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Mėgstamos dainos

Daina Grupė Reitingas
Terorozauro bliuzas Kontrabanda 10.0
Slania's Song Eluveitie 10.0
Einsamkeit Lacrimosa 10.0
Hard Attack Accept 10.0
Sowilo Rune Agalloch 10.0
Inquisition Symphony Sepultura 10.0
Doctor Finklestein / In the Forest Danny Elfman 10.0
Breaking their Hold Avenged Sevenfold 10.0
I'll Never Be the Same Frank Sinatra 10.0
Intro (Sea of Dreams) Godgory 10.0
Pray for All Chimaira 10.0
Global Warming Gojira 10.0
The Wilderness Agalloch 10.0
Silent Waters Amorphis 10.0
Rain Is Gone Ruination 10.0
Over the Rainbow Eva Cassidy 10.0
Her Alone Amorphis 10.0
Hepatic Tissue Fermentation II Carcass 10.0
Bloody Frontline Luctus 10.0
Born of Fire Slayer 10.0
Master of Puppets (gyvai) Metallica 10.0
Black Moon Overture Nokturnal Mortum 10.0
Fields of Desolation Arch Enemy 10.0
Verwandlungen I-III ASP 10.0
Where The Rivers Flow Into The Seas Nokturnal Mortum 10.0
Hell Is Where The Heart Is - The Gospel Of Tomas Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (ORE) 10.0
Jaded Messiah Soulidium 10.0
Simple Man Shinedown 10.0
Ladybug Breaking Benjamin 10.0
Tirpstant gyvybei SBS (Spicy Bits of Scandal) 10.0
Stille ColdWorld 10.0
Tegernako Eluveitie 10.0
Magic Carpet Ride Stratovarius 10.0
Birch White Agalloch 10.0
The Dance Of Victory Eluveitie 10.0
Dungeons of Darkness Burzum 10.0
Ov Fire and the Void Behemoth 10.0
Žaidėjas SBS (Spicy Bits of Scandal) 10.0
Įkąsk man! (Remix by Mano Juodoj iSesuo) Xess 10.0
Crossroads Accept 10.0
Canadian sunset 101 Strings 10.0
Brictom Eluveitie 10.0
Something Real Paradise Lost 10.0
The Circle is closed Ruination 10.0
For Every Leaf That Falls Novembers Doom 10.0
The Liminal Passage Eluveitie 10.0
Solitude and Despair Nocturnal Depression 10.0
Clairvoyant Disease Avenged Sevenfold 10.0
Autodafe / Barbarian Dreams Nokturnal Mortum 10.0
Tilili, tilili Tele Bim Bam 10.0
My Felicity Of Midwinter Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (ORE) 10.0
Gobanno Eluveitie 10.0
Winterreise ColdWorld 10.0
Uis Elveti Eluveitie 10.0
Drink My Blood Saprophytes 10.0
Vacuity Gojira 10.0
Just By My Own Accept 10.0
Bridge of Destiny Arch Enemy 10.0
Weeping of the Spirits Virgin Steele 10.0
From Below The Fall of Every Season 10.0
Akys Domantas Razauskas 10.0
The Misshapen Steed Agalloch 10.0
Oh Fog, Oh Dew Skyforger 10.0
An Excerpt of X Gorgoroth 10.0
Teach Me War ASP 10.0
Quiet These Paintings Are Shape of Despair 10.0
Breaking Up Again Accept 10.0
Brompton Cocktail Avenged Sevenfold 10.0
Omnos Eluveitie 10.0
Die by the Sword Slayer 10.0
Silver Tongue Sonata Arctica 10.0
Štormai IR 10.0
Empire Falls Primordial 10.0
Symphony of Destruction Arch Enemy 10.0
Towards and Against Amorphis 10.0
Der geheimnisvolle Fremde (Ja, ja, drei Mal Hurra!) ASP 10.0
Grįžtantys su karo ugnim Obtest 10.0
Tau Sakė Mano Juodoji Sesuo 10.0
Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen Dimmu Borgir 10.0
Follow Colder 10.0
We're All Better Off Dead Nocturnal Depression 10.0
Darkness and Death Watain 10.0
The Isle of Summer Agalloch 10.0
The Blue Mists of Night Empyrium 10.0
Angelclaw Arch Enemy 10.0
Aidu Eluveitie 10.0
Intro ASP 10.0
Quiet Riot Devin Townsend 10.0
Last Vestige of Old Joy Nest 10.0
Svetimi paukščiai SBS (Spicy Bits of Scandal) 10.0
Machtkampf Arch Enemy 10.0
Slanias Song (live) Eluveitie 10.0
In Memoriam Xess 10.0
Can't Stand The Night Accept 9.9
Paukščio sapnas Vytautas Kernagis 9.9
My Body, a Funeral My Dying Bride 9.9
