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Mėgstami albumai

Albumas Grupė Reitingas
In a Glass House Gentle Giant 10.0
Criminal The Soft Moon 10.0
Dusk...and Her Embrace: The Original Sin Cradle of Filth 10.0
Sable Qual 10.0
Hamburger Concerto Focus 10.0
Aqualung Jethro Tull 10.0
First Generation Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
The Academy in Peril John Cale 10.0
Electric Warrior T.Rex 10.0
The Slider T.Rex 10.0
The Emptiness Alesana 10.0
Return to Forever Return To Forever 10.0
Gentle Giant Gentle Giant 10.0
Minor Sun The Beauty of Gemina 10.0
Misery Loves My Company Shadowdances 10.0
World Record Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
The Box CD1- Bless The Baby Born Today Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Holy Smoke Peter Murphy 10.0
Empath Devin Townsend 10.0
Sun Blindness Music John Cale 10.0
Journey Kingdom Come 10.0
Lights...Camera...Revolution! Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
The Nightmare Before Christmas Danny Elfman 10.0
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today Suicidal Tendencies 10.0
The Power and the Glory Gentle Giant 10.0
Three Friends Gentle Giant 10.0
Thick as a Brick Jethro Tull 10.0
Fate Soviet Soviet 10.0
Era ERA 10.0
Don't Worry About Me Joey Ramone 10.0
Konkurs Lifelover 10.0
Phi Truckfighters 10.0
Sonic Prayer Earthless 10.0
Beloved Antichrist Therion 10.0
The Great Mass Septicflesh 10.0
The River Of Lost. Shadowdances 10.0
Pawn Hearts Van der Graaf Generator 9.9
Raw Power The Stooges 9.9
Gravitas Asia 9.8
Ege Bamyasi Can 9.8
Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust David Bowie 9.8
Tago Mago Can 9.8
Monster Movie Can 9.8
Opportunistic Thieves of Spring A Forest Of Stars 9.8
Apocalypse Dudes Turbonegro 9.8
Beat King Crimson 9.8
Still Life Van der Graaf Generator 9.8
Gothic Paradise Lost 9.8
Godbluff Van der Graaf Generator 9.8
Draconian Times Paradise Lost 9.8
The Corpse of Rebirth A Forest Of Stars 9.8
Visų laikų topai I Hiperbolė 9.8
Sempiternal Bring Me the Horizon 9.8
Antikvariatas Andrius Kaniava 9.8
The Perfect Element, Part I Pain of Salvation 9.8
A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Pink Floyd 9.7
We Sold Our Souls For Rock And Roll Black Sabbath 9.7
Real Illusions: Reflections Steve Vai 9.7
Metų laikai Justas Juškevičius 9.7
Unquestionable Presence Atheist 9.7
Horizontalios maldos palaima Pergalė 9.7
The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other Van der Graaf Generator 9.7
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 9.7
Dirt Alice In Chains 9.7
Reflections of a Floating World Elder 9.7
Nightmares Architects 9.7
A Farewell to Kings Rush 9.7
Experimentinės Jūros Justas Juškevičius 9.6
Icon Paradise Lost 9.6
Blizzard Of Ozz Ozzy Osbourne 9.6
Hatful of Hollow The Smiths 9.6
Octopus Gentle Giant 9.6
Coal Leprous 9.5
Stand Up Jethro Tull 9.5
Volume 4 Black Sabbath 9.5
Lady Lake Gnidrolog 9.5
Acid Eaters Ramones 9.5
The Number of the Beast Iron Maiden 9.5
Shades of God Paradise Lost 9.5
Sorrow and Extinction Pallbearer 9.5
Weather Systems Anathema 9.5
Medusa Paradise Lost 9.5
