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Daina Grupė Reitingas
Cloud Zero Porcupine Tree 10.0
Adorations Killing Joke 10.0
Show Me Moya Brennan 10.0
On Battleship Hill PJ Harvey 10.0
one day you will teach me to not let go of my tears Sleepmakeswaves 10.0
Two Planets Bat For Lashes 10.0
Hiawatha Laurie Anderson 10.0
Heart's a Mess Gotye 10.0
Sicsak Amiina 10.0
It Beats 4 U My Morning Jacket 10.0
to you they are birds, to me they are voices in the forest Sleepmakeswaves 10.0
Skin Deep The Stranglers 10.0
I Must Have Been Blind This Mortal Coil 10.0
Space Weaver Lisa Gerrard 10.0
Clock Catcher Flying Lotus 10.0
Fripp Catherine Wheel 10.0
We Drift Like Worried Fire Godspeed You! Black Emperor 10.0
Returning Jesus No-Man 10.0
Tonight We Burn Like Stars That Never Die Hammock 10.0
Veneno Para Las Hadas Steven Wilson 10.0
Forty One Ways Azam Ali 10.0
Šulinių teritorija Girnų giesmės 10.0
Crashing Silence Autism 10.0
My Eyes Laurie Anderson 10.0
Remainder the Black Dog Steven Wilson 10.0
Loch Raven Animal Collective 10.0
Seoul Amiina 10.0
For the King Adrian von Ziegler 10.0
Kolnidur Jonsi 10.0
Table Tennis Flying Lotus 10.0
Another Day This Mortal Coil 10.0
N.W.O. Ministry 10.0
Serinity Lisa Gerrard 10.0
Growing Old Is Getting Old Silversun Pickups 10.0
Batcat Mogwai 10.0
The Royal We Silversun Pickups 10.0
Sowilo Rune Agalloch 10.0
Insurgentes (Mexico) Steven Wilson 10.0
Why Raise Them? Stranger Aeons 10.0
Fracture Seefeel 10.0
Freefall Laurie Anderson 10.0
What are we waiting for? Amiina 10.0
Ba Ba Sigur Ros 10.0
Hemipode Amiina 10.0
Tornado Jonsi 10.0
Carbon Kid Alpinestars 10.0
Tiger In The Sea The Daysleepers 10.0
Souvenirs The Gathering 9.8
Kaštanas pradeda žydėėti Stranger Aeons 9.8
Significant Other Steven Wilson 9.8
Hljómalind Sigur Ros 9.8
Hengilas Jonsi 9.8
Careless Whisper Wham! 9.8
Afraid of Everyone The National 9.8
You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart Sinead O'Connor 9.8
Mogwai Fear Satan Mogwai 9.8
Bloodbuzz Ohio The National 9.8
Wuthering Heights Kate Bush 9.8
Trains Porcupine Tree 9.8
Mothertongue Pt. 3: Hress Nico Muhly 9.8
Birch Black Agalloch 9.8
Cosmic Love Florence And The Machine 9.8
Shadows God Is an Astronaut 9.8
Ásinn Amiina 9.8
The Double We Fell to Earth 9.8
Svo hljótt Sigur Ros 9.8
I'm Dying VAST 9.8
Crucify Tori Amos 9.8
the World Spins Julee Cruise 9.7
Herbal Movement The Gathering 9.7
Saulės ašara Atalyja 9.7
Grey Paradise Lost 9.7
Kryl'ja Nautilus Pompilius 9.7
Sort Of Silversun Pickups 9.7
Time Pink Floyd 9.7
Soil's Song Katatonia 9.7
Beds Are Burning Midnight Oil 9.7
Bad Movie Scene The Gathering 9.7
Jumbo Underworld 9.7
You Learn About It The Gathering 9.7
Bitter Sweet Symphony The Verve 9.6
Zodiac God Is an Astronaut 9.6
Anyone's Ghost The National 9.6
