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Daina Grupė Reitingas
I Nearly Married a Human Tubeway Army 10.0
Taurobolium Devendra Banhart 10.0
Look to the Sun Saul Williams 10.0
The Nameless Souls The Residents 10.0
Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I) Ray Charles 10.0
You Will Be Shot Naked City 10.0
I Like Chinese Monty Python 10.0
Forever Loving Jah Bob Marley 10.0
Invitation au "Xiulet" Música Urbana 10.0
Velvet Green Jethro Tull 10.0
Moonglow Benny Goodman 10.0
etre 1 Nicolas Jaar 10.0
Man in the Moon The Orb 10.0
I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground - Extended ANBB 10.0
Inca Roads Frank Zappa 10.0
Exodus John Zorn 10.0
Running in the Family Level 42 10.0
Vacances Perdudes Música Urbana 10.0
Port of Saints John Zorn 10.0
A Message to You Rudy The Specials 10.0
Ghosts Japan 10.0
Shhh (Sea4 Miles Remix by King Britt & Philip Charles) Miles Davis 10.0
Look For The Silver Lining Chet Baker 10.0
New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down LCD Soundsystem 10.0
Hold Me Upsetter The Orb 10.0
Pantagruel's Nativity Gentle Giant 10.0
Undercooled Ryuichi Sakamoto 10.0
Denkmal Sieben 10.0
Seagulls Sing Vespero 10.0
TV Screen Goran Bregovic 10.0
You Tuxedomoon 10.0
Return to Forever Return To Forever 10.0
Eyando Richard Bona 10.0
Pustye mesta Aquarium 10.0
It Just Don't Stop The Roots 10.0
Spell Jimi Tenor 10.0
Coily Ozric Tentacles 10.0
Synov'ja molchalivyh dnej Aquarium 10.0
Pussy Cat Dues Charles Mingus 10.0
Pilgrimage of Lost Children Lisa Gerrard 10.0
Dizzy Moods (Alternate Take) Charles Mingus 10.0
Neural Ether Lustmord 10.0
Float (Foam version) Vespero 10.0
Efsane Nekropsi 10.0
Kalasnjikov Goran Bregovic 10.0
The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove Dead Can Dance 10.0
Sicsak Amiina 10.0
Alles (Ein Stück im alten Stil) Einstürzende Neubauten 10.0
Dream Mahavishnu Orchestra 10.0
The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two & Three Neutral Milk Hotel 10.0
Any Kind of Pain Frank Zappa 10.0
Candle Chant (A Tribute) (su Boss The MC) DJ Krush 10.0
Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me? Frank Zappa 10.0
Vyrai gėrė, vyrai gers Laimutis Purvinis 10.0
Nebo stanovitsja blizhe Aquarium 10.0
More Human Than Human White Zombie 10.0
Annabel John Zorn 10.0
Nevermind Leonard Cohen 10.0
Žinios AVaspo 10.0
A Hit by Varèse Chicago 10.0
Kasakka Leningrad Cowboys 10.0
Nemokamas Funko Koncertas Verslo Rizikos Rezervas 10.0
French Fries With Pepper Morphine 10.0
Retrovertigo Mr. Bungle 10.0
Americana Laibach 10.0
Groundhog's Day Primus 10.0
Stolen Moments Frank Zappa 10.0
Ciferblat elektrobox (su Скам) Rūkas 10.0
The Grand Wazoo Frank Zappa 10.0
In A Sentimental Mood Duke Ellington 10.0
Kalimba Suite Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Wave Frank Sinatra 10.0
Beeds on a String Jungle Brothers 10.0
Stubb (a Dub) Mr. Bungle 10.0
Evocation of the Triumphent Beast John Zorn 10.0
He Got Game Public Enemy 10.0
New Beginning Tracy Chapman 10.0
Passepied (Debussy) Punch Brothers 10.0
Mr. Walker Wes Montgomery 10.0
Hard Time Killing Floor The Twilight Singers 10.0
Cosmik Debris Frank Zappa 10.0
King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown Augustus Pablo 10.0
Tommy the Cat Primus 10.0
Smothered Mate Gonzales 10.0
African Night Flight David Bowie 10.0
Bit of Tongue Mr. Gnome 10.0
Messages Bobby McFerrin 10.0
I Dreamed I Dream Sonic Youth 10.0
Máru-Bihág Ravi Shankar 10.0
Springtime Promises Pentangle 10.0
Act Too...The Love Of My Life The Roots 10.0
Under The Same Sun Ben Howard 10.0
Hunting Song Pentangle 10.0
Stink-Foot Frank Zappa 10.0
Perpetual Village Liars 10.0
They Can't Take That Away from Me Ella Fitzgerald 10.0
Lifeboat (Lovers Rock) Penguin Cafe Orchestra 10.0
Stykovka: Apollon-Sojuz Kach 10.0
The Adventures of Greggery Peccary Frank Zappa 10.0
The Seer Returns (su Jarboe) Swans 10.0
Millionspiel Can 10.0
When The Morning Stars Sang Together John Zorn 10.0
U_05 Alva Noto 10.0
The Fox & the Rabbit Xiu Xiu 10.0
Oh! You Pretty Things David Bowie 10.0
Brief Eternity Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Crystal Silence Return To Forever 10.0
UruR Wardruna 10.0
Black Man Ray China Crisis 10.0
Sunspot Suuns 10.0
Thru And Thru The Rolling Stones 10.0
Mic Like A Memory (su Tory Kalico) CunninLynguists 10.0
The Hanging Castratii 10.0
Waka/Jawaka Frank Zappa 10.0
Gethsemane Om 10.0
Early to Bed Morphine 10.0
Miegantys miestai Bix 10.0
Love Lies Captain Beefheart 10.0
Kad Goddo Aquarium 10.0
Apollo: Dick Appletosh Kach 10.0
Regyptian Strut Frank Zappa 10.0
Avatar Swans 10.0
Cara Mia Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Herandnu Weather Report 10.0
Rave Scene So Solid Crew 10.0
God (Remastered 2010) John Lennon 10.0
Leb' Wohl Neu! 10.0
Expand Your Mind The Vintage Caravan 10.0
MannaR: Liv Wardruna 10.0
A Cry For Everyone Gentle Giant 10.0
I Spring: The Sun Warms Everything Carl Orff 10.0
Father O'Blivion Frank Zappa 10.0
Numbers 1 To 4 (gyvai) Penguin Cafe Orchestra 10.0
Just Around the Corner Herbie Hancock 10.0
Morning Glory Leonard Cohen 10.0
Picnic Boy The Residents 10.0
Pompadour Swamp Captain Beefheart 10.0
Although the Sun Is Shining Fleetwood Mac 10.0
Miranda, That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore The Mars Volta 10.0
Running Back How to Dress Well 10.0
Swamp Talking Heads 10.0
Silver River Flows Skyforger 10.0
Welcome to the United States Frank Zappa 10.0
Between Two Worlds John Zorn 10.0
Für Hildegard Von Bingen Devendra Banhart 10.0
Gallowdance Lebanon Hanover 10.0
Loss of Innocence The Residents 10.0
Paradiesseits Einstürzende Neubauten 10.0
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free Nina Simone 10.0
We Work The Black Seam Sting 10.0
Room Service Frank Zappa 10.0
Tiempo Y Silencio (su Pedro Guerra) Cesaria Evora 10.0
Proclamation Gentle Giant 10.0
Summer Breeze Al Jarreau 10.0
You Don't Fade Daughn Gibson 10.0
The Antidote St. Vincent 10.0
Diagnostika Karmy ili Moj Put' k Bogu Aquarium 10.0
Listen Here Eddie Harris 10.0
Plain Truth Gentle Giant 10.0
Saulė yra žvėris Oorchach 10.0
Explain My Heart Saul Williams 10.0
Papa Was a Rollin' Stone The Temptations 10.0
Manifest Gang Starr 10.0
Reivax Broie du Noir Hector Zazou 10.0
Punk China Doll Naked City 10.0
Bad Card Bob Marley 10.0
"Pasacalle" de Nit Música Urbana 10.0
The Satyr's Play, Visions of Dionysus [Ode VII] John Zorn 10.0
Boat of Millions of Years Van der Graaf Generator 10.0
Trys keturiose Atalyja 10.0
Desert Search for Techno Allah Mr. Bungle 10.0
Soulman The Orb 10.0
Just a Second (Starts Like That) Faust 10.0
Art Decade David Bowie 10.0
Astral Travelling Pharoah Sanders 10.0
My Ideology Sieben 10.0
Tall Tree Vespero 10.0
Po-Jama People Frank Zappa 10.0
Keep Me There Nicolas Jaar 10.0
Albatross Lebanon Hanover 10.0
One Minute Richard Bona 10.0
Rain Flowers John Zorn 10.0
Just Like Honey Keep Shelly in Athens 10.0
Flight of the Foo Birds Count Basie 10.0
Let's Get Lost Chet Baker 10.0
F**k Wid Us So Solid Crew 10.0
Out Of Tears The Rolling Stones 10.0
Go Down Evil The Orb 10.0
Chandra Gong 10.0
Angriff, Ran, Versenken! Vespero 10.0
Last Salmon Man Primus 10.0
You Go To My Head Billie Holiday 10.0
Boxman (Mr. Niles) Tuxedomoon 10.0
Bring Your Own Wine Lebanon Hanover 10.0
Sabrina Einstürzende Neubauten 10.0
The Torture Never Stops Frank Zappa 10.0
Round and Round Ariel Pink 10.0
What Game Shall We Play Today Return To Forever 10.0
So Jah Seh Bob Marley 10.0
The Hidden Book John Zorn 10.0
Dog Breath Variations Frank Zappa 10.0
Só danço samba Stan Getz 10.0
Earthman Steve Roach 10.0
Satisfy My Soul Bob Marley 10.0
Congo The Orb 10.0
Tribal Drums Tricky 10.0
Beauty and the Beast David Bowie 10.0
Foetus Potemkine 10.0
Haze Lustmord 10.0
Writer’s Block (Ilse’s Theme) John Zorn 10.0
Saulės Nušviesta Vilkduja 10.0
Ar Maen Bihan Yann Tiersen 10.0
What are we waiting for? Amiina 10.0
Dingsaller Einstürzende Neubauten 10.0
Siesta/Kitt's Kiss/Lost In Madrid Part II Miles Davis 10.0
Curse of the Witches Strawberry Alarm Clock 10.0
Iron Man The Bad Plus 10.0
Rock, Rock, Rock Sparks 10.0
Towards Kafiristan John Zorn 10.0
Rose Dark Horses 10.0
Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz Mr. Bungle 10.0
Any Downers? Frank Zappa 10.0
I'm Deranged David Bowie 10.0
Sunhair Ozric Tentacles 10.0
O Kas? AVaspo 10.0
Fever Elvis Presley 10.0
The Director Never Yelled 'Cut' Sparks 10.0
Good Newz Comin' Jungle Brothers 10.0
Circe John Zorn 10.0
Mother Goose Jethro Tull 10.0
Eurovision Laibach 10.0
This Is A Film Goran Bregovic 10.0
John the Fisherman Primus 10.0
Shake Well Before Opening Black Grape 10.0
Anything (Original Mix) Frank Zappa 10.0
My Oh My Leonard Cohen 10.0
Ein seltener Vogel Einstürzende Neubauten 10.0
Corporate Cannibal Grace Jones 10.0
Done by the Forces of Nature (su Jungle DJ Towha Towha) Jungle Brothers 10.0
Never Seen Such Good Things Devendra Banhart 10.0
In the Hall of the Mountain King Edvard Grieg 10.0
Once I Had a Sweetheart Pentangle 10.0
In Heaven (live) Tuxedomoon 10.0
Boyzone Liars 10.0
Zhazhda Aquarium 10.0
Winter Mr. Gnome 10.0
Total Eclipse of the Sun Einstürzende Neubauten 10.0
The Garden Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Ecstasy JJ 10.0
Dance of the Mountain King's Daughter Edvard Grieg 10.0
Glass Figurine Andrew Bird 10.0
A Space Between The Legendary Pink Dots 10.0
What's New in Baltimore? Frank Zappa 10.0
Balandis Justas Juškevičius 10.0
Heart and Soul Joy Division 10.0
Running Away Bob Marley 10.0
When I See Mommy I Feel Like a Mummy Captain Beefheart 10.0
Superfly Curtis Mayfield 10.0
The Daughter Brings the Water Swans 10.0
Pinch Can 10.0
Diskotekoj groja UFO Svastikos Sukitės Greitai (SSG) 10.0
Turtle Shoes Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Look Back in Anger David Bowie 10.0
The Satyr's Play, Visions of Dionysus [Ode IV] John Zorn 10.0
Mystica Deuter 10.0
Ghetto Thang De La Soul 10.0
Sometime Ago - La Fiesta Return To Forever 10.0
The Advent Of Panurge Gentle Giant 10.0
Fortune, Empress Of The World: I Bemoan The Wounds Of Fortune Carl Orff 10.0
Toki No Tabiji (Journey Of Time) (su Inden) DJ Krush 10.0
Skin Deep The Stranglers 10.0
Isis Shakti 10.0
Like Swimming Morphine 10.0
Potatoes Bix 10.0
Suction Prints Captain Beefheart 10.0
Everytime We Say Goodbye John Coltrane 10.0
Tancy na grani vesny Aquarium 10.0
I'm So Green Can 10.0
4′33″ John Cage 10.0
Hikikomori Zola Jesus 10.0
When Sun Is Rising Skyforger 10.0
Blackwater David Sylvian 10.0
Break the Black Ice Death in June 10.0
Devant la Mer Hector Zazou 10.0
Song For John Walker (su anticon.) DJ Krush 10.0
Nagorny Karabach Einstürzende Neubauten 10.0
Textures Herbie Hancock 10.0
Villanelle for Our Time Leonard Cohen 10.0
Slippery Stones Yann Tiersen 10.0
Struggle How to Dress Well 10.0
The Right Signs Daughn Gibson 10.0
Get Down Curtis Mayfield 10.0
Que le Bongo est beau Hector Zazou 10.0
Little Girl in Bloom Thin Lizzy 10.0
Full Clip Gang Starr 10.0
A Home Away Tuxedomoon 10.0
I Need You Clawfinger 10.0
The Simple Song The Residents 10.0
Decomposing Composers Monty Python 10.0
En Buenas Manos Música Urbana 10.0
Ten' Aquarium 10.0
Take Five Al Jarreau 10.0
Say Ladeo Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Into the Sea Daughn Gibson 10.0
Better Git It in Your Soul Charles Mingus 10.0
Iron (Gucci Vump remix) Woodkid 10.0
Leaves Eclipse The Light Eluvium 10.0
Bags' Groove (take 1) Miles Davis 10.0
Hall of Ice Lebanon Hanover 10.0
Positivity [Remix] Gang Starr 10.0
First Evening Hector Zazou 10.0
Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant (Pts. 1 & 2) Return To Forever 10.0
Children Say Level 42 10.0
Paid in Full Eric B. & Rakim 10.0
Chemical Garden John Zorn 10.0
Son of Orange County Frank Zappa 10.0
Black Market Weather Report 10.0
Golden Clouds The Orb 10.0
Old Gods Sieben 10.0
Šaltmėtė Vilkduja 10.0
Roses and Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein Matmos 10.0
Medinių kiaulių armija Vilkduja 10.0
Old Home Movie Goran Bregovic 10.0
Four on Six Wes Montgomery 10.0
Visur Vatnsenda-Rosu Hector Zazou 10.0
The End The Raveonettes 10.0
Torchum' Never Stops Frank Zappa 10.0
21 Seconds So Solid Crew 10.0
Before the Bullfight David Sylvian 10.0
Mandrake Gong 10.0
Black Cat Gentle Giant 10.0
The Strangest Thing In The Ocean Vespero 10.0
Metronomic Underground Stereolab 10.0
Forest Veil Lisa Gerrard 10.0
It's a Curse The Fall 10.0
2000 Tuxedomoon 10.0
Ausencia Goran Bregovic 10.0
Heaven is of honey Einstürzende Neubauten 10.0
Down to the Backstreets (su Lonnie Liston Smith) Guru 10.0
Peaches en Regalia Frank Zappa 10.0
Dance Of The Vampires Scientist 10.0
Diddley Daddy Bo Diddley 10.0
2nd Quarter - Free Throws KRS-One 10.0
Passage to Essentuki John Zorn 10.0
Looking For The Perfect Beat Afrika Bambaataa 10.0
Samba De Uma Nota So Stan Getz 10.0
1979 Semi-Finalist The Bad Plus 10.0
Cool in the Pool Holger Czukay 10.0
Nesirūpink svetimom sielom Erkė Maiše 10.0
King Kong Frank Zappa 10.0
L. A. Woman Leningrad Cowboys 10.0
Grшnjшrd Yann Tiersen 10.0
In Dayz 2 Come Jungle Brothers 10.0
Metapsychomagia John Zorn 10.0
Remember KRS-One 10.0
Eat Liver! Laibach 10.0
Seven Sports for All China Crisis 10.0
Pudding Time Primus 10.0
No Great Pretender The Roots 10.0
Footsteps Brian Eno 10.0
Love Of My Life (Original Mix) Frank Zappa 10.0
Almost Like the Blues Leonard Cohen 10.0
Blessed Relief Frank Zappa 10.0
I Am Shell I Am Bone Gazelle Twin 10.0
