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Daina Grupė Reitingas
Rinse Me Down Bombay Bicycle Club 10.0
What Ever Happened? The Strokes 10.0
The Jeweller's Hands Arctic Monkeys 10.0
Little Girl Danger Mouse 10.0
17 Hands The Maccabees 10.0
Hard To Live (In The City) Albert Hammond, Jr. 10.0
Rock 'n' Roll High School Ramones 10.0
L-O-V-E Nat King Cole 10.0
Meet Me In The Bathroom The Strokes 10.0
My Drive Thru Pharrell Williams 10.0
Roll Over Beethoven Chuck Berry 10.0
Countdown Phoenix 10.0
Mind Mischief Tame Impala 10.0
Zumm Zumm Django Django 10.0
Firewater Django Django 10.0
Colour Of The Trap Miles Kane 10.0
Hand of Man Django Django 10.0
Secret Door Arctic Monkeys 10.0
Cancel On Me Bombay Bicycle Club 10.0
4 Chords Of The Apocalypse Julian Casablancas 10.0
Love's Dart Django Django 10.0
Death Cloud Cloud Control 10.0
One Hand Holding The Maccabees 10.0
Under Control The Strokes 10.0
Flowers and Football Tops Glasvegas 10.0
A Spoonful Blues Charlie Patton 10.0
Between Love & Hate The Strokes 10.0
Endors Toi Tame Impala 10.0
Dangerous Animals Arctic Monkeys 10.0
Fences Phoenix 10.0
Left & Right In The Dark Julian Casablancas 10.0
Forty One Mosquitoes Flying in Formation Tame Impala 10.0
Waveforms Django Django 10.0
WOR Django Django 10.0
On the Other Side The Strokes 10.0
Out Of The Blue Julian Casablancas 10.0
Telepathy Miles Kane 10.0
Siberian Breaks MGMT 10.0
Alter Ego Tame Impala 10.0
Hail Bop Django Django 10.0
Razorblade The Strokes 10.0
Skeleton Boy Friendly Fires 10.0
The Hill Bombay Bicycle Club 10.0
Silver Rays Django Django 10.0
Electricityscape The Strokes 10.0
Human (gyvai) The Killers 10.0
Jewel Bombay Bicycle Club 10.0
Just Like Honey The Jesus and Mary Chain 10.0
Chemicals Various Cruelties 10.0
Desire Be Desire Go Tame Impala 10.0
I'll Try Anything Once The Strokes 10.0
When It Started The Strokes 10.0
Jolene (gyvai) The White Stripes 10.0
Life's a Beach Django Django 10.0
Storm Django Django 10.0
Scared Albert Hammond, Jr. 10.0
Take The Night Miles Kane 10.0
Skies Over Cairo Django Django 10.0
Mary The Maccabees 10.0
Glass Julian Casablancas 10.0
I Found a Whistle MGMT 10.0
Introduction (Django Django) Django Django 10.0
Take It Or Leave It The Strokes 10.0
I Came Here to Get Over You Brandon Flowers 10.0
Tourist Julian Casablancas 10.0
Daddy's Gone Glasvegas 10.0
We Will Rock You Queen 9.9
Good Golly Miss Molly Little Richard 9.9
For What It's Worth Buffalo Springfield 9.9
Fly me to the moon Frank Sinatra 9.9
I'm a Believer The Monkees 9.9
Strangers in the Night Frank Sinatra 9.8
Stand by Me John Lennon 9.8
Four Winds The Killers 9.8
Dance Little Liar Arctic Monkeys 9.8
Treat Me Like Your Mother The Dead Weather 9.8
People Are Strange The Doors 9.8
Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Arctic Monkeys 9.8
Boombox The Lonely Island 9.8
Barely Legal The Strokes 9.8
Bloodbuzz Ohio The National 9.8
Love You Better The Maccabees 9.8
Rome Phoenix 9.8
Little Talks Of Monsters and Men 9.8
Išgalvotas gyvenimas Hiperbolė 9.7
Somebody To Love Queen 9.7
You've Got The Love Florence And The Machine 9.7
Let It Be The Beatles 9.7
All You Need is Love The Beatles 9.7
Yesterday The Beatles 9.7
About Your Dress The Maccabees 9.7
Weekend Wars MGMT 9.7
Something Good Can Work Two Door Cinema Club 9.7
London Calling The Clash 9.7
I Get Around The Beach Boys 9.7
Playing with Fire (live) Brandon Flowers 9.7
Imagine John Lennon 9.7
Driving Home For Christmas Chris Rea 9.7
Jacksonville Brandon Flowers 9.7
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards Tame Impala 9.7
Time Pink Floyd 9.7
Fast Fuse Kasabian 9.7
With Or Without You U2 9.7
Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry 9.7
Help! The Beatles 9.7
All the Pretty Faces The Killers 9.7
Hard Enough Brandon Flowers 9.7
Leave the Bourbon On the Shelf The Killers 9.7
Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Clash 9.7