Ar žinai (su Ignu Daugėla) Domantė Urmonaitė 9.9
Du viename Atika 9.9
Children That Will Never More Wake Up Luctus 9.9
Ameno ERA 9.9
Bad Things Jace Everett 9.9
Sound of Madness Shinedown 9.9
I Don't Wanna Be Like You Accept 9.9
A Tout le Monde Megadeth 9.9
Through the Fire and Flames DragonForce 9.9
Bėgau Domantė Urmonaitė 9.9
Ilgesy (su Ignu Daugėla) Domantė Urmonaitė 9.9
What I've Done (gyvai) Linkin Park 9.9
Memories (gyvai) Within Temptation 9.9
Run Through The Night Accept 9.8
The Failure Epiphany Draconian 9.8
Paradise Belongs to You Saturnus 9.8
Serenity Ruination 9.8
Life Behind the Mirror Colder 9.8
At the Left Hand ov God Behemoth 9.8
Toccata a fuga d moll BWV 565 Johann Sebastian Bach 9.8
Time after Time Eva Cassidy 9.8
No Time to Lose Accept 9.8
Birch Black Agalloch 9.8
Būna Domantė Urmonaitė 9.8
Bound to Fail Accept 9.8
Live For The Kill Apocalyptica 9.8
They Want War U.D.O. 9.8
Hullunhumppa Korpiklaani 9.8
Enigma Amorphis 9.8
Faraway, Vol. 2 Apocalyptica 9.8
Death Whispered a Lullaby Opeth 9.8
A Fair Judgement Opeth 9.8
Somewhere (gyvai) Within Temptation 9.8
Paukščiai Aktorių trio 9.8
Diggin' In The Dirt Accept 9.8
Murky Waters Saturnus 9.8
Meilė (Jūratė ir Kastytis) Diktatūra 9.8
Apeigos Obtest 9.8
Mano šaltas lietus Pievos 9.8
She Painted Fire Across the Skyline Part 1 Agalloch 9.8
Blow Me Away Breaking Benjamin 9.8
Tortured by Solitude ColdWorld 9.8
18 and Life Skid Row 9.8
Rule And Control Deathcamp Project 9.8
Breaker Accept 9.8
Strangers in the Night Frank Sinatra 9.8
Naktis (ant tavo peties) Domantas Razauskas 9.8
Generation Clash II Accept 9.8
Anthem of the World Stratovarius 9.7
Farewell Apocalyptica 9.7
Margi sakalai Vytautas Kernagis 9.7
Embraced by Darkness Saturnus 9.7
Heaven Is Hell Accept 9.7
Auka Pievos 9.7
Drive Apocalyptica 9.7
Christ Goodbye Saturnus 9.7
Maironiui Caramel Members 9.7
Ciel Errant Alcest 9.7
Lady Helen Devin Townsend 9.7
Oskolok L'da Aria 9.7
Drifting Apart Accept 9.7
Kariai pagonys Katedra 9.7
Ea, Lord of the Depths Burzum 9.7
The Mountains Are Mine Mourning Beloveth 9.7
Kryl'ja Nautilus Pompilius 9.7
Yesterday The Beatles 9.7
Gelbėk save Aleksandras Makejevas 9.7
Summerisle Reprise Agalloch 9.7
Death Triumphant My Dying Bride 9.7
Killing Me, Killing You Sentenced 9.7
Forever Young Atrocity 9.7
Bloodflower Draconian 9.7
Away Nightwish 9.7
Forever Yours Nightwish 9.7
Pomp and Circumstance Accept 9.7
Keturi ilgi metai Kontrabanda 9.7
Leteli oblaka Alina Orlova 9.7
The Baying of the Hounds Opeth 9.7
Dvyniai Skylė 9.7
Creeping Death Apocalyptica 9.7
Neišeik Prašau Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.7
Three Is An Orgy, Four Is Forever Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (ORE) 9.7
Mirusių daina Pievos 9.7
A Looking in View Alice In Chains 9.7
To Bid You Farewell Opeth 9.7
Hope Dies Painless Rome 9.7
Seek & Destroy Metallica 9.6
Rytoj (su Ignu Daugėla) Domantė Urmonaitė 9.6
Negrįšiu Domantė Urmonaitė 9.6
Living for Tonite Accept 9.6
Passing Bird Katatonia 9.6
Gyvenimai – Tiesėmis Atika 9.6
Kai sirpsta vyšnios Suvalkijoj Vytautas Kernagis 9.6
Shtil' Aria 9.6
Welcome Home Apocalyptica 9.6
Milžinai Vytautas Kernagis 9.6
Mes Akmenys Diktatūra 9.6
Aš mylėjau tave tau nežinant Kostas Smoriginas 9.6
Zombie The Cranberries 9.6
Screaming for a Love-Bite Accept 9.6
Nešk, Brolau, Kovon! Angis 9.6
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Guns N' Roses 9.6
Byra Byra Karoliukai Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.6
