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Daina Grupė Reitingas
Roses James Arthur 10.0
This Moment Katy Perry 10.0
Supposed James Arthur 10.0
Sad Beautiful Tragic Taylor Swift 10.0
Fucked My Way Up To the Top Lana Del Rey 10.0
Bully Three Days Grace 10.0
The Last Time Taylor Swift 10.0
Running John Newman 10.0
Starlight Taylor Swift 10.0
Give in to Me Three Days Grace 9.9
Every Night Imagine Dragons 9.8
Last to Know Three Days Grace 9.8
You Belong with Me Taylor Swift 9.8
Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? Arctic Monkeys 9.8
Nothing Left to Say Imagine Dragons 9.8
Sign of the Times Three Days Grace 9.8
Goin' Down Three Days Grace 9.7
Bitter Taste Three Days Grace 9.7
Tiptoe Imagine Dragons 9.6
When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars 9.6
World So Cold Three Days Grace 9.6
Lost in You Three Days Grace 9.6
White Horse Taylor Swift 9.6
Moonshine Bruno Mars 9.5
Pretty When You Cry Lana Del Rey 9.5
Certain Things (su Chasing Grace) James Arthur 9.5
Black Beauty Lana Del Rey 9.5
On Top of the World Imagine Dragons 9.5
Riot Three Days Grace 9.5
Amsterdam Imagine Dragons 9.5
If We Ever Meet Again Timbaland 9.5
Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey 9.4
Funhouse Pink 9.4
Give me a Reason Three Days Grace 9.4
Give Me Love Ed Sheeran 9.4
Begin Again Taylor Swift 9.4
Broken Glass Three Days Grace 9.4
Animal I Have Become Three Days Grace 9.4
Grenade Bruno Mars 9.3
Operate Three Days Grace 9.3
Fuckin' Perfect Pink 9.3
Our Song Taylor Swift 9.3
Round and Round Imagine Dragons 9.3
Pain Three Days Grace 9.3
No Angel Birdy 9.3
Radioactive Imagine Dragons 9.3
Bleeding Out Imagine Dragons 9.3
The High Road Three Days Grace 9.3
Dear Darlin' Olly Murs 9.3
The A Team Ed Sheeran 9.3
You're Not Sorry Taylor Swift 9.3
You're Beautiful James Blunt 9.2
Anonymous Three Days Grace 9.2
Scared Three Days Grace 9.2
The Good Life Three Days Grace 9.2
Love the Way You Lie (Part II) Rihanna 9.2
Let It Die Three Days Grace 9.2
Gone Forever Three Days Grace 9.2
Home Three Days Grace 9.2
I Want It All Arctic Monkeys 9.2
Get Out Alive Three Days Grace 9.2
Feel Again OneRepublic 9.2
Life Starts Now Three Days Grace 9.2
I Hate Everything About You Three Days Grace 9.2
I Knew You Were Trouble Taylor Swift 9.2
Runaway Baby Bruno Mars 9.1
Hear Me Imagine Dragons 9.1
Dark Paradise Lana Del Rey 9.1
Running Away Three Days Grace 9.1
Just The Way You Are Bruno Mars 9.1
Misery Loves My Company Three Days Grace 9.1
So What Pink 9.1
Burning Desire Lana Del Rey 9.1
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) Pink 9.1
Time of Dying Three Days Grace 9.1
Something I Need OneRepublic 9.1
Count on Me Bruno Mars 9.1
I Don't Believe You Pink 9.1
Preacher OneRepublic 9.0
Time That Remains Three Days Grace 9.0
New Tattoo James Arthur 9.0
Troublemaker Olly Murs 9.0
All Too Well Taylor Swift 9.0
Unbreakable Heart Three Days Grace 9.0
Ultraviolence Lana Del Rey 9.0
Is This Love? James Arthur 9.0
Holy Ground Taylor Swift 9.0
Goodbye My Lover James Blunt 9.0
Break Three Days Grace 9.0
The Other Woman Lana Del Rey 9.0
Maybe Birdy 9.0
Florida Kilos Lana Del Rey 9.0
