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Daina Grupė Reitingas
Always Saliva 10.0
Me Against the World Simple Plan 10.0
I Won't Let You Down The Subways 10.0
March On Good Charlotte 10.0
Counting the Days Good Charlotte 10.0
Sex on the Radio Good Charlotte 10.0
Stir It Up Bob Marley 10.0
We Won't Back Down Escape the Fate 10.0
Shockwawe Black Tide 10.0
The Last Song McFly 10.0
Natty Dread Bob Marley 10.0
Enterprise Black Tide 10.0
When I Go Out, I Want to Go Out on a Chariot of Fire Escape the Fate 10.0
Here With You Saliva 10.0
Standing Ovation Good Charlotte 10.0
No Water Bob Marley 10.0
Right Where I Belong Good Charlotte 10.0
Let Me Black Tide 10.0
One Love/People Get Ready Bob Marley 10.0
It's Just Me Escape the Fate 10.0
Live Fast Die Young Black Tide 10.0
More Justice Damian Marley 10.0
Holding On Simple Plan 10.0
I Need You Bob Marley 10.0
Bully Three Days Grace 10.0
It's Alright Bob Marley 10.0
Let the Music Play Good Charlotte 10.0
Hold On Good Charlotte 10.0
Harlow's Song (Can't Dream Without You) Good Charlotte 10.0
Rastaman Chant Bob Marley 10.0
Warriors of Time Black Tide 10.0
Cardiology Good Charlotte 10.0
Jah Live Bob Marley 10.0
Satisfy My Soul Bob Marley 10.0
My Apocalypse Escape the Fate 10.0
No Love Simple Plan 10.0
Redemption Song Bob Marley 9.9
Last to Know Three Days Grace 9.8
Everytime Simple Plan 9.8
Roots, Rock, Reggae Bob Marley 9.8
Oh Yeah The Subways 9.8
Time Ozzy Osbourne 9.8
This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II) Escape the Fate 9.8
Situations Escape the Fate 9.8
Goin' Down Three Days Grace 9.7
We Are Broken Paramore 9.7
Bitter Taste Three Days Grace 9.7
Could You Be Loved Bob Marley 9.7
Time Is Running Out Muse 9.6
Karvedžiai Diktatūra 9.6
Sorry's Not Good Enough McFly 9.6
Crazy Simple Plan 9.6
Born for This Paramore 9.6
World So Cold Three Days Grace 9.6
Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve 9.6
Hysteria Muse 9.6
10 Miles Wide (su Josh Todd) Escape the Fate 9.6
Lost in You Three Days Grace 9.6
In the shadows The Rasmus 9.6
One Love Bob Marley 9.5
All The Small Things Blink 182 9.5
Nothing Else Matters Metallica 9.5
Here We Go Again Paramore 9.5
Shout Black Tide 9.5
Transylvania McFly 9.5
Kalifornia The Subways 9.5
Come As You Are Nirvana 9.5
No More Trouble Bob Marley 9.5
Riot Three Days Grace 9.5
All We Know Paramore 9.5
Don't Tread On Me Metallica 9.5
Master Of Puppets Metallica 9.5
Jimmy Hokšila 9.5
Map of the Problematique Muse 9.4
Beautiful Place Good Charlotte 9.4
Marso Kanjonai Andrius Mamontovas 9.4
Sun Is Shining Bob Marley 9.4
Until It Sleeps Metallica 9.4
Something Escape the Fate 9.4
Kur dingo vienybė? Hokšila 9.4
Possibility Lykke Li 9.4
On to the Next One Escape the Fate 9.4
My Friend Of Misery Metallica 9.4
I'm Yours Jason Mraz 9.4
One U2 9.4
Animal I Have Become Three Days Grace 9.4
The Unforgiven II Metallica 9.4
Mr. Moustache Nirvana 9.4
Jamming Bob Marley 9.4
Love Buzz Nirvana 9.3
I Just Wanna Live Good Charlotte 9.3
Everybody Knows McFly 9.3
Pain Three Days Grace 9.3
Big Cheese Nirvana 9.3
2 X 4 Metallica 9.3
The Unforgiven Metallica 9.3
Resistance Muse 9.3
Geltona. Žalia. Raudona. Andrius Mamontovas 9.3
Pasaulis gražus Linas Adomaitis 9.3
Supermassive Black Hole Muse 9.3
That Was Just Your Life Metallica 9.3
Hallelujah Jeff Buckley 9.3
Freedom Peace & Me Freaks On Floor 9.3
Last Night Good Charlotte 9.3
Misery Good Charlotte 9.3
Livin' in a World Without You The Rasmus 9.2
The Unforgiven III Metallica 9.2
Blew Nirvana 9.2
Better Than You Metallica 9.2
Get Out Alive Three Days Grace 9.2
Get Up, Stand Up Bob Marley 9.2
I Hate Everything About You Three Days Grace 9.2
