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Daina Grupė Reitingas
Wages of Sin The 69 Eyes 10.0
Keep on Galloping Korpiklaani 10.0
At the Heart of Winter Immortal 10.0
Antarctica Immortal 10.0
Freezing Moon Mayhem 10.0
Lithium (gyvai) Nirvana 10.0
Next Stop Paradise The 69 Eyes 10.0
Declaration of Hate Dark Funeral 10.0
Quiet These Paintings Are Shape of Despair 10.0
The Chair The 69 Eyes 10.0
Complex Messiah London After Midnight 10.0
Land of the Dead Summoning 10.0
Demonium Immortal 10.0
An Amen Anorexia Nervosa 10.0
Pagan Fears Mayhem 10.0
The Sacrilegious Scorn Dimmu Borgir 10.0
In Memoriam Xess 10.0
Nothing's Sacred London After Midnight 10.0
HATE! London After Midnight 10.0
Solarfall Immortal 10.0
Farewell Summoning 10.0
Still Waters Run Deep The 69 Eyes 10.0
Sons of Northern Darkness Immortal 10.0
Voodoo Godsmack 10.0
Black Mirror Theatres des Vampires 10.0
I Walk Alone (Artist Version) Tarja Turunen 10.0
Four Seasons - Winter Antonio Vivaldi 9.9
Don't Cry Guns N' Roses 9.8
Toccata a fuga d moll BWV 565 Johann Sebastian Bach 9.8
Heaven Now London After Midnight 9.8
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 9.8
Jykevää on rakkaus Ville Valo 9.8
Time Hans Zimmer 9.7
Heaven Tonight HIM 9.7
Ea, Lord of the Depths Burzum 9.7
Ir Saulė Neteko Savo Pusės Veido Anubi 9.7
Straight to Video Mindless Self Indulgence 9.7
Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden 9.7
Pure London After Midnight 9.7
Storm Vanessa Mae 9.7
In Chains Depeche Mode 9.6
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) Pink Floyd 9.6
The Face of God HIM 9.6
It's My Life Bon Jovi 9.6
Darkness and Hope Moonspell 9.6
November Rain Guns N' Roses 9.6
I Was Made for Lovin' You Kiss 9.6
Heartache Every Moment HIM 9.6
In Venere Veritas HIM 9.6
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 9.6
Always Bon Jovi 9.6
Knockin' on Heaven's Door Guns N' Roses 9.6
Heaven's on Fire Kiss 9.6
Brandon Lee The 69 Eyes 9.6
Acoustic Funeral (For Love in Limbo) HIM 9.6
Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode 9.6
Byra Byra Karoliukai Mano Juodoji Sesuo 9.6
Salt In Our Wounds HIM 9.6
Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana 9.5
Luna Moonspell 9.5
Belus' død Burzum 9.5
Changes Black Sabbath 9.5
Four Seasons - Summer Antonio Vivaldi 9.5
You Are The One HIM 9.5
Lost in Space Avantasia 9.5
A Pain That I'm Used To Depeche Mode 9.5
Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode 9.5
Iron Man Black Sabbath 9.5
And Love Said No HIM 9.5
Thunder take me away Thundertale 9.5
Circle Of Fear HIM 9.5
Shut Me Up Mindless Self Indulgence 9.5
A Letter to God London After Midnight 9.5
Sacrifice London After Midnight 9.5
Dying Song HIM 9.5
Lady Luck The 69 Eyes 9.5
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1) Pink Floyd 9.5
Resurrection HIM 9.5
The Man Who Sold the World (gyvai - MTV Unplugged) Nirvana 9.5
The Bad Touch Bloodhound Gang 9.5
I Feel You Depeche Mode 9.5
Žemėj Lietuvos Thundertale 9.5
Mirtis Anubi 9.4
Paranoid Black Sabbath 9.4
It's No Good Depeche Mode 9.4
Shatter Me With Hope HIM 9.4
Phantom Of The Opera Nightwish 9.4
Behind The Wheel Depeche Mode 9.4
War Pigs Black Sabbath 9.4
Freelove Depeche Mode 9.4
Lose You Tonight HIM 9.4
Follow Me Pain 9.4
Angels Walk Among Us Anathema 9.4
Nemo Nightwish 9.4
Love, the Hardest Way HIM 9.4
Over The Hills And Far Away Nightwish 9.4
Come As You Are Nirvana 9.4