Bad Music for Bad People The Cramps 9.5
Širdis. Kryžius. Pasaga. Siela 9.5
Dead Again Type O Negative 9.5
Antipop Primus 9.5
What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This? The Underground Youth 9.5
A Grounding in Numbers Van der Graaf Generator 9.5
Children of God Swans 9.5
Master Of Reality Black Sabbath 9.5
Where Myth Fades to Legend Alesana 9.5
Testimonium Lacrimosa 9.5
The Perfect Enemy For God The Underground Youth 9.5
Fear of the Dark Iron Maiden 9.4
Wind & Wuthering Genesis 9.4
Lateralus Tool 9.4
Aš dar dainuosiu Hiperbolė 9.4
Let Love In Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.4
From Fear to Eternity Iron Maiden 9.4
The Man-Machine Kraftwerk 9.4
Symbol of Life Paradise Lost 9.4
Holy Hell Architects 9.4
13 Black Sabbath 9.4
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden 9.4
Unknown Pleasures Joy Division 9.3
To The Bone Steven Wilson 9.3
Good Morphine 9.3
Bomber Motorhead 9.3
Post Pop Depression Iggy Pop 9.3
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 9.3
Animals Pink Floyd 9.3
Paranoid Black Sabbath 9.3
For Lies I Sire My Dying Bride 9.3
The Wall Pink Floyd 9.3
Division Bell Pink Floyd 9.3
H to He, Who Am the Only One Van der Graaf Generator 9.3
Prey Tiamat 9.3
Hemispheres Rush 9.3
Danzig Danzig 9.3
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Black Sabbath 9.3
The Best Of Pink Floyd: A Foot In The Door Pink Floyd 9.3
Moonmadness Camel 9.3
Facelift Alice In Chains 9.3
Bloody Kisses Type O Negative 9.3
Elodia Lacrimosa 9.3
October Rust Type O Negative 9.2
Ace of Spades Motorhead 9.2
Strangeways, Here We Come The Smiths 9.2
Islands King Crimson 9.2
Roboxai SOLO ansamblis 9.2
Symptom of the Universe: The Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978 Black Sabbath 9.2
Some Girls Wander by Mistake The Sisters of Mercy 9.2
Songs Of Faith And Devotion Depeche Mode 9.2
Angel Dust Faith No More 9.2
Euforija Siela 9.1
London Calling The Clash 9.1
Waiting for the Sun The Doors 9.1
Elephant The White Stripes 9.1
The Idiot Iggy Pop 9.1
Juodo opiumo žemė Siela 9.1
Heaven & Hell Black Sabbath 9.1
Into the Wild Eddie Vedder 9.1
Kveikur Sigur Ros 9.1
Judas Christ Tiamat 9.1
Ride The Lightning Metallica 9.1
The Last Sucker Ministry 9.0
Her (OST) Arcade Fire 9.0
The Sound of Perseverance Death 9.0
Lykaia Soen 9.0
Vemod Anekdoten 9.0
Post Brain Justas Juškevičius 9.0
The Quiet Zone The Pleasure Dome Van der Graaf Generator 9.0
Crack-Up Fleet Foxes 9.0
Civilisation Southern Empire 9.0
Eat the Elephant A Perfect Circle 9.0
Urn Ne Obliviscaris 9.0
Pilgrims Stoned Jesus 9.0
Seven Thunders Roar Stoned Jesus 9.0
No Thyself Magazine 9.0
The Autumn Effect 10 Years 9.0
Ghost Mile Voyager 9.0
Vintage Violence John Cale 9.0
Deep Calleth Upon Deep Satyricon 9.0
Skeleton Tree Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.0
The Seer Swans 9.0
Dark Side Of The Moon Pink Floyd 9.0
The Correct Use of Soap Magazine 9.0
Nothing Above, Nothing Below Death Spells 9.0
Zonked Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
Lazaretto Jack White 9.0
Berlin Lou Reed 9.0
Secondhand Daylight Magazine 9.0