The Bucket Kings of Leon 9.7
Molly's Chambers Kings of Leon 9.7
Smoke on the Water Deep Purple 9.6
Don't stop me now Queen 9.6
Baba O'Riley The Who 9.6
Island in the Sun Weezer 9.6
California Dreamin' The Beach Boys 9.6
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1) Pink Floyd 9.6
Magdalena Brandon Flowers 9.6
Every Breath You Take The Police 9.6
Santechnikas iš Ukmergės Vytautas Kernagis 9.6
New York New York Frank Sinatra 9.6
You Really Got Me The Kinks 9.6
Broken Boy Soldier The Raconteurs 9.6
Read My Mind The Killers 9.6
Where Is My Mind? Pixies 9.6
Hurt Johnny Cash 9.6
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) Pink Floyd 9.6
Call It What You Want Foster the People 9.6
Laužo šviesa Foje 9.6
If I Ever Feel Better Phoenix 9.6
Seven Nation Army The White Stripes 9.6
Come Together The Beatles 9.6
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want The Smiths 9.6
Friday I'm in Love The Cure 9.6
We Are The Champions Queen 9.6
I Love Rock 'n Roll Joan Jett 9.6
Dance With Somebody Mando Diao 9.6
Riders On The Storm The Doors 9.6
Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve 9.6
House of the Rising Sun The Animals 9.6
Purple Haze Jimi Hendrix 9.5
No Woman, No Cry Bob Marley 9.5
Pet Sematary Ramones 9.5
Love Like a Sunset Pt.1 Phoenix 9.5
Ball and Biscuit The White Stripes 9.5
Congratulations MGMT 9.5
Song 2 Blur 9.5
Tavo svajonė Andrius Mamontovas 9.5
Waste Foster the People 9.5
Snow (Hey Oh) Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
Mother Pink Floyd 9.5
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode 9.5
A White Demon Love Song The Killers 9.5
Child The Maccabees 9.5
Girls Like You The Naked and Famous 9.5
Bag of Bones The Maccabees 9.5
Streets of Philadelphia Bruce Springsteen 9.5
Communication Breakdown Led Zeppelin 9.5
Kitoks pasaulis Foje 9.5
Behind Blue Eyes The Who 9.5
Armistice Phoenix 9.5
Geltoni krantai Foje 9.5
Only the Young Brandon Flowers 9.5
Love Me Do The Beatles 9.5
Across the Universe The Beatles 9.5
Heave The Maccabees 9.5
Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin 9.5
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Green Day 9.5
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Bob Dylan 9.5
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen 9.5
Ufonautai Andrius Mamontovas 9.5
A Hard Day's Night The Beatles 9.5
Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode 9.5
All the Time The Strokes 9.5
Automatic Stop The Strokes 9.5
Won't Get Fooled Again The Who 9.5
Krantas Foje 9.5
Here Comes the Sun The Beatles 9.5
Replaceable The Killers 9.5
Glimmer The Maccabees 9.5
We're Going to Be Friends The White Stripes 9.5
Lisztomania Phoenix 9.5
Alyvos Antis 9.5
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones 9.5
The End Has No End The Strokes 9.5
Clint Eastwood Gorillaz 9.4
Money Pink Floyd 9.4
Tranquilize The Killers 9.4
While My Guitar Gently Weeps The Beatles 9.4
Shake It Out Florence And The Machine 9.4
Mono arba stereo Andrius Mamontovas 9.4
Billie Jean Michael Jackson 9.4
Meilės nebus per daug Foje 9.4
Love It When You Call The Feeling 9.4
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out The Smiths 9.4
Lemon Tree Fools Garden 9.4
Pasiimk mane Foje 9.4
Matchbox The Kooks 9.4
Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts Brandon Flowers 9.4
One U2 9.4
All My Own Stunts Arctic Monkeys 9.4
The Clock Was Tickin' Brandon Flowers 9.4
Love Is Blindness Jack White 9.4
Little Cream Soda The White Stripes 9.4
Hard To Explain The Strokes 9.4
Wonderwall Oasis 9.4
Can't Take My Eyes Off You Muse 9.4
Pamiršk mane Hiperbolė 9.4
Savižudžio kupletai Andrius Mamontovas 9.4
Paskutinis traukinys Foje 9.4
Cold Desert Kings of Leon 9.4
Losing My Religion REM 9.4
Bicycle race Queen 9.4
I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself The White Stripes 9.4