Limbs Agalloch 9.6
Mistreated Accept 9.6
Paukščiai Kostas Smoriginas 9.6
Šaltą Rytą Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.6
Metal Heart Accept 9.6
Žmogus kampe Caramel Members 9.6
Alaus alaus Žalvarinis 9.6
Alas, Lord Is Upon Me Behemoth 9.6
The King Accept 9.6
New York New York Frank Sinatra 9.6
Kariui Andaja 9.6
Aiming High Accept 9.6
Winter Dreams Accept 9.6
Devour Marilyn Manson 9.6
Wilder Wein Rammstein 9.6
Burning Angel Arch Enemy 9.6
A Chapter in Loathing My Dying Bride 9.6
Heroes of Our Time DragonForce 9.6
Raudoni vakarai Ieva Narkutė 9.6
Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve 9.6
Balls to the Wall Accept 9.6
Receiver Alarum 9.5
Soulbound Karma Coat 9.5
In Mourning My Days Mourning Beloveth 9.5
Die Ruhe Vor Dem Sturm ASP 9.5
Belus' død Burzum 9.5
Master Of Puppets Apocalyptica 9.5
I Long Saturnus 9.5
Lugdunon Eluveitie 9.5
To the Dreams Saturnus 9.5
Fire Above, Ice Below Agalloch 9.5
How Far (su Marta Jandová) Apocalyptica 9.5
Angel of Death Apocalyptica 9.5
Alternate Ending Woods of Ypres 9.5
Matrica Saulius Mykolaitis 9.5
Burtininke Domantas Razauskas 9.5
Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode 9.5
We Hold the Key Stratovarius 9.5
Hallowed Be Thy Name Iron Maiden 9.5
Blue Hawaii Frank Sinatra 9.5
Tu Esi (Ir Šito Gana) Atika 9.5
Predator Accept 9.5
Thunder take me away Thundertale 9.5
Dead To The World Nightwish 9.5
Polkovnik Bi-2 9.5
The Diary of Jane (Acoustic) Breaking Benjamin 9.5
Higher High Epica 9.5
Live Forever Soulidium 9.5
The Gothic Embrace Draconian 9.5
She Painted Fire Across the Skyline Part 3 Agalloch 9.5
Nothing Else Matters Metallica 9.5
Mes tikim Dievais Bix 9.5
Inquisition Symphony Apocalyptica 9.5
Teach Us to Survive Accept 9.5
As Embers Dress the Sky Agalloch 9.5
Until It Sleeps Apocalyptica 9.5
Heroin Chic My Dying Bride 9.5
The Art of Dying Gojira 9.5
Setlon Eluveitie 9.5
Like Music Ulver 9.5
Ir vėl neturiu mylimosios Vytautas Kernagis 9.5
Lopšinė Pelenai 9.5
Beyond Belief Epica 9.5
A Dirge Of The Wand & The Moon 9.5
I Dare You Shinedown 9.5
Hellhammer Accept 9.5
I Crave for You Of The Wand & The Moon 9.5
Burden Opeth 9.5
Into the Nothing Breaking Benjamin 9.5
Advent Opeth 9.5
One Metallica 9.5
Nieko nepasakyta Saulius Mykolaitis 9.5
An Epic of Time Wasted Avenged Sevenfold 9.4
Ilsėkis Ramybėje Atika 9.4
Harvest Opeth 9.4
Kaštanas pradeda žydėėti Stranger Aeons 9.4
Jėga Katedra 9.4
Big City Nights Scorpions 9.4
Twilight Edge of Sanity 9.4
Bog Ustal Nas Ljubit' Splin 9.4
Stand My Ground Within Temptation 9.4
Degė Laužai Diktatūra 9.4
Away Breaking Benjamin 9.4
Dam That River Alice In Chains 9.4
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Frank Sinatra 9.4
Tyliai krenta Saulius Mykolaitis 9.4
Lost Stranger Aeons 9.4
Symphony of Destruction Megadeth 9.4
Pretend Saturnus 9.4
My Yesterday Ruination 9.4
Fall With Me My Dying Bride 9.4
Bring Me To Life Evanescence 9.4
Pale (gyvai) Within Temptation 9.4
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode 9.4
Drag the Waters Pantera 9.4
Death In Your Eyes Annihilator 9.4
Purpurinis vakaras Vytautas Kernagis 9.4
The Diary of Jane Breaking Benjamin 9.4
Rolling in the Deep Adele 9.4
Coming Undone Korn 9.4
Vandens ženklai Hiperbolė 9.4
The Scientist Coldplay 9.4
What Lies Beneath Breaking Benjamin 9.4
Phantom Of The Opera Nightwish 9.4
The Cross (gyvai) Within Temptation 9.4
Pantheist Agalloch 9.4
Have Fallen Stiffer 9.4
The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden 9.3