Invocation Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Sleepwalkers (su Toshimaru Nakamura) David Sylvian 10.0
Constantine's Dream Patti Smith 10.0
Beyond This World Jungle Brothers 10.0
Squaring the Circle John Zorn 10.0
Songs From The Wood Jethro Tull 10.0
Heaven's Here on Earth Tracy Chapman 10.0
Germs Burn Thurston Moore 10.0
Too Many Puppies Primus 10.0
I Am Europe Gonzales 10.0
Anyway The Wind Blows (Original Mix) Frank Zappa 10.0
Komnata, lishennaja zerkal Aquarium 10.0
What My Last Girl Put Me Through Nicolas Jaar 10.0
After Supper Count Basie 10.0
Wailers Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Anima Mundi John Zorn 10.0
Arabian Dance Edvard Grieg 10.0
For All These Years Tanita Tikaram 10.0
Diamonds Ben Howard 10.0
Jupiter Spin Guided by Voices 10.0
Dress Walker Liars 10.0
Southbound Pachyderm Primus 10.0
Sny o chjom-to bol'shem Aquarium 10.0
Gibraltar Weather Report 10.0
Christmas Time Is Here John Zorn 10.0
He Ran to the Train Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Nam vsem budet luchshe Aquarium 10.0
Three Blind Mice Max Romeo 10.0
Blackened Blue Eyes The Charlatans 10.0
Air À Dancer (gyvai) Penguin Cafe Orchestra 10.0
RDNZL Frank Zappa 10.0
One More Night Can 10.0
Poem 58 Chicago 10.0
The Satyr's Play, Visions of Dionysus [Ode VI] John Zorn 10.0
The Great Curve Talking Heads 10.0
I Spring: The Merry Face Of Spring Carl Orff 10.0
Sacred Oracle John Zorn 10.0
Lynguistics CunninLynguists 10.0
Supreme Team (su Anti-Pop Consortium) DJ Krush 10.0
State Of Non-Return Om 10.0
4 A.M. Herbie Hancock 10.0
Tropical Hot Dog Night Captain Beefheart 10.0
Ja — zmeja Aquarium 10.0
Einstein on the beach Knee 1 Philip Glass 10.0
Spoon Can 10.0
L'Via L'Viaquez The Mars Volta 10.0
Baby Bobby McFerrin 10.0
Open House John Cale 10.0
I Get Wild/Wild Gravity Talking Heads 10.0
Moment of Truth Gang Starr 10.0
Golden Way (remix) David Sylvian 10.0
II In The Tavern: Burning Inside Carl Orff 10.0
The Feeling Begins Peter Gabriel 10.0
Mesecina / Moonlight Goran Bregovic 10.0
Floyd The Residents 10.0
To a Teacher Leonard Cohen 10.0
The Ballad Of Hank McCain John Zorn 10.0
Under Waterfall The Doors 10.0
Steinn Yann Tiersen 10.0
The Pisgee Nest Daughn Gibson 10.0
6. Danses caracteristiques.- Danse chinoise Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 10.0
Easy is right Deuter 10.0
Ashes The Orb 10.0
Runaljod Wardruna 10.0
Funny Ways Gentle Giant 10.0
Love Buzz Shocking Blue 9.9
Dirty Love Frank Zappa 9.9
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) Talking Heads 9.9
Exhibit 13 Blue Man Group 9.9
Buena Morphine 9.8
Amy Yann Tiersen 9.8
Rose Clouds of Holocaust Death in June 9.8
Woman John Lennon 9.8
The Boys In The Band Gentle Giant 9.8
My Favorite Things John Coltrane 9.8
The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) The Doors 9.8
Pradžia ir pabaiga. Dovanos ir demonai. Vilkduja 9.8
Thick as a Brick (part one) Jethro Tull 9.8
Cinder and Smoke Iron & Wine 9.8
Human After All Daft Punk 9.8
Lapė Golden Parazyth 9.8
Ashes Yann Tiersen 9.8
Cello Song Nick Drake 9.8
Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him John Lennon 9.8
Drive Bobby McFerrin 9.8
Funtime Iggy Pop 9.8
Run Run Run The Velvet Underground 9.8
E.X.P.J 6 (H2O molekulės) Justas Juškevičius 9.8
Demonai Ir Dovanos Antrukart Vilkduja 9.8
Musė Bix 9.8
U_08-1 Alva Noto 9.8
Have a Lucky Day Morphine 9.8
Goodbye Sober Day Mr. Bungle 9.8
Reverse Running Atoms for Peace 9.7
Žaibų Sandėliavimo Instruktažas Vilkduja 9.7
Oreiviai Vilkduja 9.7
Sonnenbarke Einstürzende Neubauten 9.7
Telephone call Kraftwerk 9.7
Candy Walls Trust 9.7
You Show Great Spirit Prurient 9.7
Silent Shout The Knife 9.7
Mushroom Can 9.7
Think Of Me With Kindness Gentle Giant 9.7
Breed Nirvana 9.7
The Breathing Stone Steve Roach 9.7
Ką darai, daryk gerai (Taip, taip, taip) Antis 9.7
Beprasmybės Ešelonai Vilkduja 9.7
13 Years of Carrion Death in June 9.7
Nanook Rubs It Frank Zappa 9.7
Come Rain or Come Shine B. B. King 9.7
All Pigs Must Die Death in June 9.7
So What Miles Davis 9.7
Waiting Man King Crimson 9.7
Supernova! Vilkduja 9.7
Ingenue Atoms for Peace 9.7
Six Different Ways The Cure 9.7
Corner Stone Bob Marley 9.7
Beauty Einstürzende Neubauten 9.7
The Ghost Efterklang 9.7
The Mexican Babe Ruth 9.7
Obscured By Clouds Pink Floyd 9.6
Slice Me Nice Fancy 9.6
God John Lennon 9.6
Vitamin C Can 9.6
Under the Gun The Sisters of Mercy 9.6
This Charming Man The Smiths 9.6
Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict Pink Floyd 9.6
Remurdered Mogwai 9.5
Here She Comes Now The Velvet Underground 9.5
Corcovado Stan Getz 9.5
No Quarter Led Zeppelin 9.5
Gera žinoti iš anksto Vytautas Kernagis 9.5
Sacred Emblems John Zorn 9.5
Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime Beck 9.5
Darshana (Reconstructed by The Future Sound of London) Robert Fripp 9.5
Souvenir Morphine 9.5
Solveig's Song Edvard Grieg 9.5
So Many Ways Morphine 9.5
Move on Up Curtis Mayfield 9.5
Sins of My Father Tom Waits 9.5
A Rush and a Push and the Land Is Ours The Smiths 9.5
We Said Destroy II Death in June 9.5
Paper Trails Darkside 9.5
Man's Laughter A Forest Of Stars 9.5
Deadbeat I Remix Desiderii Marginis 9.5
The Honour of Silence Death in June 9.5
SUBLIME Ufomammut 9.5
Caravan Joe Pass 9.5
Dropped Atoms for Peace 9.5
Rockin' Back Inside My Heart (Original Version) Julee Cruise 9.5
Spalis Justas Juškevičius 9.5
Slicker Than Most (su Gary Barnacle) Guru 9.5
Sweet Charity Mr. Bungle 9.5
I Know It's Over The Smiths 9.5
Žiūriu į grožį su ironija Vytautas Kernagis 9.5
Monuments Yann Tiersen 9.5
Lithuania Jaga Jazzist 9.5
Music Won't Save You Suuns 9.5
Ashes to Ashes David Bowie 9.5
Knots Gentle Giant 9.5
Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow Frank Zappa 9.5
Amphetamine Logic The Sisters of Mercy 9.5
It's About That Time Miles Davis 9.5
Cassandra Gemini (Tarantism / Plant a Nail in the Navel Stream / Faminepulse) The Mars Volta 9.5
Wunjo Wardruna 9.5
River Gentle Giant 9.5
Midnight Creature Lebanon Hanover 9.5
Eight Miles High The Byrds 9.5
Cold Cold Ground Tom Waits 9.5
Be in My Video Frank Zappa 9.5
Hello, I Love You Dark Horses 9.5
Loneliness Is Just a Word Chicago 9.5
I Feel My Stuff David Byrne 9.5
I'm Waiting Here David Lynch 9.5
Let The Monkey Drive Sparks 9.5
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (gyvai) Pink Floyd 9.5
Fuck Me Yann Tiersen 9.5
Flashbulb Eyes Arcade Fire 9.5
Giddy Giddy Carousel Death in June 9.5
Pink Cigarette Mr. Bungle 9.5
Sprout and the Bean Joanna Newsom 9.5
Table of Contents, Pts. 1 & 2 The Roots 9.5
(Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night Tom Waits 9.5
Black Sun Rising Death in June 9.5
Lapkritis Justas Juškevičius 9.5
Flite The Cinematic Orchestra 9.5
Birželis Justas Juškevičius 9.5
Into My Arms Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.5
Playing With Pink Noise Kaki King 9.5
Left Behind As Static A Forest Of Stars 9.5
The Future Leonard Cohen 9.5
Party of Special Things to Do Captain Beefheart 9.5
We Are Floating Archie Bronson Outfit 9.5
Youme & Meyou Einstürzende Neubauten 9.5
Scenario A Tribe Called Quest 9.5
Claire Morphine 9.5
Wake Up and Live Bob Marley 9.5
This Is Not America David Bowie 9.4
Vision Thing The Sisters of Mercy 9.4
Miss You The Rolling Stones 9.4
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out The Smiths 9.4
Planet Rock Afrika Bambaataa 9.4
Dum Dum Boys Iggy Pop 9.4
Plateau (gyvai - MTV Unplugged) Nirvana 9.4
Išglostyti laukan Vilkduja 9.4
Moan (Trentemøller Remix) (su Anne Trolle) Trentemoller 9.4
Bigmouth Strikes Again The Smiths 9.4
Rebel Without A Pause Public Enemy 9.4
Swap Meet Nirvana 9.4
Warszawa David Bowie 9.3
More The Sisters of Mercy 9.3
Stuck Together Pieces Atoms for Peace 9.3
Crescent Brendan Perry 9.3
Thriller Michael Jackson 9.3
Half Light in Thillai Ozric Tentacles 9.3
Šimtas pavasarių Vytautas Kernagis 9.3
Bang And Blame REM 9.3
Flood II The Sisters of Mercy 9.3
Never Land The Sisters of Mercy 9.3
In My Secret Life Leonard Cohen 9.3
Mad Ocean Daughn Gibson 9.3
Net of Gems Revelator 9.3
Do Not Go Quietly Unto Your Grave Morphine 9.3
The Gift The Velvet Underground 9.3
Bo Diddley Bo Diddley 9.3
Neon Lights Kraftwerk 9.3
Peace Frog The Doors 9.3
American Prayer The Doors 9.3
Do You Remember Ane Brun 9.3
Love Buzz Nirvana 9.3
Aneurysm Nirvana 9.3
Lunacy Swans 9.3
Just Another Day Brian Eno 9.3
Dream John Cage 9.3
Break on Through (To the Other Side) The Doors 9.3
River of Bass Underworld 9.3
Sunday Morning The Velvet Underground 9.3
Night Bird Deep Forest 9.3
Policy Of Truth Depeche Mode 9.3
Don't Swallow the Cap The National 9.3
Little Fluffy Clouds The Orb 9.3
Heroes David Bowie 9.3
New Coat of Paint Tom Waits 9.3
In a Sentimental Mood John Coltrane 9.3
Jeigu tu ten buvai Foje 9.3
The Seer Swans 9.3
Y iamamiwhoami 9.3
Waterloo Sunset The Kinks 9.3
10:30 at the Oasis Oneida 9.3
Foretold Death in June 9.3
Dazed and Confused Led Zeppelin 9.3
Behind the Rose (Fields of Rape) Death in June 9.3
Africa Unite Bob Marley 9.2
Ko tu stovi? Antis 9.2
European Son The Velvet Underground 9.2
Twist in My Sobriety Tanita Tikaram 9.2
Space Oddity David Bowie 9.2
(Just Like) Starting Over John Lennon 9.2
Black Sun Dead Can Dance 9.2
Planet Caravan Black Sabbath 9.2
Stars Simply Red 9.2
One Dream Electronic I 9.2
Higgs Boson Blues Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.2
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) Jimi Hendrix 9.2
Walking on the Moon The Police 9.2
Children Of The Sun Dead Can Dance 9.2
Scoff Nirvana 9.2
Dogs Pink Floyd 9.2
Avalanche Leonard Cohen 9.2
Beautiful Boy John Lennon 9.2
Nightclubbing Iggy Pop 9.2
Blew Nirvana 9.2
Anabasis Dead Can Dance 9.2
World In My Eyes Depeche Mode 9.1
Lucretia My Reflection The Sisters of Mercy 9.1
The Carnival Is Over Dead Can Dance 9.1
Laisvė Svastikos Sukitės Greitai (SSG) 9.1
Red Right Hand Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.1
Pump Up The Jam Technotronic 9.1
People Are People Depeche Mode 9.1
Steam Peter Gabriel 9.1
Four Sticks Led Zeppelin 9.1
Temple of Love The Sisters of Mercy 9.1
Ask The Smiths 9.1
Take Five The Dave Brubeck Quartet 9.1
My Girlfriend's Girlfriend Type O Negative 9.1
Main Theme Pink Floyd 9.1
Road to Nowhere Talking Heads 9.1
Sun in the Night Brand X 9.0
In the Mood Robert Plant 9.0
54 Needles Cut Hands 9.0
Spoonman Soundgarden 9.0
The Perfect Stranger Frank Zappa 9.0
Lady Godiva's Operation The Velvet Underground 9.0
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Charles Mingus 9.0
Vilkas vilko valandas Oorchach 9.0
Are 'Friends' Electric? Tubeway Army 9.0
Reckoner Radiohead 9.0
Life Is a Long Song Jethro Tull 9.0
Sons of Hippies – The Soft Parade Užsienio muzika 9.0
I'm Set Free The Velvet Underground 9.0
The Lyre of Orpheus Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 9.0
Hyperpassage Steve Roach 9.0
Space Is Only Noise If You Can See Nicolas Jaar 9.0
Transit Ride Guru 9.0
Who Killed Bambi? Sex Pistols 9.0
Greet the Sacred Cow Primus 9.0
You Must Believe in Spring Bill Evans 9.0
Don’t Say Nuthin’ The Roots 9.0
Shaman's Blues The Doors 9.0
Flatlands Steve Roach 9.0
Vanishing point New Order 9.0
Kapitan Afrika Aquarium 9.0
Biotech Is Godzilla Sepultura 9.0
Sunshine Jungle Brothers 9.0
Dŵr Budr Orbital 9.0
Gardenia Iggy Pop 9.0
Superstition Stevie Wonder 9.0
Tracks (Tall Bodies) Chelsea Wolfe 9.0
Osiris Of The East SpaceGhostPurrp 9.0
Unmake the Wild Light 65daysofstatic 9.0
What a Difference A Day Makes Aretha Franklin 9.0
Over Fire Island Brian Eno 9.0
Skin Grimes 9.0
Nikkei Brian Eno 9.0
Kuru Jaco Pastorius 9.0
Fumblin' With the Blues Tom Waits 9.0
Golem II: The Bionic Vapour Boy Mr. Bungle 9.0
Dipita Richard Bona 9.0
Yatton Beak 9.0
Disturbance The Legendary Pink Dots 9.0
Wunschtraum Schiller 9.0
'Til the Money Runs Out Tom Waits 9.0
Listening Wind Talking Heads 9.0
CMYK BadBadNotGood 9.0
Burning Down the House Talking Heads 9.0
Ocean Club Yello 9.0
It's Not Your Birthday Anymore Morrissey 9.0
John Dee's Lament White Willow 9.0
Transmission Data Terminate Archive 9.0
Wall Street Version Lee "Scratch" Perry 9.0
The King of Carrot Flowers Pt. One Neutral Milk Hotel 9.0
Negative Creep Nirvana 9.0
General Skobelev Aquarium 9.0
Lighten Up, Morrissey Sparks 9.0
Gėlės Veidrodyje Teisutis Makačinas 9.0
Carousel Death in June 9.0
Bičių Karaliaus Galaktika (The Galaxy of the Bee King) Lauxna Lauksna 9.0
Nine-Night Cut Hands 9.0
Gera Girių Dvasios 9.0
An echo from the hosts that profess infinitum Shabazz Palaces 9.0
Daniel Bat For Lashes 9.0
Alice's Wonderland Charles Mingus 9.0
Unforgiven Beck 9.0
Reindeer The Knife 9.0
House of Cards Radiohead 9.0
Opium Emilie Simon 9.0
We And Dem Bob Marley 9.0
Signs Of Life Pink Floyd 9.0
Touch Me Clinic 9.0
Edge of Twilight Gentle Giant 9.0
Bird Calls Charles Mingus 9.0
Jelly Roll Charles Mingus 9.0
Kai Žydi Katės Vilkduja 9.0
Electric Relaxation (live) BadBadNotGood 9.0
Thank You Space Expert Mogwai 9.0
Digital Lion James Blake 9.0
Collaborations Don't Work FFS 9.0
ABC Micro One 9.0
The Day the Niggaz Took Over Dr. Dre 9.0
Episodes The Roots 9.0
Black Arabs Sex Pistols 9.0
Bandžiau, Bet Nekliudžiau AVaspo 9.0
Gargouille David Arkenstone 9.0
Kirviai Peteliškės Oorchach 9.0
Detonation Boulevard The Sisters of Mercy 9.0
Tears of the Hunted Death in June 9.0
Perprask Tamsą Micro One 9.0
Ghost Song The Doors 9.0
An Open Letter To NYC Beastie Boys 9.0
Happiness Is Easy Talk Talk 9.0
Red Shoes By The Drugstore Tom Waits 9.0
Back to the Primitive Soulfly 9.0
Sjuzhet dlja novoj pesni Kino 9.0