Yellow Submarine The Beatles 9.4
Shuffle Bombay Bicycle Club 9.4
Kai perplauksi upe Foje 9.4
Aš numirsiu vis tiek Foje 9.4
Pumped Up Kicks Foster the People 9.4
Truth Doesn't Make a Noise The White Stripes 9.4
Closer Kings of Leon 9.4
Ooh La The Kooks 9.4
Twist and Shout The Beatles 9.4
It's No Good Depeche Mode 9.4
O, meile! Andrius Mamontovas 9.4
Closer Travis 9.4
Aš dar dainuosiu Hiperbolė 9.4
Žvaigždės kartais krenta Foje 9.4
Sewn The Feeling 9.4
This River Is Wild The Killers 9.4
Suck It and See Arctic Monkeys 9.4
Desperate The Killers 9.4
My Generation The Who 9.4
Kids MGMT 9.4
Hey Jude The Beatles 9.4
Swallow It Brandon Flowers 9.4
Marso Kanjonai Andrius Mamontovas 9.4
Tighten Up The Black Keys 9.4
Be Somebody Kings of Leon 9.3
My Mistakes Were Made for You The Last Shadow Puppets 9.3
Thrift Shop Macklemore 9.3
Hallelujah Jeff Buckley 9.3
Feel To Follow The Maccabees 9.3
Sweet Sweet Super Sweet Happyendless 9.3
As Ugly as I Seem The White Stripes 9.3
Knocked Up Kings of Leon 9.3
Waterloo Sunset The Kinks 9.3
Live Forever Oasis 9.3
Tutti Frutti Little Richard 9.3
Little Black Submarines The Black Keys 9.3
Mr. Brightside The Killers 9.3
Sing Travis 9.3
Arizona Kings of Leon 9.3
Tušti delnai Foje 9.3
On Top The Killers 9.3
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Brandon Flowers 9.3
Forever I've Known The Maccabees 9.3
Light My Fire The Doors 9.3
Geltona. Žalia. Raudona. Andrius Mamontovas 9.3
Sam's Town (Abbey Road Version) The Killers 9.3
Steady, As She Goes The Raconteurs 9.3
Fire and the Thud Arctic Monkeys 9.3
Exitlude The Killers 9.3
I Cut Like a Buffalo The Dead Weather 9.3
Just Like Heaven The Cure 9.3
Wire To Wire Razorlight 9.3
Girls & Boys Blur 9.3
Move Away The Killers 9.3
Whole Lotta Love Led Zeppelin 9.3
She's Thunderstorms Arctic Monkeys 9.3
Happiness is a Warm Gun The Beatles 9.3
Summertime Clothes Animal Collective 9.3
Kažkas atsitiko Antis 9.3
Believe Me Natalie The Killers 9.3
Somebody Told Me The Killers 9.3
Break on Through (To the Other Side) The Doors 9.3
Pretty Visitors Arctic Monkeys 9.3
Unknow The Maccabees 9.3
Next Girl The Black Keys 9.3
Sweet Child o' Mine Guns N' Roses 9.3
Potion Approaching Arctic Monkeys 9.3
Everything Is Everything Phoenix 9.3
California Waiting Kings of Leon 9.3
Dog Days Are Over Florence And The Machine 9.3
Daddy's Eyes The Killers 9.3
Heroes David Bowie 9.3
Vaikystės stogas Foje 9.3
Old Yellow Bricks Arctic Monkeys 9.3
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz 9.3
Hotel California Eagles 9.3
Creep Radiohead 9.3
Warrant Foster the People 9.3
Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan 9.3
I Can Talk Two Door Cinema Club 9.3
Kai tu atversi man duris Andrius Mamontovas 9.3
The End The Doors 9.3
Kids with Guns Gorillaz 9.2
Do Me a Favour Arctic Monkeys 9.2
When You Were Young The Killers 9.2
Young Blood The Naked and Famous 9.2
I Feel It In My Bones The Killers 9.2
Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls) Foster the People 9.2
Life On The Nickel Foster the People 9.2
Zombiai Antis 9.2
Satellite The Kills 9.2
Delivery Babyshambles 9.2
Everybody's Changing Keane 9.2
Sex on Fire Kings of Leon 9.2
Radioactive Kings of Leon 9.2
In the Cold, Cold Night The White Stripes 9.2
The Hardest Button to Button The White Stripes 9.2
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds The Beatles 9.2
Time to Pretend MGMT 9.2
All My Loving The Beatles 9.2
Bling (Confession of a King) The Killers 9.2
1901 Phoenix 9.2
Miss You Foster the People 9.2
Somebody That I Used to Know Gotye 9.2
School's Out Alice Cooper 9.2
We Gotta Get Out of This Place The Animals 9.2
Shadowplay The Killers 9.2
Elephant Gun Beirut 9.2
Bones The Killers 9.2
Uncle Jonny The Killers 9.2
I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's The White Stripes 9.2
Naive The Kooks 9.2
Under the Gun The Killers 9.2