Dance Floor Anthem Good Charlotte 9.2
What If Simple Plan 9.2
It's a Party The Subways 9.2
The Good Life Three Days Grace 9.2
The Day That Never Comes Metallica 9.2
About A Girl Nirvana 9.2
The Memory Remains Metallica 9.2
Do Ya McFly 9.2
Let It Die Three Days Grace 9.2
Gone Forever Three Days Grace 9.2
Home Three Days Grace 9.2
Nothing Else Matters Apocalyptica 9.2
All Nightmare Long Metallica 9.2
Life Starts Now Three Days Grace 9.2
I'm Just A Kid Simple Plan 9.2
Ashley Escape the Fate 9.2
Scared Three Days Grace 9.2
Cherry Bomb The Runaways 9.1
Fuel Metallica 9.1
Fences Paramore 9.1
Time of Dying Three Days Grace 9.1
Running Away Three Days Grace 9.1
You Are So Beautiful Escape the Fate 9.1
Save You Simple Plan 9.1
Invincible Muse 9.1
When It Rains Paramore 9.1
Hero Of The Day Metallica 9.1
Exogenesis- Symphony Part 2 (Cross-Pollination) Muse 9.1
The House That Jack Built Metallica 9.1
Undisclosed Desires Muse 9.1
Victims of Love Good Charlotte 9.0
Untitled Simple Plan 9.0
Somewhere The Subways 9.0
Give Me a Chance Black Tide 9.0
Exodus Bob Marley 9.0
Black Abyss Black Tide 9.0
Break Three Days Grace 9.0
Zimbabwe Bob Marley 9.0
Drown Three Days Grace 9.0
Friends and Alibis Escape the Fate 9.0
Rastaman Live Up! Bob Marley 9.0
Take a Bow Muse 9.0
Where Would We Be Now Good Charlotte 9.0
Shake! Shake! The Subways 9.0
Someone Who Cares Three Days Grace 9.0
Soon Come Bob Marley 9.0
Kaya Bob Marley 9.0
First Date Blink 182 9.0
Wake Up Three Days Grace 9.0
The River Good Charlotte 9.0
Shut Up! Simple Plan 9.0
Broken Hearts Parade Good Charlotte 9.0
Can't You See Bob Marley 9.0
Laisvė Diktatūra 9.0
Movin On Good Charlotte 9.0
1979 Good Charlotte 9.0
The Webs We Weave Escape the Fate 9.0
21 Guns Green Day 9.0
Exogenesis- Symphony Part 3 (Redemption) Muse 9.0
Rock & Roll Queen The Subways 8.9
It's All Over Three Days Grace 8.9
Never Too Late Three Days Grace 8.9
Exogenesis- Symphony Part 1 (Overture) Muse 8.9
Numb Linkin Park 8.9
Frantic Metallica 8.9
Shoot Me Again Metallica 8.9
Crushcrushcrush Paramore 8.9
Black Rain Ozzy Osbourne 8.9
No More Three Days Grace 8.9
Snuff Slipknot 8.9
Hallelujah Paramore 8.9
School Nirvana 8.9
Falling In Love McFly 8.9
When I'm Gone Simple Plan 8.9
Your Love Is a Lie Simple Plan 8.9
For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic Paramore 8.8
Grace Jeff Buckley 8.8
My World Metallica 8.8
Misery Business Paramore 8.8
Don't Stop Me Now McFly 8.8
Leave Out All the Rest Linkin Park 8.8
The Flood Escape the Fate 8.8
Let the Flames Begin Paramore 8.8
Harder Than You Know Escape the Fate 8.7
Uprising Muse 8.7
Given Up Linkin Park 8.7
That's What You Get Paramore 8.7
Good Morning Revival Good Charlotte 8.7
I'd Do Anything Simple Plan 8.7
The End of the Line Metallica 8.6
Never Let This Go Paramore 8.6
Let You Down Three Days Grace 8.6
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 8.6
On My Own Three Days Grace 8.6
Perfect Simple Plan 8.6
All Within My Hands Metallica 8.6
One for the Radio McFly 8.6
Lucky Jason Mraz 8.6
Ghost of You Good Charlotte 8.5
Alive Good Charlotte 8.5
There She Goes Good Charlotte 8.5
Holier Than Thou Metallica 8.5
Overrated Three Days Grace 8.5
Foreign policy Gravel 8.5
Click Click Boom Saliva 8.5
Dirty Window Metallica 8.5
Sad But True Metallica 8.5
Burn Three Days Grace 8.4
Over and Over Three Days Grace 8.4
Welcome to My Life Simple Plan 8.3
Like It's Her Birthday Good Charlotte 8.3
Miracle Paramore 8.3
Here for You Ozzy Osbourne 8.3
Pressure Paramore 8.3
I Can Wait Forever Simple Plan 8.3
Something Else Good Charlotte 8.3
If You Don't Wanna Love Me James Morrison 8.3