The Truth About Love Pink 9.0
Dream Birdy 9.0
Chalk Outline Three Days Grace 9.0
Underdog Imagine Dragons 9.0
This Is How We Do Katy Perry 9.0
Lie Down James Arthur 9.0
Drown Three Days Grace 9.0
Get The Party Started Pink 9.0
Sober Pink 9.0
Sad Girl Lana Del Rey 9.0
Cry Rihanna 9.0
All You Never Say Birdy 9.0
Clear Blue Sky Skylar Grey 9.0
I Love You Avril Lavigne 9.0
Flipside Lana Del Rey 9.0
Shit Like You Pink 9.0
Here Comes the Weekend Pink 9.0
Blue Jeans Lana Del Rey 9.0
Light It Up OneRepublic 9.0
Mean Taylor Swift 9.0
My Fault Imagine Dragons 9.0
Happiness Three Days Grace 9.0
Cruel World Lana Del Rey 9.0
Suicide James Arthur 9.0
Wake Up Three Days Grace 9.0
Brooklyn Baby Lana Del Rey 9.0
Money Power Glory Lana Del Rey 9.0
Old Money Lana Del Rey 9.0
Strange Birds Birdy 9.0
Someone Who Cares Three Days Grace 9.0
Guns and Roses Lana Del Rey 9.0
I Lived OneRepublic 9.0
Innocence Avril Lavigne 8.9
Impossible James Arthur 8.9
Locked Out of Heaven Bruno Mars 8.9
Kiss Me Ed Sheeran 8.9
It's All Over Three Days Grace 8.9
Never Too Late Three Days Grace 8.9
Fireside Arctic Monkeys 8.9
Smile Avril Lavigne 8.9
No More Three Days Grace 8.9
Back To December Taylor Swift 8.9
Please Don't Leave Me Pink 8.9
Try Pink 8.9
Cuz I Can Pink 8.8
C'mon Let Me Ride Skylar Grey 8.8
Do I Wanna Know? Arctic Monkeys 8.8
Just Give Me a Reason Pink 8.8
Standing In The Way Of The Light Birdy 8.8
Demons Imagine Dragons 8.8
Burning Bridges OneRepublic 8.8
Expectations Three Days Grace 8.8
Raise Your Glass Pink 8.8
E.T. Katy Perry 8.8
Unconditionally Katy Perry 8.8
1973 James Blunt 8.8
It's Time Imagine Dragons 8.8
Can't Stop OneRepublic 8.7
Sk8er Boy Avril Lavigne 8.7
Russian Roulette Rihanna 8.7
California King (Bed) Rihanna 8.7
Stay Rihanna 8.7
Knee Socks Arctic Monkeys 8.7
The Lazy Song Bruno Mars 8.7
We R Who We R Kesha 8.7
Jump Rihanna 8.7
Firework Katy Perry 8.7
The Same Birdy 8.7
I Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys 8.7
Naked Avril Lavigne 8.7
Treasure Bruno Mars 8.7
All About You Birdy 8.7
Older Birdy 8.7
Video Games Lana Del Rey 8.7
Snap Out of It Arctic Monkeys 8.7
Bel Air Lana Del Rey 8.6
Skinny Love Birdy 8.6
Arabella Arctic Monkeys 8.6
Starstrukk 3OH!3 8.6
What the Hell Avril Lavigne 8.6
Let You Down Three Days Grace 8.6
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Swift 8.6
R U Mine? Arctic Monkeys 8.6
On My Own Three Days Grace 8.6
Only Girl (In the World) Rihanna 8.6
Unfaithful Rihanna 8.6
One for the Road Arctic Monkeys 8.6
If This Was a Movie Taylor Swift 8.5
Diamonds Rihanna 8.5
Love Story Taylor Swift 8.5
If I Lose Myself OneRepublic 8.5
Something's Gotta Give OneRepublic 8.5
Shades of Cool Lana Del Rey 8.5
Te Amo Rihanna 8.5
Overrated Three Days Grace 8.5
Radio Lana Del Rey 8.5
This Is What Makes Us Girls Lana Del Rey 8.5
Marry You Bruno Mars 8.5
Drunk Ed Sheeran 8.5
Light Me Up Birdy 8.5
Born to Die Lana Del Rey 8.5
Where Did the Beat Go? Pink 8.5
Burn Three Days Grace 8.4
Talking to the Moon Bruno Mars 8.4
Die Young Kesha 8.4
Are We All We Are Pink 8.4
Let Me Go Avril Lavigne 8.4
Over and Over Three Days Grace 8.4
Carmen Lana Del Rey 8.3
The Other Side Bruno Mars 8.3