Nadir's Big Chance Peter Hammill 9.0
Hop Around Dee Dee Ramone 9.0
Geriausia Ką Turime. Iš To, Kas Liko Atika 9.0
V Truckfighters 9.0
The Harvest Stoned Jesus 9.0
The Joy of Motion Animals as Leaders 9.0
Lou Reed Lou Reed 9.0
Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay Cradle of Filth 9.0
Crawling Chaos Autism 9.0
Magical Dirt Radio Moscow 9.0
The Arrow of Satan is Drawn Bloodbath 9.0
Dis Manibvs Imperium Dekadenz 9.0
The Acrobat Death of Lovers 9.0
E Enslaved 9.0
Old Scars, New Wounds Act of Defiance 9.0
Starmourner Ghost Bath 9.0
Mask Bauhaus 9.0
Vu d'ici Madame Monsieur 9.0
Hammer of the Witches Cradle of Filth 9.0
Nomad Sky Architect 9.0
Black Laden Crown Danzig 9.0
Ótta Solstafir 9.0
Sacred Tears migloko 9.0
Kill 'Em All Metallica 9.0
Adios Amigos Ramones 9.0
New Bermuda Deafheaven 9.0
Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood John Cale 9.0
Beauty And The Beast. Shadowdances 9.0
The Demonstration Drab Majesty 9.0
Rush Rush 9.0
Say No to the World LostAlone 9.0
Feel the Misery My Dying Bride 9.0
A Black Box Peter Hammill 9.0
Death Song The Black Angels 9.0
The Plague Within Paradise Lost 9.0
Reflektor Arcade Fire 8.9
Thirteenth Step A Perfect Circle 8.9
Kosminiai Eskizai Justas Juškevičius 8.9
Už regėjimo lauko Siela 8.9
We're Here Because We're Here Anathema 8.9
Tragic Idol Paradise Lost 8.9
Hail To The King Avenged Sevenfold 8.9
Live Through This Hole 8.9
10,000 Days Tool 8.9
The Queen Is Dead The Smiths 8.9
Welcome to Hell Venom 8.9
The Final Cut Pink Floyd 8.8
The Dreadful Hours My Dying Bride 8.8
Host Paradise Lost 8.8
Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes 8.8
Conditions of My Parole Puscifer 8.8
Horehound The Dead Weather 8.8
Broken Boy Soldiers The Raconteurs 8.8
Bloodflowers The Cure 8.8
Wishmaster Nightwish 8.8
Gali skambėti keistai Foje 8.8
Sounds of a Playground Fading In Flames 8.8
My Arms, Your Hearse Opeth 8.8
The Velvet Underground and Nico The Velvet Underground 8.8
XX - Two Decades of Love Metal HIM 8.8
Sorceress Opeth 8.8
The Turn of a Friendly Card The Alan Parsons Project 8.8
In Utero Nirvana 8.8
A Moon Shaped Pool Radiohead 8.8
Believe in Nothing Paradise Lost 8.7
Blah Blah Blah Iggy Pop 8.7
Strange Days The Doors 8.7
Floodland The Sisters of Mercy 8.7
Sielininkai Siela 8.7
Soundtracks Can 8.7
Iron Man: The Best Of Black Sabbath Black Sabbath 8.7
Atšilusi Musė Andrius Kaniava 8.7
Toxicity System of a Down 8.7
Substance Joy Division 8.6
Heritage Opeth 8.6
Orchid Opeth 8.6
Rocket To Russia Ramones 8.6
Snakes & Arrows Rush 8.6
Crystal Castles II Crystal Castles 8.6
Aenima Tool 8.6
Feeding the Wolves 10 Years 8.6
A Dramatic Turn of Events Dream Theater 8.6
Century Child Nightwish 8.6
Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! Godspeed You! Black Emperor 8.6
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? Oasis 8.6
Hopes and Fears Keane 8.6
Push the Sky Away Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 8.6
The Next Day David Bowie 8.6
The Great Cold Distance Katatonia 8.6
Black Holes and Revelations Muse 8.6
The Aerosol Grey Machine Van der Graaf Generator 8.5
Wasteland Riverside 8.5