Kid A Punch Brothers 9.0
Slow Down mum 9.0
Pictures of You The Cure 9.0
Seeded Brian Eno 9.0
What Else Is There? Royksopp 9.0
Bijom Bix 9.0
Almost Perfect The Residents 9.0
A Foggy Day (In London Town) Joe Pass 9.0
Four Jagwar Ma 9.0
Gevurah John Zorn 9.0
The Wolves Ben Howard 9.0
Excentrifugal Forz Frank Zappa 9.0
Over the Electric Grapevine Primus 9.0
99 Luftballons Nena 9.0
Acknowledge Your Own History (su Vinia Mojica) Jungle Brothers 9.0
Song For The Old Man Spiritual Front 9.0
Relative Hysteria Mogwai 9.0
The Train Tuxedomoon 9.0
Nostalgija Bix 9.0
Still Island (su Shūzan Morita) DJ Krush 9.0
Dreaming of Fiji Philip Glass 9.0
Rastafari On Wall Street Lee "Scratch" Perry 9.0
How Long Electronic 9.0
Don't Go into That Barn Tom Waits 9.0
I am the Sun Swans 9.0
Swung from the Gutters Tortoise 9.0
Keturi ir Vytuko dramblys Shiaurė 9.0
Golden Arrow Darkside 9.0
L'America The Doors 9.0
212-85-06 Aquarium 9.0
Hollywood Symphony Holger Czukay 9.0
Constantinople The Residents 9.0
A Mile Long Lump of Lard The Orb 9.0
Poetenclub Nina Hagen 9.0
Kapitan Voronin Aquarium 9.0
Shiny Happy People REM 9.0
Mi Negrita Devendra Banhart 9.0
My Alcoholic Friends The Dresden Dolls 9.0
Crush My Love Death in June 9.0
Zimbabwe Bob Marley 9.0
All I Need Radiohead 9.0
Unless Atoms for Peace 9.0
Television Tower Monolake 9.0
Pasodoble Balear Música Urbana 9.0
Beginning to See the Light The Velvet Underground 9.0
Taken By Ascent Six Organs of Admittance 9.0
Gimme Shelter The Sisters of Mercy 9.0
Loungin' (su Donald Byrd) Guru 9.0
Walk Away The Sisters of Mercy 9.0
Double-O Count Basie 9.0
Eclectic Electric Primus 9.0
A1 Darkside 9.0
Jesus, Junk and the Jurisdiction Death in June 9.0
When I'm with You Sparks 9.0
The Bogus Man Brendan Perry 9.0
(Won't Somebody) Take Me Out Tonight Molly Nilsson 9.0
Storm on the Sea (Out Beyond Land) Death in June 9.0
Anonymous Collective Stereolab 9.0
Mer Chelsea Wolfe 9.0
Past The Beginning Of The End Trentemoller 9.0
Pretty Genius No-Man 9.0
Haunted Type O Negative 9.0
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' The Velvet Underground 9.0
Panzoni Pasta Vladimir Bozar n Ze Sheraf Orkestar 9.0
Taipei 65daysofstatic 9.0
Fast Car Tracy Chapman 9.0
Cans Tunng 9.0
Itch Brian Eno 9.0
Rytiniame autobuse Vytautas Kernagis 9.0
What U Waitin' 4? Jungle Brothers 9.0
God Knows I'm Good David Bowie 9.0
Slow Numbers Morphine 9.0
Dive Tycho 9.0
Ich gehe jetzt Einstürzende Neubauten 9.0
Holding On for Life Broken Bells 9.0
UWM (su Leland Whitty) BadBadNotGood 9.0
No More Heroes The Stranglers 9.0
Rope on Fire Morphine 9.0
Loser~Weed/Picnic in the Jungle The Residents 9.0
Kaunas 1926 Svastikos Sukitės Greitai (SSG) 9.0
Cemetery Gates The Smiths 9.0
Raconteur Troubadour Gentle Giant 9.0
Tear You Apart She Wants Revenge 9.0
Pertho Wardruna 9.0
Father O’Blivion Frank Zappa 9.0
LUXON Ufomammut 9.0
History Will Teach Us Nothing Sting 9.0
Persian Love Holger Czukay 9.0
Cannon Ball Weather Report 9.0
Lullaby The Cure 8.9
Sister Midnight Iggy Pop 8.9
Videotape Radiohead 8.9
How Fortunate the Man With None Dead Can Dance 8.9
Dominion/Mother Russia The Sisters of Mercy 8.9
School Nirvana 8.9
Back in the USSR The Beatles 8.9
Man on the Moon REM 8.9
The Soft Parade The Doors 8.9
Heroin The Velvet Underground 8.9
By Your Side Sade 8.9
Glass Onion The Beatles 8.9
To Love Somebody Nina Simone 8.8
My Way Sex Pistols 8.8
Tiesa Girių Dvasios 8.8
Regatta of Happiness Golden Parazyth 8.8
Sycamore Feeling Trentemoller 8.8
Driving Me Backwards Brian Eno 8.8
Anesthetize Porcupine Tree 8.8
Dub Organiser Dillinger 8.8
Fok Julle Naaiers Die Antwoord 8.8
Triangle Walks Fever Ray 8.8
Once in a Lifetime Talking Heads 8.8
3 10 52 Antis 8.8
Two Doves On A Lake Archie Bronson Outfit 8.8
Above the Clouds Gang Starr 8.8
Minor Swing Django Reinhardt 8.8
Alice The Sisters of Mercy 8.8
Kompasas Muša Vidurnaktį (S.O.S) Vilkduja 8.8
No Time to Cry The Sisters of Mercy 8.8
Death Will Be My Bride Brendan Perry 8.8
Too Drunk to Fuck Dead Kennedys 8.8
Fine time New Order 8.8
Close to Me The Cure 8.8
Keep the Streets Empty For Me Fever Ray 8.8
15 Step Radiohead 8.8
My hotim tancevat' Kino 8.8
Jigsaw Falling into Place Radiohead 8.8
Doctor Jeep The Sisters of Mercy 8.8
In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated Dead Can Dance 8.8
Unhappy Birthday The Smiths 8.8
Ghost Town The Specials 8.8
Start Me Up The Rolling Stones 8.8
Would You...? Touch and Go 8.8
Time Is On My Side The Rolling Stones 8.7
Pink Moon Nick Drake 8.7
Apie jus Bix 8.7
If I Had a Heart Fever Ray 8.7
Near Death Experience Experience Andrew Bird 8.7
Walk On The Wild Side Lou Reed 8.7
Blue Monday Orgy 8.7
Yassassin David Bowie 8.7
Seven Fever Ray 8.7
Harrowdown Hill Thom Yorke 8.7
Havona Continuum Jaco Pastorius 8.7
The Seed 2.0 The Roots 8.7
Two Different Ways Factory Floor 8.7
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' Michael Jackson 8.7
Life's What You Make It Talk Talk 8.7
Strange Little Girl The Stranglers 8.7
Sinnerman Nina Simone 8.7
Tomorrow Never Knows The Beatles 8.6
Feather Little Dragon 8.6
Ambientinė žiema Justas Juškevičius 8.6
Different Deserts Steve Roach 8.6
Black Summer Efterklang 8.6
Shhh / Peaceful Miles Davis 8.6
Death Rays Mogwai 8.6
Far From Any Road The Handsome Family 8.6
Opium Dead Can Dance 8.6
War & Peace Ryuichi Sakamoto 8.6
Devorzhum Dead Can Dance 8.6
Good Day Today David Lynch 8.6
The Nameless God John Zorn 8.6
Fly Like an Eagle Steve Miller Band 8.6
Mafija Antis 8.6
Fools Gold The Stone Roses 8.6
Tom's Diner (su DNA) Suzanne Vega 8.6
The Saddest Song Morphine 8.6
Xavier Dead Can Dance 8.6
End of the Night The Doors 8.6
Dry and Dusty Fever Ray 8.6
Got U Gang Starr 8.5
Burn The Sisters of Mercy 8.5
Heart is a Drum Beck 8.5
Earth (Gaia) The Orb 8.5
Devon Grimes 8.5
Strange Overtones David Byrne 8.5
Air À Danser Penguin Cafe Orchestra 8.5
Nightclubbing Grace Jones 8.5
The National Anthem Radiohead 8.5
Section 1 Liam Howlett 8.5
A kas ty sadely skraidziaja? Keisto folkloro grupė 8.5
India Shakti 8.5
Univearth (su Tetsuro Naito) DJ Krush 8.5
Basin Street Blues Miles Davis 8.5
You've Got Nothing To Lose Michael Kiwanuka 8.5
Good Day Sunshine The Beatles 8.5
One Hundred Days Mark Lanegan 8.5
Nierika Dead Can Dance 8.5
Kangaroo Court Capital Cities 8.5
Hell Is Round the Corner Tricky 8.5
Mr. Jones Talking Heads 8.5
Sausis Justas Juškevičius 8.5
Esmi Vilkduja 8.5
Respect The Architect Guru 8.5
So What? Die Antwoord 8.5
Body and Soul The Sisters of Mercy 8.5
Burnt Flowers Fallen Type O Negative 8.5
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare Mr. Bungle 8.5
Sleepwalk City 65daysofstatic 8.5
Adnan's Orbital 8.5
Marble House The Knife 8.5
Check The Rhime A Tribe Called Quest 8.5
Show Business A Tribe Called Quest 8.5
Everything Is Spoilt By Use Ice Choir 8.5
Torch The Sisters of Mercy 8.5
Other People Beach House 8.5
Gatherer Of The Pure A Forest Of Stars 8.5
Tired And Awake Hidden Orchestra 8.5
Letters to the Metro Mogwai 8.5
My Wave Soundgarden 8.5
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver Primus 8.5
Miraklis Driezhas 8.5
Morning Beck 8.5
Lemonade CocoRosie 8.5
Climbing up the walls Radiohead 8.5
Wave Beck 8.5
Problem with the Sun Nicolas Jaar 8.5
Your Own Way Clan of Xymox 8.5
The Owl Service Pram 8.5
Overgrown James Blake 8.5
Cascade The Future Sound of London 8.5
In My Life Johnny Cash 8.5
So Fucking Suave Tuxedomoon 8.5
Seen and Not Seen Talking Heads 8.5
Psycho Killer Talking Heads 8.5
Kiss the Carpet The Sisters of Mercy 8.5
Section 3 Liam Howlett 8.5
We're Turning Again Frank Zappa 8.5
Fehu Wardruna 8.5
Jockey Full of Bourbon Tom Waits 8.5
Jūra Kartu Vilkduja 8.4
D-Natural Blues Wes Montgomery 8.4
Cars Hiss By My Window The Doors 8.4
Šiaurės vėjas Bix 8.4
Autobahn Kraftwerk 8.4
Spirit Dead Can Dance 8.4
Breezeblocks Alt-J 8.4
Gimtadienis Vytautas Kernagis 8.4
The Belldog Brian Eno 8.4
Amnesia Dead Can Dance 8.4
We No Who U R Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 8.4
Atmosphere Joy Division 8.4
Temptation New Order 8.4
None of Them Knew They Were Robots Mr. Bungle 8.4
Rich Bitch Die Antwoord 8.4
Fountain iamamiwhoami 8.4
Take Me to the River Talking Heads 8.4
Going Home Asgeir 8.4
Bite lingo Donis 8.4
In A Manner Of Speaking Tuxedomoon 8.4
Black Steel Tricky 8.3
Pimper's Paradise Bob Marley 8.3
I Remember Nothing Joy Division 8.3
The Mercy Seat Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 8.3
Dirge Death in Vegas 8.3
Fitzpleasure Alt-J 8.3
Die Befindlichkeit des Landes Einstürzende Neubauten 8.3
$copie Die Antwoord 8.3
House of Fun Madness 8.3
A Perfect World Broken Bells 8.3
Vessel Zola Jesus 8.3
Daughters Wild Beasts 8.3
The Darkness Leonard Cohen 8.3
Heard About You Last Night Mogwai 8.3
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi Radiohead 8.3
Shout Tears for Fears 8.3
Grynas Girių Dvasios 8.3
Ateivių miestas Justas Juškevičius 8.3
The Killing Moon Echo & the Bunnymen 8.3
Eden Talk Talk 8.3
Rained the Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar remix) Shlohmo 8.3
Deceptacon Le Tigre 8.3
Muchos Colores Tuxedomoon 8.3
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others The Smiths 8.3
I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix) Lykke Li 8.3
Down in It Nine Inch Nails 8.3
Runabout Little Dragon 8.3
A Walk Tycho 8.3
Europe Endless Kraftwerk 8.3
Good Times Don't Carry Over Chinawoman 8.3
I Surrender David Sylvian 8.3
Siena 222 Balto sarkofago turinys 8.3
Everyday The Cinematic Orchestra 8.3
Juanita : Kiteless : To Dream of Love Underworld 8.3
The Calling (Mk II) Death in June 8.3
Siela Girių Dvasios 8.3
Alps Motorama 8.3
The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove Dead Can Dance 8.3
Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World Israel Kamakawiwo'ole 8.3
Golden Years David Bowie 8.3
Idioteque Radiohead 8.3
Jazz (We've Got) A Tribe Called Quest 8.3
Somebody's Sins Tricky 8.3
When That Helicopter Comes Andrew Bird 8.3
Flood I The Sisters of Mercy 8.3
Saltarello Dead Can Dance 8.3
We Share Our Mothers' Health The Knife 8.3
Kamchatka Kino 8.3
The Sound of Law Daughn Gibson 8.3
Radharc Dead Can Dance 8.3
Cassandra Gemini (Faminepulse / Multiple Spouse Wounds / Sarcophagi) The Mars Volta 8.3
Midnight City M83 8.3
Nude Radiohead 8.2
Ars Moriendi Mr. Bungle 8.2
Mėsijas Driezhas 8.2
Myth Beach House 8.2
T iamamiwhoami 8.2
Limelight Apparat 8.2
Don’t Get Any Closer Eluvium 8.2
Jazz Music De Phazz 8.2
Bucephalus Bouncing Ball Aphex Twin 8.2
Gay Goth Scene The Hidden Cameras 8.2
Vicious Lou Reed 8.2
Leliumoj Spanxti 8.2
Here Comes the Sun Nina Simone 8.1
Beautiful Burnout Underworld 8.1
I'm So Tired The Beatles 8.1
Jeta muzyka budet vechnoj Nautilus Pompilius 8.1
Peaches The Stranglers 8.1
Hard Times Are Over John Lennon 8.1
Give Me One Reason Tracy Chapman 8.1
Your Fork Moves Lebanon Hanover 8.0
Trauka Girių Dvasios 8.0
Moj drug doktor Aquarium 8.0
Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust Nicolas Jaar 8.0
Tell Me How To Live Capital Cities 8.0
Slippin’ Into Darkness Marcus Miller 8.0
Always Something Better (su Richard Davis) Trentemoller 8.0
Subterraneans David Bowie 8.0
Open Letter to Duke Charles Mingus 8.0
Blackbird Chain Beck 8.0
Love's in Diet Clan of Xymox 8.0
Jilly's on Smack Primus 8.0
Thorn of Crowns Echo & the Bunnymen 8.0
Camera – People Are Strange Užsienio muzika 8.0
Samanos delnan Vilkduja 8.0
Nightmare of Percussion Strawberry Alarm Clock 8.0
Sapnai Micro One 8.0
Happy Song Lygiailyja 8.0
Free Until They Cut Me Down Iron & Wine 8.0
What They Do The Roots 8.0
Red Twilight With The Old Ones Steve Roach 8.0
A Simple Way to Go Faster Than Light That Does Not Work Tortoise 8.0
The Queen Is Dead The Smiths 8.0
The Only Shrine I've Seen Darkside 8.0
Pendulum/A Star is Born/The Garden of Ealing The Legendary Pink Dots 8.0
Die With Me Type O Negative 8.0
mookid. Aphex Twin 8.0
The Spinney View Of Hinkley Point. Bibio 8.0
Stigmata Ministry 8.0
A Night In Tindersticks 8.0
Copacaballa Coil 8.0
The Next Movement (su DJ Jazzy Jeff) The Roots 8.0
Bread for Brat The Hidden Cameras 8.0
Rock Classics The Knife 8.0
Verses From the Abstract A Tribe Called Quest 8.0
Everything You Can Think Tom Waits 8.0
Syntelman's March of the Roaring Seventies Amon Düül II 8.0
U Make Me Sweat Jungle Brothers 8.0
Ho Renomo Brian Eno 8.0
The Huts Mogwai 8.0
Swordfishtrombone Tom Waits 8.0
Reminder Hidden Orchestra 8.0
Jonavai Shiaurė 8.0
Chateau Rouge Booka Shade 8.0
Towers Of Dub (Ambient Mix) The Orb 8.0
Adventures In The Scandinavian Skin Trade Hector Zazou 8.0
Agape Dead Can Dance 8.0
Wandering Hidden Orchestra 8.0
Vom hohen himmel ein leuchtendes schweigen Deuter 8.0
Women vs Men David Byrne 8.0
Blind Lemon Jefferson Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 8.0
Common Dust The Roots 8.0
An Eagle in Your Mind Boards of Canada 8.0
Lost In Transit Exem 8.0
Walking with Jesus Spacemen 3 8.0
The Plug Bonobo 8.0
Hand in the Glove Clan of Xymox 8.0
Island Remix Philip Glass 8.0
No Time to Play (su Ronnie Jordan & Dee C. Lee) Guru 8.0
Oh Well Fleetwood Mac 8.0
Birthday The Sugarcubes 8.0
DoZo Puscifer 8.0
No Time Guru 8.0
When Jesus Comes To Town Lygiailyja 8.0
Skovannye odnoj cep'ju Nautilus Pompilius 8.0
Straight, No Chaser Quincy Jones 8.0
Universe at War The Roots 8.0
To Whom It May Concern Sixto Rodriguez 8.0
Run New Order 8.0
Loungin' (su Divine Rhyme) Alhi 8.0
The Mash And The Fury Trentemoller 8.0
The Bells Fluke 8.0
Slow Leonard Cohen 8.0
