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Daina Grupė Reitingas
The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid) Roger Waters 10.0
Hold on to my Heart WASP 9.9
Havana Affair Ramones 9.9
Kashmir Led Zeppelin 9.8
Talking to a Therapist Gravel 9.8
More Than Words Extreme 9.8
Don't Cry Guns N' Roses 9.8
18 and Life Skid Row 9.8
Times Like These (akustinė) Foo Fighters 9.8
They Say Scars on Broadway 9.8
Numb (instrumental) Linkin Park 9.7
With Or Without You U2 9.7
Walking in Circles Dead by Sunrise 9.7
In a Darkened Room Skid Row 9.7
Poison Alice Cooper 9.6
Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve 9.6
Paradise city Guns N' Roses 9.6
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 9.6
Mockingbird Eminem 9.6
Wet Sand Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.6
The Pretender Foo Fighters 9.6
Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd 9.6
Iris Goo Goo Dolls 9.6
Seven Nation Army The White Stripes 9.6
November Rain Guns N' Roses 9.6
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Guns N' Roses 9.6
Highway to Hell AC/DC 9.6
Always Bon Jovi 9.6
Otherside Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.6
Time Is Running Out Muse 9.6
Snow (Hey Oh) Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
Knights of Cydonia Muse 9.5
One Headlight The Wallflowers 9.5
Desecration Smile Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
Under Pressure Queen 9.5
Lose Yourself Eminem 9.5
A Pain That I'm Used To Depeche Mode 9.5
Morning Glory Oasis 9.5
You Give Love A Bad Name Bon Jovi 9.5
Behind Blue Eyes The Who 9.5
Make This Go on Forever Snow Patrol 9.5
Map Of Your Head Muse 9.5
Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode 9.5
White Dove Scorpions 9.5
Leave a Scar Marilyn Manson 9.5
Nothing Else Matters Metallica 9.5
Dream On Aerosmith 9.5
Stairway To Heaven Led Zeppelin 9.5
9 Crimes Damien Rice 9.5
Eyes On Fire Blue Foundation 9.5
No More Lies Iron Maiden 9.5
Lithium Nirvana 9.5
T.N.T. AC/DC 9.5
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Aerosmith 9.5
Map of the Problematique Muse 9.4
Set the Fire to the Third Bar Snow Patrol 9.4
Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd 9.4
Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us Paradise Lost 9.4
Bliss Muse 9.4
Heaven Beside You Alice In Chains 9.4
Stop Crying Your Heart Out Oasis 9.4
Kids MGMT 9.4
Come As You Are Nirvana 9.4
Back in Black AC/DC 9.4
Fix You Coldplay 9.4
SING My Chemical Romance 9.4
Scar Tissue Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.4
Wonderwall Oasis 9.4
Wheels Foo Fighters 9.4
Livin' On A Prayer Bon Jovi 9.4
The Scientist Coldplay 9.4
More Than A Feeling Boston 9.4
Beautiful Day U2 9.4
Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton 9.4
Can't Stop Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.4
Fade To Black Metallica 9.4
The Kids Aren't Alright The Offspring 9.4
Here Without You 3 Doors Down 9.4
Wherever You Will Go The Calling 9.4
I'm Not Jesus Apocalyptica 9.3
Supersonic Oasis 9.3
Karma Police Radiohead 9.3
Take a Look Around Limp Bizkit 9.3
Starlight Muse 9.3
Breathe The Prodigy 9.3
The Unforgiven Metallica 9.3
Lucky Man The Verve 9.3
Geltona. Žalia. Raudona. Andrius Mamontovas 9.3
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz 9.3
Beautiful Eminem 9.3
Dani California Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.3
Supermassive Black Hole Muse 9.3
Ulysses Franz Ferdinand 9.3
Pink Aerosmith 9.3
Sweet Child o' Mine Guns N' Roses 9.3
How You Remind Me Nickelback 9.3
Sing For The Moment Eminem 9.3
Plug In Baby Muse 9.3
Silence Is Easy Starsailor 9.3
The Past Recedes John Frusciante 9.3
Running to the Edge of the World Marilyn Manson 9.3
Over The Hills And Far Away Led Zeppelin 9.3
Resistance Muse 9.3
Exitlude The Killers 9.3
Live Forever Oasis 9.3
Forever Not Yours a-ha 9.2
Stuck in a Moment U2 9.2
The Day That Never Comes Metallica 9.2
The Hardest Button to Button The White Stripes 9.2
Always Somewhere Scorpions 9.2
Where'd You Go Fort Minor 9.2
Lonely Day System of a Down 9.2
