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Daina Grupė Reitingas
All You Zombies Sandra 10.0
Spitfire (05 Version) The Prodigy 10.0
Omen (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Family Values Xzibit 10.0
Out Of Space (Audio Bullys Remix) The Prodigy 10.0
Firestarter (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Voodoo People (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Smack My Bitch Up (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Everybody In The Place (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Voodoo People (05 Edit) The Prodigy 10.0
Thunder (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Thank You Xzibit 10.0
The Way It Is (Live Remix) The Prodigy 10.0
Run With The Wolves (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Take Me To The Hospital (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Out Of Space (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Charly (Alley Cat Remix) The Prodigy 10.0
Colours (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Warrior's Dance (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Weather Experience (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Glamorous Life Interlude Lady GaGa 10.0
Invaders Must Die (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Their Law (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 10.0
Bloody Mary (The Horrors Remix) Lady GaGa 9.9
She Drives Me Wild Michael Jackson 9.9
Colours The Prodigy 9.9
I Can't Help It Michael Jackson 9.9
Omen Reprise The Prodigy 9.9
Electric Chapel Lady GaGa 9.8
Drive You Home Garbage 9.8
Scheiße (Guéna LG Remix) Lady GaGa 9.8
You and I (Metronomy Remix) Lady GaGa 9.8
Stand Up The Prodigy 9.8
Razor The Prodigy 9.8
Girlfriend Michael Jackson 9.8
Milk Garbage 9.8
Changing Skies Lady GaGa 9.8
The Way You Make Me Feel Michael Jackson 9.7
Man In The Mirror Michael Jackson 9.7
Temptation Waits Garbage 9.7
Judas (Goldfrapp Remix) Lady GaGa 9.7
Medication Garbage 9.7
Run With The Wolves The Prodigy 9.7
D.S. Michael Jackson 9.7
So Like A Rose Garbage 9.7
You and I (Wild Beasts Remix) Lady GaGa 9.7
Back 2 Skool The Prodigy 9.6
Give In To Me Michael Jackson 9.6
Fix Me Now Garbage 9.6
They Don't Care About Us Michael Jackson 9.6
Dirty Diana Michael Jackson 9.6
Earth Song Michael Jackson 9.6
Black Jesus † Amen Fashion Lady GaGa 9.6
Tabloid Junkie Michael Jackson 9.6
My Lover's Box Garbage 9.6
Breaking Up The Girl Garbage 9.6
Stranger In Moscow Michael Jackson 9.6
You Are Not Alone Michael Jackson 9.6
Your Love [Remix] The Prodigy 9.6
Boys Wanna Fight Garbage 9.6
Vincent Price Excerpt (From "Thriller" Voice-Over Sessions) Michael Jackson 9.6
A Stroke Of Luck Garbage 9.6
Hammering In My Head Garbage 9.5
World's On Fire The Prodigy 9.5
The World Is Not Enough Garbage 9.5
Bleed Like Me Garbage 9.5
Just Dance (Guena club mix - Glam As You mix) Lady GaGa 9.5
Untouchable Garbage 9.5
Silence Is Golden Garbage 9.5
Get Up Get Off The Prodigy 9.5
Can't Cry These Tears Garbage 9.5
Come Together Michael Jackson 9.5
Hyperspeed [G-Force Part 2] The Prodigy 9.5
Little Susie Michael Jackson 9.5
Piranha The Prodigy 9.5
Smooth Criminal Michael Jackson 9.5
Wicked Ways Garbage 9.5
Smile Michael Jackson 9.5
In The Closet Michael Jackson 9.5
Dumb Garbage 9.5
Can't Let Her Get Away Michael Jackson 9.5
Superfly Sister Michael Jackson 9.5
Judas Lady GaGa 9.5
Scream Louder Michael Jackson 9.5
Dog New Tricks Garbage 9.5
Voodoo Beats The Prodigy 9.5
Memphis Bells [su Princess Superstar] The Prodigy 9.5
Happy Home Garbage 9.4
Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough Michael Jackson 9.4
Blood On The Dance Floor Michael Jackson 9.4
It's All Over But The Crying Garbage 9.4