Cantaloupe Island Herbie Hancock 8.0
Beat-Boy Die Antwoord 8.0
Carpe Jugular The Hidden Cameras 8.0
German Days Iggy Pop 8.0
Semi Suite Tom Waits 8.0
Mystikal Maze SpaceGhostPurrp 8.0
Show Me Everything Tindersticks 8.0
Bring The Noise Public Enemy 8.0
Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma) Jorge Ben Jor 8.0
Burn Out The Cinematic Orchestra 8.0
We're All Mad Here Tom Waits 8.0
Everything (Autolux remix) Nine Inch Nails 8.0
The Ghosts of Saturday Night (After Hours at Napoleone's Pizza House) Tom Waits 8.0
Houses in Motion Talking Heads 8.0
All Gates Open Can 8.0
Told To Be Fine Efterklang 8.0
Black Tie White Noise (su Al B. Sure!) David Bowie 8.0
Trouble's Braids Tom Waits 8.0
Ohm sweet ohm Kraftwerk 8.0
Crosseyed and Painless Talking Heads 8.0
9 Follakzoid 8.0
The Overload Talking Heads 8.0
Arhegh Ad Annàgh Tinariwen 8.0
Counting Birds Wave Machines 8.0
Disquiet Hidden Orchestra 8.0
Addis Om 8.0
Medicine Tindersticks 8.0
Prie Atminimų Upės Teisutis Makačinas 8.0
Talkin' 'Bout a Revolution Tracy Chapman 8.0
What? A Tribe Called Quest 8.0
Anaconda The Sisters of Mercy 8.0
Romeo Is Bleeding Tom Waits 8.0
Baghdad Batteries The Orb 8.0
Good Music The Roots 8.0
Premonition (Giant Empty Iron Vessel) David Sylvian 8.0
The Wind That Shakes the Barley Dead Can Dance 8.0
Why Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours Off Already)... Brand X 8.0
Galliano Rocks Justin Velor 8.0
I Want a Little Sugar in My Bowl Nina Simone 8.0
Banjo Leonard Cohen 8.0
Always Crashing in the Same Car David Bowie 8.0
Song of the Stars Dead Can Dance 8.0
Heilige Leben Death in June 8.0
Balance Future Islands 8.0
Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book Dead Can Dance 8.0
Center Stage Capital Cities 8.0
Work Bob Marley 8.0
So Fine Lygiailyja 8.0
Someone Great LCD Soundsystem 8.0
Boogie Stop Shuffle Charles Mingus 8.0
The Snake and the Moon Dead Can Dance 8.0
Etoile Polaire Philip Glass 8.0
Tricky Tricky Royksopp 8.0
The Center Steve Roach 8.0
Baby Face Lou Reed 8.0
Zvjozdy ostanutsja zdes' Kino 8.0
Derelict Beck 8.0
Fables of Faubus Charles Mingus 8.0
Tessellate Alt-J 8.0
I Slept With Bonhomme at the CBC Broken Social Scene 8.0
All White Everything JJ 8.0
Symphony 2 - II. Andantino marziale, quasi moderato Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 8.0
Too Drunk to Fuck Nouvelle Vague 8.0
Riders On the Storm Dead Skeletons 8.0
In The Deathcar Goran Bregovic 8.0
Push up Ya Lighter The Roots 8.0
Aisha Death in Vegas 8.0
Love less New Order 8.0
This Beat Is Technotronic (su MC Eric) Technotronic 8.0
Undo Bjork 8.0
I Never Wear White Suzanne Vega 8.0
Seedpods Brian Eno 8.0
Get Yah Head Bust SpaceGhostPurrp 8.0
Alternate World (Alternate Age) Son Lux 8.0
Green Grass of Tunnel mum 8.0
St. Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast Frank Zappa 8.0
Milk & Honey (Alan Watts & 641) Arcade Fire 8.0
Exit 25 Block 20 Yann Tiersen 8.0
Collapsing Perfect Promise Spiritual Front 8.0
Fake Bonanza Mos Def 8.0
Without a Doubt The Roots 8.0
Shore Leave Tom Waits 8.0
Indus Dead Can Dance 8.0
Tribe Vibes Jungle Brothers 8.0
Minor Work Suuns 8.0
Acka Raga Shocking Blue 8.0
Rainbirds Tom Waits 8.0
My Building Disappeared Philip Glass 8.0
Inner City Blues Django Django 8.0
Ping Island / Lightning Strike Rescue Op Mark Mothersbaugh 8.0
Aguas De Marco Elis Regina 8.0
Antiphon Hidden Orchestra 8.0
Jungle Bill Yello 8.0
Passing Out Pieces Mac DeMarco 8.0
Metropolitan Glide Tom Waits 8.0
Break The Bank Schoolboy Q 8.0
Dog's Life Gentle Giant 8.0
Lotus Flower (Jaques Green RMX) Radiohead 8.0
The Windfall Hidden Orchestra 8.0
Low Yo Yo Stuff Captain Beefheart 8.0
Leornard I-V The Roots 8.0
Banstyle / Sappy's Curry Underworld 8.0
The Long Voyage Hector Zazou 8.0
Kiko Dead Can Dance 8.0
Ievan Polka Hatsune Miku 8.0
I Fink U Freeky Die Antwoord 7.9
Bodysnatchers Radiohead 7.9
Nušoviau Brazauską LMP 7.9
Thinkin Bout You Frank Ocean 7.9
Everything In Its Right Place Radiohead 7.9
Susilaikymas Sraunus 7.9
Feral Love Chelsea Wolfe 7.9
How to disappear completely Radiohead 7.9
Another Lie Dapa Deep 7.9
I might be wrong Radiohead 7.9
Your silent face New Order 7.9
Believe Amen Dunes 7.8
I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead Depeche Mode 7.8
Making Flippy Floppy Talking Heads 7.8
Andy's Chest Lou Reed 7.8
Rugsėjis Vytautas Kernagis 7.8
Lotus Flower Radiohead 7.8
Odal Wardruna 7.8
Equinox John Coltrane 7.8
Ali Click Brian Eno 7.8
Easy (Switch Screens) Son Lux 7.8
Circumradiant Dawn Dead Can Dance 7.8
Beez in the Trap Nicki Minaj 7.8
Young Americans David Bowie 7.8
Leave Home The Chemical Brothers 7.8
Glass Jar Gang Gang Dance 7.8
Bostich Yello 7.8
Souvlaki Space Station Slowdive 7.8
Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus The Mars Volta 7.8
The Facts of Life Talking Heads 7.8
Return Of The She-King Dead Can Dance 7.8
And I Say (su Scoute Larue Willis ir Will Epstein) Nicolas Jaar 7.8
Albatross Fleetwood Mac 7.8
Packt like sardines in a crushed tin box Radiohead 7.8
Tell Me About the Forest (You Once Called Home) Dead Can Dance 7.8
Chamber of Reflection Mac DeMarco 7.8
Pusherman Curtis Mayfield 7.8
Woodstock Joni Mitchell 7.7
Various Methods of Escape Nine Inch Nails 7.7
The Democratic Circus Talking Heads 7.7
I Don't Wanna Fall in Love She Wants Revenge 7.7
Back In The Tall Grass Future Islands 7.7
Station to Station David Bowie 7.7
Prisms 65daysofstatic 7.7
Cantara Dead Can Dance 7.7
Heart Darkside 7.7
Sex, Drugs & Violence Public Enemy 7.7
Fever Peggy Lee 7.7
Fuck a Rap Song Blue Daisy 7.7
Thieves Like Us New Order 7.7
Medicine Broken Bells 7.7
Hold the Line SBTRKT 7.7
On Top Rangleklods 7.7
Jazz Music Gang Starr 7.7
Simon Ferocious Mogwai 7.7
Body Of Light (Sophia Mix) Entheogenic 7.7
New Life Depeche Mode 7.7
Hacker Anthony Rother 7.7
Mexican Grand Prix Mogwai 7.7
Dollars and cents Radiohead 7.6
Music's Hypnotising (Re-Charged) Aphrodite 7.6
Atlas Battles 7.6
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out Twin Shadow 7.6
Slippery People Talking Heads 7.6
Doktor tvoego tela Nautilus Pompilius 7.6
Jesus Died In Las Vegas Spiritual Front 7.6
Bright U Beissoul 7.6
Shell of Light Burial 7.6
Song for a Warrior Swans 7.6
The Sheltering Sky King Crimson 7.5
Beverly Kills Ariel Pink 7.5
Blackwater Japan 7.5
Isi Neu! 7.5
In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-Eyed Are Kings Dead Can Dance 7.5
Song of the Nile Dead Can Dance 7.5
Mustt Mustt (Remixed by Massive Attack) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 7.5
Panevežys Micro One 7.5
Shamal Gong 7.5
Hood Dreamin Guru 7.5
Shades Of Marble Trentemoller 7.5
The Spider's Stratagem Dead Can Dance 7.5
Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) Talking Heads 7.5
Nothing to Talk About Chinawoman 7.5
Darshan (The Road to Graceland) David Sylvian 7.5
Premier and the Guru Gang Starr 7.5
Earth Died Screaming Tom Waits 7.5
Radiola Robin Guthrie 7.5
The Hall of Mirrors Kraftwerk 7.5
Stahlwerk Lebanon Hanover 7.5
Heartland The Sisters of Mercy 7.5
Knowledge Gang Starr 7.5
Vision One Royksopp 7.5
Monkey in Winter (su The Colourfield) Sinead O'Connor 7.5
Metatron Darkside 7.5
Holland, 1945 Neutral Milk Hotel 7.5
La Fiesta (Live 1988 Edit Version) Chick Corea 7.5
Black Cow Steely Dan 7.5
Monument Efterklang 7.5
Who's Gone? Yello 7.5
Wallet Plaid 7.5
Dang Spot Plaid 7.5
Vanduo Girių Dvasios 7.5
Valentine The Sisters of Mercy 7.5
Rockin Back Inside My Heart Julee Cruise 7.5
Limits Castratii 7.5
We Prick You David Bowie 7.5
Cause Sixto Rodriguez 7.5
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Joni Mitchell 7.5
The Girl with the Sun in Her Head Orbital 7.5
Šernas Vytautas Kernagis 7.5
To Be With Others Chinawoman 7.5
Dolly Unit The Orb 7.5
Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 7.4
Per kniauklius gieda žuvys Vilkduja 7.4
Mess On A Mission Liars 7.4
Aš išeinu Antis 7.4
Ullyses Dead Can Dance 7.4
Like The Moon Future Islands 7.4
Laikas Paikas Beissoul 7.4
Leave me alone New Order 7.4
Soul Gambler Spiritual Front 7.4
God's Retina mmpsuf 7.4
Head Over Heels Tears for Fears 7.3
Vashkar Carla Bley 7.3
Reach for the Dead Boards of Canada 7.3
Finishing Jubilee Street Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 7.3
Keep On Moving Bob Marley 7.3
I'm Jim Morrison, I'm dead Mogwai 7.3
Redemption Or Myself Spiritual Front 7.3
Separator Radiohead 7.3
Multifunktionsebene Apparat 7.3
God Is in the House Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 7.3
Distance Apparat 7.3
Schallstrom Apparat 7.3
Mano katė mėgsta šaudyt Svastikos Sukitės Greitai (SSG) 7.3
The Garden of Zephirus Dead Can Dance 7.3
Desperacija Vėjopatis 7.3
Totally Nude Talking Heads 7.3
Swing With Me Chrysta Bell 7.3
The Rainbow Talk Talk 7.3
Ancora Tu Roisin Murphy 7.3
Lions Tones on Tail 7.3
Moralniak 2011 (su Peja) Alhi 7.3
I Know That Loving Tindersticks 7.3
Epso Meth Lama Tuxedomoon 7.3
Year of the Spawn The Hidden Cameras 7.3
Radio Song REM 7.3
Crystalline Younger Brother 7.3
Blood of Eden Peter Gabriel 7.3
Hermetiškas turbovirusas Balto sarkofago turinys 7.3
Shit Scheisse Merde, Part 1 !!! (Chk Chk Chk) 7.3
Arch Without Letters 7.3
New York Morning Elbow 7.2
Toothwheels mum 7.2
Žemė Girių Dvasios 7.2
Ghosts Monolake 7.2
Išgąsdinti paukščiai Bix 7.2
Everyday Robots Damon Albarn 7.1
Before The Bridge Future Islands 7.0
Strange Hidden Orchestra 7.0
Popcorn Revisited The Roots 7.0
Union Light Solar Fields 7.0
Electro Glide In Blue Apollo 440 7.0
All In Good Time Dead Can Dance 7.0
Song of the Dispossessed Dead Can Dance 7.0
Rain of Despair Death in June 7.0
Alight Spiral Snip Philip Glass 7.0
Cause and Effect Gang Starr 7.0
Vsego lish' byt' Nautilus Pompilius 7.0
Angel in the City Lygiailyja 7.0
Loner Burial 7.0
Bear Motorama 7.0
Mad Rush Organ Philip Glass 7.0
Wishing Well David Lynch 7.0
R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. KRS-One 7.0
Hypnotic The Roots 7.0
Afterparty The Hidden Cameras 7.0
Cheepnis Frank Zappa 7.0
Setback Fluke 7.0
Bombay Tension Tuxedomoon 7.0
Diamonds on My Windshield Tom Waits 7.0
Copy of A Nine Inch Nails 7.0
I'm Gonna Live Anyhow Yann Tiersen 7.0
I'm 9 Today mum 7.0
Emmeleia Dead Can Dance 7.0
Stupid in the Dark Xiu Xiu 7.0
Easy Skanking Bob Marley 7.0
Melanine Tycho 7.0
Doin' Our Own Dang (su Monie Love) Jungle Brothers 7.0
Symbols in Souls Death in June 7.0
Le voyage de Penelope Air 7.0
Man With The Movie Camera The Cinematic Orchestra 7.0
Gangster Electronic 7.0
Birds Flying In Sequence Hammock 7.0
Pound A Rhythm Younger Brother 7.0
Burial Society Have a Nice Life 7.0
Awake/Asleep Without Letters 7.0
Skolon Dogma 7.0
Making Love in Dub The Orb 7.0
Dark & Long Underworld 7.0
Give Us The Wind Future Islands 7.0
I'm Out Deah The Roots 7.0
Bakan Q DEVILMAN 7.0
Dust Hidden Orchestra 7.0
Lunar Sea Camel 7.0
Budapest Motorama 7.0
Life Is My Teacher Miss Kittin 7.0
Chan Chan Buena Vista Social Club 7.0
First Night Out Jonn Serrie 7.0
A Most Disgusting Song Sixto Rodriguez 7.0
Barrage Shark Kurak 7.0
Dead Meadow – The Crystal Ship Užsienio muzika 7.0
Birds Apparat 7.0
586 New Order 7.0
Ecstasy New Order 7.0
Brown Paper Bag Roni Size 7.0
The Peacocks Bill Evans 7.0
Fun Does Not Exist Natacha Atlas 7.0
I Am A Wicked Child Radiohead 7.0
Elevate SpaceGhostPurrp 7.0
Ritual Union Little Dragon 7.0
Rivers of Babylon (The Melodians) Garso takeliai 7.0
Yulunga (Spirit Dance) Dead Can Dance 7.0
Win David Bowie 7.0
Zefside Zol (Interlude) Die Antwoord 7.0
Dynamite! The Roots 7.0
Boss Drum The Shamen 7.0
1969 The Sisters of Mercy 7.0
Black Dick Xiu Xiu 7.0
Hi Xiu Xiu 7.0
Let's Part in Style Chinawoman 7.0
O iamamiwhoami 7.0
Roast Beef Philip Glass 7.0
Be Strong The 2 Bears 7.0
Night Boat to Cairo Madness 7.0
Northern Seaside Motorama 7.0
Bad Kingdom Moderat 7.0
Rock the Bone John Maus 7.0
Velvet Reptile Solar Fields 7.0
As I Sat Sadly by Her Side Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds 7.0
Giggy Smile Faust 7.0
Weeping Wall David Bowie 7.0
∆∆∆∆rasik∆∆∆∆ Grimes 7.0
Kitten Moon Fluke 7.0
Kas jeigu ne mes Mesijus 7.0
Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair Nina Simone 7.0
Amorator! The Fall 7.0
There's No Hunters Here Motorama 7.0
Northern Lights Lebanon Hanover 7.0
Neištirti žemynai Micro One 7.0
New Light of Tomorrow Husky Rescue 7.0
Arcadia Apparat 7.0
Paper Tiger Beck 7.0
Greek Light Darkside 7.0
Amor de loca juventud Buena Vista Social Club 7.0
Pound For Pound The Bad Plus 7.0
Metaphor Sparks 7.0
Down To The Sound Bibio 7.0
Sitra Darkside 7.0
The Continent Steve Roach 7.0
Chinese High Gang Gang Dance 7.0
Bhimpalási Ravi Shankar 7.0
Magnificent Gallery Steve Roach 7.0
Yes Boss Hess is More 7.0
A Culture Of Fragments Rome 7.0
Egowar Gang Gang Dance 7.0
Spoken Hidden Orchestra 7.0
Eye Know De La Soul 7.0
This Brian Eno 7.0
Tick Tock Death in June 7.0
Dinah-Moe Humm Frank Zappa 7.0
Defenestration Song Have a Nice Life 7.0
Colours The Sisters of Mercy 7.0
Sound Of My Dub Lee "Scratch" Perry 7.0
Mister Follow Follow Fela Kuti 7.0
Codes The Orb 7.0
Where I Found You Future Islands 7.0
The Seven Primus 7.0
Ariadne Dead Can Dance 7.0
Late At Night GeraiGerai 6.9
Piece By Piece Anna Calvi 6.9
Nothing's Changed Tricky 6.9
Lonely Press Play Damon Albarn 6.9
Dramatic Blues Kurak 6.8
Let In The Light Moderat 6.8
Megamix Technotronic 6.8
Bottomliners Brian Eno 6.8
Makes Me Wanna Die Tricky 6.8
Where Do I Begin The Chemical Brothers 6.8
The Numbers Radiohead 6.8
Steady Uprising Apparat 6.8
Fatty Boom Boom Die Antwoord 6.8