Nevermind Nirvana 8.5
Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols Sex Pistols 8.5
Delta Machine Depeche Mode 8.5
Mer de Noms A Perfect Circle 8.5
Gore Deftones 8.5
When Dream and Day Unite Dream Theater 8.5
Awake Dream Theater 8.5
Disintegration The Cure 8.5
A Place Where the Sun Is Silent Alesana 8.5
Hoffnung Lacrimosa 8.5
Lauke ir viduj Saulės Laikrodis 8.5
ZABA Glass Animals 8.5
In the Flat Field Bauhaus 8.5
Echos Lacrimosa 8.5
Meat Is Murder The Smiths 8.5
From Her to Eternity Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 8.5
Razorblade Romance HIM 8.5
Queen of Time Amorphis 8.5
The Satanic Satanist Portugal. The Man 8.5
Silver Eye Goldfrapp 8.5
Morningrise Opeth 8.5
The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Pink Floyd 8.4
Mirage Camel 8.4
Bleach Nirvana 8.4
Blunderbuss Jack White 8.4
No Wow The Kills 8.4
World Painted Blood Slayer 8.4
Up the Downstair Porcupine Tree 8.4
Comedown Machine The Strokes 8.4
A Map Of All Our Failures My Dying Bride 8.3
Dark Adrenaline Lacuna Coil 8.3
Dali Siela 8.3
From Beer to Eternity Ministry 8.3
Tavęs man reikėjo Siela 8.3
Clockwork Angels Rush 8.3
Netiekto Šiaurės Kryptis 8.3
Once Nightwish 8.3
The Clash The Clash 8.3
Slow Air Still Corners 8.3
Debut Bjork 8.3
The Sky Moves Sideways Porcupine Tree 8.3
Vision Thing The Sisters of Mercy 8.3
Now and Then Van der Graaf Generator 8.3
The Phantom of the Opera (CD 1) Andrew Lloyd Webber 8.3
Kai perplauksi upę Foje 8.2
Synthetique Mano Juodoji Sesuo 8.2
Dark Passion Play Nightwish 8.2
ALT Van der Graaf Generator 8.2
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Candlemass 8.2
Pale Communion Opeth 8.2
Love Said No - Greatest Hits 1997-2004 HIM 8.1
Night Is the New Day Katatonia 8.1
First and Last and Always The Sisters of Mercy 8.1
The Night Creeper Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats 8.0
Kaprizai Crucial Features 8.0
Mourning Sun Fields of the Nephilim 8.0
Dodge and Burn The Dead Weather 8.0
Another Fall from Grace The Mission 8.0
Juodoji sistema Balto sarkofago turinys 8.0
Indigo Meadow The Black Angels 8.0
Bad Moon Rising Sonic Youth 8.0
The Darker Side of Nonsense Dry Kill Logic 8.0
Motions Lost In Kiev 8.0
Danzig 777: I Luciferi Danzig 8.0
Paskutinė Saulė Garbanotas 8.0
Rheia Oathbreaker 8.0
Pink Flag Wire 8.0
Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic The Ocean 8.0
Nearer My God Foxing 8.0
Codex Omega Septicflesh 8.0
††† Crosses (†††) 8.0
Prayers on Fire The Birthday Party 8.0
The Alternative IAMX 8.0
Thrice Woven Wolves in the Throne Room 8.0
Brain Drain Ramones 8.0
Grace of Existence Verticals 8.0
Stationary Traveller Camel 8.0
Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us Paradise Lost 8.0
Spirit Depeche Mode 7.9
Korn Korn 7.9
Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666 HIM 7.9
Three imaginary boys The Cure 7.8
The Year of Hibernation Youth Lagoon 7.8
Dark Light HIM 7.8
Deeper The Soft Moon 7.8
Uneasy Listening Vol. 2 HIM 7.8
Uneasy Listening Vol. 1 HIM 7.8
White Pony Deftones 7.7
H8 ba. 7.7
Oceanborn Nightwish 7.7
Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights HIM 7.7