Never Let Me Down Again Depeche Mode 9.6
Ný batterí Sigur Ros 9.6
Norway Beach House 9.6
Love Will Tear Us Apart Moonspell 9.6
Zvezda po imeni Solnce Kino 9.6
Wintersun Brendan Perry 9.6
The Dead Heart Midnight Oil 9.6
No Matter Rasabasa 9.5
Panic Switch Silversun Pickups 9.5
Hollow Stone Agalloch 9.5
Stardust Ian Brown 9.5
Careful What You Wish For We Fell to Earth 9.5
Drive To Live Ruination 9.5
Storie Di Tutti I Giorni Riccardo Fogli 9.5
Húllabbalabbalúú mum 9.5
Amity The Gathering 9.5
El mundo pequeño Ian Brown 9.5
Cure for Optimism Porcupine Tree 9.5
Breathe Midge Ure 9.5
Broken Glass The Gathering 9.5
The Last Shapes of Never mum 9.5
Moonfrost The Daysleepers 9.5
Ošia (Live in Vilnius) Rasabasa 9.5
The Future Leonard Cohen 9.5
Are You There? Anathema 9.5
Sometimes James 9.5
Narcissistic Cannibal (su Kill The Noise) Korn 9.5
Summertime Sadness Lana Del Rey 9.4
Viðrar vel til loftárása Sigur Ros 9.4
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out The Smiths 9.4
Pantheist Agalloch 9.4
Love Is Blindness Jack White 9.4
Saturday's Child Brendan Perry 9.4
Saulė vandeny Jurga 9.4
Popplagið Sigur Ros 9.4
Science Of Fear The Temper Trap 9.4
The Flood Katie Melua 9.4
The Valley Leprous 9.3
Get All You Deserve Steven Wilson 9.3
Crescent Brendan Perry 9.3
Track One Steven Wilson 9.3
Fadeaway Porcupine Tree 9.3
Even the Spirits Are Afraid The Gathering 9.3
Gabriel Lamb 9.3
Just Another Day Brian Eno 9.3
Hearing Damage Thom Yorke 9.3
La Nuit Marche Avec Moi Alcest 9.3
Tears The Stone Roses 9.3
An krantelio akmenėlis Donis 9.3
All the things she said Simple Minds 9.3
Brother Sport Animal Collective 9.3
Shot to Pieces The Gathering 9.3
Black Sun Dead Can Dance 9.2
The Creator Has a Mastertape Porcupine Tree 9.2
Colours Rasabasa 9.2
Half-Light Porcupine Tree 9.2
Somebody That I Used to Know Gotye 9.2
The Sound of Muzak Porcupine Tree 9.2
10 Mile Stereo Beach House 9.1
Sentimental Porcupine Tree 9.1
Release The Kraken The Daysleepers 9.1
Parabola Tool 9.1
Hoppípolla We Are Scientists 9.0
Heroes For Ghosts The Gathering 9.0
Black Metallic Catherine Wheel 9.0
Thank You Alanis Morissette 9.0
Shudder / King of Snake Underworld 9.0
Nostalgija Bix 9.0
Spilt Needles The Shins 9.0
Arriving Somewhere But Not Here Porcupine Tree 9.0
I Love Baby Cheesy Banco De Gaia 9.0
Architektur The Future Sound of London 9.0
She Rasabasa 9.0
When Face Was Face Seefeel 9.0
House of Cards Radiohead 9.0
The Saints Are Coming Green Day 9.0
Tumbledown Catherine Wheel 9.0
From Heaven To Dust Azam Ali 9.0
... and so we destroyed everything Sleepmakeswaves 9.0
Sleeping Lessons The Shins 9.0
Xavier Paradise Lost 9.0
City of Blinding Lights U2 8.9
Munich Editors 8.9
Pėdos ant drėgno akmens Foje 8.9
Pabudau Pievos 8.9