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode 9.4
Welcome To The Jungle Guns N' Roses 9.4
Fire Water Burn Bloodhound Gang 9.4
Endless Dark HIM 9.4
Join Me In Death HIM 9.4
In the Arms of Rain HIM 9.4
Katherine Wheel HIM 9.3
Sweet Child o' Mine Guns N' Roses 9.3
Bittersweet Apocalyptica 9.3
Sigillum Diaboli HIM 9.3
Ghost Love Score Nightwish 9.3
Policy Of Truth Depeche Mode 9.3
Dumb Nirvana 9.3
Omerta Katatonia 9.3
Love You to Death London After Midnight 9.3
Ode to Solitude HIM 9.3
Wings of a Butterfly HIM 9.3
End Of All Hope Nightwish 9.3
Drunk on Shadows HIM 9.3
Lost Wisdom Burzum 9.3
Cyanide Sun HIM 9.3
Drain You Nirvana 9.3
Valo yössä Ville Valo 9.3
Memento Mori Moonspell 9.3
Black Spell of Destruction Burzum 9.3
In Bloom Nirvana 9.3
Puritania Dimmu Borgir 9.3
Tamsiu Naktį, Juodu Ugnį Dissimulation 9.3
The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden 9.3
More The Sisters of Mercy 9.3
The Begining Of The End HIM 9.3
Lost Boys The 69 Eyes 9.2
Shut Your Mouth Pain 9.2
Nothing Else Matters Apocalyptica 9.2
For You HIM 9.2
Dead Boy's Poem Nightwish 9.2
The Kiss of Dawn HIM 9.2
About A Girl Nirvana 9.2
Never Say Die The 69 Eyes 9.2
Night Eternal Moonspell 9.2
Salvadoro Dali Siela 9.2
Close To The Flame HIM 9.2
Gone With The Sin HIM 9.2
Don't Close Your Heart HIM 9.2
The Byronic Man Cradle of Filth 9.2
Are You Dead Yet? Children of Bodom 9.2
Love You Like I Do HIM 9.2
Sleeping Sun Nightwish 9.1
Love in Cold Blood HIM 9.1
Song or Suicide HIM 9.1
Pretending HIM 9.1
Vienuolė Ir Vibratorius (Varnų Vėjas cover) Xess 9.1
Bleed Well HIM 9.1
Same Old Song Pain 9.1
Geluonis Xess 9.1
Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart HIM 9.1
Rape Me Nirvana 9.1
Stripped Depeche Mode 9.1
People Are People Depeche Mode 9.1
Auka Seniems Dievams Obtest 9.1
Death Dies Hard Deathstars 9.1
The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness HIM 9.1
Beer Beer Korpiklaani 9.1
In Love And Lonely HIM 9.1
Precious Depeche Mode 9.1
Wasting The Dawn The 69 Eyes 9.1
Devyniaragis Obtest 9.1
Gothic Girl The 69 Eyes 9.1
Temple of Love The Sisters of Mercy 9.1
Lucretia My Reflection The Sisters of Mercy 9.1
Like St. Valentine HIM 9.1
Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness) HIM 9.0
The Cult of Venus Aversa Cradle of Filth 9.0
Strange World HIM 9.0
Killing Loneliness HIM 9.0
Bathory Aria: Benighted Like Usher Cradle of Filth 9.0
Strangelove Depeche Mode 9.0
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath 9.0
Illusion's Play Shape of Despair 9.0
Beautiful HIM 9.0
Amor E Morte Cradle of Filth 9.0
One by One Immortal 9.0
Wish You Were Here (5.11) Pink Floyd 9.0
Dusk and Her Embrace Cradle of Filth 9.0
My Journey to the Stars Burzum 9.0
Beyond Redemption HIM 9.0
Gilded Cunt Cradle of Filth 9.0
(Don't Fear) The Reaper HIM 9.0
Framed in Blood The 69 Eyes 9.0
Right Here In My Arms HIM 9.0
Jesu Død Burzum 9.0
Venus Doom HIM 9.0
Black Death, Nonetheless Anorexia Nervosa 9.0
Beneath the Blue The 69 Eyes 9.0
Absinthe with Faust Cradle of Filth 9.0
Buried By Time and Dust Mayhem 9.0
Nocturna Moonspell 9.0
Ghost The 69 Eyes 9.0
Key to the Gate Burzum 9.0
Never Say Die Black Sabbath 9.0
Mercy In You Depeche Mode 9.0
The Pain Looks Good on You London After Midnight 9.0
Demon London After Midnight 9.0
Graveland The 69 Eyes 9.0
Suck Xess (Success) Xess 9.0
Wrong Depeche Mode 8.9
Vampire Woman Soul Stealer 8.9
Your Sweet Six Six Six HIM 8.9