Fluorescent Adolescent Arctic Monkeys 9.2
Notion Kings of Leon 9.2
Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Travis 9.2
Stand By Me Ben E. King 9.2
A Day in the Life The Beatles 9.1
Blue Monday New Order 9.1
Strawberry Fields Forever The Beatles 9.1
When the Sun Goes Down Arctic Monkeys 9.1
Instinct Blues The White Stripes 9.1
Runaways The Killers 9.1
Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division 9.1
Coffee & TV Blur 9.1
Show You How The Killers 9.1
Ruby Kaiser Chiefs 9.1
Don't Look Back in Anger Oasis 9.1
Fans Kings of Leon 9.1
Houdini Foster the People 9.1
Don't Shoot Me Santa The Killers 9.1
Dabar ir čia Andrius Mamontovas 9.1
Can't Buy Me Love The Beatles 9.1
Sam's Town The Killers 9.1
Change Your Mind The Killers 9.1
Rearrange Miles Kane 9.1
Changes David Bowie 9.1
Vandenyje Foje 9.1
Now Mary The White Stripes 9.1
Mardy Bum Arctic Monkeys 9.1
Riot Van Arctic Monkeys 9.1
Ar tai būtum tu? Andrius Mamontovas 9.1
I'm Waiting for the Man The Velvet Underground 9.1
Harder, better, faster, stronger Daft Punk 9.1
Hotel California (su RDM) The Killers 9.1
Saldi. Juoda Naktis Andrius Mamontovas 9.1
I Wanna Be Sedated Ramones 9.1
You've Got Her in Your Pocket The White Stripes 9.1
Blue Orchid The White Stripes 9.1
All Day and All of the Night (gyvai 1993-1994 m.) The Kinks 9.1
Mėlyni plaukai Foje 9.1
Please Please Me The Beatles 9.1
Aš Išpjoviau Tavo Širdį Gravel 9.1
Why Do I Keep Counting? The Killers 9.1
Labas Rytas Biplan 9.0
Tap Out The Strokes 9.0
50/50 The Strokes 9.0
21 Guns Green Day 9.0
Young Love Mystery Jets 9.0
Side Travis 9.0
Chances The Strokes 9.0
Neon Truth Various Cruelties 9.0
Use Somebody Kings of Leon 9.0
Ivy & Gold Bombay Bicycle Club 9.0
Thunder Road Bruce Springsteen 9.0
Nieko panašaus Foje 9.0
All in Your Rows The Maccabees 9.0
Brianstorm Arctic Monkeys 9.0
Close Range New Order 9.0
Ayla The Maccabees 9.0
Lego The Maccabees 9.0
Hard to Love The Drums 9.0
Ask Me Anything The Strokes 9.0
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood The Animals 9.0
Forever for Her (Is Over for Me) The White Stripes 9.0
Metabolism The Strokes 9.0
Revelry Kings of Leon 9.0
Standing Next to Me The Last Shadow Puppets 9.0
Back of Your Neck Howler 9.0
Baby Says The Kills 9.0
Mes čia Andrius Mamontovas 9.0
Kiss and Resolve The Maccabees 9.0
Black Plant The Last Shadow Puppets 9.0
Judy Is A Punk Ramones 9.0
Weep Themselves to Sleep Jack White 9.0
Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke Remix) The Killers 9.0
The Air Near My Fingers The White Stripes 9.0
Disco 2000 Pulp 9.0
Happy Endings The Strokes 9.0
Me and The Moon The Drums 9.0
The Denial Twist The White Stripes 9.0
Grew Up At Midnight The Maccabees 9.0
Playing with Fire Brandon Flowers 9.0
This Is Your Life (gyvai) The Killers 9.0
Two Kinds of Happiness The Strokes 9.0
First Love The Maccabees 9.0
Electric Feel MGMT 9.0
Beggars Bombay Bicycle Club 9.0
Life is Simple in the Moonlight The Strokes 9.0
Can You Give It? The Maccabees 9.0
Five On The Five The Raconteurs 9.0
Manhattan Kings of Leon 9.0
Fireside Arctic Monkeys 9.0
Wall of Arms The Maccabees 9.0
Solitude Is Bliss Tame Impala 9.0
William Powers The Maccabees 9.0
80’s Comedown Machine The Strokes 9.0
The Way It Is The Strokes 9.0
In Transit Albert Hammond, Jr. 9.0
Nieko panašaus Andrius Mamontovas 9.0
Only the Truth The Last Shadow Puppets 9.0
Great Unknown Various Cruelties 9.0
The Modern Age The Strokes 9.0
Forever and Ever, Amen The Drums 9.0
Word By Word Bombay Bicycle Club 9.0
A-Punk Vampire Weekend 9.0
Lasso Phoenix 9.0
All These Things That I've Done The Killers 9.0
Two Fingers Jake Bugg 9.0
505 Arctic Monkeys 9.0
Loser Beck 9.0
Come Closer Miles Kane 9.0
Elephant Tame Impala 9.0
My Circuitboard City The Wombats 9.0
Brick By Brick Arctic Monkeys 9.0
Love Is a Laserquest Arctic Monkeys 9.0
Happy Faces The Maccabees 9.0
Gratisfaction The Strokes 9.0