Slaves of Pain Sepultura 9.3
Altar Boy Saprophytes 9.3
Liūdesio Miestas Soul Stealer 9.3
Stand Tight Accept 9.3
Be Sparnų Soul Stealer 9.3
(Don't Fear) The Reaper Blue Öyster Cult 9.3
Keistumas Vytautas Kernagis 9.3
Negrįšiu Domantė Urmonaitė 9.3
Weakness Opeth 9.3
All Secrets Known Alice In Chains 9.3
Our Fortress Is Burning... I Agalloch 9.3
The Unforgiven Metallica 9.3
Floods Pantera 9.3
Moonlapse Vertigo Opeth 9.3
My Pledge Of Allegiance #2: The Tempted Fate After Forever 9.3
Du hast Rammstein 9.3
Evolution Korn 9.3
Budelis Katedra 9.3
Kill You Korn 9.3
Am Ende stehen wir zwei Lacrimosa 9.3
Leaving Hollywood Diorama 9.3
Memento Mori Moonspell 9.3
Going Under Evanescence 9.3
Amžinybės Tamsoje Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.3
Mažas Requiem Faktas 9.3
Tik mėnulio šviesa SBS (Spicy Bits of Scandal) 9.3
Heaven Send Devin Townsend 9.3
Aš naktyje SBS (Spicy Bits of Scandal) 9.3
Seasons Apart Draconian 9.3
Crucified Accept 9.3
Einu Katedra 9.3
Aukojimas Skylė 9.3
Estranged: A Timeless Spell After Forever 9.3
Jei žinotum tu Vytautas Kernagis 9.3
Love Sensation Accept 9.3
Išeinu (bičių medus) Vytautas Kernagis 9.3
Fatal Error Apocalyptica 9.3
Haunted Evanescence 9.3
Epilogue Opeth 9.3
Black Hole Sun Soundgarden 9.2
It's oh so quiet Bjork 9.2
Lonely Day System of a Down 9.2
Field of Innocence Evanescence 9.2
Hello Evanescence 9.2
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Marilyn Manson 9.2
Another Second to Be Accept 9.2
Prejudice Accept 9.2
Išeinu Vytautas Kernagis 9.2
Not Saved Ulver 9.2
All Alone Saturnus 9.2
Salvadoro Dali Siela 9.2
Sesuo mirtie Pievos 9.2
Taip lyja lietūs Altorių šešėliai 9.2
Fade To Black Apocalyptica 9.2
By the Pain I See in Others Opeth 9.2
Princess of the Dawn Accept 9.2
Earthbound Draconian 9.2
Bad Religion Accept 9.2
The Unforgiven II Metallica 9.2
Mama Said Metallica 9.2
Enter Within Temptation 9.2
Skeletons of Society Slayer 9.2
Always Somewhere Scorpions 9.2
My Immortal Evanescence 9.2
Nothing Else Matters Apocalyptica 9.2
All Or Nothing Accept 9.2
Beprotybės Ironija Katedra 9.1
Svetimo Miesto Drama Atika 9.1
Ant alaus Skyders 9.1
Šauk! Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.1
Vienuolė Ir Vibratorius (Varnų Vėjas cover) Xess 9.1
Beer Beer Korpiklaani 9.1
The Unforgiven III Metallica 9.1
Devyniaragis Obtest 9.1
Rudenio Dievas Siela 9.1
Hero Of The Day Metallica 9.1
Angel of Death Slayer 9.1
It's Hard to Find a Way Accept 9.1
Dust In The Wind Scorpions 9.1
Išsilavinus Kalė Atika 9.1
Embryo Black Sabbath 9.1
Memories Within Temptation 9.1
Fields of Gold Eva Cassidy 9.1
Why Are You Askin' Thundertale 9.1
Ji suka gyvenimo ratu ŽAS 9.1
Cohkka Apocalyptica 9.1
Sad But True Apocalyptica 9.1
Angels Within Temptation 9.1
Dying to Meet You Judas Priest 9.1
Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor Agalloch 9.0
Return of Ravens Lake of Tears 9.0
Rain Wash Me Saturnus 9.0
Naminis angelas Aktorių trio 9.0
Lay It Down Accept 9.0
Blood Of The Jabberwocky Danny Elfman 9.0
Dead Gardens Nightwish 9.0
Imperfect Tenses After Forever 9.0
Oblivious to Evil Deicide 9.0
Crownless Nightwish 9.0
Aguonos Katedra 9.0
A Little Piece of Heaven (su Juliette Commagere) Avenged Sevenfold 9.0
What Else Is There? Royksopp 9.0
Angel of Death Epica 9.0
The Imbecile & The Idiot Lover Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (ORE) 9.0
Black Heart Romance My Dying Bride 9.0
Nostalgia Nocturnal Depression 9.0
Eternal Crematory 9.0
