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Daina Grupė Reitingas
Can't Get Enough Modern Talking 10.0
Baby I need your love C.C. Catch 10.0
Turn Back The Clock Johnny Hates Jazz 10.0
Can't Let You Go Modern Talking 10.0
Miracle of love Eurythmics 10.0
Jeanny, Part 1 (Long Version) Falco 10.0
Lay All Your Love on Me Erasure 10.0
Not Enough Time INXS 10.0
Midnight Lady Chris Norman 9.9
Original Sin INXS 9.9
Night City Secret Service 9.9
Flash In The Night Secret Service 9.9
Loreen Sandra 9.8
The Final Countdown Europe 9.8
Nobody Loves You Garbage 9.8
Hello Joy 9.8
Broken Heroes Chris Norman 9.8
Come Undone Duran Duran 9.8
Who Wants to Live Forever Queen 9.8
Brother Louie Modern Talking 9.8
Why Annie Lennox 9.8
Country Empire of the Sun 9.8
Sorry Little Sarah Blue System 9.8
Jealousy Pet Shop Boys 9.8
Shape Of My Heart Sting 9.7
Queen of rain Roxette 9.7
With Or Without You U2 9.7
Jeanny, Part 1 Falco 9.7
Little Jeannie Blue System 9.7
Fields Of Gold Sting 9.7
Never Tear Us Apart INXS 9.7
(I'll Never Be) Maria Magdalena Sandra 9.7
In the Heat of the Night Sandra 9.7
Rebel Yell Billy Idol 9.7
Need You Now Lady Antebellum 9.7
Love bites Def Leppard 9.7
After Your Love Is Gone Modern Talking 9.7
Gravity of love Enigma 9.7
Wind Of Change Scorpions 9.7
Some Hearts Are Diamonds Chris Norman 9.7
Mama Genesis 9.7
Ir nieko panašaus Foje 9.7
Laužai Hiperbolė 9.6
Under Pressure Queen 9.6
You Are Not Alone Michael Jackson 9.6
Pour Some Sugar On Me Def Leppard 9.6
Behind The Wheel Depeche Mode 9.6
Take On Me a-ha 9.6
The Great Commandment Camouflage 9.6
Kai sirpsta vyšnios Suvalkijoj Vytautas Kernagis 9.6
Simply The Best Tina Turner 9.6
Return to Innocence Enigma 9.6
Desert Rose Sting 9.6
It's a Sin Pet Shop Boys 9.6
Voyage Voyage Desireless 9.6
Women Def Leppard 9.6
Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2: One Year Later) Falco 9.6
Moonlight Affair Silent Circle 9.6
Dukrai Gytis Paškevičius 9.6
Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode 9.6
Wicked Game Chris Isaak 9.6
Nothing Compares 2 U Sinead O'Connor 9.6
Touch By Touch Joy 9.6
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1) Pink Floyd 9.6
Another Day in Paradise Phil Collins 9.6
Laužo šviesa Foje 9.6
Englishman In New York Sting 9.6
Always on my mind Pet Shop Boys 9.6
The Show Must Go On Queen 9.6
We Are the People Empire of the Sun 9.6
Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode 9.5
Kitoks pasaulis Foje 9.5
Big in Japan Alphaville 9.5
Mother Pink Floyd 9.5
I Feel You Depeche Mode 9.5
I Want To Break Free Queen 9.5
Maybe I Maybe You Scorpions 9.5
Distancija Foje 9.5
Streets of Philadelphia Bruce Springsteen 9.5
Forever Young Alphaville 9.5
A Kind of Magic Queen 9.5
Geltoni krantai Foje 9.5
Love comes quickly (Shep Pettibone's mastermix) Pet Shop Boys 9.5
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode 9.5
Amžinas judesys Foje 9.5
Samurai Nino de Angelo 9.5
Krantas Foje 9.5
Crying in the Rain a-ha 9.5
Wonderful Life Hurts 9.5
Ecstasy ATB 9.5
Hysteria Def Leppard 9.5
Love Is A Shield Camouflage 9.5
Nothing Else Matters Metallica 9.5
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) Eurythmics 9.4