Face the Sun James Blunt 8.3
Gods & Monsters Lana Del Rey 8.3
Painkiller Three Days Grace 8.3
Small Bump Ed Sheeran 8.3
American Lana Del Rey 8.3
Counting Stars OneRepublic 8.3
Love Me Again John Newman 8.2
The Best Damn Thing Avril Lavigne 8.2
Bonfire Heart James Blunt 8.2
Now or Never Three Days Grace 8.2
Recovery James Arthur 8.2
Teenage Dream Katy Perry 8.2
Hot Avril Lavigne 8.1
I Kissed A Girl Katy Perry 8.1
Just like You Three Days Grace 8.1
Blue Velvet Lana Del Rey 8.1
Blah Blah Blah Kesha 8.1
Without You Three Days Grace 8.1
Mad Sounds Arctic Monkeys 8.1
Gone Tonight Lea Michele 8.0
Love Runs Out OneRepublic 8.0
It Takes Two Katy Perry 8.0
I Almost Do Taylor Swift 8.0
What a Buzz Olly Murs 8.0
Take Me Under Three Days Grace 8.0
The One Olly Murs 8.0
Hot N Cold Katy Perry 8.0
Legendary Lovers Katy Perry 8.0
Million Dollar Man Lana Del Rey 8.0
Choose Your Battles Katy Perry 8.0
Loud and Clear Olly Murs 8.0
Stay Stay Stay Taylor Swift 8.0
Cry Your Heart Out Olly Murs 8.0
Perfect Night (To Say Goodbye) Olly Murs 8.0
Glow in the Dark Skylar Grey 8.0
Good Old Days Pink 8.0
Ghost Katy Perry 8.0
By the Grace of God Katy Perry 8.0
Army of Two Olly Murs 8.0
Young Girls Bruno Mars 8.0
My First Kiss 3OH!3 8.0
One of These Days Olly Murs 8.0
Born Like This Three Days Grace 7.9
Wings Birdy 7.9
Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) Pink 7.9
Roar Katy Perry 7.8
Words As Weapons Birdy 7.8
Walk of Shame Pink 7.8
Bad Girl Avril Lavigne 7.7
Better Than Revenge Taylor Swift 7.7
Somewhere in Brooklyn Bruno Mars 7.7
No Love Allowed Rihanna 7.7
Take It Off Kesha 7.7
What Now Rihanna 7.6
Can't Remember to Forget You Shakira 7.5
Cola (Pussy) Lana Del Rey 7.5
Beautiful Nightmare Skylar Grey 7.5
Haunted Taylor Swift 7.5
You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You James Arthur 7.5
Weirdo Skylar Grey 7.5
Shit, Man! Skylar Grey 7.5
Only Wanna Dance with You Kesha 7.5
One-X Three Days Grace 7.4
West Coast Lana Del Rey 7.4
Cheating John Newman 7.3
Cue the Rain Lea Michele 7.3
Lucky Ones Lana Del Rey 7.3
Liquor Store Blues Bruno Mars 7.3
Postcards James Blunt 7.3
Sing Ed Sheeran 7.3
There You Go Pink 7.3
Lost in Paradise Rihanna 7.3
Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran 7.3
Dark Horse Katy Perry 7.1
Off to the Races Lana Del Rey 7.1
Wear Me Out Skylar Grey 7.1
True Love Pink 7.1
Our First Time Bruno Mars 7.1
Is This Thing On? Pink 7.0
Your Love Is My Drug Kesha 7.0
Hand on Heart Olly Murs 7.0
Sliding Doors Olly Murs 7.0
Money Make Her Smile Bruno Mars 7.0
The Lucky One Taylor Swift 7.0
All I Need Is You John Newman 7.0
The Great Escape Pink 7.0
What You Wanted OneRepublic 7.0
Run Pink 7.0
What is Love Lea Michele 7.0
The Bells Lea Michele 7.0
The Only One James Blunt 7.0
Treacherous Taylor Swift 7.0
Just for Tonight Olly Murs 7.0
Louder Lea Michele 7.0
If You Say So Lea Michele 7.0
Give You What You Like Avril Lavigne 7.0
22 Taylor Swift 7.0
Natalie Bruno Mars 7.0
Runaway Olly Murs 7.0
If I Knew Bruno Mars 7.0
How Come You’re Not Here Pink 7.0
Beam Me Up Pink 7.0
You're Mine Lea Michele 7.0
Red Taylor Swift 6.9
Here's To Never Growing Up Avril Lavigne 6.9