Virstantis drugiais Girnų giesmės 6.8
In a Silent Way Miles Davis 6.8
Energy Fools the Magician Brian Eno 6.7
Orgullecida Buena Vista Social Club 6.7
Ascension Day Talk Talk 6.7
Giving Ground The Sisterhood 6.7
Drunkship of Lanterns The Mars Volta 6.7
North Star John Maus 6.7
As the Bell Rings the Maypole Spins Dead Can Dance 6.7
Zhizn' v steklah Kino 6.7
Monologas pt. 2 Coras 6.7
Giles Farnaby's Dream Penguin Cafe Orchestra 6.7
Apparitions The Raveonettes 6.7
Zodiac - Rock On The Ice Sovietinė muzika 6.7
Seeland Neu! 6.7
Open Rhye 6.7
I Thought I Told You To Wait In The Car Sparks 6.7
Parties Shlohmo 6.6
Azura 808 State 6.6
Multifocus Apparat 6.5
YKK Fluke 6.5
All Of Me Django Reinhardt 6.5
Thick as a Brick (gyvai - 1978) Jethro Tull 6.5
Stay David Bowie 6.5
Hailin From The Edge Apparat 6.5
Montana Frank Zappa 6.5
The Ballad of Hollis Brown David Lynch 6.5
Human NRG (Mix by Graham Massey of 808 State) The Shamen 6.5
Pulk/pull revolving doors Radiohead 6.5
House Carpenter Pentangle 6.5
Towards the Within Dead Can Dance 6.5
Feel Good (ft. Khruangbin) Maribou State 6.5
Enklave Rangleklods 6.5
Mmm... Skyscraper I Love You Underworld 6.5
In Sintesi Roisin Murphy 6.5
Love is war (Koi wa sensou) Hatsune Miku 6.5
Soul Kitchen The Black Angels 6.5
In McDonalds Burial 6.5
VD The Residents 6.5
Strange Animal Sparks 6.5
Return of the Boom Bap KRS-One 6.5
Inheritance Talk Talk 6.5
Čia - mano namai Laimutis Purvinis 6.5
Dye the Water Green Bibio 6.5
Get The Rhyme Right Matthew Dear 6.5
Winter in America Gil Scott-Heron 6.5
Zijonistas Sraunus 6.5
Underway Fleetwood Mac 6.5
Ni Main Jogi De Naal Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 6.5
7,5t Apparat 6.5
Šunparkis Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu 6.5
I Believe in You Talk Talk 6.5
Mimikry ANBB 6.5
Pacific State 808 State 6.5
Bonebomb Brian Eno 6.5
Pėdos smėly Bix 6.5
Už poliarinio rato KAnDIs 6.5
Die Geschichte einer Mutter Bel Canto 6.5
Į Dieną Einam Teisutis Makačinas 6.5
Blue Lines Massive Attack 6.5
Order Rangleklods 6.5
Be Thankful For What You've Got Massive Attack 6.5
AM/FM !!! (Chk Chk Chk) 6.4
Rival Dealer Burial 6.4
Tomboy Panda Bear 6.4
Elephant Stone – L.A. Woman Užsienio muzika 6.3
Eugene Andrew Bird 6.3
Valia Girių Dvasios 6.3
Jeezlh Solar Fields 6.3
Over And Over Apparat 6.3
Hooch Kelis 6.3
When a Fire Starts to Burn Disclosure 6.3
Eaves Tartufi 6.3
Red Rider The Residents 6.3
Cooking Up Something Good Mac DeMarco 6.3
Contradiction Apparat 6.3
Kiemas (gyvai) SEL 6.3
Uncle Remus Frank Zappa 6.3
Morgenspaziergang Kraftwerk 6.3
Style Orbital 6.3
System 700 Younger Brother 6.3
Betono vaikai Bix 6.1
Tybee Island Future Islands 6.0
Close To None Future Islands 6.0
Tibet Part II Mark Isham 6.0
Headup Apparat 6.0
Ozgur Sakar aka Misda Oz Vs. Mercan Dede - Ab-i Beka Buddha Bar 6.0
Brother Mac DeMarco 6.0
Sweet Mary (Everyone Has a Choice) Richard Bona 6.0
Outta Here KRS-One 6.0
Can't Get Away Sixto Rodriguez 6.0
We all stand New Order 6.0
Ultraviolence New Order 6.0
Paperbag Writer Radiohead 6.0
Patashnik v.1 Biosphere 6.0
Little Man Little Dragon 6.0
Big Olive Tuxedomoon 6.0
Wealth Talk Talk 6.0
Cloud Jumper Sraunus 6.0
Pale Peach Jukebox Penguin Cafe Orchestra 6.0
Bewitched (Plone Mix) Pram 6.0
Bizness tUnE-yArDs 6.0
Floating Channels Solar Fields 6.0
Vacation from Love Chinawoman 6.0
Repetition David Bowie 6.0
Materials Nicolas Jaar 6.0
Ammnesia Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers) 6.0
The Arrival and the Reunion Dead Can Dance 6.0
Five Man Army Massive Attack 6.0
Las Esposas Kimono Kult 6.0
I'm The Slime Frank Zappa 6.0
The Dark (Trinity) (feat. Dice Raw & Greg Porn) The Roots 6.0
German Clap Modeselektor 6.0
Codes and Keys (Yeasayer Remix) Death Cab for Cutie 6.0
Ubiquity The Orb 6.0
Dedicacé Outò Dead Can Dance 6.0
Pure Blackbird Blackbird 6.0
The Murder Mystery The Velvet Underground 6.0
Drinking Water (Aqua De Beber) Frank Sinatra 6.0
They Can't Take That Away from Me Tony Bennett 6.0
Concrete Mother Gazelle Twin 6.0
Squeeze Me Macaroni Mr. Bungle 6.0
Cosmick Dub Peaking Lights 6.0
Adventures in Wonderland The Roots 6.0
Hassidic Pizza Tuxedomoon 6.0
Only You Sun Glitters 6.0
Artists Only Talking Heads 6.0
The Nebbish Route Shpongle 6.0
A Knife in the Sun Xiu Xiu 6.0
Tonzart Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) 6.0
Sleepwalker Part Two Younger Brother 6.0
Belong The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart 6.0
La femme d'argent Air 6.0
Yellow Balloon Twin Shadow 6.0
Another Night In Tunisia Bobby McFerrin 6.0
Broken Life Blue Foundation 6.0
Honeysuckle Xiu Xiu 6.0
A Dog's Life Wild Beasts 6.0
Hymn Of The Big Wheel Massive Attack 6.0
Three Dots and a Dash Punch Brothers 6.0
On The Water Future Islands 6.0
Music for 18 Musicians: Section VI Steve Reich 6.0
Cloak Julianna Barwick 6.0
Stammer Hidden Orchestra 6.0
Top Floor, Bottom Buzzer Morphine 6.0
You Matmos 6.0
Miracles Jimi Tenor 6.0
Elevator Music Beck 6.0
Lantern Motorama 6.0
Velvet Green (live February 10th, 1977) Jethro Tull 6.0
Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud David Bowie 6.0
Giles Farnaby's Dream (gyvai) Penguin Cafe Orchestra 6.0
Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel Frank Zappa 6.0
Climb Up on My Music Sixto Rodriguez 6.0
I Am Citizen Insane Radiohead 6.0
Bird Dead Can Dance 6.0
Murder by Numbers The Police 6.0
Human NRG The Shamen 6.0
Red Money David Bowie 6.0
6.7 Solar Fields 6.0
Red Sails David Bowie 6.0
Your Friends Are Scary Younger Brother 6.0
Am I The Ghost Styrofoam 6.0
Section 6 Liam Howlett 6.0
Empty Rangleklods 6.0
Strange Meadow Lark The Dave Brubeck Quartet 6.0
Chimneys Afire Xiu Xiu 6.0
On The Sunny Side Of The Street Lionel Hampton 6.0
I Don’t Eat Human Beings John Maus 6.0
Warm Signal Apparat 5.8
Can't Do Without You Caribou 5.8
Nervous Tics (ft. Holly Walker) Maribou State 5.8
Talisman Air 5.8
Headcage Matthew Dear 5.7
Diario Di Un Egoista Tuxedomoon 5.7
Forever Little Dragon 5.6
Nahui Atl (Cuatro Agua) Jorge Reyes 5.5
Copy of A (Simian Mobile Disco remix) Nine Inch Nails 5.5
La Métamorphose Philip Glass 5.5
Footsteps Hidden Orchestra 5.5
The Sweet Running Over Trisomie 21 5.5
Dos gardenias Buena Vista Social Club 5.5
Zoot Allures Frank Zappa 5.5
Over the Falls Primus 5.5
Girlfriend Is Better Talking Heads 5.5
Safety In Numbers Younger Brother 5.5
Night Flanger Yello 5.5
Veinte años Buena Vista Social Club 5.5
The Perfect Pill - Emigrants Song (Srauni versija) Sraunus 5.5
20th Century Dreaming (A Shaman's Song) David Sylvian 5.5
Shipwreck Modeselektor 5.3
Surfing on a Rocket Air 5.3
Twenty Thirteen Royksopp 5.3
Slow Twin Shadow 5.2
Come Smoke My Herb Meshell Ndegeocello 5.0
West Eats Meat Ravi Shankar 5.0
Ophélie Hector Zazou 5.0
Comala Jorge Reyes 5.0
In The Wake Of Chronos (Alternate Version) Demdike Stare 5.0
King Kong (gyvai '1988) Frank Zappa 5.0
Desire Talk Talk 5.0
Along the Journey Erik Wollo 5.0
Octagon Liars 5.0
Day's End (su Kazufumi Kodama) DJ Krush 5.0
Babylon Sisters Steely Dan 5.0
Sleepwalker Part One Younger Brother 5.0
Sweet Green Fields Django Django 5.0
40 Days Slowdive 5.0
Harlem in Havana Joni Mitchell 5.0
Serenade for Missy The Residents 5.0
Argi Jau Mūsų Nebuvo? Modus 5.0
Hunger Rhye 5.0
Crumblenaut Younger Brother 5.0
Renunciation Secret Chiefs 3 5.0
Djed Tortoise 5.0
The Drunkk Machine Thom Yorke 5.0
End of a Circle Dead Can Dance 5.0
Pine Motorama 5.0
Cut 1/2 Blues Beck 5.0
Medžių Augintojas Sraunus 5.0
Hypericum Gem Club 5.0
These Are My Friends David Lynch 5.0
Elephant Machine Younger Brother 5.0
Anteroom EMA 5.0
In the Name of Talent (Italian Western Two) Tuxedomoon 5.0
The Nicest Way Mondkopf 5.0
Harikiri Ceo 5.0
Teddy The Residents 5.0
Wisdom II Eluvium 5.0
Hejira Joni Mitchell 5.0
La Gatta Roisin Murphy 5.0
Kid's A Loner Cupp Cave 5.0
Glistering Like Gold Trisomie 21 5.0
Never Fall In Love Emilie Simon 5.0
Use Me Bill Withers 5.0
TNT Tortoise 5.0
V-2 Schneider David Bowie 5.0
Novelty Waves v.1 Biosphere 5.0
Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour Sixto Rodriguez 5.0
Spacey (Catch 22 Dub) Fluke 5.0
You Take My Breath Away The Knife 5.0
Steroids Mr. Oizo 5.0
I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance Ulrich Schnauss 5.0
Time For Us Nicolas Jaar 5.0
The sound of someone you love who's going away and it doesn't matter Penguin Cafe Orchestra 5.0
Teletrips Ice Choir 5.0
Take A Look (Martin Dupont Interpretation) Theophilus London 5.0
Tether Beat Twin Shadow 5.0
Return to Debris Eluvium 5.0
Into Chaos Deine Lakaien 5.0
Wonder, Wonder Femi Kuti 5.0
Aller vers le soleil Sebastien Tellier 5.0
Shed Some Blood Rhye 5.0
F for You Disclosure 4.9
El cuarto de Tula Buena Vista Social Club 4.7
Blue Valentines Tom Waits 4.7
Taskas Vėjopatis 4.5
The Roil, the Choke Brian Eno 4.5
Normandy Motorama 4.5
And Then So Clear Brian Eno 4.5
Brazil Gold Panda 4.5
Earth Follakzoid 4.5
Grillwalker Modeselektor 4.5
Abbaon Fat Tracks Tricky 4.5
Teeth in the Grass Iron & Wine 4.5
Deep Blue Day Brian Eno 4.5
For Now I Am Winter Olafur Arnalds 4.5
Meet You at the Midnight Julianna Barwick 4.5
Junior Kimbrough Mix Daft Punk 4.3
Gašli Ir Sielvartinga Modus 4.0
Year of Apocalypse Jimi Tenor 4.0
Cymbal Rush Thom Yorke 4.0
Swine Lady GaGa 4.0
Web (Lascaux Mix) Brian Eno 4.0
Blueski Underworld 4.0
A Million Bubbles Burst Pram 4.0
The Golden Age Beck 4.0
Tears Django Reinhardt 4.0
Step On Happy Mondays 4.0
ogust - you wanna fuck me (su Šepečiu) Sraunus 4.0
Molecular Superstructure Shpongle 4.0
Sado-mazo Vokietija (McKaras remix) Pergalė 4.0
Ski Laufen Sraunus 4.0
The Grey Ship EMA 4.0
Dizzy Blonde Xploding Plastix 4.0
In Zenith Bel Canto 4.0
Section 4 Liam Howlett 4.0
CB Contraption 1 The Residents 4.0
Beauty Towne Xiu Xiu 4.0
Section 7 Liam Howlett 4.0
The Birds & The Bees The 2 Bears 4.0
Atoms for Peace Thom Yorke 4.0
Rez Underworld 4.0
Psychic Tv - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun Užsienio muzika 4.0
In My Life Jose Feliciano 4.0
Rabbits In A Hurry Superpitcher 4.0
Mineralia Eyvind Kang 4.0
Rowla Underworld 4.0
Elvis Has Just Left the Building Frank Zappa 4.0
What Time Is Love (Space Mix) The KLF 4.0
Viskas prasidėjo Panevėžy Sraunus 4.0
The Falconer Nico 4.0
Pyramid Photek 4.0
World Citizen - I Won't Be Disappointed / Looped Piano Ryuichi Sakamoto 4.0
Kloeberdanz Bel Canto 4.0
the power of doubt Surgeon 4.0
Let No Man Steal Your Thyme Pentangle 4.0
The Clock Thom Yorke 4.0
Web Brian Eno 4.0
Destiny John Talabot 4.0
What Would U Do? (Tha Dogg Pound) Garso takeliai 4.0
What's Yr Take on Cassavetes Le Tigre 4.0
Pull Up to the Bumper Grace Jones 4.0
Luna Bombay Bicycle Club 4.0
Miasma Sky Baths 4.0
A Kind of Deutsch And One 4.0
Armonica Darkstar 4.0
Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You Bee Gees 4.0
Love in Motion SebastiAn 4.0
Machine Gun Slowdive 4.0
Joey's Song Xiu Xiu 4.0
Peace One John McLaughlin 4.0
Tight Interlude The Orb 4.0
Television Man Talking Heads 4.0
The Prince Madness 4.0
Emotional Falco 4.0
Rings Around Saturn Photek 3.5
Hymn of the Naassenes John Zorn 3.5
Kalimera Booka Shade 3.5
The Banality Of Evil (Burnt Friedman Remix) David Sylvian 3.5
A Chore Tom Vek 3.5
Cobra Bora 808 State 3.5
Riverman David Sylvian 3.5
Atom Bomb Fluke 3.3
Remover Of Darkness Surgeon 3.2
Ye Ye De Smell Fela Kuti 3.0
Orchard Street Thurston Moore 3.0
We (All) Search Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) 3.0
Seven Notes To Heaven Trilok Gurtu 3.0
Marvelės Kalva Betoniniai triušiai 3.0
Alles wieder offen Einstürzende Neubauten 3.0
Milkman EMA 3.0
5000 Miles West Of The Future Mike Ladd 3.0
Zulusas - Vilnelė (Šepetys lindo) Sraunus 3.0
Aerial Four Tet 3.0
Buthania Bel Canto 3.0
Click Clack Captain Beefheart 3.0
Hypnosis Theme (su Marina Quaisse) Wax Tailor 3.0
M.C. Organ Brian Eno 3.0
The Third Planet v.1 Biosphere 3.0
My Friend Fats Primus 3.0
One ANBB 3.0
Don't Break My Love Nicolas Jaar 3.0
Section 5 Liam Howlett 3.0
Section 8 Liam Howlett 3.0
Timemorf Ricardo Villalobos 3.0
El maravilloso cuenco de Ritva Kaukoranta Federico Durand 3.0
60 Years Of Telephony Pram 3.0
Sparkles Shabazz Palaces 3.0
Three Hours Nick Drake 3.0
Fussball The Orb 3.0
Coasters Brian Eno 3.0
What Are All These Bands So Angry About? Sparks 3.0
The Tennessee Toad Django Django 3.0
Merga is jutubes su daina Skinny Love (Šepečio versija) Sraunus 3.0
No Vember Sraunus 3.0
Tripoha Sraunus 3.0
Downtown Samba Yello 3.0
Shoot'n Up and Gett'n High Meshell Ndegeocello 2.5
Where Should I Go Burnt Friedman 2.5
Bananeira Bebel Gilberto 2.5
Rims Actress 2.5
Final Ray of Sun Karl Hyde 2.0
Dream Time In Lake Jackson The KLF 2.0
Djam Leelii Baaba Maal 2.0
Candela Buena Vista Social Club 2.0
A Lizard State King Krule 2.0
Laka Mba (Plea for Forgiveness - With the Pride of Lions) Richard Bona 2.0
The Boy With the Jigsaw Puzzle Fingers Karl Hyde 2.0
You Took Your Time (su King Krule) Mount Kimbie 2.0
Tyr Wardruna 2.0
Almoraima Paco de Lucia 2.0
My House Lou Reed 2.0
The Monkey Man The Residents 2.0
Outside Your Door Meshell Ndegeocello 1.0
¿Y tú qué has hecho? Buena Vista Social Club 1.0
I'm Diggin You (Like An Old Soul Record) Meshell Ndegeocello 1.0
El carretero Buena Vista Social Club 1.0
Step Into The Projects Meshell Ndegeocello 1.0
La bayamesa Buena Vista Social Club 1.0
Feelin Good Meshell Ndegeocello 1.0
Soul On Ice Meshell Ndegeocello 1.0
Murmullo Buena Vista Social Club 1.0
Eggs and Sausage (In a Cadillac with Susan Michelson) Tom Waits 1.0
GOD.FEAR.MONEY Meshell Ndegeocello 1.0
The Clock (Surgeon Remix) Thom Yorke 1.0
