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Daina Grupė Reitingas
Molitva Bi-2 10.0
Sleeping Sickness (su Gordon Downie iš The Tragically Hip) City and Colour 10.0
Subarashikikana, Kono Sekai -What A Wonderful World- Miyavi 10.0
My World Emigrate 10.0
Pieces Red 10.0
Built To Last Rise Against 10.0
New York City Emigrate 10.0
Paradise Within Temptation 10.0
Re-Education (Through Labor) Rise Against 10.0
Ejo Glaza Bi-2 10.0
Oh Love Ane Brun 10.0
Under the Knife Rise Against 10.0
Selfish Love -Aishitekure, Aishiteru Kara- Miyavi 10.0
The Light Sara Bareilles 10.0
Girls, Be Ambitious Miyavi 10.0
Sonetas Nojus 10.0
Brooklyn Woodkid 10.0
Spectrum (Say My Name) Florence And The Machine 10.0
Long Forgotten Sons Rise Against 10.0
Mountain Sound Of Monsters and Men 10.0
The Good Left Undone Rise Against 10.0
Who You Are (live acoustic version) Jessie J 10.0
Skyfall Within Temptation 10.0
Run Boy Run Woodkid 10.0
Baltimore's Fireflies Woodkid 10.0
Sugrįšiu Nojus 10.0
Revoljucija Bi-2 10.0
Swelling Sarah Jaffe 10.0
Del'finy Mumiy Troll 9.9
Behind Closed Doors Rise Against 9.9
Switchback Celldweller 9.9
Savior Rise Against 9.9
River Flows In You Yiruma 9.9
Hero of War Rise Against 9.9
Injection Rise Against 9.8
Cosmic Love Florence And The Machine 9.8
Who Wants to Live Forever Queen 9.8
We Will Rock You Queen 9.8
Don't Cry Guns N' Roses 9.8
Moonlight Sonata Ludwig van Beethoven 9.8
Drumming Song Florence And The Machine 9.8
Little Talks Of Monsters and Men 9.8
Shambala Bi-2 9.8
Tutanhamon Nautilus Pompilius 9.8
Swing Life Away Rise Against 9.8
With Or Without You U2 9.7
Paper Wings Rise Against 9.7
All the Right Moves OneRepublic 9.7
Still Loving You Scorpions 9.7
Lightning Crashes Live 9.7
Moi Drug Bi-2 9.7
Black Velvet Alannah Myles 9.7
Fellini Splin 9.7
Somebody To Love Queen 9.7
You've Got The Love Florence And The Machine 9.7
Wind Of Change Scorpions 9.7
Time Hans Zimmer 9.7
You're Gonna Go Far, Kid The Offspring 9.6
Zvezda po imeni Solnce Kino 9.6
It's My Life Bon Jovi 9.6
Highway to Hell AC/DC 9.6
Chizuru the GazettE 9.6
Call It What You Want Foster the People 9.6
Mockingbird Eminem 9.6
Bed of Roses Bon Jovi 9.6
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Guns N' Roses 9.6
Seven Nation Army The White Stripes 9.6
Storytime Nightwish 9.6
Don't stop me now Queen 9.6
Saugok Nojus 9.6
Otherside Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.6
Thunderstruck AC/DC 9.6
In the shadows The Rasmus 9.6
Send Me An Angel Scorpions 9.6
The Show Must Go On Queen 9.6
A Gentlemen's Coup Rise Against 9.6
We Are The Champions Queen 9.6
Nebijok Jurga 9.6
November Rain Guns N' Roses 9.6
Pennyroyal Tea Nirvana 9.5
Nothing Else Matters Metallica 9.5
The Bad Touch Bloodhound Gang 9.5
Help Me Emigrate 9.5
I Want To Break Free Queen 9.5
Wasteland Woodkid 9.5