Good Old Bill The Maccabees 9.0
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine The Killers 8.9
Always Where I Need to Be The Kooks 8.9
Wrong Depeche Mode 8.9
Spaceman The Killers 8.9
A Certain Romance Arctic Monkeys 8.9
Losing Touch The Killers 8.9
Common People Pulp 8.9
Everybody Hurts REM 8.9
Blitzkrieg Bop Ramones 8.9
Machu Picchu The Strokes 8.9
A Great Big Sled The Killers 8.9
God Only Knows The Beach Boys 8.9
Paper Planes MIA 8.9
Sweet Talk The Killers 8.9
How Soon Is Now? The Smiths 8.9
Fire Kasabian 8.9
Sister The Black Keys 8.9
Goodnight, Travel Well The Killers 8.9
Smile Like You Mean It The Killers 8.9
Ticket to Ride The Beatles 8.9
Underdog Kasabian 8.9
Someday The Strokes 8.9
Just Can't Get Enough Depeche Mode 8.9
I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet) The White Stripes 8.9
Somewhere Only We Know Keane 8.9
12:51 The Strokes 8.9
One More Time Daft Punk 8.9
Out Of Time Blur 8.9
Crying Lightning Arctic Monkeys 8.9
Nantes Beirut 8.9
Future Starts Slow The Kills 8.9
Kieno tu pusėj Andrius Mamontovas 8.8
You Only Live Once The Strokes 8.8
Do I Wanna Know? Arctic Monkeys 8.8
Boys Don't Cry The Cure 8.8
Fell in Love With a Girl The White Stripes 8.8
That’s Where You’re Wrong Arctic Monkeys 8.8
The View from the Afternoon Arctic Monkeys 8.8
DNA The Kills 8.8
On Melancholy Hill Gorillaz 8.8
Lonely Boy The Black Keys 8.8
R U Mine? Arctic Monkeys 8.8
Seaside The Kooks 8.8
Alone, Together The Strokes 8.8
Around the world Daft Punk 8.8
I'm Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman The White Stripes 8.8
You're So Right The Strokes 8.8
On the Floor Brandon Flowers 8.8
Midnight Show The Killers 8.8
Skrisk Foje 8.8
Get Lucky Daft Punk 8.8
Go West Pet Shop Boys 8.8
Hotel Yorba The White Stripes 8.8
Good Vibrations The Beach Boys 8.8
I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor Arctic Monkeys 8.8
Hypocritical Kiss Jack White 8.8
Dancing Shoes Arctic Monkeys 8.8
The Way It Was The Killers 8.8
Juicebox The Strokes 8.8
Fake Tales of San Francisco Arctic Monkeys 8.8
Helter Skelter The Beatles 8.8
Taken For a Fool The Strokes 8.8
Balaclava Arctic Monkeys 8.8
Your Girl Kakkmaddafakka 8.7
Sabotage Beastie Boys 8.7
Jie plauna tavo smegenis Andrius Mamontovas 8.7
Where It's At Beck 8.7
With a Little Help From My Friends The Beatles 8.7
If I Fell The Beatles 8.7
Ready To Start Arcade Fire 8.7
Go The Maccabees 8.7
Power Forever Happyendless 8.7
My List The Killers 8.7
Crossfire Brandon Flowers 8.7
Games The Strokes 8.7
Romeo and Juliet The Killers 8.7
Where the White Boys Dance The Killers 8.7
Walk On The Wild Side Lou Reed 8.7
Icky Thump The White Stripes 8.7
From the Ritz to the Rubble Arctic Monkeys 8.7
I’m Shakin’ Jack White 8.7
My Propeller Arctic Monkeys 8.7
Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured Arctic Monkeys 8.7
Dirty Harry Gorillaz 8.7
Human The Killers 8.7
Bizarre Love Triangle New Order 8.7
My Kind Of Woman Mac DeMarco 8.7
Viva la Vida Coldplay 8.7
Went Away The Maccabees 8.7
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground The White Stripes 8.7
Helena Beat Foster the People 8.7
Joseph, Better You Than Me The Killers 8.7
Oh, My Brother Garbanotas 8.6
For Reasons Unknown The Killers 8.6
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 8.6
Red Rain The White Stripes 8.6
I've Just Seen a Face The Beatles 8.6
19-2000 Gorillaz 8.6
Arabella Arctic Monkeys 8.6
Boots The Killers 8.6
Maybellene Chuck Berry 8.6
My Doorbell The White Stripes 8.6
Reckless Serenade Arctic Monkeys 8.6
Everything Will Be Alright The Killers 8.6
Piledriver Waltz Arctic Monkeys 8.6
I’m Into You Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) 8.6
All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day Hurts 8.6
Passive Manipulation The White Stripes 8.6
The World We Live In The Killers 8.6
Reptilia The Strokes 8.6
Dinosaurs The Maccabees 8.5