Dred Loc Meshell Ndegeocello 1.0
Buena Vista Social Club Buena Vista Social Club 1.0
Pueblo nuevo Buena Vista Social Club 1.0
Ivan-chaj Aquarium -
Bags' Groove (take 2) Miles Davis -
The Touch Of Any Flame Trisomie 21 -
Florentine Pogen Frank Zappa -
Novato John Zorn -
Ole Paco de Lucia -
Bliss Trip Quintessence -
Yer Bounda Fara Ali Farka Toure -
Der Weg ins Freie Einstürzende Neubauten -
Musicmagic Chick Corea -
Comin' Home Baby Herbie Mann -
Ostinato (Suite For Angela) Herbie Hancock -
Behind Bars Slick Rick -
Like Humans Do David Byrne -
The Satyr's Play, Visions of Dionysus [Ode III] John Zorn -
Wonderful World (Burnt Friedman Remix) David Sylvian -
Synaesthetic Blue Man Group -
Hellno The Residents -
Yeah You Shabazz Palaces -
Nawa Femi Kuti -
Don't Start No Schtuff Al Jarreau -
Trade In Lou Reed -
Rince Philib A'Cheoil Clannad -
Bedouin The Orb -
Cool Water Talking Heads -
Music for 18 Musicians: Section XI Steve Reich -
Allah Hoo Allah Hoo Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan -
Turn The Power Sieben -
The Only Hand to Hold Prefuse 73 -
Making Love in Dub (Instrumental) The Orb -
Rito Vespero -
Prelude 6: Circumambulation John Zorn -
Margis Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu -
State Laughter Death in June -
Lebedinaja stal' Aquarium -
But Not for Me (take 1) Miles Davis -
Red Or Green Trisomie 21 -
Last Astronaut Pram -
Titian Bekh Brian Eno -
City Wakes Up Biosphere -
Give It Up Saul Williams -
I Believe You Can Survive (Elegy For The Introvert) Lebanon Hanover -
Gathering of Ancient Tribes Goat -
Story of Bo Diddley The Animals -
Penda Yoro Ali Farka Toure -
Tricky Kid Tricky -
Is This the Best Spot? Ariel Pink -
For Now Twin Shadow -
Sun Zoom Spark Captain Beefheart -
Swerve ... the reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding) Shabazz Palaces -
Sunset Surfer Naked City -
Dance on Vaseline David Byrne -
Magistral' Aquarium -
The Host the Ghost the Most Holy-O Captain Beefheart -
King Kong (Ahead of their Time) Frank Zappa -
Touch Me Suicide -
Makin' Whoopee Ella Fitzgerald -
Are you ... Can you ... Were you (felt) Shabazz Palaces -
Live for Today Femi Kuti -
Riptide Lou Reed -
Here I Come The Roots -
Sirens Of Salo Jimi Tenor -
6 Minutes Tricky -
They Can't Take That Away From Me Billie Holiday -
Picnic on a Frozen River Faust -
Music for 18 Musicians: Section X Steve Reich -
Bisso Baba (Always Together) Richard Bona -
The Horrible Fanfare/Landslide/Exoskeleton Beck -
Emperor's New Clothes Sinead O'Connor -
Hat and Beard Eric Dolphy -
Lost in Music The Fall -
Target Selection Vespero -
Seagulls Motorama -
Hennepin Crawler Primus -
Combat for the Angel Secret Chiefs 3 -
Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan Matmos -
Fuente y caudal Paco de Lucia -
Hear Me Now (Tonight Club Mix By Adult) Trisomie 21 -
Moondance Bobby McFerrin -
Omnichord Pram -
Danza De Los Peyoteros Jorge Reyes -
The Eye Of The Cyclone Biosphere -
Obsidian Butterfly Jorge Reyes -
Slit of Cloud (su Akira Sakata) DJ Krush -
Orient (Part-1) Don Cherry -
Cadaverously Quaint Lebanon Hanover -
Goatchild Goat -
Incrustado en la memoria del sol Jorge Reyes -
Reminiscences Ariel Pink -
Pachuco Cadaver Captain Beefheart -
Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair Meshell Ndegeocello -
Snake in the Grass The Black Angels -
Boomcubist Brian Eno -
Underground Curtis Mayfield -
The Sea and Sinbad's Ship (Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker) Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov -
Persepolis John Zorn -
Won Ton On Frank Zappa -
Caesar Iggy Pop -
Don't Rain on My Parade Japan -
Summertime Joe Pass -
Desde Que o Samba é Samba (su Caetano Veloso) David Byrne -
Viewed From An Obscure Angle The Future Sound of London -
Fokionos Negri Street Keep Shelly in Athens -
A Circular Ceremony Steve Roach -
Motel David Bowie -
On Your Wings Iron & Wine -
Flakes Frank Zappa -
Breezin' Al Jarreau -
Taking the Veil David Sylvian -
Les Trois Lagons (D'Après Henri Matisse): Plate XVII/Plate XVIII/Plate XIX Carla Bley -
Police & Thieves The Orb -
Music for 18 Musicians: Section IV Steve Reich -
Aftervisions Jonn Serrie -
...Sudden Stars Stereolab -
Spanish Castles In Space (Castles In Goa Mix) The Orb -
Service The Fall -
Atrakcionų parkas (2011 m. vasaris) Justas Juškevičius -
A2 Darkside -
Take Five (gyvai) Al Jarreau -
Never Ending Story Tuxedomoon -
An Hour in the Shower Chicago -
El Hacedor De Lluvia Jorge Reyes -
A Perfect Twist (Vocal) Mike Patton -
Fall in Love (live) BadBadNotGood -
Boxman (The City) Tuxedomoon -
The Heart Knows Better (remixed by Sweet Billy Pilgrim) David Sylvian -
You Gotta Move Sam Cooke -
I Can’t Believe That You Would Fall For All The Crap In This Song Sparks -
No One Holds Hands Lebanon Hanover -
F.O.E. Sepultura -
Kinski Assassin Ariel Pink -
The Doo Bop Song Miles Davis -
Yarrow Pentangle -
I Can Tell Bo Diddley -
Festival at Bagdad - The Sea - Shipwreck (Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker) Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov -
Bonjour Tristesse Tuxedomoon -
Pathway of Fire John Zorn -
Le Bien, Le Mal Guru -
Ocean Rain Echo & the Bunnymen -
Radio Dark Horses -
Swing Japan -
Oh Word? Beastie Boys -
Mystery RPS (su Jaki Liebezeit) Holger Czukay -
Words with the Shaman Pt.2 Incantation David Sylvian -
Zero The Hero & The Witch's Spell Gong -
Aura Borealis Ozric Tentacles -
Sanctuaries Brian Eno -
The First Big Weekend Arab Strap -
Take Your Clothes Off Frank Zappa -
No Less Than All Sieben -
Island on and Endless Plane Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) -
41 Nekropsi -
Dot to Dot Part 2 The Legendary Pink Dots -
Bring the Sun / Toussaint L'Ouverture Swans -
What Is There to Say? Bill Evans -
Neon Lights Senor Coconut -
The Pawnbroker Pram -
Yodel 1 (gyvai) Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
The Entire City Gazelle Twin -
How Little We Need to be Happy (remixed by Tatsuhiko Asano) David Sylvian -
This Is The Renaissance Sparks -
Kidda Natacha Atlas -
Púsl Amiina -
Afterglow Miles Davis -
When I Get Home Pentangle -
Mario's Flaming Whiskers III Deerhoof -
Chain Smoker Chance The Rapper -
Everybody Wants to Rule the World The Bad Plus -
Amdyaz Hector Zazou -
The Dervish John Zorn -
Hungry Freaks, Daddy Frank Zappa -
Feel to Be Driven Away China Crisis -
3 The Hard Way Beastie Boys -
Jack Orion Pentangle -
Movement of Fear Tones on Tail -
The Stigma Of Childhood (Kin) David Sylvian -
Panic Of Looking Brian Eno -
Along the Banks of Rivers Tortoise -
Hiroshi Waltz Unkle Ho -
Tin Cans & Twine Tortoise -
A Title Brian Eno -
The Last Superpower AKA Rapscallion Primus -
How To Get A Head The Residents -
Numbers 1-4 Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
On a Foggy Night Tom Waits -
Tradition Burning Spear -
A Street Leonard Cohen -
Come to Me (gyvai @ MTV Unplugged) Bjork -
Molodaja shpana Aquarium -
Selbstportrait mit Kater Einstürzende Neubauten -
Deuteronomy: Niggerman Meshell Ndegeocello -
All Is Well Chicago -
Sekvojų Pusnynai Betoniniai triušiai -
Work It Nicolas Jaar -
Air (gyvai) Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Nest Gazelle Twin -
Atom And Cell (su Nine Horses) David Sylvian -
Ver Cosas Nunca Oídas... Jorge Reyes -
Shot This Time Talk Normal -
Housewives Hooked on Heroin No-Man -
Let it be Nick Cave -
Hot Night Meshell Ndegeocello -
The Wolf That Lives in Lindsey Joni Mitchell -
Wading Into Love Tuxedomoon -
Life is Real Only Then, When I Am John Zorn -
Suite Nr. 1 D-Moll Op. 43. III. Intermezzo Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky -
Any Way the Wind Blows Frank Zappa -
Red Sails China Crisis -
Trickle Down Robert Wyatt -
Rat Race The Specials -
Land of Plenty / Bokusha 2 kidkanevil -
Hector Ou La Défaite De Martin Shin Vladimir Bozar n Ze Sheraf Orkestar -
Songline Steve Roach -
We Have a Map of the Piano mum -
Hermes Trismegisto Escreveu Jorge Ben Jor -
Anyway the Wind Blows Frank Zappa -
Ogham The Melody Sieben -
Berghain ANBB -
Flux Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Maximato John Zorn -
Jelektricheskij pes Aquarium -
It Just Might Be a One-Shot Deal Frank Zappa -
Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised) Peter Tosh -
Daphnis et Chloé Suite No. 2 - Pantomime Maurice Ravel -
Prelude to Aire Chicago -
WOUH Nicolas Jaar -
Taylor Made Bobby McFerrin -
When Poets Dreamed of Angels David Sylvian -
Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Take 3) Bill Evans -
A Study Of Six Guitars The Future Sound of London -
I Zimbra Talking Heads -
Suddenly We Were Out Of The Dream Jorge Reyes -
The Only Boogie Down Prefuse 73 -
Enoshima Gold Panda -
Hljóða Nótt Asgeir -
Mahshav John Zorn -
A.P.O.L.O.G.Y. Tom Vek - Afro-Cuban All Stars -
No. 1 St. Mike Ladd -
Talk to Me Joni Mitchell -
Derzhat'sja kornej Aquarium -
Do It For Van Gogh Tuxedomoon -
I Agree..... No!..... I Disagree Don Caballero -
Invocation and Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin Frank Zappa -
Minor Stab Andrew Bird -
Egg Mr. Bungle -
Take Five The Specials -
Macabee Version Max Romeo -
Dobro #1 David Sylvian -
A Day's Pay for a Day's Work Darkstar -
Atlantis Tuxedomoon -
Namaste Kryptic Minds -
Flat Tire Albert King -
The Free Design Stereolab -
La Bomba Bix -
Evolution The Cinematic Orchestra -
Harry Irene Captain Beefheart -
The Sun Sieben -
Recuerdos John Zorn -
Keep It Healthy Warpaint -
Downpressor Man Peter Tosh -
My Dream Fleetwood Mac -
Introduction Chicago -
Montana (Whipping Floss) Frank Zappa -
Elegant People Weather Report -
The God Of Single Cell Organisms David Sylvian -
Animal Waves Can -
Nomad for Love (Cannibal) Gang Gang Dance -
The Christmas Song John Zorn -
I Feel My Stuff Brian Eno -
Picture Of Corridor Sieben -
Hagai John Zorn -
Son Desangrado Silvio Rodriguez -
Fuck It, None Of Ya'll Don't Rap Evian Christ -
Įrašas šv.Jurgio bažnyčioje (2-oji atkarpa) Ramūnas Jaras (Echidna aukštyn) -
Like a Pen The Knife -
Ivanov Aquarium -
Na Mala Nde Richard Bona -
Foreign Accents Robert Wyatt -
Song of the Church-goers Edvard Grieg -
Gris-Gris Andrew Bird -
In The Back Of A Taxi Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Consolamentum John Zorn -
Imidiwàn N-Àkall-In Tinariwen -
Dragonfly Pentangle -
Trihedron (su Opus) DJ Krush -
96 Tears The Stranglers -
Black Man's Cry Fela Kuti -
Minha Neguinha Cibelle -
Bells Pentangle -
The Tunnel Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) -
Nowadays a Woman's Gotta Hit a Man Captain Beefheart -
Virgin Sacrifice John Zorn -
Trois Gymnopedies Gymnopedie No. 1 (1888) Erik Satie -
The Gun Lou Reed -
Reclaim Olafur Arnalds -
Serotonin (Burnt Friedman Remix) David Sylvian -
Peg Steely Dan -
Blue Room [full version] The Orb -
Just For This Moment Deuter -
Trees Follakzoid -
Fourteen Black Paintings Peter Gabriel -
Floating Sieben -
Where You'll Ride, Brother Skyforger -
El Tren Blindado Silvio Rodriguez -
Cafe Europa David Sylvian -
Shatter You Through Daughn Gibson -
Sunday Bloody Sunday Richard Cheese -
Tramvaj Aquarium -
Te Dikalo Richard Bona -
Billy the Mountain Frank Zappa -
Song of Yesterday Leaded By Two -
Ingots Kaki King -
Annuka Suaren Neito Hector Zazou -
Mirage Pentangle -
Sanity Requiem DJ Krush -
Easter Woman The Residents -
Observation Is No Crime Fela Kuti -
The Uncle Meat Variations Frank Zappa -
On the Farm Panda Bear -
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat John McLaughlin -
Get The Hell Out David Sylvian -
Lowlands Tone Poem Tuxedomoon -
Absolute Scritti Politti -
But Not for Me John Coltrane -
Podvodnaja pesnja Aquarium -
Tarot John Zorn -
Inca Roads (YCDTOSA gyvai) Frank Zappa -
I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart Joe Pass -
Celebrity Lifestyle Swans -
Gnossiennes Gnossienne No. 6 (1897) Erik Satie -
Leonids Fila Brazillia -
Trouble with Classicists John Cale -
Running from the Cops Phantogram -
Adios Weather Report -
Why the Sun goes out? Giedrius Kuprevičius -
I Got the News Steely Dan -
Magritte John Cale -
Mein Geliebter Berührt Mich, Umarmt Mich Der Wind Deuter -
Designer Groove Burnt Friedman -
Atiduok pinigus (tikros gatvių istorijos) Shiaurė -
Smear the Queen Xiu Xiu -
Transport is Arranged Pavement -
We Wait (Dark-hearted) Sieben -
Velvet Elvis Weird Al Yankovic -
Rio Follakzoid -
Pop Song David Sylvian -
Prelude 1: The Middle Pillar John Zorn -
Survival Femi Kuti -
Low Tide Of The Night Everything But The Girl -
I'm Ready Tracy Chapman -
No Tears Tuxedomoon -
Apostrophe Frank Zappa -
Dumb All Over Frank Zappa -
Mojry Niechęć -
You Can't Take It With You Johnny Guitar Watson -
In Doubt Peter Gabriel -
Blackcrow Hits Shoe Shine City Japan -
Išjoja joja brolis į karą Spanxti -
Your Twinkling Light Susumu Yokota -
Sega Ali Farka Toure -
The Musician Chick Corea -
Cocinando Ray Barretto -
Black Crow Joni Mitchell -
I Thought It Was You Herbie Hancock -
I Will Haunt You Oneida -
Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles Captain Beefheart -
Iz Kalinina v Tver' Aquarium -
The Satyr's Play, Visions of Dionysus [Ode I] John Zorn -
Red Earth (As Summertime Ends) Japan -
Maskil John Zorn -
Moron TV Primus -
Youlogy Shabazz Palaces -
NYC Man Lou Reed -
Mo Mháire Clannad -
Blind Talking Heads -
Ball of Fire The Orb -
Music for 18 Musicians: Section I Steve Reich -
Kuruksetra Trilok Gurtu -
All-Encompassing Rite Sieben -
Don't Be Scared Yoko Ono -
Fussball (Instrumental) The Orb -