Californication Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
Pasaka apie 2 brolius G&G Sindikatas 9.5
Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode 9.5
T.N.T. AC/DC 9.5
Riot Three Days Grace 9.5
In My Tears Emigrate 9.5
Temptation Emigrate 9.5
Resurrection HIM 9.5
Can't Stop Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
Don't Speak No Doubt 9.5
Polkovnik Bi-2 9.5
Stan Eminem 9.5
Song 2 Blur 9.5
All About Us t.A.T.u. 9.5
To Let Myself Go Ane Brun 9.5
Lose Yourself Eminem 9.5
You Give Love A Bad Name Bon Jovi 9.5
Living on My Own Freddie Mercury 9.5
Dream On Aerosmith 9.5
Kukushka Kino 9.5
Snow (Hey Oh) Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.5
Moj rok-n-roll Bi-2 9.5
Hochesh'? Zemfira 9.5
No Light, No Light Florence And The Machine 9.5
Bohemian Rhapsody Queen 9.5
Livin' On A Prayer Bon Jovi 9.4
Papa Mama ~Nozomarenu Baby~ Miyavi 9.4
Join Me In Death HIM 9.4
Ohne Dich Rammstein 9.4
Can't Help Falling in Love Elvis Presley 9.4
Saulė vandeny Jurga 9.4
Listen to Your Heart Roxette 9.4
Pesok Bi-2 9.4
Funhouse Pink 9.4
Fade To Black Metallica 9.4
Who's Laughing Now Jessie J 9.4
Zvezda Kino 9.4
Bog Ustal Nas Ljubit' Splin 9.4
Talkin' 2 Myself Eminem 9.4
Fire Water Burn Bloodhound Gang 9.4
Wait for Me Rise Against 9.4
Vyhoda Net Splin 9.4
Clint Eastwood Gorillaz 9.4
Phantom Of The Opera Nightwish 9.4
Love of My Life Queen 9.4
Pumped Up Kicks Foster the People 9.4
Come As You Are Nirvana 9.4
Losing My Religion REM 9.4
The Kids Aren't Alright The Offspring 9.4
Animal I Have Become Three Days Grace 9.4
No Love Eminem 9.4
Storm Guano Apes 9.4
Nemo Nightwish 9.4
Bring Me To Life Evanescence 9.4
Shake It Out Florence And The Machine 9.4
Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey 9.4
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode 9.4
Stupid Girls Pink 9.3
U + Ur Hand Pink 9.3
Family Portrait Pink 9.3
Who You Are Jessie J 9.3
Pechal' Kino 9.3
Thriller Michael Jackson 9.3
Wings of a Butterfly HIM 9.3
Feel Good Inc. Gorillaz 9.3
Ride Lana Del Rey 9.3
Endgame Rise Against 9.3
Smėlio žmonės Jurga 9.3
Iron Woodkid 9.3
Seven Devils Florence And The Machine 9.3
Space Bound Eminem 9.3
Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) The Offspring 9.3
Pain Three Days Grace 9.3
Supermassive Black Hole Muse 9.3
Steady, As She Goes The Raconteurs 9.3
Beautiful Eminem 9.3
Peremen! Kino 9.3
Not Afraid Eminem 9.3
Dani California Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.3
Aukso pieva Jurga 9.3
Going Under Evanescence 9.3
Haunted Evanescence 9.3
Du hast Rammstein 9.3
Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle) Limp Bizkit 9.3
Prayer of the Refugee Rise Against 9.3
Sing For The Moment Eminem 9.3
Dear Mr. President Pink 9.3
Open your eyes Guano Apes 9.3
Mojo Serdce Splin 9.3
Lift Me Up Moby 9.3
It Must Have Been Love Roxette 9.3
Lithium Evanescence 9.3