Too much love will kill you Queen 9.4
I Like Chopin Gazebo 9.4
Is This Love Whitesnake 9.4
Pasiimk mane Foje 9.4
Žvaigždės kartais krenta Foje 9.4
Love Sees No Colour U96 9.4
Marso Kanjonai Andrius Mamontovas 9.4
It's No Good Depeche Mode 9.4
Marching On OneRepublic 9.4
Black Or White Michael Jackson 9.4
Paskutinis traukinys Foje 9.4
Meilės nebus per daug Foje 9.4
Please Forgive Me Bryan Adams 9.4
O, meile! Andrius Mamontovas 9.4
Brothers In Arms Dire Straits 9.4
Beyond the Invisible Enigma 9.4
Break It Up Scooter 9.4
Pamiršk mane Hiperbolė 9.4
I Am Your Believer Silent Circle 9.4
Losing My Religion REM 9.4
The Sun Always Shines on TV a-ha 9.4
Shattered Dreams Johnny Hates Jazz 9.4
Freelove Depeche Mode 9.4
Saulės miestas Andrius Mamontovas 9.4
In the Army Now Status Quo 9.3
Renegade ATB 9.3
Tušti delnai Foje 9.3
Frozen Madonna 9.3
Don't You Know, Don't You Know Secret Service 9.3
Last Christmas Wham! 9.3
Angie's Heart Modern Talking 9.3
Kai tu atversi man duris Andrius Mamontovas 9.3
Little 15 Depeche Mode 9.3
Sweet Lullaby Deep Forest 9.3
Hotel California Eagles 9.3
Rent Pet Shop Boys 9.3
1000 kelių į šviesą Lemon Joy 9.3
Ordinary World Duran Duran 9.3
Walking In My Shoes Depeche Mode 9.3
MMX (The Social Song) Enigma 9.3
Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love) Modern Talking 9.3
A Question Of Lust Depeche Mode 9.3
Somebody Eagles 9.3
A Victory of Love Alphaville 9.3
Heartbeat city C.C. Catch 9.3
The Summer ATB 9.3
Touch In The Night Silent Circle 9.3
Different Corner Wham! 9.3
7 Seconds Neneh Cherry 9.3
All Over the World Pet Shop Boys 9.3
Sacrifice Elton John 9.3
Better Than Love Hurts 9.3
Sky Sonique 9.3
Policy Of Truth Depeche Mode 9.3
All I Have Modern Talking 9.3
Pechal' Kino 9.3
Fade to Grey Visage 9.2
Summer Moved On a-ha 9.2
Marrakech ATB 9.2
Liūdesys Foje 9.2
Happy Xmas John Lennon 9.2
Dream On Depeche Mode 9.2
Tau Lemon Joy 9.2
Sounds Like a Melody Alphaville 9.2
My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion 9.2
In the Air Tonight Phil Collins 9.2
Cheri Cheri Lady Modern Talking 9.2
Viskuo tikiu Lemon Joy 9.2
Can’t Stop Loving You Phil Collins 9.2
Dancing with Myself Billy Idol 9.2
True Faith New Order 9.2
You Look So Fine Garbage 9.2
When the Heartache Is Over Tina Turner 9.2
Always on my mind/in my house Pet Shop Boys 9.1
Pamiršk mane Lemon Joy 9.1
Set Fire to the Rain Adele 9.1
Illuminated Hurts 9.1
Heartbeat City The Cars 9.1
Dancing Queen ABBA 9.1
Faster Harder Scooter Scooter 9.1
Ci Sara Al Bano & Romina Power 9.1
Hunting High And Low a-ha 9.1
'Cause You Are Young C.C. Catch 9.1
World In My Eyes Depeche Mode 9.1
Oh My Heart REM 9.1
Gangster Love Blue System 9.1
9PM (Till I Come) ATB 9.1
Heartbeat Enrique Iglesias 9.1
Sharazan Al Bano & Romina Power 9.1
Stay on These Roads a-ha 9.1
Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More Secret Service 9.1
People Are People Depeche Mode 9.1
Precious Depeche Mode 9.1
Balsas Foje 9.1
La Isla Bonita Madonna 9.1
Ar tai būtum tu? Andrius Mamontovas 9.1
Stay Hurts 9.1
Condemnation Depeche Mode 9.1
Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) Shakira 9.1
You Can Win If You Want Modern Talking 9.1