Every You Every Me Placebo 9.2
The Drugs Don't Work The Verve 9.2
Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Travis 9.2
Extreme Ways Moby 9.2
Undisclosed Desires Muse 9.2
Tyla Onsa 9.2
Decode Paramore 9.2
I'm Only Sleeping The Beatles 9.2
Yellow Coldplay 9.2
Under The Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.2
Best of You Foo Fighters 9.2
Feeling Good Muse 9.2
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) Marilyn Manson 9.2
Last Resort Papa Roach 9.2
Remember the Name Fort Minor 9.2
Chop Suey! System of a Down 9.2
Precious Depeche Mode 9.1
Run Snow Patrol 9.1
Let Go Paul Van Dyk 9.1
Champagne Supernova Oasis 9.1
Coma White Marilyn Manson 9.1
Kingdom Dave Gahan 9.1
Don't Look Back in Anger Oasis 9.1
Hard to Concentrate Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.1
Don't Forget Me Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.1
Sky Is Over Serj Tankian 9.1
Hypnotize System of a Down 9.1
Patience Guns N' Roses 9.1
Citizen Erased Muse 9.0
I Will Follow You into the Dark Death Cab for Cutie 9.0
So What Gravel 9.0
Numb Linkin Park 9.0
Rock 'n' Roll Star Oasis 9.0
Crawling Linkin Park 9.0
One in a million Guns N' Roses 9.0
Believe Me (su Bobo) Fort Minor 9.0
B.Y.O.B. System of a Down 9.0
Valentine's Day Linkin Park 9.0
Sonnet The Verve 9.0
The Meaning of Soul Oasis 9.0
Atwa System of a Down 9.0
Tell Me It's Not Over Starsailor 8.9
Euforija Siela 8.9
Let It Die Foo Fighters 8.9
Wrong Depeche Mode 8.9
P5hng Me A*wy (su Stephen Richards iš Taproot) Linkin Park 8.9
Self-Esteem The Offspring 8.9
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Metallica 8.9
Make You Feel Better Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.9
Losing Touch The Killers 8.9
The Importance of Being Idle Oasis 8.9
The Idol WASP 8.9
Drive Incubus 8.9
When There's Nothing Left Gravel 8.8
Figure.09 Linkin Park 8.8
Leave Out All the Rest Linkin Park 8.8
Love is Noise The Verve 8.8
Patience Take That 8.8
Hurt Nine Inch Nails 8.8
Hands Held High Linkin Park 8.8
Empty Walls Serj Tankian 8.8
Fragile Dreams Anathema 8.8
Slide Away Oasis 8.8
Metalingus Alter Bridge 8.8
Love Lockdown Kanye West 8.8
22 Lily Allen 8.8
Papercut Linkin Park 8.7
The Thin Ice Pink Floyd 8.7
Violet Hill Coldplay 8.7
Uprising Muse 8.7
I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor Arctic Monkeys 8.7
Points of Authority Linkin Park 8.7
Blind Placebo 8.7
Lost! Coldplay 8.7
Forever Papa Roach 8.7
Given Up Linkin Park 8.7
Goodbye to romance Ozzy Osbourne 8.7
New Divide Linkin Park 8.7
My{Dsmbr (su Mickey P. ir Kelli Ali) Linkin Park 8.7
One Step Closer Linkin Park 8.6
Falling Down Oasis 8.6
The Little Things Give You Away Linkin Park 8.6
Song to Sing When I'm Lonely John Frusciante 8.6
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 8.6
No Roads Left Linkin Park 8.6
Foreign policy Gravel 8.5
After the Ending John Frusciante 8.5
Paradise Richard Ashcroft 8.5
House of the Rising Sun Toto 8.5
We Made It Busta Rhymes 8.5
Mountains Biffy Clyro 8.4
Tarantula The Smashing Pumpkins 8.4
In Between Linkin Park 8.4
A Place for my Head Linkin Park 8.4
Rather Be The Verve 8.4
Round And Round Gravel 8.3
Fall To Pieces Velvet Revolver 8.3
Heaven Warrant 8.3
Why not produce a child Gravel 8.3
Step Up Linkin Park 8.3
Teddy Picker Arctic Monkeys 8.3
Wish You Were Here Incubus 8.2
Nobody knows Gravel 8.2
Alcoholic Starsailor 8.2
Fight For Your Right Beastie Boys 8.2
Love Hurts Incubus 8.1
Can't Stop Feeling Franz Ferdinand 8.1
Complete Gravel 8.1
The Masterplan Oasis 8.1
Machines Biffy Clyro 8.0
Trust Gravel 8.0
The Shock of the Lightning Oasis 7.9
Shadow of the Day Linkin Park 7.8
Somewhere I Belong Linkin Park 7.7
Pushing me Away Linkin Park 7.6
Times Like These (One-Way Motorway) Foo Fighters 7.6
On Your Own The Verve 7.5
With You Linkin Park 7.5
Speechless Lady GaGa 7.4
Land of Confusion Disturbed 7.3
I Can't Stay The Killers 7.1
Nothing to Lose 2Pac 7.0
In Pieces Linkin Park 6.9
No More Sorrow Linkin Park 6.6
Don't Go Away Noel Gallagher -

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