Nymphetamine (Overdose) Cradle of Filth 8.9
Perfect skin The 69 Eyes 8.9
Dances With Satan Theatres des Vampires 8.9
One Last Time HIM 8.9
The Heartless HIM 8.9
Cyanide Deathstars 8.9
Wicked Game HIM 8.9
The Ballad Of Chasey Lain Bloodhound Gang 8.8
Soul On Fire HIM 8.8
The Sacrament HIM 8.8
The Path HIM 8.8
No Time to Cry The Sisters of Mercy 8.8
Sakalo vaikai Obtest 8.8
Summer Wine Ville Valo 8.8
Peace Depeche Mode 8.8
Rebel Yell Children of Bodom 8.8
Feel Berlin The 69 Eyes 8.8
Solitude Anorexia Nervosa 8.8
It's All Tears (Drown In This Love) HIM 8.8
Sister of Charity The 69 Eyes 8.8
Black Celebration Depeche Mode 8.8
Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids Cradle of Filth 8.8
Planet Caravan Black Sabbath 8.8
Mes Turim Jėgų Thundertale 8.8
Please Don't Let It Go HIM 8.8
I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy) HIM 8.7
English Fire Cradle of Filth 8.7
Martyr Depeche Mode 8.7
When Love and Death Embrace HIM 8.7
Sleepless Anathema 8.7
Dark Light HIM 8.7
Venus (In Our Blood) HIM 8.7
This Fortress Of Tears HIM 8.7
Temptation (su Dirty Harry) Cradle of Filth 8.7
Sleepwalking Past Hope HIM 8.7
The Funeral Of Hearts HIM 8.7
Kiss London After Midnight 8.7
Passion's Killing Floor HIM 8.6
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana 8.6
Evil Woman Black Sabbath 8.6
Sister Of Night Depeche Mode 8.6
Blitzkrieg Deathstars 8.6
Stargazers Nightwish 8.6
Solitary Man HIM 8.6
Sweet Pandemonium HIM 8.6
Įkąsk man! Xess 8.6
The Foetus of a New Day Kicking Cradle of Filth 8.5
Lilian Depeche Mode 8.5
Funeral in Carpathia Cradle of Filth 8.5
Christina Death The 69 Eyes 8.5
In the Night Side of Eden HIM 8.5
Poison Heart HIM 8.5
Scared to Death HIM 8.5
Amaranth Nightwish 8.5
Death Is In Love With Us HIM 8.5
Dead Lovers' Lane HIM 8.5
Under the Rose HIM 8.5
Her Ghost in the Fog Cradle of Filth 8.5
Our Diabolical Rapture HIM 8.4
Angel on My Shoulder The 69 Eyes 8.4
Play Dead HIM 8.4
In Joy And Sorrow HIM 8.4
Razorblade Kiss HIM 8.3
...Of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride) Moonspell 8.3
Buried Alive By Love HIM 8.3
Division Xess 8.3
Dance D'Amour The 69 Eyes 8.3
Better To Reign In Hell Cradle of Filth 8.3
Clone Your Lover Zeromancer 8.3
Heaven Depeche Mode 8.3
The Cage HIM 8.3
Gabrielle Cradle of Filth 8.3
Heartkiller HIM 8.3
Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness) Cradle of Filth 8.2
Poison Girl HIM 8.2
Kai Pilnaties Akis Užmerks Mirtis Anubi 8.2
Black Planet The Sisters of Mercy 8.2
Betty Blue The 69 Eyes 8.2
Lord Abortion Cradle of Filth 8.2
Vampire Heart HIM 8.1
Lazarus Heart The 69 Eyes 8.1
Stigmata The 69 Eyes 8.0
The Carpenter Nightwish 8.0
One Final Graven Kiss Cradle of Filth 8.0
Nemesis Cradle of Filth 8.0
Sleeping with Lions The 69 Eyes 8.0
In the Shadow of our Pale Companion Agalloch 8.0
August Moon The 69 Eyes 8.0
Cthulhu Dawn Cradle of Filth 8.0
Sleep Mirrored Shape of Despair 8.0
Shatter London After Midnight 8.0
Jezebel Depeche Mode 8.0
Ozirio Adventas Anubi 8.0
Swansong for a Raven Cradle of Filth 8.0
Chrome Bitch Zeromancer 8.0
Velvet Touch The 69 Eyes 8.0
Dressed In Black Depeche Mode 7.9
Ad Aspera Ossastorium 7.9
Lilith Immaculate Cradle of Filth 7.8
Forgive Me Father (I Have Sinned) Cradle of Filth 7.8
Behind the Crimson Door HIM 7.8
Užtemimas Ossastorium 7.7
Call Me The 69 Eyes 7.6
Zombie Slam Pain 7.6
Synthetic Generation Deathstars 7.6
Forever More The 69 Eyes 7.4
Devils The 69 Eyes 7.3