Silence breath echo Vespero -
Prelude 4: Diatesseron John Zorn -
Trailer Music Pizzicato Five -
Vstan' u reki Aquarium -
Velikij dvornik Aquarium -
Airegin Miles Davis -
No Works Of Words Trisomie 21 -
Dance of the Illegal Aliens Brand X -
Who Needs the Peace Corps? Frank Zappa -
Praying to the Aliens Tubeway Army -
Mow Mow John Zorn -
The Great Fire Future Islands -
Zyryab Paco de Lucia -
My Father in Hong Kong 1961 Gold Panda -
Who Do You Love? The Jesus and Mary Chain -
Beto Ali Farka Toure -
Get The Hell Out (Burnt Friedman Remix) David Sylvian -
W8WTF Zebra Katz -
Driftwood Ariel Pink -
Push Push Herbie Mann -
Spank-A-Lee Herbie Hancock -
Chuch Shabazz Palaces -
Kapitan Belyj Sneg Aquarium -
Tink Walks Amok Frank Zappa -
Ocean The Velvet Underground -
Cries and Whispers Japan -
Don't Be That Way Benny Goodman -
Plenty Nonsense Femi Kuti -
Four Al Jarreau -
Hang On To Your Emotions Lou Reed -
Rince Briotánach Clannad -
Barcelona Sunrise Jimi Tenor -
Redemption Marcus Miller -
Music for 18 Musicians: Section III Steve Reich -
So Near, So Far Miles Davis -
No Ice Age (Instrumental) The Orb -
Prelude 8: The Invisibles John Zorn -
Senis Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu -
Out to Lunch Eric Dolphy -
Doxy Miles Davis -
The Camp Trisomie 21 -
It's Funny John McLaughlin -
Space Siren Pram -
Dreams Goran Bregovic -
Forbidden Tears John Zorn -
Freeze-Frames Biosphere -
El Ensoñamento Jorge Reyes -
Warda’s Whorehouse Philip Glass -
Dance Saul Williams -
Nosferatu (su Mr. Lif) DJ Krush -
Meditation Is the Practice of Death Om -
Talk to God Goat -
Donde Nadie Lamenta Lo Que Somos Jorge Reyes -
Machengoidi Ali Farka Toure -
Menopause Man Ariel Pink -
Hunger Hector Zazou -
Long Neck Bottles Captain Beefheart -
Old Marcus Garvey Burning Spear -
N. Splendored/Find Out Shabazz Palaces -
Sola Sistim Underworld -
U imperatora Nerona Aquarium -
The Thousandth and Tenth Day of the Human Totem Pole Captain Beefheart -
Harry, You're a Beast Frank Zappa -
Shadazz Suicide -
Still Life in Mobile Homes Japan -
Mr. Szabo Santana -
Butterfly Herbie Hancock -
Changes Femi Kuti -
Set The Twilight Reeling Lou Reed -
Long Time The Roots -
Take Me Baby GusGus -
No Control David Bowie -
Ride David Sylvian -
Setembro (Brazilian Wedding Song) Marcus Miller -
Music for 18 Musicians: Section II Steve Reich -
Dark Star Beck -
Underwater Vespero -
Tempest Lisa Gerrard -
Glam-Racket The Fall -
Daddy's Car Brian Eno -
Blaze of the Grail Secret Chiefs 3 -
Cepa Andaluza Paco de Lucia -
The Fox and the Leopard Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love Ella Fitzgerald -
Superchouette Pram -
Sing a Mean Tune Kid Chicago -
Ederlezi (Scena Durdevdana Na Rijeci) Goran Bregovic -
A La Izquierda Del Colibrí Jorge Reyes -
Endurium Biosphere -
Song 2 DJ Krush -
Goatslaves Goat -
Kamaitachi (su Kodo) Sepultura -
Songs From the Wood (gyvai - 1978) Jethro Tull -
Suite Nr. 3 G-Dur Op. 55. IV Tema Con Variazioni Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky -
The Story of the Kalander Prince (Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker) Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov -
Pepel Aquarium -
Communist China Japan -
I Got Rhythm Ella Fitzgerald -
The Empty Land The Future Sound of London -
In Love With Dusk Keep Shelly in Athens -
Blood On Borscht Jimi Tenor -
Towards the Dream Steve Roach -
River Man David Sylvian -
Flying Teapot Gong -
Soul Auctioneer Death in Vegas -
Sultana Detrii Ozric Tentacles -
Electric Counterpoint II Steve Reich -
Aristokrat Aquarium -
Brakhage Stereolab -
Zmeja Aquarium -
The Shoes of the Fisherman's Wife Are Some Jiveass Slippers Charles Mingus -
Lillekort Jan Garbarek -
A Past Gone Mad The Fall -
3:50:18 - 4:02:15 / Vision 1. Ogni Fuoco Vespero -
The Pressman Primus -
Frozen Gtr. Thurston Moore -
94 Kor Nekropsi -
Screen Shot Swans -
Four On Six Pat Martino -
Gary's Theme Bill Evans -
Play Of The Waves Pram -
Chunga Basement Frank Zappa -
Walking in the Rain Grace Jones -
20,000 Deaths for Eidelyn Gonzales, 20,000 Deaths for Jamie Peterson Xiu Xiu -
Boxman (Home) Tuxedomoon -
A Fire in the Forest (remixed by Readymade FC) David Sylvian -
Before You Close Your Eyes Tindersticks -
Reza Sepultura -
Cocaine Decisions Frank Zappa -
Do the Whirlwind (Safety Scissors) Architecture in Helsinki -
Waltz Pentangle -
Ooh Baby Bo Diddley -
Stinkfoot (gyvai '1988) Frank Zappa -
My New Career Japan -
A3 Darkside -
In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men Tortoise -
Visions of You Sinead O'Connor -
Words with the Shaman Pt.3 Awakening (Songs from the Treetops) David Sylvian -
Wanted for Life David Byrne -
The Water Garden Brian Eno -
Suspended Motion Brian Eno -
The Carpenter and the Dainty Bride Primus -
Fara Bix -
Oh No Frank Zappa -
Yodel 1 Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Door to Door John Zorn -
A Distant Earthrise Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) -
She Loves Us! Swans -
Paper Hats Pram -
While the City Sleeps Chicago -
Rocky VI Leningrad Cowboys -
Potvynio Laukimas Betoniniai triušiai -
Music For A Found Harmonium (gyvai) Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Celestia 4 Erik Wollo -
Sleepyard (Steve Jansen & Tim Elsenburg) David Sylvian -
Into the Sun Amiina -
Los Feliz Miles Davis -
Rain and Snow Pentangle -
You Know, You Know Keith Jarrett -
Acid Rain Chance The Rapper -
Physical Cities The Bad Plus -
Dizzy Tuxedomoon -
A Portrait of Moses Cordovero John Zorn -
Ddiamondd Battles -
Who Are The Brain Police? Frank Zappa -
Some People I Know to Lead Fantastic Lives China Crisis -
Murder By Numbers Frank Zappa -
Pegasus Wayne Shorter -
Lam Tooro Baaba Maal -
Super Mythoman Vladimir Bozar n Ze Sheraf Orkestar -
Steel Cathedrals David Sylvian -
Dear Grandma and Grandpa Tortoise -
Raindance Blue Daisy -
His Second Story Island Tortoise -
Sounds Alien Brian Eno -
GBS Vladimir Bozar n Ze Sheraf Orkestar -
Futile Devices (Shigeto remix) Sufjan Stevens -
Light Shines Sieben -
Yodel 2 Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
El General John Zorn -
Big Time Sensuality (gyvai @ MTV Unplugged) Bjork -
Platan Aquarium -
Big Swifty Frank Zappa -
The Ritual Continues Steve Roach -
Ecclesiastes: Free My Heart Meshell Ndegeocello -
Now That You've Gone Chicago -
Hey Boy Nicolas Jaar -
Prelude & Yodel (gyvai) Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Fertile Field Bobby McFerrin -
Get The Hell Out (Burnt Friedmann Remix) (su Nine Horses) David Sylvian -
Too High Stevie Wonder -
Red Earth (as summertime ends) David Sylvian -
Sorcerer's Temple Jorge Reyes -
Meredith Monk - Core Chant Garso takeliai -
Vulture Piano Xiu Xiu -
Realidad Y Fantasia Buena Vista Social Club -
Real Life Television The Knife -
Breakfast EMA -
Planet 10 Mike Ladd -
A Chair in the Sky Joni Mitchell -
The Ghost Sonata Tuxedomoon -
America, a prophecy John Zorn -
Mmmmm Acting, I Love Me Some Good Acting Don Caballero -
Trouble Every Day Frank Zappa -
The Highest High China Crisis -
Lullaloop Robert Wyatt -
Smoke and Ashes Tracy Chapman -
Racist Friend The Specials -
Incinerate Sonic Youth -
Le Grand Rabbi Vladimir Bozar n Ze Sheraf Orkestar -
Airtribe Meets the Dream Ghost Steve Roach -
Now There's That Fear Again mum -
The Cave In Proper Xploding Plastix -
Emptiness of Nothingness The Future Sound of London -
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven Albert King -
You Are What You Is Frank Zappa -
Ogham On The Hill Sieben -
Blurry Figures, Far Away Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) -
Someone to Watch Over Me Ella Fitzgerald -
Steady State Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Lagrimas Para Ti John Zorn -
Cloak A Dagger Lee "Scratch" Perry -
Black Napkins (gyvai '1988) Frank Zappa -
No Sympathy Peter Tosh -
Aire Chicago -
Yanka Dyagileva Broken Water -
Russian Dolls Nicolas Jaar -
Dance of Sappho John Zorn -
Nothing Is Happening Everywhere (L A N D su David Sylvian) David Sylvian -
Sufi - Desert Flower A Brief History of Ambient -
The Only Guitar to Die Alone Prefuse 73 -
The Mechanics Of Intuition Sieben -
King and Cross Asgeir -
Tannaim John Zorn -
On a Plate Tom Vek -
Youth Hector Zazou -
Canción de Navidad Silvio Rodriguez -
Welcome To The Afterfuture Mike Ladd -
Section 2 Liam Howlett -
Overture/Cotton Avenue Joni Mitchell -
Graf Garsija Aquarium -
In the Absence of Strong Evidence to the Contrary, One May Step Out of the Way of the Charging Bull Don Caballero -
Son of Mr. Green Genes Frank Zappa -
Hanna Hanna China Crisis -
CHSTR BadBadNotGood -
Music For A Found Harmonium Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
One Step Forward Max Romeo -
Lyke Wake Dirge Pentangle -
Horn in the Middle Nujabes -
Sally Go 'Round the Roses Pentangle -
Young Heart's Darkstar -
Whut'z da Solution (su Kukoo Da Baga Bonez) DJ Krush -
Haqq al-Yaqin Om -
Phoenix Cibelle -
Supynių Svaigulys (išėjimas) Sraunus -
Gaea Pentangle -
Op Hop Detonation Stereolab -
9/8 Objects Frank Zappa -
Fascinating Rhythm Ella Fitzgerald -
Nothing Really Blue Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Besos de Sangre (piano trio) John Zorn -
Sojuz: Gurij Vologodskij Kach -
Revised Music For Guitar and Low-Budget Orchestra Frank Zappa -
Mystery Babylon Peter Tosh -
Medley: Phase Dance / Minuano / Midwestern Nights / The Sun in Montreal / Omaha Celebration / Antoni Pat Metheny -
Kelly's Heroes Black Grape -
Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? Chicago -
Dupree's Paradise Frank Zappa -
Three Clowns Weather Report -
Money For All David Sylvian -
House Jam Gang Gang Dance -
Build You A Song Sieben -
Long I Heard, Now I See Skyforger -
Cancion Urgente Para Nicaragua Silvio Rodriguez -
Snapback Back Evian Christ -
The Sicilian Clan John Zorn -
Forest Families The Knife -
Vtoroe stekljannoe chudo Aquarium -
Isa Wardruna -
Socopao Richard Bona -
La Ahada Yalam (No-One Knows) Robert Wyatt -
Zomby Woof Frank Zappa -
Candy Shop Andrew Bird -
Bigger the Punch I'm Feeling China Crisis -
Air Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Sastanàqqàm Tinariwen -
Stay in the Shade Jose Gonzalez -
Darkness (Dream On) CunninLynguists -
Sister She Wants Revenge -
Egbe Mi O (Carry Me I Want To Die) Fela Kuti -
The Dog Breath Variations Frank Zappa -
Semi Detatched Orbital -
Flying High Cibelle -
Hear My Call Pentangle -
By the Rivers Dark Leonard Cohen -
The Student Hairstyle Nicolas Jaar -
The Floppy Boot Stomp Captain Beefheart -
Spiral John Zorn -
Beri na Bas! Kach -
The Ocean Is the Ultimate Solution Frank Zappa -
Kathy's Waltz The Dave Brubeck Quartet -
Trois Gymnopedies Gymnopedie No. 2 (1888) Erik Satie -
The Blue Mask Lou Reed -
Boogie Woogie Waltz Weather Report -
Better Than Ever Jimi Tenor -
Home at Last Steely Dan -
Haleakala Mystery Deuter -
Of These, Hope Peter Gabriel -
Jack In The Pulpit Sieben -
Africa The Orb -
I Want a New Duck Weird Al Yankovic -
Doroga 21 Aquarium -
Raido Wardruna -
Tumba La Nyama Richard Bona -
Call Any Vegetable '72 Frank Zappa -
On The Green: Those Who Go Round And Round Carl Orff -
Leaving the House of Thanatos White Willow -
Mechaninis Apelsinas Modus -
Kewpie Station Kaki King -
Bruton Town Pentangle -
Lotus Flower Radiohead -
Bonde Ali Farka Toure -
Be-Bop Tango (Of the Old Jazzmen's Church) Frank Zappa -
Waltz for Bill Evans John McLaughlin -
Kosmosas O2 -
Chi Mai John Zorn -
Absolute II Oneida -
After Six Scritti Politti -
Exhaltation John Zorn -
Innocent Eye, Crystal See Eyvind Kang -
Echidna's Arf (Of You) Frank Zappa -
Big Wheels in Shanty Town Japan -
I'm Beginning To See The Light Al Jarreau -
The Great Annihilator Swans -
Gnossiennes Gnossienne No. 5 (1889) Erik Satie -
Faces and Names John Cale -
Will Weather Report -
Libor Pesek & Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - 4 Sea Interludes, Op. 33a: Sunday Morning Klasikinė muzika -
Josie Steely Dan -
Brotherman John Cale -
Grass grows by itself Deuter -
Pull Up the Roots Talking Heads -
Learn Some Sense, Howden Sieben -
No Ice Age The Orb -
Tower (Impro) Vespero -
God's Monkey David Sylvian -
Prelude 2: The Book of Pleasure John Zorn -
Jelektrichestvo Aquarium -
Coming In From The Cold Bob Marley -
Put a Motor in Yourself Frank Zappa -
How Could I Be Such a Fool? Frank Zappa -
Come In Paradise Trisomie 21 -
Niespokojny Relaks Niechęć -
You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here Frank Zappa -
Mirties Rytojus Modus -
Miramar John Zorn -
Cueva del gato Paco de Lucia -
Sunday Bloody Sunday Saul Williams -
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes John Coltrane -
Blink and You'll Miss a Revolution Cut Copy -
Amandrai Ali Farka Toure -
On Triumph Robert Fripp -
Dead Friends (Around the Corner) Einstürzende Neubauten -
Hello Again Chick Corea -
Capoeira Al Di Meola -
The Jungle Line Joni Mitchell -
Rain Dance Herbie Hancock -
Saturday Oneida -
Moon Rocks Talking Heads -
The Satyr's Play, Visions of Dionysus [Ode II] John Zorn -
The Idiot Bastard Son Frank Zappa -
New Moon at Red Deer Wallow Japan -
Endeavors of Never (The last time we spoke you said you were not here. I Saw you though.) Shabazz Palaces -
Bella Borzyh Kach -
Petals Robin Guthrie -
Ordinary People Al Jarreau -
Finish Line Lou Reed -
Alkebu Lan Christian Scott -
An Gabhar Bán (The White Goat) Clannad -
Rock N Roll Nigger (Flood Remix) Patti Smith -
Oceans (gyvai @ MTV Unplugged) Pearl Jam -
Asylum The Orb -
H. O. O. The Orb -
Music for 18 Musicians: Section VIII Steve Reich -