Christliar My Dying Bride 9.0
Forgiven (gyvai) Within Temptation 9.0
Bilietas Į Tamsą Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.0
Transylvanian Forest Behemoth 9.0
Tutankhamen Nightwish 9.0
Twist Korn 9.0
Aš Sugrįžtu Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.0
Flight Of The Angels Keiko Matsui 9.0
The Archive of Lost Dreams Tarja Turunen 9.0
Epidemic Slayer 9.0
Forest of October Opeth 9.0
Suck Xess (Success) Xess 9.0
Caro Nebuvo Atika 9.0
Stumme Worte Lacrimosa 9.0
Wolf Suite Pt 1 Danny Elfman 9.0
Warbird Annihilator 9.0
As We Dance the Path of Fire or Solace Saturnus 9.0
Seemann Apocalyptica 9.0
Fuck It Seether 9.0
Fisheye Apocalyptica 9.0
Žiūriu, kaip tirpsta ateitis Pievos 9.0
The Lodge Agalloch 9.0
Propaganda Sepultura 9.0
Dusk and Her Embrace Cradle of Filth 9.0
Sado-mazo Agata Kristi 9.0
Nors Ir Liūdna Diena Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.0
Nemiga Saulius Mykolaitis 9.0
Anthem of the Angels Breaking Benjamin 9.0
Intro: The Shams of Optimism Woods of Ypres 9.0
Falling in Love With Love Frank Sinatra 9.0
She's Got Balls AC/DC 9.0
Rotten in Peace Godgory 9.0
The Dungeon Danny Elfman 9.0
My Pledge Of Allegiance #1: The Sealed Fate After Forever 9.0
For Your Demons Saturnus 9.0
Kol Matai Thundertale 9.0
Weltunter ASP 9.0
Fėja Katedra 9.0
Black Voyage My Dying Bride 9.0
Otherworld Eluveitie 9.0
Angelai Katedra 9.0
Halt Mich Schandmaul 9.0
A Cauldron of Hate Cannibal Corpse 9.0
Dovanok man akivarus Vilkduja 9.0
Innocent Exile Iron Maiden 9.0
Žalia, žalia Kostas Smoriginas 9.0
Aš Palikau Tave Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.0
Tu Laimingas Šiandien Verki Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.0
A Bruise Upon The Silent Moon Cradle of Filth 9.0
Antihrist Aria 9.0
Aš dugne SBS (Spicy Bits of Scandal) 8.9
Midnight Mover Accept 8.9
Escape Metallica 8.9
To Live Is To Die Metallica 8.9
Gethsemane Nightwish 8.9
Numb Linkin Park 8.9
Meilę skriaudžia dangus Siela 8.9
Domination Pantera 8.9
April Ethereal Opeth 8.9
Alleine zu zweit Lacrimosa 8.9
Morjak Agata Kristi 8.9
Viena liepoj Ieva Narkutė 8.9
Deliverance Opeth 8.9
Son Of A Bitch Accept 8.9
Sæglópur Sigur Ros 8.9
Bat Country Avenged Sevenfold 8.9
Bleak Opeth 8.9
Šventaragis Skylė 8.9
Padėk Išnykti... Soul Stealer 8.9
Still Remains Alter Bridge 8.9
Burn Apocalyptica 8.9
Hopeless Breaking Benjamin 8.9
Saving Us Serj Tankian 8.9
Vampire Woman Soul Stealer 8.9
Russian Roulette Accept 8.9
Viskas, kas turi Pradžią... Soul Stealer 8.9
Wicked Game HIM 8.9
Kiemsargis Saulius Mykolaitis 8.9
War Sepultura 8.8
The Leper Affinity Opeth 8.8
Empty Walls Serj Tankian 8.8
Sakalo vaikai Obtest 8.8
Souvenir Korn 8.8
Break the Ice Accept 8.8
Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) Within Temptation 8.8
Los Rammstein 8.8
Here We Are Breaking Benjamin 8.8
Hold On Korn 8.8
Not Alone Linkin Park 8.8
The Nomad Iron Maiden 8.8
Face of Melinda Opeth 8.8
Where Will You Go Evanescence 8.8
The Stance of Evander Sinque My Dying Bride 8.8
Tear It Down Soil 8.8
Mes Kartu Ieva Narkutė 8.8
Seemann Rammstein 8.8
Himera Aria 8.8
Descending Saturnus 8.8
Stone Evil Accept 8.8
Akli kariai Bix 8.7
Hunter Bjork 8.7
Given Up Linkin Park 8.7
Violet Hill Coldplay 8.7
Come into my world ERA 8.7
Greiti Ąžuolai Black Crane 8.7
Zenith After Forever 8.7
Secret loser Ozzy Osbourne 8.7
Synthesize Me Diorama 8.7
Akmenys Katedra 8.7
Pandemonium Apocalyptica 8.7
All That I'm Living For Evanescence 8.7