Give It 2 Me Madonna 9.1
You Are Not Alone Modern Talking 9.1
Valerie Joy 9.0
Self Control Laura Branigan 9.0
What Else Is There? Royksopp 9.0
One more chance Pet Shop Boys 9.0
A Question Of Time Depeche Mode 9.0
Mylėt tave taip beprotiška ir keista Lemon Joy 9.0
Silver Lining Hurts 9.0
Domino Dancing Pet Shop Boys 9.0
Take My Breath Away Berlin 9.0
Žvakių šviesoje Foje 9.0
Everlasting Love Sandra 9.0
Devil Inside INXS 9.0
Me and You Camouflage 9.0
Nieko panašaus Andrius Mamontovas 9.0
Out of the Dark Falco 9.0
Blood, Tears & Gold Hurts 9.0
Magic Symphony Blue System 9.0
Heart Pet Shop Boys 9.0
Send Me An Angel Real Life 9.0
Minor Earth Major Sky a-ha 9.0
Strangelove Depeche Mode 9.0
Hurricane 30 Seconds to Mars 8.9
Anything Is Possible Modern Talking 8.9
Everybody Hurts REM 8.9
Like A Virgin Madonna 8.9
Just Can't Get Enough Depeche Mode 8.9
Rhythm Is a Dancer Snap! 8.9
Kažkada Lemon Joy 8.9
Like A Prayer Madonna 8.9
Mea Culpa Enigma 8.9
Arabian Gold Modern Talking 8.9
Together Pet Shop Boys 8.9
Somebody Depeche Mode 8.9
Hold You ATB 8.9
I'm Raving Scooter 8.9
In Your Room Depeche Mode 8.8
Go West Pet Shop Boys 8.8
Žodžiai į tylą 88 Foje 8.8
Opportunities (version latina) Pet Shop Boys 8.8
Master And Servant Depeche Mode 8.8
Rain Mika 8.8
Heart Of Glass Blondie 8.8
Sunday Hurts 8.8
Black Celebration Depeche Mode 8.8
West End Girls Pet Shop Boys 8.7
A Question Of Lust a-ha 8.7
What Have I Done to Deserve This? Pet Shop Boys 8.7
Evelyn Hurts 8.7
Home Depeche Mode 8.7
Atsimenu tai Foje 8.7
Goodbye Savage 8.7
Meet Me Halfway Black Eyed Peas 8.7
Devotion Hurts 8.6
Right in the Night (Fall in Love With Music) Jam & Spoon 8.6
Walking on a Dream Empire of the Sun 8.6
Geltoni krantai Lemon Joy 8.6
All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day Hurts 8.6
I Die For You Today Alphaville 8.6
Mes visi Foje 8.6
No Limit 2 Unlimited 8.6
Ten kur mylėjau Lemon Joy 8.6
Fire Scooter 8.5
The Catalyst Linkin Park 8.5
Suburbia Pet Shop Boys 8.5
Regret New Order 8.5
Can you forgive her? Pet Shop Boys 8.5
Tribal Dance 2 Unlimited 8.5
Pirmosios gėlės (baltoj tyloj) Lemon Joy 8.5
Thank You For The Music ABBA 8.4
The Power of Love Frankie Goes to Hollywood 8.4
Leisk Sau Aistė Pilvelytė 8.4
How Much Is The Fish? Scooter 8.4
Two divided by zero Pet Shop Boys 8.4
Principles of Lust Enigma 8.4
On The Floor Jennifer Lopez 8.3
Žodžiai į tylą Foje 8.3
Oh, Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight Silent Circle 8.3
The Fear Royksopp 8.3
Heaven Depeche Mode 8.3
I want a dog Pet Shop Boys 8.3
Sniegas Andrius Mamontovas 8.3
Shout Tears for Fears 8.3
One Language Vargo 8.3
This Must Be It Royksopp 8.3
Paninaro (italian remix) Pet Shop Boys 8.3
Rhythm Divine Enrique Iglesias 8.3
Pasiklydęs žmogus Sasha Song 8.3
I Like It Enrique Iglesias 8.3
Send Me An Angel '89 Real Life 8.3
Left to My Own Devices Pet Shop Boys 8.2
New Kid in Town Eagles 8.2
Nekęsk manęs dar stipriau Lemon Joy 8.2
Kita diena Foje 8.2
Nothing Depeche Mode 8.2
Rain Madonna 8.2
Bells Of Paris Modern Talking 8.2
Perlai SEL 8.2
West End girls (disco mix) Pet Shop Boys 8.2
Feel You Like A River ATB 8.1
A Telegramm To Your Heart Modern Talking 8.1
Tamsoje Foje 8.1