Varvara Bi-2 9.3
The Real Slim Shady Eminem 9.3
Spectrum Florence And The Machine 9.3
Kiss with a Fist Florence And The Machine 9.2
8 Mile Eminem 9.2
Feeling Good Muse 9.2
Ich Will Rammstein 9.2
Kuriuo vardu tave šaukt Nojus 9.2
My Immortal Evanescence 9.2
Livin' in a World Without You The Rasmus 9.2
Serebro Bi-2 9.2
Pachka sigaret Kino 9.2
The Kiss of Dawn HIM 9.2
I Love You Woodkid 9.2
Muzika, kuri saugo G&G Sindikatas 9.2
Burial Applicant the GazettE 9.2
Big Balls AC/DC 9.2
Let Her Go Passenger 9.2
Just Like A Pill Pink 9.2
Get Out Alive Three Days Grace 9.2
Gone With The Sin HIM 9.2
Reise, Reise Rammstein 9.2
By The Way Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.2
Under The Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers 9.2
Sindikato Smogikai G&G Sindikatas 9.2
Give It All Rise Against 9.2
Filth in the Beauty the GazettE 9.1
'Till I Collapse Eminem 9.1
Time of Dying Three Days Grace 9.1
Frühling in Paris Rammstein 9.1
Blue Orchid The White Stripes 9.1
Angels Within Temptation 9.1
Eva Nightwish 9.1
Mein Teil Rammstein 9.1
Engel Rammstein 9.1
Bleed (I Must Be Dreaming) Evanescence 9.1
Volki Bi-2 9.1
Dark Paradise Lana Del Rey 9.1
So What Pink 9.1
Dykuma G&G Sindikatas 9.1
Darome hip-hop G&G Sindikatas 9.1
I Follow Rivers Lykke Li 9.1
Memories Within Temptation 9.1
Call Me When You're Sober Evanescence 9.1
Mutter Rammstein 9.1
Only If for A Night Florence And The Machine 9.1
Burning Desire Lana Del Rey 9.1
Stripped Depeche Mode 9.1
Rape Me Nirvana 9.1
In the End Linkin Park 9.1
Houdini Foster the People 9.1
Gruppa Krovi Kino 9.1
Love in Cold Blood HIM 9.1
I Hate Everything About You Three Days Grace 9.1
You've Got Her in Your Pocket The White Stripes 9.1
Rosenrot Rammstein 9.1
Sonne Rammstein 9.1
Spieluhr Rammstein 9.1
Sleeping Sun Nightwish 9.1
All The Things She Said t.A.T.u. 9.0
Nobody’s Perfect Jessie J 9.0
Davay za Lubeh 9.0
Silly God Disco the GazettE 9.0
Like Toy Soldiers Eminem 9.0
When You're Gone Avril Lavigne 9.0
Mann gegen Mann Rammstein 9.0
Linija Zhizni Splin 9.0
Sin ti no soy nada Amaral 9.0
Pasiilgau aš Nojus 9.0
Wish I Had An Angel Nightwish 9.0
Agony the GazettE 9.0
The Way I Am Eminem 9.0
Electric Feel MGMT 9.0
Leave My Body Florence And The Machine 9.0
Audience of One Rise Against 9.0
Get The Party Started Pink 9.0
Broken Mirrors Rise Against 9.0
Do It Like a Dude (acoustic version) Jessie J 9.0
Beyond Redemption HIM 9.0
Wake Up Three Days Grace 9.0
Big In Japan Guano Apes 9.0
Right Here In My Arms HIM 9.0
Cassis the GazettE 9.0
Sober Pink 9.0
Pretender Sarah Jaffe 9.0
Dangerous Kind The Rasmus 9.0
Love the Way You Lie Eminem 9.0
People Error the GazettE 9.0
Wish You Were Here Avril Lavigne 9.0
You Can't Get Enough Emigrate 9.0
Tyliai Nojus 9.0
Blue Jeans Lana Del Rey 9.0
Ho Hey The Lumineers 9.0
Everybody's Fool Evanescence 9.0