It's the Fear Within Temptation 8.7
Death and All His Friends Coldplay 8.7
My Wine in Silence My Dying Bride 8.7
Grace (su Tomoyasu Hotei) Apocalyptica 8.6
Sudrumskime ramybę ŽAS 8.6
Frozen Within Temptation 8.6
A Desolation Song Agalloch 8.6
6:00 Dream Theater 8.6
Lyja lietus Vytautas Kernagis 8.6
Troops of Doom Sepultura 8.6
Leave Me Alone Apocalyptica 8.6
Tu neklausk, kas atsitiko Vytautas Kernagis 8.6
Walking in the Shadow Accept 8.6
In The Name of God Dream Theater 8.6
Pirmyn! Obtest 8.6
Paukštė Thundertale 8.6
What Else Accept 8.6
Führe mich Rammstein 8.6
Falling Snow Agalloch 8.6
Po šitiek metų Atika 8.6
Miego arterija Siela 8.6
Margi sakalai Altorių šešėliai 8.6
Šaltoj nakty, kai mylim Ieva Narkutė 8.6
Įkąsk man! Xess 8.6
For My Fallen Angel My Dying Bride 8.5
Cake and Sodomy Marilyn Manson 8.5
Stream of Consciousness Dream Theater 8.5
Knockin' On Heaven's Door Avril Lavigne 8.5
Mors Ultima Ratio Katedra 8.5
Helena My Chemical Romance 8.5
Her Ghost in the Fog Cradle of Filth 8.5
Chambers of Blood Cannibal Corpse 8.5
Lacrymosa Evanescence 8.5
Burning Bridges Crematory 8.5
Vermillion Slipknot 8.5
Sad But True Metallica 8.5
Tomorrow Never Knows Ulver 8.5
I Disappear Metallica 8.5
A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit Burzum 8.5
Oops! I Did It Again Children of Bodom 8.5
Come Cover Me Nightwish 8.5
Skol'zkie ulicy (su Brainstorm) Bi-2 8.5
All You Leave Behind Paradise Lost 8.5
The Scarlet Garden My Dying Bride 8.5
Breakdown Breaking Benjamin 8.5
The Past is Like a Funeral Behemoth 8.5
Nesvarbu Alina Orlova 8.4
Daugiau negu reikia Atika 8.4
Aguona Arbata 8.4
Intro Breaking Benjamin 8.4
Catherine Blake My Dying Bride 8.4
Life Burns! Apocalyptica 8.4
Afterlife Avenged Sevenfold 8.4
Deep Within Within Temptation 8.4
Play dead Bjork 8.4
Sielos nemiega naktį G&G Sindikatas 8.4
Critical Acclaim Avenged Sevenfold 8.4
Crossroads Mandragora 8.4
Nerve Katatonia 8.4
At Long Last Love Frank Sinatra 8.3
Black Cross Saprophytes 8.3
Our Farewell Within Temptation 8.3
Another Day Goes By Dope 8.3
Amamos La Vida Accept 8.3
Das Meer Diorama 8.3
...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride) Moonspell 8.3
All Alone Brainstorm (Metal) 8.3
Lijo Alina Orlova 8.3
We Who Are Not as Others Sepultura 8.3
Not Unlike the Waves Agalloch 8.3
Šmėklos Katedra 8.3
02 Panic Room Riverside 8.3
Home Breaking Benjamin 8.3
Conquer All Behemoth 8.3
Sear Me My Dying Bride 8.3
Everything I've Known Korn 8.3
Laichzeit Rammstein 8.3
Touch The God Saprophytes 8.3
A cappella (Sielens Sang) Ulver 8.3
Belamy Mano Juodoji Sesuo 8.3
Isolation Alter Bridge 8.2
Astronomy Metallica 8.2
Violent Revolution Kreator 8.2
Žemuogės Arbata 8.2
Medicate Breaking Benjamin 8.2
Dope Hat Marilyn Manson 8.2
Androginas Skylė 8.1
My Enemy Mandragora 8.1
I Am Nothing Katatonia 8.1
Crazy For You Adele 8.1
Heaven Can Wait Iron Maiden 8.1
Behind Blue Eyes Limp Bizkit 8.1
Hollow Life Korn 8.0
Requiem Opeth 8.0
Vampyre Erotica Inkubus Sukkubus 8.0
Hymn III: Of Wolf and Hatred Ulver 8.0
Eschaton The Foreshadowing 8.0
How Could She? Type O Negative 8.0
Ant upės didžiausios smėlėtų krantų Altorių šešėliai 8.0
Dehumanization Arch Enemy 8.0
Aš Tavo Šešėlis - Tu Mano Svajonė Mano Juodoji Sesuo 8.0
Like a Loaded Gun Accept 8.0
I Will Protect You Korn 8.0
Cthulhu Dawn Cradle of Filth 8.0
And Death in My Arms All That Remains 8.0
Wytches Inkubus Sukkubus 8.0
Í Heimr Heljar Burzum 8.0
Implements of Destruction Chimaira 8.0
Tavo akys Mano Juodoji Sesuo 8.0