Have A Drink On Me Pain 7.3
A Gothic Romance Cradle of Filth 7.3
Summer Dying Fast Cradle of Filth 7.0
Stabat Mater Dolorosa Anorexia Nervosa 7.0
Shat Out of Hell Cradle of Filth 7.0
The Graveyard by Moonlight Cradle of Filth 7.0
Tonight in Flames Cradle of Filth 7.0
Hissen Raii Dvar 7.0
The Spawn of Love and War Cradle of Filth 7.0
The Principle of Evil Made Flesh Cradle of Filth 7.0
Coffin Fodder Cradle of Filth 7.0
Honey and Sulphur Cradle of Filth 7.0
A Dream of Wolves in the Snow Cradle of Filth 7.0
The Death of Love Cradle of Filth 7.0
Buried Alive Black Sabbath 7.0
The Black Goddess Rises Cradle of Filth 7.0
Wolves from the Fog Moonspell 6.8
Monkey Business Pain 6.7
Injected Paradise Pain 6.7
Save Me Pain 6.6
The Smoke Of Her Burning Cradle of Filth 6.5
Pervert Messiah Xess 6.5
Mannequin Cradle of Filth 6.3
The Nun with the Astral Habit Cradle of Filth 6.0
Itiir Dvar 6.0
Desire in Violent Overture Cradle of Filth 6.0
On and On Pain 5.8
Būk Prakeiktas Dissimulation 5.5
Live Fast - Die Young Pain 5.5
Bitch Pain 5.5
Something Diabolical Bloodhound Gang 5.3
The Forest Whispers My Name Cradle of Filth 4.0
End of the Line Pain 2.0
The Serpentine Offering Dimmu Borgir -
The Kids Are All Wrong London After Midnight -
Satanismus Percival Schuttenbach -
America's a Fucking Disease London After Midnight -
Where Good Girls Go to Die London After Midnight -
Tomhet Och Tystnad Härska Finntroll -
Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder Cradle of Filth -
Sorgens Kammer Dimmu Borgir -
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams The 69 Eyes -
Pani pana (Nowina) Percival Schuttenbach -
Curse Life Shape of Despair -
Frankenhooker The 69 Eyes -
Cemetery and Sundown Cradle of Filth -
King Antichrist Dark Funeral -
Fallen Shape of Despair -
Reakcja Poganska Percival Schuttenbach -
Shatter (All My Dead Friends) London After Midnight -
The Beginning of the End London After Midnight -

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00:31 - Very_crazy_enough
Nors jei mano ne mėgėjai pasitrauks, galėsiu egzistuoti dviem nickais - kaip musico anulaiku suvenyrais. Nū arba važiuot į Gruto parką, kad tenai paegzistuot kaip suvenyrui
23:25 - Very_crazy_enough
Gerai, mes pasitarsim, ir aš nuspresiu, bet man regis... kad Silentist'as amžinuos medžioklės plotuos, ar ne?
19:23 - einaras13
O beje, VCE, sprendimas, ką daryt, jei nori grįžti prie Silentist anketos, yra temoje Programavimo klaidos, bug'ai ir t.t.
17:13 - Very_crazy_enough
*takij malusienki trollycziek, nes buvo didesniu
17:05 - Very_crazy_enough
Atskleisiu paslaptį ne senbuviams. Kokiais 2011-2012 mane ir pavadino troll, nes uzsipuldinedavau nevienmincius.
16:50 - Very_crazy_enough
skustagalvis trollingas tik be treningas (nuotoliniu būdu)
16:17 - einaras13
„O tai slitinetis, bimbineti ir ieškotis priekabių - pilnavertis gyvenimas?“ – geriausias atsikirtimas, kurį mačiau pastaruoju metu. Ploju!
13:17 - Very_crazy_enough
Pagimdyti medį, užauginti namą, pasodinti seni besmegeni, kiekvieno prasmingo lietuvio veikla ir tikslas. Tiesa, aš ne prasmingas lietuvis bet neinu internetą ant kažko patrolint, siekiu info, bet ne bulvarinės.
13:06 - Very_crazy_enough
*veją ar geles
13:05 - Very_crazy_enough
Reikia kažką kurti, sukurti ir puoselėti - tada bus tavo gyvenimas pilnavertis, augink kad ir vėją, gali su ausinė sėdėdamas


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