Heal The World Michael Jackson 9.4
Invincible Michael Jackson 9.4
Everybody In The Place [155 And Rising] The Prodigy 9.4
Beat It Michael Jackson 9.4
Marry the Night Lady GaGa 9.4
Sex Is Not The Enemy Garbage 9.4
Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix) The Prodigy 9.4
Off The Wall Michael Jackson 9.4
Black Or White Michael Jackson 9.4
Is It Scary Michael Jackson 9.4
Nobody Loves You Garbage 9.4
Supervixen Garbage 9.4
You and I - gyvai Lady GaGa 9.4
The Way It Is The Prodigy 9.4
Billie Jean Michael Jackson 9.4
The Edge of Glory Lady GaGa 9.4
2 Bad Michael Jackson 9.4
Automatic Systematic Habit Garbage 9.4
Tell Me Where It Hurts Garbage 9.4
HIStory (Tony Moran's HIStory Lesson) Michael Jackson 9.4
Heartbreaker Michael Jackson 9.4
Their Law [su Pop Will Eat Itself] The Prodigy 9.4
Speedway [Theme From 'Fastlane'] The Prodigy 9.4
Scream Michael Jackson 9.4
This Time Around Michael Jackson 9.4
Born This Way Lady GaGa 9.4
Thunder The Prodigy 9.4
Warrior's Dance The Prodigy 9.3
HIStory Michael Jackson 9.3
Push It Garbage 9.3
Born This Way Lady GaGa 9.3
Breathe The Prodigy 9.3
Bad Boyfriend Garbage 9.3
Stupid Girl Garbage 9.3
Firestarter The Prodigy 9.3
Princess Die (gyvai) Lady GaGa 9.3
Animal Lady GaGa 9.3
Ruff In The Jungle Bizness The Prodigy 9.3
Sugar Garbage 9.3
Music Reach [1-2-3-4] The Prodigy 9.3
Why You Wanna Trip On Me Michael Jackson 9.3
The Narcotic Suite: Claustrophobic Sting The Prodigy 9.3
Why Do You Love Me Garbage 9.3
Will You Be There Michael Jackson 9.3
Right Between The Eyes Garbage 9.3
Climbatize The Prodigy 9.3
Break & Enter The Prodigy 9.3
As Heaven Is Wide Garbage 9.3
Medusa's Path The Prodigy 9.3
The Girl Is Mine Michael Jackson 9.3
Telephone (Alphabeat Remix) Lady GaGa 9.3
Omen The Prodigy 9.3
Take Me To The Hospital The Prodigy 9.3
Smack My Bitch Up The Prodigy 9.3
Metal Heart Garbage 9.3
Run Baby Run Garbage 9.3
Fuel My Fire The Prodigy 9.3
Shut Your Mouth Garbage 9.3
No Good [Start The Dance] The Prodigy 9.3
Weather Experience The Prodigy 9.3
Thriller Michael Jackson 9.3
When I Grow Up Garbage 9.3
Jam Michael Jackson 9.2
Serial Thrilla The Prodigy 9.2
Gone Too Soon Michael Jackson 9.2
Spitfire The Prodigy 9.2
Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes) Lady GaGa 9.2
Full Throttle The Prodigy 9.2
Beloved Freak Garbage 9.2
You Look So Fine Garbage 9.2
Invaders Must Die The Prodigy 9.2
The Edge of Glory (Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix) Lady GaGa 9.2
Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) The Prodigy 9.2
Mindfields The Prodigy 9.2
I Just Can't Stop Loving You Michael Jackson 9.2
Fire [Sunrise Version] The Prodigy 9.2
I Think I'm Paranoid Garbage 9.2
Americano (Gregori Klosman Remix) Lady GaGa 9.2
It's The Falling In Love Michael Jackson 9.2
Parade Garbage 9.2
Heaven Can Wait Michael Jackson 9.2
Sleep Together Garbage 9.2
Childhood (theme from "Free Willy 2") Michael Jackson 9.2
The Narcotic Suite: Skylined The Prodigy 9.1
Money Michael Jackson 9.1
Burn This Disco Out Michael Jackson 9.1
Queer Garbage 9.1
Not Your Kind Of People Garbage 9.1
Why Don't You Come Over Garbage 9.1
The Queen Lady GaGa 9.1
Remember The Time Michael Jackson 9.1
Unbreakable Michael Jackson 9.1
Girls [su The Ping Pong Bitches] The Prodigy 9.1
Just Good Friends Michael Jackson 9.1
Cup Of Coffee Garbage 9.1
Androgyny Garbage 9.1
Jericho The Prodigy 9.1
Who Is It Michael Jackson 9.1
Bad Michael Jackson 9.1
Another Part Of Me Michael Jackson 9.1
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) Garbage 9.1
Death Of The Prodigy Dancers [Live] The Prodigy 9.1
White Christmas - gyvai Lady GaGa 9.1
Wake Up Call [su Kool Keith] The Prodigy 9.1