Love Metal HIM 7.6
Turn on the Bright Lights Interpol 7.6
One Second Paradise Lost 7.6
Catharsis Machine Head 7.5
Revolution Lacrimosa 7.5
Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino Arctic Monkeys 7.5
Zombie Birdhouse Iggy Pop 7.5
Lost Paradise Paradise Lost 7.5
Smote Reverser Thee Oh Sees 7.5
Venus Doom HIM 7.5
I Should Coco Supergrass 7.5
Heart Shaped World Chris Isaak 7.5
As the Flower Withers My Dying Bride 7.4
Zeit Tangerine Dream 7.3
Swan Songs Hollywood Undead 7.3
Lore Elder 7.3
Relapse Ministry 7.0
Storm Corrosion Storm Corrosion 7.0
Adrenaline Deftones 7.0
Real Life Magazine 7.0
Koi No Yokan Deftones 7.0
Oro - Opus Alter Ufomammut 7.0
Ballast der Republik Die Toten Hosen 7.0
Acts Of Fear And Love Slaves 7.0
The Episodes Taproot 7.0
Adventures In Modern Recording The Buggles 7.0
I Can See Your House from Here Camel 7.0
Around the Fur Deftones 7.0
Dawnrazor Fields of the Nephilim 6.7
The Poison Bullet For My Valentine 6.6
Green Naugahyde Primus 6.5
I'm a UFO in This City LostAlone 6.3
Silvertone Chris Isaak 6.3
Восход Manicure 6.0
First Communion Stoned Jesus 5.5
Au-Dessus Au-Dessus 5.5
Above Us Garbanotas 5.5
Psychosis Cavalera Conspiracy 5.0
Watching Movies with the Sound Off Mac Miller 2.0
Farmakon Skepticism -
Memories In My Head (EP) Riverside -
Dark Eyes Half Moon Run -
Symphony For The Lost (2cd) Paradise Lost -
Vinegar Abii -
Mother's Finest Mother's Finest -
Jazz by Sun Ra Sun Ra -
Lesser Man Boy Harsher -
Manicure Manicure -
The Uncanny Valley Perturbator -
Celestite Wolves in the Throne Room -
Be Pykčio McLoud -
Choke Soft Kill -
Heresy Soft Kill -
[Untitled] mewithoutYou -
Excuse Me Salvador Sobral -
Runaljod - Ragnarok Wardruna -
Midnight in the Labyrinth Cradle of Filth -
Nostradamus Judas Priest -
Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky Earthless -
Hinterland Wobbler -

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13:17 - DeLaLiutishkuz
tai sekmes toliau su tokiais bendrauti.
19:17 - Silentist
18:58 - Silentist
Na, aš dalyvauju užsienio forumuose, tai jos klausosi 30meciai, 40meciai, dgs amerikiečiai katrie mėgo ar mėgsta Lana Del Rey. Man tiesiog žavus jos klipas, kur ji duoda į save ciges užgesinti. Vertas Top40 pirmos vietos
15:07 - DeLaLiutishkuz
bet kadangi lietuvoj taip daznai bile leidzia, tai nenuostabu
15:07 - DeLaLiutishkuz
per radija grotu po 20 kartu kita atlikeja - butu toks pat susidomejimas is taves. 100proc
15:02 - DeLaLiutishkuz
su savo 16meciu muzika, sudposiu.
15:02 - DeLaLiutishkuz
ir prakalbo zmogus, kuris Can dainu nelaikina, bet klauso bile elis.. nejuokink, dar karta.
19:01 - Silentist
Patikėčiau, kad yra ir billie-Eillish.LT konkuruojantys portalai, nes Lietuvoj turbūt daugiau besidominčių muzika žino Billie Eilish nei Čia tai drebtelejau
18:38 - Silentist
Aš ir nejuokinu. Gėda būtų Lietuvos prezidentu istorijoj neitraukti Dalios ar krepšinio pasauly nepaminėti Šarūno arba skandalų istorijoj - Kildisienes. Ar apžvelgiant 2020m nepaminėti brexito. Billie gi esminė
17:54 - DeLaLiutishkuz
nejuokink su savo bile elis


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