Sister, Do You Know My Name? The White Stripes 8.5
The Nurse The White Stripes 8.5
The Hellcat Spangled Shalalalala Arctic Monkeys 8.5
Last Nite The Strokes 8.5
Cornerstone Arctic Monkeys 8.5
Ceremony New Order 8.5
Baltam name Foje 8.5
Paris Friendly Fires 8.5
Crystal Ball Keane 8.5
Psycho Killer Talking Heads 8.5
Still Take You Home Arctic Monkeys 8.5
No Kind Words The Maccabees 8.5
You Probably Couldn't See for the Lights But You Were Staring Straight at Me Arctic Monkeys 8.5
Slow Animals The Strokes 8.5
Spanish Sahara Foals 8.5
Let's Go Surfing The Drums 8.5
Take, Take, Take The White Stripes 8.5
Evening/Morning Bombay Bicycle Club 8.5
You Talk Babyshambles 8.5
Partners in Crime The Strokes 8.5
Blow It Up The Vaccines 8.5
Call it Fate, Call it Karma The Strokes 8.5
Rebellion (Lies) Arcade Fire 8.5
Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair Arctic Monkeys 8.5
Lights Out, Words Gone Bombay Bicycle Club 8.5
If You Wanna The Vaccines 8.5
A Crippling Blow The Killers 8.5
Best Of Friends Palma Violets 8.5
Wild Charms The Kills 8.5
The Union Forever The White Stripes 8.4
If You Were There, Beware Arctic Monkeys 8.4
Welcome to Japan The Strokes 8.4
Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll The Killers 8.4
Under Cover of Darkness The Strokes 8.4
Enterlude The Killers 8.4
Breezeblocks Alt-J 8.4
Be My Baby The Ronettes 8.4
Gold on the Ceiling The Black Keys 8.4
Why Can't You Be Nicer to Me? The White Stripes 8.4
Little Ghost The White Stripes 8.4
A Martyr for My Love for You The White Stripes 8.4
Only Ones Who Know Arctic Monkeys 8.4
Salute Your Solution The Raconteurs 8.3
Rag and Bone The White Stripes 8.3
Say You Don't Want It One Night Only 8.3
Slowly One The Maccabees 8.3
Sixteen Saltines Jack White 8.3
Trying Your Luck The Strokes 8.3
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town The Killers 8.3
Another Way To Die Jack White 8.3
Trash Tongue Talker Jack White 8.3
Girlfriend Phoenix 8.3
Is This It The Strokes 8.3
A Lack of Understanding The Vaccines 8.3
Cigarette Smoke Arctic Monkeys 8.3
The Suburbs Arcade Fire 8.3
11th Dimension Julian Casablancas 8.3
Apocalypse Dreams Tame Impala 8.3
Default Django Django 8.3
The Youth MGMT 8.3
Call Me Back The Strokes 8.3
Toothpaste Kisses The Maccabees 8.3
I'm Slowly Turning into You The White Stripes 8.3
Calm Like You The Last Shadow Puppets 8.3
Come Together Arctic Monkeys 8.3
Golden Touch Razorlight 8.3
Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself The Killers 8.3
Library Pictures Arctic Monkeys 8.3
America Razorlight 8.2
Andy, You're A Star The Killers 8.2
Golden boj Biplan 8.2
Punching In a Dream The Naked and Famous 8.2
Teddy Picker Arctic Monkeys 8.2
Undercover Martyn Two Door Cinema Club 8.2
No Cars Go Arcade Fire 8.2
Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But... Arctic Monkeys 8.2
Conquest The White Stripes 8.2
I Would Do Anything For You Foster the People 8.2
Soma The Strokes 8.1
Is It Me The Kooks 8.1
On and On and On Jack White 8.1
The Runner Kings of Leon 8.1
Tidal Wave The Killers 8.1
Was It Something I Said? Brandon Flowers 8.1
Tessellate Alt-J 8.0
Young Lions The Maccabees 8.0
This House Is a Circus Arctic Monkeys 8.0
How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep Bombay Bicycle Club 8.0
Crystal New Order 8.0
Never Gonna Give You Up The Black Keys 8.0
Under The Westway Blur 8.0
Electricity Arctic Monkeys 8.0
There's No Home for You Here The White Stripes 8.0
Keep on Lying Tame Impala 8.0
Counting Down The Days Miles Kane 8.0
This Is Your Life The Killers 8.0
Heart in a Cage The Strokes 8.0
Terms and Conditions Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) 8.0
O.A.V.I.P. The Maccabees 8.0
Stormy Weather The Kooks 8.0
Something Good Alt-J 8.0
15 Minutes The Strokes 8.0
All In White The Vaccines 8.0
Happy Birthday Guadalupe The Killers 8.0