A Modern Hymn For The Religious Sieben -
Feral (Lone RMX) Radiohead -
Africa (Instrumental) The Orb -
Skat Vespero -
Katze ANBB -
Prelude 5: Music of the Spheres John Zorn -
Mirtis Prie Televizoriaus Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu -
I Pizzicato Five -
Ploskost' Aquarium -
Nabljudatel' Aquarium -
Oleo Miles Davis -
Forsaken Mysteries Trisomie 21 -
Gonzales Vladimir Bozar n Ze Sheraf Orkestar -
Nuages Django Reinhardt -
San Ber'dino Frank Zappa -
Veršio odai Oorchach -
Witness Brian Eno -
Anulikwutsayl John Zorn -
Diagram Saul Williams -
Thebes Om -
Det som aldrig forandras Diarabi Goat -
Soya Ali Farka Toure -
99% Terranova -
Farewell American Primitive Ariel Pink -
The Sloganeer: Paradise Meshell Ndegeocello -
My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains Captain Beefheart -
Let's Start Fela Kuti -
Saigon Pickup Naked City -
American Troglodyte David Byrne -
Apokrif Aquarium -
Ice Cream for Crow Captain Beefheart -
Dancin' in an Easy Groove Lonnie Smith -
We Are Not Alone Frank Zappa -
Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne Suicide -
Talking Drum Japan -
Corcovado Joe Pass -
free press and curl Shabazz Palaces -
Stubborn Problems Femi Kuti -
The Proposition Lou Reed -
Passing of Time The Orb -
February Marcus Miller -
Music for 18 Musicians: Section VII Steve Reich -
Joshua Miles Davis -
Don’t Rush I (Instrumental) The Orb -
Serata (i.n.s.i.e.m.e.) Vespero -
Let's Go Everywhere Medeski Martin & Wood -
But Not for Me (take 2) Miles Davis -
Arjen's Bag John McLaughlin -
Cinnabar (Instrumental) Pram -
Andy Frank Zappa -
Creole Nights The Shadows -
Ballerina Biosphere -
Las Flores Divinas Del Águila Jorge Reyes -
Innocence Saul Williams -
Kill Switch (su Aesop Rock) DJ Krush -
I'm A Reject Lebanon Hanover -
The Light Within Goat -
El Rostro De Los Abuelos Jorge Reyes -
Tamatant Tilay / Exodus Herbie Hancock -
Stigmata II Tim Hecker -
Nostradamus & Me Ariel Pink -
Ella Guru Captain Beefheart -
New Bell Richard Bona -
Kung Fu Curtis Mayfield -
Ballet Lane Underworld -
Segodnja noch'ju Aquarium -
The Outer Half John Zorn -
Mixin' The Colors Iggy Pop -
Visions of China Japan -
They Can't Take That Away from Me Joe Pass -
Who Loves The Sun (alternative mix) The Velvet Underground -
One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So) Frank Sinatra -
I Remember You Chet Baker -
A Tear in My I Keep Shelly in Athens -
Bitte Um Trost Helium Vola -
Hypnotic Drugstore Jimi Tenor -
Thirsty The Orb -
Wob Glass Ozric Tentacles -
Music for 18 Musicians: Section V Steve Reich -
Ngo / Bitmix Ryuichi Sakamoto -
On A Frontier Of Fables Jonn Serrie -
We Build Arks Fila Brazillia -
Los Mariachis Charles Mingus -
Overture Vespero -
Du capo (2010 m. rugpjūtis) Justas Juškevičius -
Man Wakes Up Brian Eno -
Emir of the Bees Secret Chiefs 3 -
Soy Loco por Tí, América Caetano Veloso -
B Minor Waltz (For Ellaine) Bill Evans -
League Moon Monkey Mix The Fall -
Caña Jorge Reyes -
A Perfect Place Mike Patton -
Camel (live) BadBadNotGood -
Spirits & Ghosts Tuxedomoon -
Beyond Raging Waves (su Shinichi Kinoshita) DJ Krush -
Tribus Sepultura -
Symphony of the Nymph Ariel Pink -
Marriage of Days Eyvind Kang -
Pakard Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) -
The Young Prince and the Young Princess (Herbert von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker) Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov -
Take a Look (At Yourself) Guru -
My Kingdom Echo & the Bunnymen -
Dancin' Fool Frank Zappa -
Adolescent Sex Japan -
Inner City Blues Gil Scott-Heron -
Solar Bears - Cub (Keep Shelly in Athens remix) Keep Shelly in Athens -
The Majestic Void Steve Roach -
Night In Loimaa Jimi Tenor -
Ice Queen The Stranglers -
Words with the Shaman Pt.1 Ancient Evening David Sylvian -
Deus The Sugarcubes -
The Pot Head Pixies Gong -
Xingu Ozric Tentacles -
Electric Counterpoint I Steve Reich -
Misha iz goroda skripjashhih statuj Aquarium -
Kladbishhe Aquarium -
Cedille Potemkine -
Grease Paint and Monkey Brains White Zombie -
Don't Be Afraid, the Clown's Afraid Too Charles Mingus -
Ogham Inside The Night Sieben -
4:02:16 - 4:10:30 / Vision 2. Outer Planting Vespero -
The Depraved City John Zorn -
Green Ranger Primus -
The Shape Is in a Trance Thurston Moore -
Taikos Sutartis AVaspo -
Göç Nekropsi -
Anyway Telepopmusik -
Just a Little Boy (for Chester Burnett) Swans -
What Is There to Say? Ella Fitzgerald -
Penny Arcade Pram -
Absolutely Free Frank Zappa -
Kvadrato Laike Betoniniai triušiai -
When I Was Otherwise Gazelle Twin -
The Good Son (remixed by Yoshihiro Hanno) David Sylvian -
Dark Temple Tuxedomoon -
T3rcermillennium Sepultura -
Over & Again Amiina -
Let's Do It a Dada Einstürzende Neubauten -
Neverevereverdid (Cave Rave Remix YACHT) Architecture in Helsinki -
Claire/Lost In Madrid Part V Miles Davis -
Wedding Dress Pentangle -
Asfaltas ir plienas Verslo Rizikos Rezervas -
Kubrick Tuxedomoon -
The Silver Thread John Zorn -
Harry, Yuo're A Beast (gyvai '1988) Frank Zappa -
We Got The Beastie Boys -
You've Passed Neutral Milk Hotel -
Almost Always is Nearly Enough Tortoise -
Rising Above Bedlam Jah Wobble -
Preparations for a Journey David Sylvian -
Glass Museum Tortoise -
Feng Shui Ozric Tentacles -
Jungles Brian Eno -
Ry Cooder Tortoise -
Mary the Ice Cube Primus -
Chameleon – Links LTJ Bukem -
Cutting Branches For A Temporary Shelter Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Burma Shave Tom Waits -
Jordan River Burning Spear -
Arrival to an Empty Room Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) -
Kamennyj ugol' Aquarium -
Kirsten Supine Swans -
Ein leichtes leises Säuseln Einstürzende Neubauten -
The Way Meshell Ndegeocello -
Monkey Puzzle Pram -
Goodbye Chicago -
Kai Vanduo Buvo Regėjimas Betoniniai triušiai -
Telephone & Rubber Band (gyvai) Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Bright Lights, Big City The Animals -
Bill Laswell - Kingdom Come A Brief History of Ambient -
Los Cuatro Jaguares Jorge Reyes -
Shape Charge Photek -
Mambó Amiina -
Lone General Talk Normal -
Finland Red, Egypt White The Sisterhood -
Carousel Mr. Bungle -
Dead Nigga Blvd., Pt. 1 Meshell Ndegeocello -
Everything's Good (Good Ass Outro) Chance The Rapper -
Tom Sawyer The Bad Plus -
Simmm Autechre -
Visitation of the Night Angels John Zorn -
Race: In Battles -
Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder Frank Zappa -
African And White China Crisis -
Old Europe Robert Wyatt -
Death Goran Bregovic -
Ping Pong Stereolab -
Movement and Location Punch Brothers -
Muudo Hormo Baaba Maal -
On Noble Tortoise -
Ogham The Sun Sieben -
Forty-Four No More The Residents -
The Ecstasy Of Dancing Fleas Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Nighthawk Postcards (From Easy Street) Tom Waits -
Besos de Sangre John Zorn -
Your Mouth Frank Zappa -
(You Got To Walk And) Don't Look Back Mick Jagger -
Night and Day Joe Pass -
Bittersweet Meshell Ndegeocello -
Morning Song Zero 7 -
Dialogue (Part I & II) Chicago -
Paul's Dance (gyvai) Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Ziggurat Bobby McFerrin -
Exit/Delete (su Masakatu Takagi) David Sylvian -
The Last Emperor - Theme Variation 1 Ryuichi Sakamoto -
Tonami (The Singer) Jorge Reyes -
The Only Thief to Steal Tonality Prefuse 73 -
Mochin John Zorn -
Seizemic Tom Vek -
Red Star EMA -
Bladerunners Mike Ladd -
Sweet Sucker Dance Joni Mitchell -
Djombwe Richard Bona -
Sure We Had Knives Around Don Caballero -
Plastic People Frank Zappa -
Strength Of Character China Crisis -
Alcohol The Specials -
Chase The Devil Max Romeo -
Bull in the Heather Sonic Youth -
Light Flight Pentangle -
Ocham Vladimir Bozar n Ze Sheraf Orkestar -
Endless Railway (su Questlove) DJ Krush -
A Long Way Down Brian Eno -
Hit The Sugarcubes -
Dow Brian Eno -
The Snarling Amble Xploding Plastix -
Abstractionisms Q-Tip -
As the Years Go Passing By Albert King -
Industrija II Bix -
Ice Rose Captain Beefheart -
Spring Snowdrop Sieben -
How Long Has This Been Going On? Ella Fitzgerald -
Scherzo And Trio Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Soviet Mexico John Zorn -
An Hour Forest Swords -
WPLJ Frank Zappa -
Hi Warpaint -
Get Up, Stand Up Peter Tosh -
Ragnarök Sonne Hagal -
Devil's Sweet Chicago -
Pacifica John Zorn -
Into The Blue David Sylvian -
Derwischtanz Deuter -
Don't Say No Can -
Bishop, CA Xiu Xiu -
Sweet Enough? Sieben -
Leyndarmál Asgeir -
Sheloshim John Zorn -
Black Stream Hector Zazou -
El Extraño Caso de las Damas de Africa Silvio Rodriguez -
Marked EMA -
Airwave Hysteria Mike Ladd -
Ištrauka iš "Keturiolikos balsų iš S.Beketo "Anuo laiku" varianto Ramūnas Jaras (Echidna aukštyn) -
Muntula Moto (The Benediction of a Long Life) Richard Bona -
Delivering the Groceries at 138 Beats Per Minute Don Caballero -
Life Is Sheep Robert Wyatt -
Prelude to Act V (Peer Gynt's Homecoming) Edvard Grieg -
Little Umbrellas Frank Zappa -
50 Pieces Andrew Bird -
Here Come a Raincloud China Crisis -
Prelude & Yodel Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Train Song Pentangle -
Tiwàyyen Tinariwen -
So Early in the Spring Pentangle -
You Don't Need a Weatherman Darkstar -
Paradise Bird Theory (su Sunja Lee) DJ Krush -
Red Flags and Long Nights She Wants Revenge -
Victims of the Dance Tuxedomoon -
Sinai Om -
City People Cibelle -
Lady L Shakti -
Reflection Pentangle -
Playin' With My Friends B. B. King -
All 4 Du**** Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) -
Candle Mambo Captain Beefheart -
Roland's Big Event/Strat Vindaloo Frank Zappa -
Somnambulisme John Zorn -
Sozvon/Modernizacija Kach -
Stormy Cloud (su Ken Shima) DJ Krush -
Basin Street Blues Ray Charles -
Symphonia Secunda. Bethleem Onutė Narbutaitė -
From Me To You Bobby McFerrin -
Camarillo Brillo Frank Zappa -
Barbary Coast Weather Report -
Wonderful World David Sylvian -
Off The Beaten Path Deuter -
Piure Follakzoid -
99 Follakzoid -
Long Live The Post Romantic Empire Sieben -
Sword Song Skyforger -
El Sol No Da De Beber Silvio Rodriguez -
Thalheim David Sylvian -
Fridge, Crank, Gun Evian Christ -
It Wants Everything Daughn Gibson -
Let's Get Retarded Richard Cheese -
Hozjain Aquarium -
MannaR: Drivande Wardruna -
Souwedi Na Wengue Richard Bona -
Brian the Fox Robert Wyatt -
King in a Catholic Style China Crisis -
Perpetuum Mobile Penguin Cafe Orchestra -
Hayati Tinariwen -
Pentangling Pentangle -
Big in America The Stranglers -
Oregon The Cinematic Orchestra -
Sleeping in a Jar Frank Zappa -
Inquest Steve Roach -
Helping Hand Pentangle -
Serotonin David Sylvian -
Murder for the Money Morphine -
Hage Chahine (su Will Epstein) Nicolas Jaar -
Summertime John Coltrane -
The Colors of Blood John Zorn -
DJ_Abrekk Kach -
Pound for a Brown Frank Zappa -
She Lives! Swans -
Trois Gymnopedies Gymnopedie No. 3 (1888) Erik Satie -
Dervish Controller Fila Brazillia -
125th Street Congress Weather Report -
Strawberry Place Jimi Tenor -
Aja Steely Dan -
Zen John Cale -
Crystal Pearls Crystal Deuter -
Pepé Linque Oregon -
Herojus Shiaurė -
Stereo Pavement -
Of These, Hope (Reprise) Peter Gabriel -
Can't Stop This Sieben -
Around The Hill I Went Skyforger -
The White Stuff Weird Al Yankovic -
Too Much Time Captain Beefheart -
Tiriel John Zorn -
Kak dvizhetsja ljod Aquarium -
Food Gathering in Post-Industrial America, 1992 Frank Zappa -
Freak, Go Home Darkside -
Relaks dub Niechęć -
Highway 60 Johnny Guitar Watson -
Old Spice Modus -
Gesang Der Jünglinge (1955-1956) Karlheinz Stockhausen -
Go Easy Willie Dixon -
Le Village du Chef Bingo Hector Zazou -
But The World Moves On (su D-Madness & Masato Nakamura) DJ Krush -
Gomni Ali Farka Toure -
Lenore Chick Corea -
One Note Samba Herbie Mann -
Song for Sharon Joni Mitchell -
The River Oneida -
The Boom Boom Bap Scritti Politti -
Rozhdestvenskaja pesnja Aquarium -
Futur Primitif John Zorn -
Enter Sandman Richard Cheese -
Pygmy Twylyte Frank Zappa -
Every Colour You Are Japan -
Mahlah John Zorn -
A Formless Path Robin Guthrie -
Spirit Al Jarreau -
A Dream John Cale -
Berliner Philharmoniker & Mariss Jansons - Aufstieg Und Fall Der Stadt Mahagonny - Suite Aus Der Ope Klasikinė muzika -
Deacon Blues Steely Dan -
Plight (The Spiralling of Winter Ghosts) David Sylvian -
Music for 18 Musicians: Section IX Steve Reich -
Missolonghi Sky Sieben -
Vow Julianna Barwick -
Don’t Rush I The Orb -
Ambience in blue/ altarage to the thunder Vespero -
Truth Hides Asian Dub Foundation -
Prelude 3: Prelude of Light John Zorn -
Car' sna Aquarium -
Woods to Conjure Hexvessel -
Lastochka Aquarium -
They Made Me Eat It Frank Zappa -

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Jeigu būtų viskas taip griežtai, tai Metallica būtų paduoti į teismą už "...And Justice for All", mat pirmesnis išėjo filmas lygiai tokiu pat pavadinimu (ir su daugtaškiu priekyje).
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The more unique and unusual a phrase or song title, the more likely trademark law might apply (and that you might attract enough attention to be potentially sued or ordered to cease and desist by the entity that owns the rights to the song)
14:39 - Isa
ar pavadinimas yra kūrinio idėja ar pats kūrinys?
14:37 - Isa
Autorių teisės saugo konkrečius kūrinius, bet ne idėjas, procedūras, veiklos metodus ar matematines koncepcijas.[1]
14:33 - Isa
tekila "love buzz" ir pošventinių papildų akcija "carnaval is over"


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