White Flag Warrior (su Tim McIlrath iš Rise Against) Flobots 9.0
Lost and Lonely The Rasmus 9.0
Try Pink 8.9
Show Me Love t.A.T.u. 8.9
Here With Me Dido 8.9
Man on the Moon REM 8.9
Smile Avril Lavigne 8.9
Never Too Late Three Days Grace 8.9
Ich tu dir Weh Rammstein 8.9
Your Sweet Six Six Six HIM 8.9
Bohemian Like You The Dandy Warhols 8.9
Bück dich Rammstein 8.9
Crawling Linkin Park 8.9
Superman Eminem 8.9
Videli noch' Kino 8.9
Apologize OneRepublic 8.9
Benzin Rammstein 8.9
Tiems, kas rašo G&G Sindikatas 8.9
Amerika Rammstein 8.9
Price Tag Jessie J 8.9
Rammlied Rammstein 8.9
Rehab Amy Winehouse 8.9
Innocence Avril Lavigne 8.9
Žaibo rykštė G&G Sindikatas 8.9
One Last Time HIM 8.9
Rammstein Rammstein 8.9
Please Don't Leave Me Pink 8.9
Numb Linkin Park 8.9
Shameless Lissie 8.8
Won't Go Back Eminem 8.8
Wo Bist Du Rammstein 8.8
Hey Red Hot Chili Peppers 8.8
Iskala Zemfira 8.8
Leave Out All the Rest Linkin Park 8.8
Feeling Good Nina Simone 8.8
The Ballad Of Chasey Lain Bloodhound Gang 8.8
Crash! Boom! Bang! Roxette 8.8
Moskau Rammstein 8.8
Moja ljubov' Bi-2 8.8
Never Let Me Go Florence And The Machine 8.8
BestYja G&G Sindikatas 8.8
Rap God Eminem 8.8
Breaking Down Florence And The Machine 8.8
Poslednij geroj Kino 8.8
Haifisch Rammstein 8.8
White Flag Dido 8.8
Helena Beat Foster the People 8.7
Not like the other girls The Rasmus 8.7
Numb / Encore Linkin Park 8.7
Yellow Light Of Monsters and Men 8.7
Video Games Lana Del Rey 8.7
Handlebars Flobots 8.7
Dirty Harry Gorillaz 8.7
Not Gonna Get Us t.A.T.u. 8.7
Nas Ne Dogonyat (2002 Version) t.A.T.u. 8.7
Waidmanns Heil Rammstein 8.7
Robots Kraftwerk 8.7
Satellite Rise Against 8.7
Spring Rammstein 8.7
Naked Avril Lavigne 8.7
Afraid Lana Del Rey 8.7
Hey There Delilah Plain White T's 8.7
Sinnerman Nina Simone 8.7
Radioactivity Kraftwerk 8.7
I'm With You Avril Lavigne 8.7
I Want You Savage Garden 8.6
We Made You Eminem 8.6
Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss (su Natasha Thorp) Bloodhound Gang 8.6
Romashki Zemfira 8.6
What The Water Gave Me Florence And The Machine 8.6
Who Knew Pink 8.6
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 8.6
What the Hell Avril Lavigne 8.6
Quietly Guano Apes 8.6
My Doorbell The White Stripes 8.6
Breaking The Habit Linkin Park 8.6
Bel Air Lana Del Rey 8.6
Na Schast'e! Splin 8.5
Never born Guano Apes 8.5
Take Me Away Avril Lavigne 8.5
Death Is In Love With Us HIM 8.5
Things I'll Never Say Avril Lavigne 8.5
Complicated Avril Lavigne 8.5
This Is What Makes Us Girls Lana Del Rey 8.5
Regret the GazettE 8.5
You Can Be the Boss Lana Del Rey 8.5
Immortal The Rasmus 8.5
D.L.N the GazettE 8.5
Survival Eminem 8.5
Don't Let Me Get Me Pink 8.5
Rain Guano Apes 8.5
Skol'zkie ulicy (su Brainstorm) Bi-2 8.5
Born to Die Lana Del Rey 8.5
The Islander Nightwish 8.5
Upė Nojus 8.5
Radio Lana Del Rey 8.5
Make It Stop (September's Children) Rise Against 8.5
Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm 8.5
Amaranth Nightwish 8.5
What I've Done Linkin Park 8.5
Spokojnaja noch' Kino 8.4
Autobahn Kraftwerk 8.4
Apple Blossom The White Stripes 8.4
Tomorrow Avril Lavigne 8.4
How Does It Feel Avril Lavigne 8.4
Unwanted Avril Lavigne 8.4
Keine Lust Rammstein 8.4
Counting Stars OneRepublic 8.4
Control Metro Station 8.4
Nobody's Home Avril Lavigne 8.4
Sielos nemiega naktį G&G Sindikatas 8.4
Vokiečių Gatvė G&G Sindikatas 8.4
Vechnaja Prizrachnaja Vstrechnaja Bi-2 8.3
Kelsey Metro Station 8.3
Prihodi Splin 8.3
Laivai Nojus 8.3
Gods & Monsters Lana Del Rey 8.3
Lover To Lover Florence And The Machine 8.3
Shake It Metro Station 8.3
Model Kraftwerk 8.3
Diet Mountain Dew Lana Del Rey 8.3
Arivederchi Zemfira 8.3
Carmen Lana Del Rey 8.3
Degantis Sniegas G&G Sindikatas 8.3
Heartlines Florence And The Machine 8.3
Gomenasai t.A.T.u. 8.3
Do It Like a Dude Jessie J 8.3
All Blackbird Blackbird 8.3
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo Bloodhound Gang 8.3
Roter Sand Rammstein 8.3
Stein um Stein Rammstein 8.3
American Lana Del Rey 8.3
Remember When Avril Lavigne 8.3
Slipped Away Avril Lavigne 8.2
Now or Never Three Days Grace 8.2
Good Enough Evanescence 8.2
Ready to Fall Rise Against 8.2
Everybody Hurts Avril Lavigne 8.2
Youth Daughter 8.2
Girlfriend Avril Lavigne 8.2
Without You Lana Del Rey 8.2
Swallowtail on the Death Valley the GazettE 8.2
The Best Damn Thing Avril Lavigne 8.2
Mine All Mine Guano Apes 8.2
Orbit Bez Sahara Splin 8.2
Stylo Gorillaz 8.2
Poison Girl HIM 8.2
Conquest The White Stripes 8.2
National Anthem Lana Del Rey 8.2
Behind Blue Eyes Limp Bizkit 8.1
Hot Avril Lavigne 8.1
Just like You Three Days Grace 8.1
My World Avril Lavigne 8.1
Ya Soshla S Uma t.A.T.u. 8.1
Just Lose It Eminem 8.1
The Monster Eminem 8.1
Apologize Timbaland 8.1
Dear My Friend -Tegami wo Kaku Yo- Miyavi 8.1
Blue Velvet Lana Del Rey 8.1
Architects Rise Against 8.0
Million Dollar Man Lana Del Rey 8.0
God Save the Queen (Instrumental) Queen 8.0
Ursa Minor (Electron Mix) Celldweller 8.0
You’ve Got The Love Florence And The Machine 8.0
Liebe ist für alle da Rammstein 8.0
Kimi ni Negai Wo Miyavi 8.0
Svoboda Leningrad 8.0
Own Little World Celldweller 8.0
Babe Emigrate 8.0
Together Avril Lavigne 8.0
Terms and Conditions Nick Murphy (Chet Faker) 8.0
You Can't Stop Me Guano Apes 7.9
Help Is on the Way Rise Against 7.9
My Happy Ending Avril Lavigne 7.9
Glitter in the Air Pink 7.9
3 A.M. Eminem 7.9
Nobody's Fool Avril Lavigne 7.9
Calm After The Storm (Nyderlandai, Eurovizija 2014) The Common Linnets 7.9
Feel Good Inc. (Stanton Warriors Remix) Gorillaz 7.9
Make It Bun Dem Skrillex 7.8
Shadow of the Day Linkin Park 7.8
Shadow VI II I the GazettE 7.8
Mehr Rammstein 7.8
She's a Killer Guano Apes 7.7
Louder Than Words Celldweller 7.7
Berzerk Eminem 7.6