Wind It Up The Prodigy 9.1
Ghosts Michael Jackson 9.0
Liberian Girl Michael Jackson 9.0
Video Phone Lady GaGa 9.0
The Heat [The Energy] The Prodigy 9.0
Orange Colored Sky - gyvai Lady GaGa 9.0
Action Radar The Prodigy 9.0
Baby Be Mine Michael Jackson 9.0
P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing) Michael Jackson 9.0
One Love [Edit] The Prodigy 9.0
Morphine Michael Jackson 9.0
Voodoo People The Prodigy 9.0
Ribbons Lady GaGa 9.0
I Hate Love Garbage 9.0
Special Garbage 9.0
Black Jesus † Amen Fashion (Michael Woods Remix) Lady GaGa 9.0
Ram Part Division Xzibit 9.0
Under My Wheels The Prodigy 9.0
We Are The Ruffest The Prodigy 9.0
Leave Me Alone Michael Jackson 9.0
Intro The Prodigy 8.9
Highway Unicorn (Road To Love) Lady GaGa 8.9
The Trick Is To Keep Breathing Garbage 8.9
Break Of Dawn Michael Jackson 8.9
Poison [su Maxim] The Prodigy 8.9
Out Of Space The Prodigy 8.9
Only Happy When It Rains Garbage 8.9
Phoenix The Prodigy 8.9
The Edge of Glory - gyvai Lady GaGa 8.9
Shootdown The Prodigy 8.9
Felt Garbage 8.9
Charly [Trip Into Drum And Bass Version] The Prodigy 8.9
Human Nature Michael Jackson 8.9
Their Law (05 Edit) The Prodigy 8.8
Get On The Floor Michael Jackson 8.8
Big Bright World Garbage 8.8
Diesel Power The Prodigy 8.8
Just Dance (HCCR's Bambossa Main Mix) Lady GaGa 8.8
Dangerous Michael Jackson 8.8
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) Michael Jackson 8.8
Working Day And Night Michael Jackson 8.8
Money Michael Jackson 8.8
Beat It 2008 Michael Jackson 8.7
Government Hooker Lady GaGa 8.7
You'll Be Under My Wheels The Prodigy 8.7
Hair Lady GaGa 8.7
Earth Song Michael Jackson 8.7
Man On A Wire Garbage 8.7
The Lady In My Life Michael Jackson 8.7
Keep The Faith Michael Jackson 8.7
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' Michael Jackson 8.7
Bloody Mary Lady GaGa 8.7
She's Out Of My Life Michael Jackson 8.6
The Vulture Pendulum 8.6
Hotride [su Juliette Lewis] The Prodigy 8.6
Control Garbage 8.6
Poker Face (gyvai @ Radio 1) Lady GaGa 8.6
Til The Day I Die Garbage 8.6
Blood For Poppies Garbage 8.6
Rock With You Michael Jackson 8.5
#1 Crush (Nellee Hooper Remix) Garbage 8.5
Speed Demon Michael Jackson 8.5
Marry The Night Lady GaGa 8.5
No Man Army The Prodigy 8.4
Not My Idea Garbage 8.4
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Frankmusik Cut Snare Edit Remix) Lady GaGa 8.4
Pokerface (Live From The Cherrytree House Piano & Voice Version) Lady GaGa 8.4
Vow Garbage 8.4
Billie Jean Michael Jackson 8.4
For All Time Michael Jackson 8.4
Scheiße Lady GaGa 8.4
Retro Physical Lady GaGa 8.4
LoveGame (Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix) Lady GaGa 8.4
Superstar Lady GaGa 8.3
Bad Romance (Starsmith Remix) Lady GaGa 8.3
Something Crazy Lady GaGa 8.3
Battle In Me Garbage 8.3
Americano Lady GaGa 8.3
Fashion Of His Love Lady GaGa 8.3
Reloaded (su Rodney Jerkins) Lady GaGa 8.2
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Pet Shop Boys Radio Remix) Lady GaGa 8.2
The Girl Is Mine 2008 Michael Jackson 8.2
Just Dance (Space Cowboy Remix) Lady GaGa 8.2
Just Dance (Richard Vission Remix) Lady GaGa 8.2
The Fame (Glam As You Remix) Lady GaGa 8.2
You and I Lady GaGa 8.2
Love Game (Robot To Mars Remix) Lady GaGa 8.2
The Salmon Dance (su Fatlip) The Chemical Brothers 8.2
Judas (Hurts Remix) Lady GaGa 8.2
Fooled Me Again Lady GaGa 8.1
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' Michael Jackson 8.1
The Edge Of Glory Lady GaGa 8.0
It's All Over but the Crying (Remix) Garbage 8.0
What Girls Are Made Of Garbage 8.0
Bad Kids Lady GaGa 8.0
Paparazzi (Stuart Price Remix) Lady GaGa 8.0
Firestarter (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 8.0