Four Chords That Made a Million Porcupine Tree 8.9
How Soon Is Now? The Smiths 8.9
Glósóli Sigur Ros 8.8
Fine time New Order 8.8
I Can See Four Miles The Gathering 8.8
Anesthetize Porcupine Tree 8.8
Feeling Good Nina Simone 8.8
Hypnotised Simple Minds 8.8
Once in a Lifetime Talking Heads 8.8
Glass Bat For Lashes 8.8
Farewell / Goodbye M83 8.8
Let's Dance David Bowie 8.8
Sinnerman Nina Simone 8.7
My Ashes Porcupine Tree 8.7
Bel Air Lana Del Rey 8.6
Waking Hour The Gathering 8.6
Harmony Korine Steven Wilson 8.6
Good Day Today David Lynch 8.6
Auntie's Lock/Infinitum (su Laura Darlington) Flying Lotus 8.5
Clear Day Ulrich Schnauss 8.5
Little Faith The National 8.5
Codex (Illum Sphere RMX) Radiohead 8.5
Sauliula Atalyja 8.5
Sol Indiges - L'antico Sole Risplende Ancora L’Effet C’Est Moi 8.5
Song of Brotherhood Adrian von Ziegler 8.5
Rutti Slowdive 8.4
By Some Miracle Philip Selway 8.4
Running Up That Hill Kate Bush 8.4
+37° Jurga 8.4
Smoke and Mirrors Gotye 8.4
Ten Thousand Years Won’t Save Your Life Hammock 8.3
Shout Tears for Fears 8.3
Eeeeie Girnų giesmės 8.3
Mladic Godspeed You! Black Emperor 8.3
Ruduo Jam Jam 8.1
Kaleidoscope Tiesto 8.1
In Cythera Killing Joke 8.1
Mílanó Sigur Ros 8.1
Starálfur Sigur Ros 8.1
Here Comes the Sun Nina Simone 8.1
Conversation 16 The National 8.0
Junior Dad Lou Reed 8.0
My Girls Animal Collective 8.0
Sparks Of Light Exitmusic 8.0
La Danza Dei Fuochi L’Effet C’Est Moi 8.0
A Passage in Time Dead Can Dance 8.0
Million Dollar Man Lana Del Rey 8.0
Steam Brian Eno 8.0
Yesterday, when I was mad Pet Shop Boys 8.0
Lazarus Porcupine Tree 8.0
Savant Syndrome Autism 7.9
Cold as stone a-ha 7.9
Everything In Its Right Place Radiohead 7.9
The Start of Something Beautiful Porcupine Tree 7.8
Souvlaki Space Station Slowdive 7.8
Soon My Bloody Valentine 7.8
Lotus Flower Radiohead 7.8
When You Sleep My Bloody Valentine 7.8
Touched by the hand of God New Order 7.8
Return Of The She-King Dead Can Dance 7.8
Always Never Porcupine Tree 7.7
Stem/Long Stem DJ Shadow 7.6
Passage Exitmusic 7.5
I Know David Lynch 7.5
Paleosonic Brian Eno 7.5
Lunae, Thymiama Aromata L’Effet C’Est Moi 7.5
In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-Eyed Are Kings Dead Can Dance 7.5
An Ending (Ascent) Brian Eno 7.5
Ianvs Axis Mvndi L’Effet C’Est Moi 7.5
Mindmachine Deine Lakaien 7.3
Bloom Radiohead 7.1
Mirror Thom Yorke 7.0
Strange Angels Laurie Anderson 7.0
This Brian Eno 7.0
La Porta Degli Uomini - Ianva Inferni L’Effet C’Est Moi 7.0
Wild Beach House 6.8
Sometimes My Bloody Valentine 6.8
2 Forms of Anger Brian Eno 6.8
Elysian Feels The Future Sound of London 6.5
Spinner Brian Eno 6.5
Passing Over Brian Eno 6.3
To Here Knows When My Bloody Valentine 6.3
Visi aidai pelenais Girnų giesmės 5.0

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