Bitchin’ Summer Avril Lavigne 6.8
Hush Hush Avril Lavigne 6.8
Ours Taylor Swift 6.7
Burn with You Lea Michele 6.7
Losing Sleep John Newman 6.7
On My Way Lea Michele 6.7
Don't Let Go Lea Michele 6.7
Smoke Clouds James Arthur 6.7
Shut Up and Drive Rihanna 6.7
Kiss N Tell Kesha 6.6
Love Me Katy Perry 6.5
Heart to Heart James Blunt 6.5
Gorilla Bruno Mars 6.5
Last Kiss Taylor Swift 6.5
23 Shakira 6.5
Sun on Sunday James Blunt 6.5
Neon Lights Demi Lovato 6.4
Get Down James Arthur 6.4
Hello Heartache Avril Lavigne 6.3
Battlefield Lea Michele 6.3
Empire Shakira 6.3
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet Avril Lavigne 6.3
Dear John Taylor Swift 6.3
Everything Has Changed Taylor Swift 6.3
Crazy Kids Kesha 6.1
Thousand Needles Lea Michele 6.0
Always Hate Me James Blunt 6.0
Sunshine Skylar Grey 6.0
Afire Love Ed Sheeran 6.0
The Best Day Taylor Swift 6.0
Chasing Shadows Shakira 6.0
Show Me Bruno Mars 6.0
All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) Kesha 6.0
Life In Color OneRepublic 6.0
Photograph Ed Sheeran 6.0
Cannonball Lea Michele 5.9
Sippin' On Sunshine Avril Lavigne 5.8
Rock N Roll Avril Lavigne 5.7
Falling Fast Avril Lavigne 5.7
Dirty Love Kesha 5.5
Runaway Ed Sheeran 5.5
Empty Handed Lea Michele 5.0
The One Thing Shakira 5.0
One Ed Sheeran 5.0
Really Don't Care Demi Lovato 5.0
Spotlight Shakira 5.0
That Way Shakira 5.0
Warrior Kesha 5.0
Thinking of You Kesha 5.0
Goodnight Goodbye John Newman 5.0
Tower (Don't Look Down) Skylar Grey 5.0
Hey You, Beautiful Olly Murs 4.8
C'Mon Kesha 4.8
You Don't Care About Me Shakira 4.5
Broken Record Shakira 4.5
Cut Me Deep Shakira 4.5
Medicine Shakira 4.5
I’m A Mess Ed Sheeran 4.5
V.I.P. Kesha 4.3
Nina Ed Sheeran 4.0
Supernatural Kesha 4.0
Made in the USA Demi Lovato 3.8
Dare (La La La) Shakira 3.8
Out of My Head John Newman 3.0
Tribute John Newman 3.0
Bloodstream Ed Sheeran 2.0
Don't Ed Sheeran 1.0
Without the Love Demi Lovato -
Nightingale Demi Lovato -
Fire Starter Demi Lovato -
Warrior Demi Lovato -
Try John Newman -
Day One John Newman -
In Case Demi Lovato -
Shouldn't Come Back Demi Lovato -
Gold Dust John Newman -
Down the Line John Newman -
My Signature Move Pink -
Two Pieces Demi Lovato -
Never Been Hurt Demi Lovato -
Personal Olly Murs -
Easy John Newman -
Nothing John Newman -

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14:15 - Silentist
Gaila, ir Roxette dainininkės jau nebera, o dar prisimenu nuo jos dainos Almost Unreal pradėjom vartoti zodi Nerealu.
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negaunu jokio atlygio, bet ir nesiskundžiu, nes man patinka administruoti music'ą ir apskritai sekti naujienas, apie tai kas dedasi muzikos pasaulyje ir jomis dalytis. Esu darbo liaudies atstovė, turiu tą 8-17 darbą, turiu ir kitų įsipareigojimų, tačiau
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fotografais. Suprantu jūsų nusivylimą, kad nėra tvarkomi topai, kad apklausa vis dar neatnaujinta ar ne visos naujos grupės sulaukia savo profilio. Prisipažinsiu, kad toli gražu ne viską ir moku daryti, bet stengiuosi, skiriu savo asmeninį laiką, už kurį


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