of Life Pink Floyd 9.1
Champagne Supernova Oasis 9.1
Cleaning Out My Closet Eminem 9.1
Grantchester Meadows Pink Floyd 9.1
Harvester Of Sorrow Metallica 9.1
Start Wearing Purple Gogol Bordello 9.1
The Thing That Should Not Be Metallica 9.1
Seasons in the Abyss Slayer 9.1
Mėlyni plaukai Foje 9.1
You Know Me Robbie Williams 9.1
Southampton Dock Pink Floyd 9.1
Don't Look Back in Anger Oasis 9.1
Fish in the Jailhouse Tom Waits 9.0
Combustible Edison - Vertigogo (Four Rooms) Tarantino Hits 9.0
Supertheory of Supereverything Gogol Bordello 9.0
Seduction Eminem 9.0
The Hero's Return Pink Floyd 9.0
The Air Near My Fingers The White Stripes 9.0
Aš negalvojau išprotėt Foje 9.0
The Importance of Being Idle Oasis 9.0
Hey Joe Deep Purple 9.0
Wonderwall Noel Gallagher 9.0
LowDown Tom Waits 9.0
The Ballad of Bill Hubbard Roger Waters 9.0
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 9.0
Perfect Sense Part I Roger Waters 9.0
What God Wants, Part III Roger Waters 9.0
Death Letter The White Stripes 9.0
All Those Yesterdays Pearl Jam 9.0
Superstition Stevie Wonder 9.0
The Sounds of Silence Simon & Garfunkel 9.0
Himnas gyvenimui Hiperbolė 9.0
Not Now John Pink Floyd 9.0
My Dad's Gone Crazy Eminem 9.0
Ballad of a Thin Man Bob Dylan 9.0
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath 9.0
Fuck You Lily Allen 9.0
Orion Metallica 9.0
I Know Bob Marley 9.0
In the Cold, Cold Night The White Stripes 9.0
Flowers On The Wall The Statler Brothers 9.0
The Denial Twist The White Stripes 9.0
Get These Blues Off Me B. B. King 9.0
Paranoid Eyes Pink Floyd 9.0
A Token of My Extreme Frank Zappa 9.0
Empty Spaces Pink Floyd 9.0
Pėdos ant drėgno akmens Foje 8.9
Alternatyvinė daina apie meilę Foje 8.9
On The Turning Away (gyvai - 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder') Pink Floyd 8.9
Old Time's Sake Eminem 8.9
Amerika Rammstein 8.9
Little Green Bag (George Baker Selection) Garso takeliai 8.9
The Gunners Dream Pink Floyd 8.9
Common People Pulp 8.9
Talk Tonight Oasis 8.9
Some Might Say Oasis 8.9
To Live Is To Die Metallica 8.9
Eastern European Funk (Lietuva, Eurovizija '2010) InCulto 8.9
Ace of Spades Motorhead 8.9
If I Had Eminem 8.8
Suicide & Redemption Metallica 8.8
Check Yo Self Ice Cube 8.8
Planet Caravan Black Sabbath 8.8
22 Lily Allen 8.8
Aeroplane Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.8
Heartwork Carcass 8.8
Can I Sit Next to You Girl AC/DC 8.8
Kaip Kukutis protą atgavo Vytautas Kernagis 8.8
Ass Like That Eminem 8.8
I'm Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman The White Stripes 8.8
Marooned Pink Floyd 8.8
Your Possible Pasts Pink Floyd 8.8
Interstellar Overdrive Pink Floyd 8.8
What Your Soul Sings Massive Attack 8.7
What God Wants, Part II Roger Waters 8.7
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground The White Stripes 8.7
Role Model Eminem 8.7
You Know How We Do It Ice Cube 8.7
Blackened Metallica 8.7
What God Wants, Part I Roger Waters 8.7
Come Undone Robbie Williams 8.7
Summer's Almost Gone The Doors 8.7
Two Suns In The Sunset Pink Floyd 8.6
Perfect Sense, Part II Roger Waters 8.6
Šiandien lyja Naktinės Personos 8.6
Sabbra Cadabra Black Sabbath 8.6
Vėl paliks pasaulį šiluma Andrius Mamontovas 8.6
End of the Night The Doors 8.6
A National Acrobat Black Sabbath 8.5
Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert Pink Floyd 8.5
Astronomy Domine Pink Floyd 8.5
Take It as It Comes The Doors 8.5
Tommy, can you hear me The Who 8.5
American Woman Lenny Kravitz 8.5
Hand Of Doom Black Sabbath 8.5
Together The Raconteurs 8.4
The Show Must Go On Pink Floyd 8.4
You Don't Understand Me The Raconteurs 8.4