Nauchi menja byt' schastlivym Bi-2 7.6
Once Upon a Dream Lana Del Rey 7.6
Fall to Pieces Avril Lavigne 7.6
Lolita Lana Del Rey 7.6
Your Song Guano Apes 7.5
Cola (Pussy) Lana Del Rey 7.5
And Leave Soley 7.5
Anything But Ordinary Avril Lavigne 7.5
Kill Kill Lana Del Rey 7.5
West Coast Lana Del Rey 7.4
Alice Avril Lavigne 7.4
Le Disko Shiny Toy Guns 7.4
Lucky Ones Lana Del Rey 7.3
Body Electric Lana Del Rey 7.3
On ploho konchil Bi-2 7.3
B******** Rammstein 7.2
Off to the Races Lana Del Rey 7.1
The End the GazettE 7.0
Birthright Celldweller 7.0
Somebody That I Used To Know Within Temptation 7.0
Yayo Lana Del Rey 7.0
Tainted Celldweller 7.0
Art Drawn By Vomit the GazettE 7.0
No Rest For the Wicked Lykke Li 6.9
Kotov Syndrome Rise Against 6.7
Angels (Full Length Version) Within Temptation 6.7
Mob 136 Bars the GazettE 6.7
Itoshii Hito (Beta de Suman) -2006 Ver.- Miyavi 6.5
Das modell Kraftwerk 6.5
Pretty Face Soley 6.5
I Can't Wait Celldweller 6.3
Blackstar Celldweller 6.3
Breaking Point The Specktators 6.0
So Long Sentiment Celldweller 6.0
Shake It Out Florence And The Machine 5.5
Eon Celldweller 5.3
Aurora Borealis Celldweller 5.0
Padaet Sneg Bi-2 5.0
Serdce Bi-2 5.0
Theater Island Soley 5.0
Reki Ljubvi Bi-2 5.0
Schast'e Bi-2 5.0
Memories of a Girl I Haven't Met Celldweller 4.0
The Best It's Gonna Get Celldweller 4.0
Cannon (Remix) The Specktators 4.0
I'll Drown Soley 4.0
En sólo un segundo Amaral 3.0
Watch Me Burn Lansdowne 3.0
Life's a Glitch Celldweller 3.0
Brite Lites Lana Del Rey -
Don't Cry Out Shiny Toy Guns -
Fantastika Mumiy Troll -
Blue Eyes (su Knox) The Specktators -
About Your Funeral Soley -
Watch Me Go The Specktators -
Vivaldi's Four Seasons: "Summer" Solitudes -
That Thang (su MirImage) The Specktators -
Un día más Amaral -
Clementine Sarah Jaffe -
I Won't Remember The Specktators -
Armchairs Andrew Bird -
Tell Me The Specktators -
Falling Up The Specktators -
Rosa de la paz Amaral -
Secret That You Keep Lansdowne -
Watch Me Fall Apart Sarah Jaffe -
¿Qué será? Amaral -
Oh Say Can You See Lana Del Rey -
Smarty Lana Del Rey -
Fevral' (su Ju.Chicherina) Bi-2 -
Major Tom (Coming Home) Shiny Toy Guns -
Tu esi gyva Airija -
Disorder Heaven the GazettE -
Thirteen Thirtyfive Dillon -
Vesna Mumiy Troll -
Try Me The Specktators -
Fight Them Soft Soley -
REFS (su Green Skeem) The Specktators -
Crash and Burn Sugababes -
Bad Dream Soley -
Vivaldi's Four Seasons: "Autumn" Solitudes -
My City The Specktators -
Subamos al cielo Amaral -
Tighten Up (su Nych G, Ajax Stacks) The Specktators -
Moriría por vos Amaral -
Fever The Specktators -
Feelin' Myself The Specktators -
De la noche a la mañana Amaral -
One Shot Lansdowne -
Better Than Nothing Sarah Jaffe -
Estrella de mar Amaral -
Stand Up Flobots -
By Your Side Lansdowne -
Te necesito Amaral -
Mermaid Motel Lana Del Rey -