Kledt i Nattens Farger Ulver 8.0
Your Gaulish War Eluveitie 8.0
Ich Will Brennen ASP 8.0
Beneath the Mire Opeth 8.0
Vendetta Slipknot 8.0
Hushabye Korn 8.0
Pulse of the Maggots Slipknot 8.0
Queen of the May Inkubus Sukkubus 8.0
It Will Come My Dying Bride 8.0
Under Siege (Regnum Irae) Sepultura 8.0
After thousand words ERA 8.0
Cherry Blossom Girl Air 8.0
Karo dvasia Obtest 8.0
Schuld und Sühne Lacrimosa 8.0
Hymn VII: Of Wolf and Destiny Ulver 8.0
Nužudyk mane miegantį Aleksandras Makejevas 7.9
The King Therion 7.9
My Happy Ending Avril Lavigne 7.9
Believe Breaking Benjamin 7.9
Sugarcoat Breaking Benjamin 7.8
Thousandfold Eluveitie 7.8
This Empty Life ColdWorld 7.8
Hammer Smashed Face Cannibal Corpse 7.8
The End of This Chapter Sonata Arctica 7.8
Tuesday's Gone Metallica 7.8
A Song for the Hopeless All That Remains 7.8
Embrace of the Endless Ocean Amon Amarth 7.8
997 Obtest 7.8
Burn the Remembrance Katatonia 7.7
First Love Adele 7.7
I Die in Degrees All That Remains 7.6
Vardan... Obtest 7.6
Through Her Silvery Body Swallow the Sun 7.6
Intro Within Temptation 7.6
My Way Limp Bizkit 7.5
Chain Reaction Accept 7.5
Manekenas Katedra 7.5
Lake Bodom Children of Bodom 7.5
Deeper Down My Dying Bride 7.5
Lustmord and Wargasm Cradle of Filth 7.5
Dead on! Accept 7.5
[Fetish... Satisfaction?] Xess 7.3
A Gothic Romance Cradle of Filth 7.3
The Prize of Beauty My Dying Bride 7.3
Lost My Way Saturnus 7.3
Blood of Saints Ragnarok 7.3
Bed of Nails Children of Bodom 7.3
Demigod Behemoth 7.3
Hymn Of The Ancient Misanthropic Spirit Of The Forest Lord Belial 7.0
Clouds of Ecstasy Pain 7.0
Silent Dance My Dying Bride 7.0
Meus Altius Pater Noster Wine from Tears 7.0
Shat Out of Hell Cradle of Filth 7.0
No Fear for the Setting Sun Amon Amarth 7.0
12 Katatonia 7.0
Just Hate Me Pain 7.0
The Spawn of Love and War Cradle of Filth 7.0
Age Of Decadence Luctus 7.0
New Night Katatonia 7.0
Empty Inside All That Remains 7.0
A Scarlet Witch Lit The Season Cradle of Filth 7.0
Dancing On The Edge Mandragora 6.7
Creatures That Kissed in Cold Mirrors Cradle of Filth 6.6
Noir Saturnus 6.2
Meridian Sirenia 6.0
A Crescendo of Passion Bleeding Cradle of Filth 6.0
Fremde Erinnerungen ASP 5.5
The Sinner Wine from Tears 5.5
Demon League Devin Townsend 5.5
Akherousia Draconian 5.5
Suicide ColdWorld 5.3
When Autumn Storms Come Naglfar 5.0
Perversions of Pain Slayer 5.0
Where Do The Gods Go ASP 5.0
finger weg finger ASP 4.5
Eli mjaso muzhiki Korol' i Shut 4.3
I'm Done Korn 4.0
Forgotten Diorama 4.0
Move On Korn 3.4
Mama, my vsie Sošli s uma (Kino cover) Xess 3.3
D'Veriu Agage D'Bitu Eluveitie 3.0
Blacker Than Black Enthroned 2.0
Samon (Acoustic Version) Eluveitie 2.0
Jêzaig Eluveitie 2.0
The Old Ghost In The Well ColdWorld 1.0
Cancer ColdWorld 1.0
A.M.S.G Enthroned 1.0
Dead Stars ColdWorld 1.0
Premature Satanicremation Enthroned 1.0
Den Gjemte Sannhets Hersker Dimmu Borgir -
Polarized Carcass -
Blinded ASP -
From the Pagan Vastlands (gyvai Paryžiuje) Behemoth -
The Arcane Dominion Eluveitie -
Come-On Eyes Pantera -
Absolute Hatred Cannibal Corpse -
Bloodstained Ground Eluveitie -
Dead But Dreaming Watain -
Perverse Suffering Cannibal Corpse -
Carpathian Mysteries Nokturnal Mortum -
Aus Der Tiefe ASP -
Sorrows Of The Moon Nokturnal Mortum -
Vinter (Winter) Nocturnal Depression -
The Wolves of Timberline Agalloch -
SchmerzensSchreie ColdWorld -
offaehrte (reprise) ASP -
I Feel The Breath Of Ragnarok Nokturnal Mortum -
Ich bin ein wahrer satan ASP -
Surface Ulver -