You Don't Know What Love Is (You Just Do as You're Told) The White Stripes 8.0
Passing Out Pieces Mac DeMarco 8.0
Precious Time The Maccabees 8.0
You Talk Way Too Much The Strokes 8.0
Replica Big Talk 8.0
Taro Alt-J 8.0
Nail in My Coffin The Kills 8.0
Ode To Viceroy Mac DeMarco 8.0
We Used To Wait Arcade Fire 8.0
D Is for Dangerous Arctic Monkeys 8.0
Wonderful World Sam Cooke 8.0
Dead and Gone The Black Keys 8.0
A Dustland Fairytale The Killers 8.0
Take Me with You When You Go Jack White 8.0
Wolf Pack The Vaccines 8.0
Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy Jack White 8.0
Latchmere The Maccabees 8.0
Flash Delirium MGMT 8.0
Slow Jam New Order 8.0
Kibernetiniai žaislai Foje 8.0
Run Run Run Phoenix 8.0
Supersoaker Kings of Leon 8.0
When Did Your Heart Go Missing? Rooney 7.9
Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine The White Stripes 7.9
One Way Trigger The Strokes 7.9
Your Southern Can Is Mine The White Stripes 7.9
White Moon The White Stripes 7.9
Missing Pieces Jack White 7.9
O mano meilė Gravel 7.8
Wetsuit The Vaccines 7.8
We Take Care of Our Own Bruce Springsteen 7.8
Always Like This Bombay Bicycle Club 7.8
A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke 7.8
Lightning Bolt Jake Bugg 7.8
The Age of the Understatement The Last Shadow Puppets 7.8
Go Outside Cults 7.8
Chamber of Reflection Mac DeMarco 7.8
Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra) The Vaccines 7.8
Junk Of The Heart (Happy) The Kooks 7.8
Pelican The Maccabees 7.8
Mood for a Day Yes 7.8
No Diggity Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) 7.8
Joy Ride The Killers 7.8
Kiss of Life Friendly Fires 7.7
Under Your Thumb The Vaccines 7.7
Salad Days Mac DeMarco 7.7
You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl) The White Stripes 7.7
Love Interruption Jack White 7.7
Annie Mac DeMarco 7.7
Time for Heroes The Libertines 7.7
Freaking Out The Neighborhood Mac DeMarco 7.7
Hello Operator The White Stripes 7.7
Nørgaard The Vaccines 7.7
Revolution 1 The Beatles 7.7
Meeting Place The Last Shadow Puppets 7.6
I Wish It Was Christmas Today Julian Casablancas 7.6
Right Behind You Brandon Flowers 7.6
Neon Tiger The Killers 7.6
I Guess I Should Go to Sleep Jack White 7.5
I Think I Smell a Rat The White Stripes 7.5
Inhaler Miles Kane 7.5
Still Bombay Bicycle Club 7.5
Ize of the World The Strokes 7.5
Invisible Miles Kane 7.5
Leave It Bombay Bicycle Club 7.5
Katzenjammer Big Talk 7.5
Damned If She Do The Kills 7.5
Your Eyes Bombay Bicycle Club 7.5
Expectations Tame Impala 7.3
Getaways Big Talk 7.3
Dreaming Mac DeMarco 7.3
Blunderbuss Jack White 7.2
I Can't Stay The Killers 7.1
Red Light The Strokes 7.0
Last Goodbye The Kills 7.0
Down By The Water The Drums 7.0
Not Fade Away Buddy Holly 7.0
Family Friend The Vaccines 7.0
What You Want Bombay Bicycle Club 7.0
Freedom at 21 Jack White 7.0
The Puritan Blur 7.0
The Handshake MGMT 7.0
Tissue Shoulders The Maccabees 7.0
Two Doors Down Mystery Jets 7.0
Just What I Needed The Cars 7.0
Take The Right One Bombay Bicycle Club 7.0
Black Treacle Arctic Monkeys 6.9
I Don't Like You Any More The Last Shadow Puppets 6.8
Robson Girl Mac DeMarco 6.7
Bad Timing Bombay Bicycle Club 6.7
Jump in the Pool Friendly Fires 6.7
The Cowboys' Christmas Ball The Killers 6.6
The Stars Keep On Calling Mac DeMarco 6.5
Days The Drums 6.5
Abducted Cults 6.5
Post Break-Up Sex The Vaccines 6.4
Money The Drums 6.3
Cooking Up Something Good Mac DeMarco 6.3
Matilda Alt-J 6.1
Go Easy Mac DeMarco 6.0
The Chamber The Last Shadow Puppets 6.0
Blue Boy Mac DeMarco 6.0
You Broke My Cool Pond 6.0
Brother Mac DeMarco 6.0
Evening Sun The Strokes 6.0
Sherrill Mac DeMarco 6.0
Favourite Day Bombay Bicycle Club 6.0
Boe Zaah Mac DeMarco 5.5
Still Together Mac DeMarco 5.5
Jonny's Odyssey Mac DeMarco 5.0
Let Her Go Mac DeMarco 5.0
Let My Baby Stay Mac DeMarco 5.0
Book of Revelation The Drums 5.0