Optimist Bi-2 -
O, Raj! Mumiy Troll -
Lullaby [Extended Mix] The Cure -
Obeshhanija Mumiy Troll -
My Little Secret The Specktators -
Dear My Love... Miyavi -
Vivaldi's Four Seasons: "Spring" Solitudes -
Neon Lights The Specktators -
Vivaldi's Four Seasons: "Winter" Solitudes -
Nada de nada Amaral -
Nothing Like You (su MirImage) The Specktators -
Mne by v nebo Leningrad -
Toda la noche en la calle Amaral -
Off The Leash The Specktators -
Keep Grinding The Specktators -
No sabe dónde va Amaral -
Rise Flobots -
Open Your Eyes Lansdowne -
Salir corriendo Amaral -
Holding On Lansdowne -
Possession Sarah McLachlan -
Pretender Pt. 1 Sarah Jaffe -
Es sólo una canción Amaral -

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Sahja įvertino Cafe Del Mar dainą Agp Band - Bailando Con La Luna - 6 balais
Sahja įvertino Cafe Del Mar dainą Gary B - Esta Noche - 6 balais
Sahja įvertino Cafe Del Mar dainą Lunatic Soul - Time To Remenber - 7 balais
Sahja įvertino Cafe Del Mar dainą Coastline - Mediterranean - 7 balais
Sahja įvertino Arthur Brown dainą Chromatic Alley - 2 balais
Sahja įvertino Youth Lagoon - 5 balais
Sahja įvertino Cafe Del Mar dainą Elimar & Beach Messiah - Better World - 5 balais
Sahja įvertino Cafe Del Mar dainą Motif - Give It Away - 7 balais
Sahja įvertino Cafe Del Mar dainą Elmara - Central Station N.Y. - 7 balais
Sahja įvertino Arthur Brown dainą Falling Up - 2 balais

Pokalbių dėžutė

15:00 - WeeT
Atsinaujino TOP 40!
15:00 - WeeT
Atsinaujino LT TOP 30!
00:45 - edzkaa1
Ekhm.. Mkay.. Žinosiu, ko tikėtis
18:57 - einaras13
Nu nes anksčiau buvo siūloma ne po 15 dainų, bet po 8, ir jos visos sutilpdavo kažkur į intervalą tarp pop ir indie rock. Not really my territory Bet Top40 dar turėdavau už ką balsuot. Su lietuvišku topu tikrai buvo mėgstamų dainų stygius.
18:41 - Delacorado
Desperate times call for desperate measures
O pamenu, anksčiau rašydavai, jog beveik nerandi dainų, kurioms galima išdalinti visus turimus balus
17:06 - einaras13
Nu aš irgi jau esu išmokęs atkreipti dėmesį į savaičių skaičių. Aš, jei balsuojant yra desperatiška situacija su iškritusiais, kartais sakau "ai, šita daina jau pabuvo 10 savaičių, gal jai jau užteks garbės"
22:05 - Delacorado
Gali būti. Net ir aš, žinant tą sistemą, ne kartą apsižioplinau Kažkada (rods, iki 2014 m.) LT Top30 limitas buvo netgi 20 sav. Tik stebina, jog iki šiol tas niekaip neatžymėta prie balsavimo sistemos taisyklių. Negerai. Reikės imt jautį už ragų
13:07 - einaras13
Manau žmonės tiesiog neatkreipia dėmesio į savaičių skaičių.
01:46 - Delacorado
Info balsuojantiems: pagal music'o sistemą dainos topuose figūruoja apibrėžtą laiką – ilgiausiai gali išbūti 12 sav. Tad jei prie dainos yra prierašas „Savaičių tope: 12“, nemeskite savo balsų veltui
15:00 - WeeT
Atsinaujino TOP 40!


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