Mad World Tears for Fears 8.3
Bike Pink Floyd 8.3
Lucifer Sam Pink Floyd 8.3
Individual Thought Patterns Death 8.3
Life's a bitch The Tiger Lillies 8.3
Flaming Pink Floyd 8.3
The Unknown Soldier The Doors 8.3
Matilda Mother Pink Floyd 8.3
Watermelon in Easter Hay Frank Zappa 8.3
Blue Veins The Raconteurs 8.2
One Of The Few Pink Floyd 8.2
Conquest The White Stripes 8.2
On A Day Like Today Bryan Adams 8.1
Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk Pink Floyd 8.1
Castles Made of Sand Jimi Hendrix 8.1
Chapter 24 Pink Floyd 8.1
Bad As Me Tom Waits 8.1
Three Wishes Roger Waters 8.1
The Gnome Pink Floyd 8.1
The Eyes Dio 8.0
In The Deathcar Goran Bregovic 8.0
You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told) The White Stripes 8.0
Think Locally, Fuck Globally Gogol Bordello 8.0
Paintbox Pink Floyd 8.0
She Took a Long Cold Look Syd Barrett 8.0
The Post War Dream Pink Floyd 8.0
Lie to Me Tom Waits 8.0
Virginia Avenue Tom Waits 8.0
Losing My Way Justin Timberlake 8.0
The Moon Is in the Gutter Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 8.0
Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine The White Stripes 7.9
A New Machine (Part 1) Pink Floyd 7.9
A New Machine (Part 2) Pink Floyd 7.8
The Remedy (I Won't Worry) Jason Mraz 7.8
Yellow Sun The Raconteurs 7.8
Mother John Lennon 7.7
Time for Heroes The Libertines 7.7
Call It a Day The Raconteurs 7.7
Dyers Eve Metallica 7.6
Speechless Lady GaGa 7.4
Atbėgo kariūnai Svastikos Sukitės Greitai (SSG) 7.3
Love You Syd Barrett 7.0
Protection Massive Attack 6.9
Makes Me Wanna Die Tricky 6.8
If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas) Marc Almond 6.7
Stand Tall Ice Cube 6.0
Up Jumped the Devil Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 5.5
Birdie Hop Syd Barrett -
SEX Frank Zappa -
Defensive Personalities Death -
Complicated Shadows Elvis Costello -
No Sympathy Bob Marley -
Epilogue/Bloodroom Daniel Licht -
Jazz from Hell Frank Zappa -
Any Way the Wind Blows Frank Zappa -
Who Do You Believe In 2Pac -
I Felt the Chill Before the Winter Came Elvis Costello -
Trouble Every Day Frank Zappa -
I Can See Clearly Now Ray Charles -

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15:00 - WeeT
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00:45 - edzkaa1
Ekhm.. Mkay.. Žinosiu, ko tikėtis
18:57 - einaras13
Nu nes anksčiau buvo siūloma ne po 15 dainų, bet po 8, ir jos visos sutilpdavo kažkur į intervalą tarp pop ir indie rock. Not really my territory Bet Top40 dar turėdavau už ką balsuot. Su lietuvišku topu tikrai buvo mėgstamų dainų stygius.
18:41 - Delacorado
Desperate times call for desperate measures
O pamenu, anksčiau rašydavai, jog beveik nerandi dainų, kurioms galima išdalinti visus turimus balus
17:06 - einaras13
Nu aš irgi jau esu išmokęs atkreipti dėmesį į savaičių skaičių. Aš, jei balsuojant yra desperatiška situacija su iškritusiais, kartais sakau "ai, šita daina jau pabuvo 10 savaičių, gal jai jau užteks garbės"
22:05 - Delacorado
Gali būti. Net ir aš, žinant tą sistemą, ne kartą apsižioplinau Kažkada (rods, iki 2014 m.) LT Top30 limitas buvo netgi 20 sav. Tik stebina, jog iki šiol tas niekaip neatžymėta prie balsavimo sistemos taisyklių. Negerai. Reikės imt jautį už ragų
13:07 - einaras13
Manau žmonės tiesiog neatkreipia dėmesio į savaičių skaičių.
01:46 - Delacorado
Info balsuojantiems: pagal music'o sistemą dainos topuose figūruoja apibrėžtą laiką – ilgiausiai gali išbūti 12 sav. Tad jei prie dainos yra prierašas „Savaičių tope: 12“, nemeskite savo balsų veltui
15:00 - WeeT
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