Dry Your Eyes The Streets 5.0
Heart Is a Beating Drum The Kills 5.0
Goodbye Weekend Mac DeMarco 5.0
X-Ray The Maccabees 5.0
Treat Her Better Mac DeMarco 5.0
Be Above It Tame Impala 3.0
Pots and Pans The Kills -
Sam's Town (gyvai) The Killers -
Blue Skies Albert Hammond, Jr. -
Back to the 101 Albert Hammond, Jr. -
Autumn Bombay Bicycle Club -
Lucidity Tame Impala -
Separate and Ever Deadly The Last Shadow Puppets -
If It Wasn't For You Various Cruelties -
I Can't Win The Strokes -
In My Room The Last Shadow Puppets -
She Just Won't Believe Me Tame Impala -
L'Aventurier Indochine -
Best Friend The Drums -
Skippin' Town The Drums -
I Need Fun In My Life The Drums -
Video Games Bombay Bicycle Club -
Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind? Tame Impala -
Please Don't Leave The Drums -
Vision of Division The Strokes -
Dust On The Ground Bombay Bicycle Club -
In the Cold The Drums -
Emergency Contraception Blues Bombay Bicycle Club -
When They Fight, They Fight Generationals -
You Don't Own the Road The Kills -
The Giantess Bombay Bicycle Club -
Jenny Was a Friend of Mine (gyvai) The Killers -
Everyone Gets a Star Albert Hammond, Jr. -
Call An Ambulance Albert Hammond, Jr. -
Wavin' Bye To The Train Or The Bus Arctic Monkeys -
The Time Has Come Again The Last Shadow Puppets -
There's Nothing in the Water We Can't Fight Cloud Control -
That's All for Everyone Tame Impala -
It Will All End In Tears The Drums -
West Coast Coconut Records -
I'll Never Drop My Sword The Drums -
Given to the Wild (Intro) The Maccabees -
I Don't Know How to Love The Drums -
Ludlow St. Julian Casablancas -
Consolation Prizes Phoenix -
I Need a Doctor The Drums -
This Is What I Said Cloud Control -
How It Ended The Drums -
Lamplight Bombay Bicycle Club -
Holiday Albert Hammond, Jr. -
Bright Young Thing Albert Hammond, Jr. -
Cartoon Music for Superheroes Albert Hammond, Jr. -
Shake It And Break It Charlie Patton -
Read My Mind (gyvai) The Killers -
Book of Stories The Drums -
Sun's Coming Up Tame Impala -
River Of Brakelights Julian Casablancas -
We Tried The Drums -
Children of the Moon The Flaming Lips -
The Future The Drums -
Tiger Blood The Vaccines -
Runway, Houses, City, Clouds Tame Impala -
Slide Through My Fingers Tame Impala -
What You Were The Drums -
Killing Lies The Strokes -
This Boy (su Loney, Dear) I'm from Barcelona -
Searching for Heaven The Drums -
Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control Tame Impala -
Magnet Bombay Bicycle Club -
Gold Canary Cloud Control -
If He Likes It Let Him Do It The Drums -
What If Bombay Bicycle Club -
Fear of Sleep The Strokes -

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18:07 - 4Blackberry
Vienu žodžiu, buvo (ne)malonu apsikeisti keliais žodžiais, tikiuosi, daugiau to nebus.
18:02 - 4Blackberry
Ko jau ko, bet įžeidinėjimų nepriimsiu. Bet matyt pačios kaltė, kad sugalvojau pirma kažką pakomentuoti, pripažįstu, tai buvo visai nereikalinga.
16:03 - einaras13
Kokie mes išdidūs, tik kažką pasakyk ne taip. Kita vertus, gaila, kad tik dabar nusprendėte prarasti pagarbą man, kai aš jums tokių komentarų jau n+k esu prirašęs (pridėsiu, visai pagrįstai). Nuoširdžiai gaila...
15:43 - 4Blackberry
Na, su šiuo komentaru jūs tikriausiai prarandate paskutinę mano dar turėtą pagarbą jums.
14:48 - einaras13
O 4Blackberry toliau kalba tą patį orą. Nothing changes, really...
12:42 - 4Blackberry
Prieštaros įžvelgti tikrai buvo galima, tik tiek, kad staiga persigalvojote
08:13 - einaras13
Nepaisant to, ar aš kažką dar rašau ta tema, ar ne, ji jau pakankamai išsemta. Tai du tarpusavyje atskiri reiškiniai, nematau prieštaros. Tad reikėtų akis pasitikrinti, I guess
05:07 - 4Blackberry
O Einaras vis dar mėgsta sau prieštarauti, kaip regi mano akys
15:00 - WeeT
Atsinaujino TOP 40!
15:00 - WeeT
Atsinaujino LT TOP 30!


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