Iš gimties Lemon Joy 8.1
Relax, Take It Easy Mika 8.1
Touchy! a-ha 8.1
Crystal New Order 8.0
I don't know what you want but I can't give it any more Pet Shop Boys 8.0
Violence Pet Shop Boys 8.0
Mūsų meilė (Like vieni) Neda Malūnavičiūtė 8.0
Love to Hate You Erasure 8.0
Yesterday, when I was mad Pet Shop Boys 8.0
In the night (extended mix) Pet Shop Boys 8.0
I want to wake up Pet Shop Boys 8.0
Winner Takes Nothing Camouflage 8.0
Being boring Pet Shop Boys 7.9
You and I Sandra 7.9
Masterpiece Gazebo 7.9
Later tonight Pet Shop Boys 7.9
Almost Unreal Roxette 7.9
Photographic Depeche Mode 7.9
Your Funny Uncle Pet Shop Boys 7.9
We Take You Higher Scooter 7.9
Run To You Whitney Houston 7.8
Mamos Suknelė Tele Bim Bam 7.8
Lotus Flower Radiohead 7.8
Opportunities (let's make lots of money) Pet Shop Boys 7.7
I Can't Feel You Camouflage 7.7
Love Is Blind (Lietuva, Eurovizija '2012) Donny Montell 7.7
Violence (Haçienda version) Pet Shop Boys 7.7
The Autumn Leaves ATB 7.6
Here With Me ATB 7.5
I'm not scared Pet Shop Boys 7.5
Circuit Breaker Royksopp 7.5
IntenCity ATB 7.5
Talking One Language (Anniversary Mix) Vargo 7.4
DJ Culture Pet Shop Boys 7.4
Collides With Beauty ATB 7.4
Home and dry Pet Shop Boys 7.3
Relax Frankie Goes to Hollywood 7.3
Love Comes Quickly Pet Shop Boys 7.3
Hunting High And Low (Remix) a-ha 7.0
Absolutely Dubulous Pet Shop Boys 7.0
Mysterious Skies ATB 7.0
Tonight is forever Pet Shop Boys 6.8
Escape In Music 2 Unlimited 6.8
After The Flame ATB 6.8
A new life Pet Shop Boys 6.8
Angeli Al Bano & Romina Power 6.6
When The Feeling's Gone Haddaway 6.5
Before Pet Shop Boys 6.0
Shopping Pet Shop Boys 6.0
It Couldn't Happen Here Pet Shop Boys 6.0
Laikinas angelas Lemon Joy 5.6
Why don't we live together? Pet Shop Boys 5.3
Underwater World ATB 4.8
Someday (I'm Coming Back) Lisa Stansfield 4.5
Always Pet Shop Boys 4.0
How can you expect to be taken seriously? Pet Shop Boys 4.0

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bijau, kad kaip skambėjo kvailai, taip ir skamba, bet tema jau tiek išsemta su baksnojimais į "reklamos nekenčia" skaičių, VZ ir delfio mokamo turinio pavyzdžius ir Rūtonės pavaituliojimus dėl 5 eurų, kad berdgžiai fantazuotumėm
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Nu ir tamsta, žinoma, turite labai keistą įsivaizdavimą apie verksmus. Verksmai yra tada, kai žmogus akivaizdžiai neadekvačiai klejoja kažką. Aš čia su tam tikru dejonės žiupsneliu samprotauju. Ir tą žadu daryti toliau, jei tik kas pasiūlys šią temą ...
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... kvailai skambėjęs sprendimas daryti mokamą narystę nebuvo toks kvailas.
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Sprendimas pats iš savęs buvo labai logiškas, tačiau retrospektyviai mąstant, po to sprendimo turėjo sekti aktyvūs veiksniai tobulinant portalo vaizdą, turinį, technines problemas. Viso to praktiškai nebuvo. Tokiu atveju susimąstai, gal net tuo metu ...
07:43 - Pazistu_Mykola
good ol' – muzika nutilo, bet verksmai vis dar girdisi. Gal jau pabaikim, penkmetis visgi. Padarė pamatuotą sprendimą, internetui ir rinkai keičiantis ir tiek.
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