Adorertwo Lacrimas Profundere -
Schwarzer Schmetterling ASP -
Bloodstained Ground (live) Eluveitie -
Death Damnation Nokturnal Mortum -
Sing Child ASP -
Hollow Years (gyvai Tokijuje 2004 m.) Dream Theater -
A Jewel Traced Through Coal Dimmu Borgir -
...And her enigma Lacrimas Profundere -
Samon Eluveitie -
Dreamside Dominions Dimmu Borgir -
Within The Grove Eluveitie -
Cataclysm Children Dimmu Borgir -
Tears Of Paganism Nokturnal Mortum -
Trail of Broken Hearts DragonForce -
Halls of Warship Deicide -
Hunger ASP -
The Grief Of Oriana Nokturnal Mortum -
Oldness comming Obtest -
Fluchtversuch ASP -
Goat Horns Nokturnal Mortum -
Sommer (Summer) Nocturnal Depression -
Down Below Pantera -
Give It Up Soil -
Asfågelns död Finntroll -
Intro / Myth of poor souls Obtest -
Apocalypse Kisses; Commemorating My Summer Solstice Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (ORE) -
Nightwing Marduk -
Sad Theme for a Marriage Lacrimas Profundere -
Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom (live) Eluveitie -
Time Shall Tell Therion -
Dancing ASP -
Overlooked Chimaira -
Apathy Candlemass -
Revocate the Agitator Deicide -
Calling The Rain Eluveitie -
Listen Karma Coat -
Fight for Life Soil -
Pine Woods Korpiklaani -
Lunar Poetry Nokturnal Mortum -
Stand to Fall Soil -
Insomnia Ruination -
The Wandering The Foreshadowing -
Inpropagation Carcass -
Spiegelaugen ASP -
...And Winter Becomes Nokturnal Mortum -
Return Of The Vampire Lord Nokturnal Mortum -
Host (Autumn) Nocturnal Depression -
Heresy Pantera -
The Ultimate Return Epica -
Shadows Over Transylvania Dark Funeral -
Eternal Circle Nokturnal Mortum -
Fjaer (Spring) Nocturnal Depression -
nie mehr ASP -
Who Must Die? Sepultura -
Red Snow ColdWorld -
Fighting On Sepultura -
Waiting Soulidium -
Frostbrand ASP -
Still Flame Sepultura -
Butterfly Soil -
Every Moment Soil -
Satanismus Percival Schuttenbach -
Praise of Death Slayer -
Unrelenting Scourge Of War Lord Belial -
Kuss Mich ASP -

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00:45 - edzkaa1
Ekhm.. Mkay.. Žinosiu, ko tikėtis
18:57 - einaras13
Nu nes anksčiau buvo siūloma ne po 15 dainų, bet po 8, ir jos visos sutilpdavo kažkur į intervalą tarp pop ir indie rock. Not really my territory Bet Top40 dar turėdavau už ką balsuot. Su lietuvišku topu tikrai buvo mėgstamų dainų stygius.
18:41 - Delacorado
Desperate times call for desperate measures
O pamenu, anksčiau rašydavai, jog beveik nerandi dainų, kurioms galima išdalinti visus turimus balus
17:06 - einaras13
Nu aš irgi jau esu išmokęs atkreipti dėmesį į savaičių skaičių. Aš, jei balsuojant yra desperatiška situacija su iškritusiais, kartais sakau "ai, šita daina jau pabuvo 10 savaičių, gal jai jau užteks garbės"
22:05 - Delacorado
Gali būti. Net ir aš, žinant tą sistemą, ne kartą apsižioplinau Kažkada (rods, iki 2014 m.) LT Top30 limitas buvo netgi 20 sav. Tik stebina, jog iki šiol tas niekaip neatžymėta prie balsavimo sistemos taisyklių. Negerai. Reikės imt jautį už ragų
13:07 - einaras13
Manau žmonės tiesiog neatkreipia dėmesio į savaičių skaičių.
01:46 - Delacorado
Info balsuojantiems: pagal music'o sistemą dainos topuose figūruoja apibrėžtą laiką – ilgiausiai gali išbūti 12 sav. Tad jei prie dainos yra prierašas „Savaičių tope: 12“, nemeskite savo balsų veltui
15:00 - WeeT
Atsinaujino TOP 40!
16:37 - DjVaids
Mirė vakar DMX, žuvo Ina Marija Bartaitė…
15:00 - WeeT
Atsinaujino LT TOP 30!


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