Manifesto of Little Monsters Interlude Lady GaGa 8.0
The One Garbage 8.0
Smack My Bitch Up (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 8.0
Electric Chapel Lady GaGa 7.9
So Happy I Could Die Lady GaGa 7.9
Alejandro (The Sound Of Arrows Remix) Lady GaGa 7.9
Molotov Bitch The Prodigy 7.9
Born This Way (Starsmith remix) Lady GaGa 7.9
Paper Gangsta Lady GaGa 7.9
Second Time Around Lady GaGa 7.8
Rockshow Lady GaGa 7.8
The Narcotic Suite: 3 Kilos The Prodigy 7.8
Narayan The Prodigy 7.8
Paparazzi (Yuksek Remix) Lady GaGa 7.8
Bright Tonight Garbage 7.7
No Way Lady GaGa 7.7
Teeth Lady GaGa 7.7
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Piano & Human Beat Box Version) (gyvai) Lady GaGa 7.7
Judas Lady GaGa 7.7
Voodoo People (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 7.7
Heavy Metal Lover Lady GaGa 7.7
No Good (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 7.7
Bad Romance (Grum Remix) Lady GaGa 7.7
Show Me Garbage 7.7
Breathe (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 7.7
Boys Boys Boys (Manhattan Clique) Lady GaGa 7.7
Hey Boy Hey Girl The Chemical Brothers 7.6
Just Dance (Deewaan Remix) Lady GaGa 7.6
Poker Face (LLG vs. GLG Radio Mix) Lady GaGa 7.6
Telephone Lady GaGa 7.6
Wonderful Lady GaGa 7.5
Dance In The Dark Lady GaGa 7.5
Nothin On (But The Radio) Lady GaGa 7.5
What's Left to Say Sandra 7.5
Speechless Lady GaGa 7.4
Kaboom Lady GaGa 7.4
Starstruck Lady GaGa 7.4
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Electric Piano and Human Beat Box Version) Lady GaGa 7.4
Sexy Ugly Lady GaGa 7.4
Funky Shit The Prodigy 7.4
Just Dance Lady GaGa 7.4
Monster Lady GaGa 7.4
Telephone (Passion Pit Remix) Lady GaGa 7.3
Poison (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 7.3
Diesel Power (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 7.3
Funky Shit (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 7.3
Their Law (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 7.3
Poker Face Lady GaGa 7.2
Alejandro Lady GaGa 7.2
Viva La Vida (gyvai) Lady GaGa 7.2
Alejandro (Kleerup Club Mix) Lady GaGa 7.2
Bad Romance Lady GaGa 7.1
Fancy Pants Lady GaGa 7.0
Then You'd Love Me Lady GaGa 7.0
Who I Am Sandra 7.0
Summerboy Lady GaGa 7.0
Symsonic Rank 1 7.0
What D'ya Think of Me Sandra 7.0
Dear God... if You Exist Sandra 7.0
Born This Way Lady GaGa 7.0
Silence Beside Me Sandra 7.0
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) Lady GaGa 6.9
Filthy Pop Lady GaGa 6.9
Kandy Life Lady GaGa 6.9
Poker Face / Speechless / Your Song (gyvai, Grammy 2010) Lady GaGa 6.9
Captivated Lady GaGa 6.9
Money Honey Lady GaGa 6.8
Crazy Sexy Cool DJ Jurgen 6.8
Just Dance (Stripped Down Version) (gyvai) Lady GaGa 6.8
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich Lady GaGa 6.8
Brown Eyes Lady GaGa 6.8
Shake Ur Kitty Lady GaGa 6.8
Bad Romance Lady GaGa 6.7
LoveGame Lady GaGa 6.6
The Fame Lady GaGa 6.6
Mindfields (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 6.5
Dirty Ice Cream Lady GaGa 6.3
Paparazzi Lady GaGa 6.3
I Like It Rough Lady GaGa 6.2
Imagine (gyvai) Lady GaGa 6.1
Boys Boys Boys Lady GaGa 6.1
Breathe (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 6.0
What Is It About Me Sandra 6.0
Poker Face (akustinė) Lady GaGa 6.0
The Art of Love Sandra 5.5
Cake/Trap Lady GaGa 3.7
Intro (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 3.0
Extasy Of Violence (Rock And Roll) (gyvai - Olandija '96) The Prodigy 3.0
Intro (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy 1.0
Once Upon a Time Sandra -
Casino Royale Sandra -
Omen Reprise (gyvai - World's On Fire) The Prodigy -
Put Your Arms Around Me Sandra -
Shadow of Power Sandra -

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