All or Nothing The Subways 8.3
Holiday The Subways 8.3
Nobody knows Gravel 8.2
Smile McFly 8.2
Now or Never Three Days Grace 8.2
Without You Three Days Grace 8.1
All Black Good Charlotte 8.1
Just like You Three Days Grace 8.1
Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous Good Charlotte 8.0
One Foundation Bob Marley 8.0
Jump Simple Plan 8.0
No Goodbyes The Subways 8.0
Not Going Away Ozzy Osbourne 8.0
Let It Go Escape the Fate 8.0
Show Me the Way Black Tide 8.0
Take Me Under Three Days Grace 8.0
Lies McFly 7.9
Born Like This Three Days Grace 7.9
The Day that I Die Good Charlotte 7.8
Countdown's Begun Ozzy Osbourne 7.8
Emergency Paramore 7.8
Take My Hand Simple Plan 7.6
11 Silver Ozzy Osbourne 7.6
Aš tau meluoju Vaidas Baumila 7.6
Move To Newlyn The Subways 7.5
You Give Me Something James Morrison 7.5
Trap Door Ozzy Osbourne 7.5
Home Is Where the Heart Is McFly 7.5
I Don't Wanna Stop Ozzy Osbourne 7.4
One-X Three Days Grace 7.4
Brighter Paramore 7.4
Natural Mystic Bob Marley 7.3
Grow Up Simple Plan 7.3
Black Widow Black Tide 7.3
Time to Say Goodbye Simple Plan 7.1
The Worst Day Ever Simple Plan 7.0
My Alien Simple Plan 7.0
Weight of the World Saliva 7.0
Say Anything Good Charlotte 7.0
Perfect (Live) Simple Plan 7.0
The End Simple Plan 7.0
Civilize the Universe Ozzy Osbourne 7.0
Addicted Simple Plan 7.0
Hit the Lights Black Tide 7.0
Ultraviolet McFly 7.0
The Almighty Dollar Ozzy Osbourne 6.8
Lay Your World On Me Ozzy Osbourne 6.7
Light From Above Black Tide 5.5
Go Tell It on the Mountain Bob Marley 5.0
God Must Hate Me Simple Plan 4.5
Alright The Subways -
When I'm With You Simple Plan -
One Day Simple Plan -
We're Gonna Make It Damian Marley -
Nothing McFly -
Perfect World Simple Plan -
Always Tomorrow The Subways -
Promise Simple Plan -
No Sympathy Bob Marley -
Introduction to Cardiology Good Charlotte -
Silver Screen Romance Good Charlotte -
You Don't Mean Anything Simple Plan -
Interlude: The Fifth Chamber Good Charlotte -
Meet You There Simple Plan -
Lively Up Yourself Bob Marley -
Generation Simple Plan -
I'll Be OK McFly -
She Falls Asleep [Part 1] McFly -
So Much Trouble in the World Bob Marley -
Thank You Simple Plan -
One Simple Plan -
Revolution Bob Marley -
We Are the Young McFly -
I Won't Be There Simple Plan -
Twister Saliva -

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00:23 - einaras13
1) Admin'ai už savo daromus darbus gauną skylę baronkoje.
2) Tai kad tų admin'ų čia nelabai yra. Mato, kad beviltiška susikalbėti su viršesniais lygmenim dėl puslapio tobulinimo, tai tiesiog nustojo daryt kažką.
Išvada: teks tenkintis stagnacija...
13:10 - Plikas[LT]
Turėtų administracija jausti bent kruopelę sarmatos prieš tą negausią Music'iečių bendruomenę ... :-|
13:08 - Plikas[LT]
Tai matomai, kažkam iš Music'o administratorių vis dar kol kas "per trumpos rankos", kad vieną kartą paimtų ir prisiruoštų patalpinti nors kruopelę informacijos apie jau pakankamai subrendusią lietuvišką grupę "KITI KAMBARIAI" :-/
07:59 - fabregas
Kodėl nėra puslapy "Kiti Kambariai" nei kaip gupės nei dainų atskirai ?
16:53 - Arunazz
15:00 - WeeT
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19:15 - Silentist
I think tonight everything alright, because we take fire and make desire. I Went to school with friends and fools. To share the sun, to hear some fun. I need your love. I feed from glove. The Bird and trees, in summer breeze.
15:00 - WeeT
Atsinaujino LT TOP 30!
01:51 - einaras13
00:45 - DjVaids
kas nors pataisykit!!! Žilvinis Žvagulis neturi dainos "Klika", ten yra daina "Kloika"!!!


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